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Become loving to the one God and you will be loved by the world.

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Sweet children,

God speaks. You children know that the Father is teaching you the same Raja Yoga that He explained to you 5000 years ago.
The Gita episode has to be between the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the golden age. He establishes the original, eternal deity religion and so He would definitely come at the confluence age. This is definitely the most auspicious confluence age. If you remember this, you will remain very happy. You are studying Raja Yoga. You explain that God (Baba) is now once again speaking the knowledge of the Gita and also teaching the ancient yoga of Bharat. We are changing from human beings into deities.
The Father has said: Lust is the greatest enemy. By conquering it, you become the conquerors of the world. People argue so much about purity. For human beings, vice is like a treasure. They have received that inheritance from their physical father. When you become a child, you first of all receive that inheritance from your father. They make children get married and ruin them, whereas the unlimited Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. Therefore, you will definitely become conquerors of the world by conquering lust.
The Father would definitely have come at the confluence age. There is also the great Mahabharat War. We are also definitely here. It isn't that everyone instantly conquers lust; everything takes time. The main thing children write is: Baba, I have fallen into the river of poison. So, there is definitely the ordinance, the Father's ordinance: Conquer lust and you will become the conquerors of the world. It isn't that you become conquerors of the world and then indulge in vice.
It is Lakshmi and Narayan who are the conquerors of the world. They are called completely vice less. Everyone calls the deities vice less and you call that the kingdom of Rama. That is the vice less world whereas this is the vicious world, the impure family ashram. Baba has explained that you belonged to the pure family ashram. You have now become impure by taking 84 births. There is the story of 84 births. The new world definitely has to be vice less.
God, who is the Ocean of Purity, carries out establishment and then the kingdom of Ravan also definitely has to come. The very names are the kingdom of Rama and the kingdom of Ravan. The kingdom of Ravan means the devilish kingdom. You are now sitting in the devilish kingdom. That Lakshmi and Narayan are the symbols of the divine kingdom.
You children go around in the early morning. Dawn is said to be early morning. At that time, people are sleeping and so you go around (with a float) later.
Baba Himself says: You will become the masters of the world for 21 generations. I, Myself, have come directly and brought heaven on the palm of My hand. For instance, when a child is born, he has his father's inheritance on the palm of h is hand. His father would say: This home and everything is yours. The unlimited Father also says: When you belong to Me, the sovereignty of heaven is yours for 21 generations because you conquer death. This is why the Father is called the Great Death. The Great Death is not someone who kills. He is simply praised.
People think that God sent the demons of death and took that one (who died). It isn't like that. All of those things belong to the path of devotion. The Father says: I am the Death of all Deaths. People living in the mountains believe in the Great Death a lot. There is also a temple to Mahakal (the Great Death). They just put up flags like that. The Father sits here and explains to you children. You also understand that this is right. By remembering the Father, your sins of many births will be absolved. So, you should publicize this.
There are many kumbha melas etc. They have shown bathing in the Ganges to be very important. You children are now receiving this nectar of knowledge after 5000 years. In fact, it is not called amrit (nectar); this is a study. All of those names are of the path of devotion. On hearing the name 'nectar', people have shown water in the pictures. The Father says: I teach you Raja Yoga. It is only through this study that you receive a high status and I am teaching you. God doesn't have a decorated form as such. The Father enters this one and teaches you. He teaches souls and makes them the same as Himself.
He is not Lakshmi and Narayan that He would make you the same as them. You souls study and He makes you knowledge full, the same as Himself. It isn't that He makes you into gods and goddesses. They have shown the picture of Krishna, but how could he teach? There are no impure beings in the golden age. Krishna exists in the golden age. Then you won't see that Krishna again. In the drama, everyone's image on rebirth is unique. The drama is a wonder. That which is predestined... The Father also says: You will continue to study with the same features and in the same clothes, identically, every cycle. It repeats identically.
A soul sheds a body and takes the same body that he took in the previous cycle. There cannot be any difference in the drama. Those are limited matters whereas this is an unlimited matter which no one, except the unlimited Father, can explain to you. There cannot be any doubt about this. Some have faith in the intellect and then develop one doubt or another because they are influenced by company. If you continue to have Godly company you can go across. When you let go of this company you drown in the ocean of poison.
On the one side is the ocean of milk and on the other side is the ocean of poison. There is also the name "nectar of knowledge." The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge and there is His praise. The praise of the Father cannot be given to Lakshmi and Narayan. Krishna is not the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father is the Ocean of Purity. Although those deities are pure in the golden and silver ages, they don't remain pure all the time. They fall after half the cycle. The Father says: I come and grant everyone salvation. I alone am the Bestower of Salvation. You go into salvation and then these things do not happen.
You children are now sitting here personally. You have studied with Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) and also become teachers. He is the Principal. You come to Him. You say: I have come to Shiv Baba. Oh, but He is incorporeal! Yes, He comes in this one's body. This is why we say: We are going to BapDada. This Baba is His chariot in which He is riding. He is called the chariot and the horse.
God Shiva speaks: I come when there is extreme defamation of religion in Bharat. Although those who study the Gita say that God comes when there is extreme irreligiousness, they don't understand the meaning of that. This is your very small tree and it is affected by storms. It is a new tree. Then there is also this foundation. He is planting the sapling of the one original, eternal deity religion in the midst of all these innumerable religions. This requires so much effort. Others don't find it to be an effort. They continue to come down from up above. Here, the souls of those who are to go into the golden and silver ages sit and study. The Father sits here and teaches impure ones to make them into pure deities.
Just as He remembers souls and gives them drishti so that their sins are cut away, similarly, on the path of devotion, they keep water (they consider it to be nectar) in front of the Gita while they sit and study it. They believe that the departed souls will be uplifted. This is why they remember the departed spirits. They give a lot of regard to the Gita on the path of devotion.
God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. You now understand when God came and taught you Raja Yoga and gave you a royal status. He has explained to you the secrets of 84 births. He has also explained to you about those who are worthy of worship and those who are worshippers. There was Lakshmi and Narayan's kingdom of peace in the world which the whole world wants now. At the time of the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan, everyone else was in the land of peace. We are now carrying out this task by following shrimat. We have done this many times and will continue to do it. You know that only a handful out of multimillions will emerge.
Those who study well will claim a good status. The main things are knowledge and yoga. Knowledge is needed for yoga too. You also need to have yoga with the Powerhouse. Through yoga, your sins will be absolved and you will become healthy and wealthy. You will also pass with honours. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you surrender and die alive and make a true deal by saying "My Baba" from your heart   
To become a Child of God means to surrender. When you say "My Baba" from your heart, Baba also says, "Child, everything is yours." Whether you are living at home with your family or at a centre, when you say "My Baba" from your heart, the Father makes you belong to Him. This is a deal with the heart, not a physical deal with words. To surrender means to stay within shrimat. Only those who have surrendered in this way are the Children who have died alive.

Slogan:  If you have love for the word "mine", then merge the "mine" of everything into "My Baba"


Sweet children,

The Father has sat and explained to you that this is the story of Bharat. What is the story? Being wealthy in the morning and a beggar in the evening. There is a story about this. The king was wealthy in the morning. You don't hear these things when you are wealthy. Only at the confluence age do you children hear the things about being wealthy and beggars. This has to be imbibed by your heart. Truly, devotion makes you a beggar and knowledge makes you wealthy.
This day and night are unlimited. To become wealthy from a beggar is also a matter of the unlimited, and it is the unlimited Father who makes you that. For all impure souls, there is only the one Battery to make them pure. If you remember such slogans you will remain happy. The Father says: You children become wealthy in the morning and you then become beggars in the evening. The Father explains to you how you become this. The Father then also shows you the way to become pure from impure and wealthy from a beggar. The two methods are: Manmanabhav and madhyajibhav.
You children also know that this is the most auspicious confluence age. For all of you who are sitting here, it is a guarantee that you will be wealthy in heaven, numberwise, according to the effort you make. It is the same in a school: the classes are transferred numberwise. When an examination is over, students go and sit down, numberwise. That is a limited matter and this is an unlimited matter.
Souls go into the rosary of Rudra, numberwise: the rosary or the tree. The seed is that of a tree. The Supreme Soul is the Seed of the human world tree. You children know how the tree grows and how it becomes old. Previously, you did not know this. The Father has come and explained to you. This is now the most auspicious confluence age. You children now have to make effort. You also have to adopt the wings of divine virtues. Pay full attention to yourself. Only through the pilgrimage of remembrance will you become pure; there is no other way. Have full yoga with the Father who is the Almighty Battery. His Battery never becomes flat. He doesn't go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo because He always has the karmateet stage.
You children come into bondages of karma. The bondages are so strong. There is only one way to become free from these karmic accounts - the pilgrimage of remembrance. There is no way other than this.
Each soul has his different name, form, land, time and part that he plays. The name and form, all continue to change. It is in your intellects how a soul sheds a body and takes another. The soul must definitely have taken 84 births and had 84 names and 84 fathers. At the end, all relationships become tamopradhan. You never have as many relationships at any other time as you do at this time. You should understand that iron-aged relationships are bondages. People have so many children, who then get married and have their own children. At this time you have the most relationships - maternal uncles, paternal uncles, etc. The more relatives you have, the more bondages you have.
At this time, your relatives are the least of all. You have all relationships with just the one Father. Your intellect's yoga is not connected to anyone except the One. In the golden age, there will be more than this. Your birth is like a diamond at this time. The highest Father adopts you children. It is only now that you go into His lap while alive in order to claim your inheritance.
Even the relationship of brother and sister makes you fall. All relationships should be with the One. This is something new. You have to become pure and then return home. By churning the ocean of knowledge in this way, you will begin to sparkle. There is the difference of day and night between the golden-aged sparkle and the iron-aged sparkle. At the time of the path of devotion, it is the kingdom of Ravan. At the end, there is so much arrogance of science. They try to compete with the golden age.
It is the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiva (Benefactor), who makes you pure from impure. He says: Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be cut away. There will be an income through remembrance, will there not? The system of remembrance has now emerged. You become so elevated, pure and clean through remembrance.
It isn't that only those who are to become kings in the silver age will come in the silver age. The uneducated ones will have to bow down in front of the educated ones. Only Baba can know the secrets of this drama. You now know that all your friends and relatives etc. are residents of hell and that you are the most auspicious confluence-aged ones. You are now becoming the most elevated ones. There is a lot of difference between when you live outside and when you come and stay here for seven days. You come out of the company of storks and enter the company of swans.
There are many who spoil others. Many children don't care about the murli. The Father explains: Do not be careless. You have to become fragrant flowers. Just one thing is enough for you - the pilgrimage of remembrance.
On the path of devotion, people sing: When You come, we will not remember anyone except You. Now that I have come, you have to remove your intellect's yoga from everywhere else. All of that is going to turn to dust. It is as though your intellect's yoga is connected to dust. If your intellect's yoga is connected to Me, you will become the masters. The Father makes you so sensible. People don't know what devotion is or what knowledge is. You have now received knowledge and so you also understand what devotion is. You now understand that the Father has come to give you the fruit of devotion. You have to follow the directions of the Father from whom you receive the fruit of the kingdom of the world. These directions are called the highest directions of all. Everyone receives these directions. Some are able to follow them whereas others are not.
An unlimited sovereignty is to be established. You now understand what you were and what your condition has now become. Maya completely destroys you. This is like a world of corpses. Whatever you heard on the path of devotion, you continued to say "True, true" to that. However, you now know that only the one Father tells you the truth. You should remember the one Father. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a great soul and with the balance of love and authority make souls who come into connection with you surrender.   
Bring whoever comes into connection with you into such a relationship that they surrender their intellects and say that whatever the Father said is the truth. This is known as a surrendered intellect. Their questions will then finish. Let them not just say that your knowledge is good, but that this is new knowledge which will bring about the new world. When this sound spreads, Kumbhkarna will awaken. With the greatness of newness and with the balance of love and authority, enable them to surrender themselves. It will then be said that 'mikes' have become ready.

Slogan:  Become loving to the one God and you will be loved by the world.  

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