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By simply remembering Him, you become completely free from disease; there is no medicine etc.

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Sweet children,

You understand that this knowledge is only for you souls. The one Father has so many children. You children know that the Father has come to teach you. First of all, He is our Baba, then the Teacher and then the Guru. The Father is always the Father. So, He teaches you the pilgrimage of remembrance in order to purify you.
You children know that He is the Father of you souls. So, the consciousness of the body breaks. Souls say: He is our Father. You should at least have the faith that no one except the Father can truly give so much knowledge. First of all, there has to be this faith in the intellect. It is the soul that has faith in the intellect. The soul receives knowledge: "This is our Baba." You children should have this faith very firmly. You don't have to say anything. We souls shed our bodies and take another one. All the sanskars are in the soul.
The Father is teaching us, whereas all other teachers are ordinary human beings. The Father, whom you call the Purifier, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, is now personally teaching you. How can you study the study of Raja Yoga without being personally in front of Him? The Father says: I come here to teach you sweet children. I enter this one in order to teach you. It is truly said that God speaks and so He would surely need a body. He doesn't need just a mouth, but a whole body. He Himself says: Sweetest spiritual children, I enter this ordinary body at the confluence age of every cycle. He is neither too poor nor too rich; he is ordinary.
You children should have the faith that that One is our Baba and that we are souls. He is the Baba of us souls. He is the Baba of all the human souls of the world. This is why He is called the unlimited Baba.
The golden, silver and copper ages are now past and the iron age is now continuing. Very few people know this. You have all of these thoughts in your intellects. The Father has all the knowledge. He is called the Ocean of Knowledge. He is giving you whatever knowledge He has through this body and making you the same as Himself. A teacher too would make others the same as himself. The unlimited Father also tries to make you the same as Himself.
He is the Flame and so some moths totally sacrifice themselves to Him whereas others simply circle around and go away. In the beginning, many moths sacrificed themselves to the Flame. According to the drama plan a bhatti had to be created. It has been happening in the same way every cycle. Whatever happened in the past happened in the same way in the previous cycle and the same will happen in the future. However, you must have the firm faith that you are a soul and that the Father is teaching you. Remain firm in this faith! Do not forget!
That Father grants everyone salvation. He comes every 5000 years. You understand that there are very few human beings in the golden age. All the rest reside in the land of peace.
The Father says: Children, do not make any mistakes. Your enemies who made you fall are even now after you. They will not leave you alone. Although you are now at the confluence age, you have belonged to them for half the cycle and so they will not leave you alone that quickly. If you don't remain cautious, if you don't remember Baba, they will make you perform more sinful actions, and you will then continue to be slapped in one way or another. People slap themselves.
Children will study, numberwise, and become completely karmateet. According to the drama, the rosary will be created. Which rosary? The rosary of all souls will be created and you will then all go back home. Those who were the sun dynasty and moon dynasty in the past will become that again. You receive this status through your study. You cannot receive this status without the Father's teachings.
The Father has come and is pouring the oil of knowledge into the lamps that have almost been extinguished. He says: Children, storms of Maya will come and will extinguish your lamps. Some moths die on the Flame and some simply circle around and go away. That same thing is now happening in a practical way. All moths are numberwise.
We are personally sitting in front of the unlimited Father. You also know that you cannot see a soul. It is something subtle. That can only be seen with divine vision. I, the soul, am also a tiny point. However, to renounce body consciousness and to consider yourself to be a soul is a high study. In other studies, too, students fail the difficult subjects. This subject is very easy, but some feel it to be difficult. You now understand that Shiv Baba is sitting in front of you. You too are incorporeal souls, but you have bodies. Only the unlimited Father tells you all of these things. No one else can tell you these things. What will you do then? Give Him thanks? No. Baba says: This drama is eternally predestined. I am not doing anything new. I teach you according to the drama. It is on the path of devotion that one gives thanks. A teacher feels that if his students study well, his name will be glorified, and then thanks are given to the students. Thanks are given to those who study well and those who teach well. Students would then give thanks to their teacher. The Father says: Sweet children, may you remain alive and continue to do such service. You did this in the previous cycle. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a true server who shows your practical form of true knowledge by being egoless as well as having spiritual authority.   
When a tree has the authority of being full of fruit, that tree bows down, that is, it does the service of being humble. Similarly, children who have spiritual authority will have as much humility as they do authority and will be loving to all. Those who have temporary authority are egoistic but those who have the authority of truth are egoless as well as having authority. This is the practical proof of this true knowledge. To the extent that a true server has authority in his attitude, to that extent there will be authority as well as love and humility in his words.

Slogan:  You cannot receive fortune without having renunciation. 


Sweet children,

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to you children. It is God Himself who explains to you. Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is called God. He is only One, but those on the path of devotion have given Him many names. You would not use many names now.
It is remembered: Remember Me and receive happiness. That is, remember the one Father alone and all the pain and suffering of the body will be removed. Then you will attain the status of liberation-in-life. This is known as liberation-in-life. You receive this inheritance of happiness from the Father.
When establishment has taken place, dirty souls will experience punishment and go back home. They will go and reside in their own sections. All of those many souls will come and they will then continue to grow in number.
It is in the intellects of you children that the highest­ on-high Father creates creation. There is no history and geography of the subtle region, even though you go to the subtle region and have visions; you see the four-armed image there. There is the image of that and so that is in your intellects. When the path of devotion ends, those images will not remain. All of those things will be forgotten in heaven. It is now in your intellects that Lakshmi and Narayan are the two forms of the four-armed image.
Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father and your sins will be absolved with the fire of yoga. You have to explain this in detail. Tell them: This is the Gita, but they have just put Krishna's name in the Gita, and that is wrong. They have defamed everyone and this is why Bharat has become tamopradhan. It is now the end of the iron-aged world. This is called the tamopradhan iron age. Those who were satopradhan are the ones who have taken 84 births. You definitely have to go through birth and rebirth. When you have taken your full 84 births, the Father has to come. It isn't a question of just one person claiming the first number; there was his whole kingdom, and that definitely has to exist again.
The Father says to everyone: Consider yourself to be a soul, remember the Father and your sins will be cut away in the fire of yoga. Everyone has become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. Now, how can you become beautiful from ugly? Only the Father teaches you this now. The Krishna soul definitely comes having taken different names and forms. Those who were Lakshmi and Narayan will become that after 84 births. So, the Father comes and enters this one at the end of the last of his many births. He then becomes the master of the satopradhan world.
The Father is the One who gives happiness. This is the forest of thorns. The Father has come to make it into the garden of flowers. The Father gives you His own introduction: I enter this ordinary old body of the one who doesn't know his own births. God speaks: I teach you Raja Yoga. So, this is a Godly university. Your aim and objective is to become kings and queens and so subjects too will definitely be created.
The Father only teaches one type of yoga. He simply says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. Your 84 births have ended and you now have to return home. You now have to become pure. Remember the one Father and put aside everyone else.
Do not consider yourself to be a body. Souls are imperishable and the whole part that you play is recorded in the soul.
When a person who has died comes back to life, that too would be called destiny. That is also fixed in the drama. The soul hides somewhere and the doctors think that that person has died and then become alive again. Even someone lying on the funeral-pyre would get up.
You children have to remain very humble; you must not have the slightest arrogance. Nowadays, if you show the slightest arrogance to anyone, enmity increases. You have to move along with great sweetness.
You children have to be very clever and miraculous. You should learn from others how to give lectures. The Father teaches you the way to do service. The murli that Baba spoke, He would have spoken accurately in the same way every cycle. It is fixed in the drama. The question "Why is it like this?" cannot arise. Baba explains to you whatever He has to explain according to the drama. I continue to explain to you. People will ask many questions. Tell them: First of all, become manmanabhav. By knowing the God-Father, you will come to know everything. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a fearless and victorious soul who adopts the authority of truth and attracts everyone.   
You children are powerful, elevated souls with truth. You have received true knowledge, the true Father, true attainment, true remembrance, true virtues and true powers. When you have the intoxication of having such a big authority, this authority of truth will continue to attract all souls. Those with the power of truth become victorious even in the land of falsehood. The attainment of truth is happiness and fearlessness. Those who speak the truth will be fearless. Such souls will never be afraid.

Slogan:  The way to transform the atmosphere is to have positive thoughts and a powerful attitude.     


Sweet Children,

Sweetest, spiritual children are here with bodies. The Father too is now with a body. While He is riding in this horse chariot, what is He teaching you children? No one, apart from the one Father, can teach you how to die alive. All of you children have received the Father's introduction. He is the Ocean of Knowledge and the Purifier.
This confluence age is the most auspicious age, that is, it is the age for becoming the most elevated human beings of all. People say that the sages, holy men, great souls, advisers, wealthy people and the President etc. are the highest people, but this is not so. This is the iron-aged, corrupt world, the old world. There is not a single pure being in the impure world.
It is souls that have to become pure. The Supreme Father, who can purify souls, is needed for this. You have to explain that pure beings exist in the golden age and that impure beings exist in the iron age. You are now at the confluence age. You are making effort to become VIRTUOUS from VICIOUS.
You children now know that the Creator is the Highest on High. This is an inverted tree and its Seed is up above. The Father has to come down from up above in order to make you pure. You children know that Baba has come. He gives us the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of this tree and makes us into the kings and queens who become the rulers of the new world.
This drama is predestined. If someone doesn't know the Creator, Director, principal Actor and the beginning, middle and end of the drama he would be called senseless. The Father says: I also explained to you 5000 years ago. He gave you your own introduction as He is doing now. I also made you pure as I am doing now. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. He is the Almighty Authority and the Purifier.
The unlimited Father has now come. He says: I am the Father of all you souls. All of you have become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. You have to be made to sit on the pyre of knowledge. You are now sitting on the pyre of knowledge. After sitting on the pyre of knowledge, you cannot indulge in vice. You promise that you will remain pure.
You understand that this is a play of happiness and sorrow. For half the cycle, there is happiness and for half the cycle, there is sorrow. The Father explains that you receive more than three-quarters happiness. You were wealthy even after half the cycle; you had such big temples etc. built. Sorrow comes later when devotion becomes completely tamopradhan.
The Father says: I come every 5000 years. I take the body of the one who doesn't know his own births. This one who was number one, the foremost beautiful one has now become ugly. The soul adopts different bodies. The Father says: I am now sitting in the one I enter. In order to teach you what? To die alive. You have to die to this world. You now have to become pure and then die alive. My part is to purify you.
Baba makes us into beautiful flowers through this study and takes us back. He will take us back with Him, away from this dirty world of rubbish. There is no mention of crying in the golden age. Here, people cry so much. If someone has gone to heaven, why should others cry? They should beat the drums even more. There, drums are beaten as they happily shed their tamopradhan bodies. This system has continued here from the beginning. Here, you would say that you have to go back home. There, you understand that you have to take rebirth. The Father explains all of these things to you.
The Father tells you: You also have to shed those bodies. You have to die alive. The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls. You now have to return home. You have to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Forget your bodies. The Father is very sweet. He says: I have come to make you children into the masters of the world. Now remember the land of peace and the land of happiness. Alpha and beta. This is the land of sorrow. The land of peace is the home of us souls. We have played our parts and we now have to return home. There won't be this dirty body there. This body has now become completely decayed.
The Father is now sitting here personally and teaching us through signals. I am a soul and you are also souls. I become detached from the body and teach you the same. You have to consider yourself to be separate from the body. You now have to return home. You are no longer going to stay here. You know that destruction now has to take place. Rivers of blood will flow in Bharat. Then rivers of milk will flow in Bharat. Those of all religions are now here together. All will fight among themselves and die. That is the kind of death there will be at the end.
What happened in Pakistan? Those scenes were very strong (at the time of partition). If someone were to see them, they would become unconscious. Baba is now making you strong. He also removes the consciousness of the body. Baba has seen that some children don't stay in remembrance, that they are very weak and this is why service is not expanding. Children repeatedly write: Baba, I forget to remember You. My intellect cannot focus on yoga. Baba says: Forget the word 'yoga'. You forget the Father who gives you the sovereignty of the world? Previously, on the path of devotion, if their intellects wandered anywhere else, they would pinch themselves. Baba says: You souls are imperishable. It is just that you become pure and then impure. It isn't that a soul becomes larger or smaller. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a great and powerful soul who constantly dances in happiness with the power of truth.   
It is said: Where there is truth, the soul dances. A truthful soul, that is, one who has the power of truth will constantly dance, He will never wilt, never be confused, afraid or weak. He will constantly dance in happiness and be powerful. He will have the power to face. Truth never shakes, it is unshakeable. The boat of truth rocks, but can never sink. Only souls who adopt the power of truth are great.

Slogan:  To stop a busy mind and intellect in a second is a most elevated practice. 


Sweet children,

The Supreme Father, God Shiva, speaks: Sweetest children, you should remember the most auspicious confluence age at every step. Only you children know this, but, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Your intellects should remember that, now, at this most auspicious confluence age, we are becoming the most elevated humans and that Baba(GodFather) has come to free us from this cage of Ravan. Just as a bird becomes happy when released from a cage, it flies and experiences happiness, so you children also realise that this is Ravan's cage in which there are so many different types of sorrow. The Father has now come to release us from this cage, though we are human beings.
It is written in the scriptures that a war took place between the deities and the devils and that the deities won the war. In fact, it was not a question of a war. You are now becoming deities from devils. You gain victory over Ravan, that is, the five vices, not the Ravan community. The five vices are called Ravan. However, there is no question of burning anyone. You children become very happy that you are going to a world where it is neither too hot nor too cold, where there is the constant season of spring. The golden-aged spring is now coming. Here, spring is short­ lived, but spring there lasts for half the cycle for you. The climate is not hot there, whereas, here, people suffer and die due to the heat.
In order for you to become free from all these sorrowful things, the imperishable Surgeon gives you very easy medicine. Other surgeons you go to have to remember many different medicines etc., whereas this Surgeon has no other medicine. By simply remembering Him, you become completely free from disease; there is no medicine etc. Children used to say: Today, we are going to have a seminar: How should one write a chart? How should one remember Baba? We will have a seminar on this. Now, the Father does not trouble you to sit and write anything down; there is no need to waste paper. The Father says: Just remember the Father with your intellect. Do they write a chart on the path of ignorance as too how much they remember their father? There is no need to read or write anything for that.
Children say to the Father: Baba, I forget You. If others were to hear this, what would they say? You children say: We have become Yours while alive. Why have you become this? In order to claim the inheritance of the sovereignty of the world from the Father. So, why do you then forget such a Father? Can't you remember the Father who gives you such a huge inheritance? You have received this inheritance from Him so many times before, but you still forget Him! If you want to claim your inheritance from the Father, you have to remember Him and also imbibe divine virtues.
The Father says: Sweet children, long-lost and now-found children, you invited Me to come here to adopt you. The Father has been invited to come. It is the Father who establishes heaven. He gives you your inheritance of heaven. The Father has now come, so it must surely be the time for destruction. You understand that, after this war, after destruction, there will be no trace of war for many births and many years. Wars will not take place nor will there be any trace of sorrow or sickness etc. However, there are now so many diseases. The Father says: Sweet children, I will release you from all suffering.
You should also write to the Government and ask: Why do you waste your money for nothing? Only the one Father, the Ocean of Peace, can create peace in the world. You can write this in a royal way to the heads of the Government on good quality paper. When they see the good quality of the paper they will understand that the letter has come from an important person. Ask them: You speak of peace in the world, so when did you receive it earlier that you can receive it in the same way again. You must have received it earlier. You know about it and so you can write down the time and date of when peace and happiness existed in the world. It was the Father who came and created peace and happiness in the world. That was the golden-aged period. This Lakshmi and Narayan are a sign of that dynasty.
The Father says: Make a list of topics that you'll be able to remember. You know that these books etc. won't remain. Only this remembrance will remain in your intellects. You souls become as completely full as the Father. All the rest of the old things, whatever you see with your eyes, will be destroyed at the end. Nothing will remain at the end. The Father is the eternal Surgeon. Souls too are eternal and imperishable. They leave their bodies and take others. Day by day, whatever bodies people receive will be impure and dirty. You children now know that you are becoming elevated. It is the Father who makes you elevated. Sages and holy men etc. don't make you elevated. The Father makes you elevated.
Baba says: Sweet children, I seat you on My eyelids and take you back with Me. The soul sits here in the eyes. The Father says: O souls, I will take you beyond in My eyes. Only a short time now remains. Therefore, make effort! Ask your heart how much you remember sweet Baba. Heer and Ranjha (a pair of lovers) didn't love each other for vice; there was just pure love. Through remembrance they could see each other, they would meet one another. The Father says: You too should become like that. They are lovers and beloved for one birth, whereas you are My lovers for so many births. Those things that happen take place at this time.
The words 'lover and beloved' is not used in the golden age. There, they remain pure; when one thinks of the other, he or she would appear and they experience happiness. You children don't have anything visible to see. At this time you only have to consider yourself to be a soul and remember your Beloved, the Father. Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father with great happiness.
The Beloved has now come to make everyone beautiful. He tries to make you become like Himself. When you become beautiful, your bodies will also be beautiful. It is the soul that has had alloy mixed into it. Now remember Me and that alloy will be removed.
Sit in solitude as much as possible and remember the Father. Don't look at others. There are many rooftops. Go on the roof in the morning in remembrance of Baba and you will experience a great deal of pleasure. Try to wake up during the night at one o'clock or two o'clock or early in the morning. You are the famous ones who conquered sleep. Go to bed early, and then get up at one or two o'clock in the morning and go on the roof and stay in solitude on the pilgrimage of remembrance. You have to accumulate your income. By remembering Him, your sins will be cut away. Check yourself internally: Did I cause sorrow for someone? How many did I remind of Baba?
Baba tells you many clever ways to remember Him. It is not a question of having to bathe. Yes, if you empty your bowels, then it is necessary to take a bath. Even while bathing some devotees remember God and the deities. The important thing is remembrance. You have received a great deal of knowledge. It is the knowledge of the cycle of 84 births. Check yourself within and ask: Throughout the day, how much do I remember the Father, the sweetest Father, who is making me into a master of Heaven? Does my mind keep wandering? Where does it go? Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother and Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a humble and great soul who receives everyone's respect by practising the mantra of "you first".   
Always remember the great mantra, "Those who are humble are the greatest of all". To practise "you first" alone is the method to receive respect from everyone. Keep this mantra with you as a blessing in order to become constantly great. While flying and being sustained with blessings, you have to reach your destination. When you do not use your blessings, you have to work hard. If you continue to be sustained by blessings, if you continue to use your blessings, all effort will finish and you will constantly continue to experience success and contentment.

Slogan:  In order to serve through your face, let your smiling, entertaining and mature face emerge.     

30/03/14 Morning Murli      Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   31/12/97

Essence: Celebrate this New Year as the Year of Liberation. Use everything in a worthwhile way and attain success.

Today, BapDada is giving greetings for the New Year to the elevated souls who are experiencing a new life, the souls who are the creators of the New Age. The New Year is beginning for the people of the world, whereas you children are remembering the New Age in your mind. Just as the New Year will begin tomorrow, in the same way, the New Age will also come tomorrow. Do you have the awareness that your New Age is about to come?
Do you have the zeal and enthusiasm in your heart about what you will become tomorrow? Does the dress (costume) of your new body appear in front of you? Do you remember how beautiful your new body was in the New Age? What that age was like? What that kingdom was like? How the elements were your servants, how they were satopradhan?
People give one another limited gifts for the New Year, whereas the GodFather gives you the gift of all rights to the sovereignty of the world. At this time, this imperishable gift becomes the unshakeable destiny and is fixed for all of you by the Father, so that this destiny cannot be prevented by anyone. It is unshakeable and constant. You have received such a gift, have you not? Look after this gift very carefully. No bandits should rob you of this gift. All of you have a double lock, do you not? Nowadays, a single lock is not enough; a double lock is needed. You don't need a Godrej lock, but God's lock. God has given you such a lock that no one can break it. However, if you become careless, bandits come. Bandits are very clever; they can tell when your lock has not been put on properly. Therefore, don't become careless!
This year, have you made a new plan for the self and for service? You are constantly having conferences and dialogues, but what new plans have you made? This year, BapDada wants to see a bouquet of a variety of special souls from all the different professions of this land and abroad. You have served all the professions a great deal. Now, prepare a jewel from each profession; no profession should be left out. Why? Now that the time is coming closer, no one from any profession should complain that their profession was left out. Someone from each profession should be of such a special quality that he can work as a mike, because as the time comes closer, there should be just the one sound, "The Father has come", emerging from souls of all professions and religions.
It is only now, at the confluence age, that the seed will be sown in the founder souls of all religions and the souls of all professions. They will carry such power away within them that they will become the inventors of their own religion or their own profession at their own time. You have to prepare all the seeds so that they can become the instruments for their own department at their own time. The Father is the Seed and you children-souls are the trunk. All other souls emerge from the Seed and the trunk.
Only when not a single one is missed out will you be called the world­ benefactor souls who are the instruments to uplift all souls. Not even one branch should be missing; all the branches are needed. Some of these professions may not exist in your New Age, but those souls who are to become the instruments to invent things in the copper and iron ages are to receive power from you. All the founders of religions will be co-operative in hoisting the Father's flag, the flag of revelation, in front of you. Similarly, those from all the different professions will also co-operate fully in hoisting the flag of revelation. Only then can it be called "the establishment of the world of happiness through everyone's co-operation."
What will you do for the self? You will make plans for that too, will you not? If you do not make elevated plans to benefit the self, world service will not be able to receive that sakaash. This is why, while knowing the zeal and enthusiasm in the heart of everyone, BapDada says: Whether you were celebrating your diamond jubilee, golden jubilee, silver jubilee or any other jubilee that is to take place, each of you, with zeal and enthusiasm in your heart, promised the Father from your heart that you will definitely become equal to the Father. Have all of you promised this?
At the time of making a promise, you make it with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. You are also very courageous at that time, but what happens afterwards? Maya comes, sometimes in the form of a mouse and sometimes in the form of a cat. What does a cat do? "Meow meow". So, what do the children do? "Mai, mai, mai (I, I, I)." So, don't meow like a cat in this way. What does a mouse do? A mouse gnaws whatever it finds. Because of not knowing what anything is, it gnaws everything. So Maya also gnaws away at the treasures of the children and eats them up. Sometimes a lion comes. What does a lion do? It creates fear in those who are fearless. It disheartens the almighty authority children. Do not allow this to happen! Do not allow anything to come! Constantly keep the double lock applied. This year, do not allow anyone to enter.
Celebrate this year as the year of being free from everything: The Year of Liberation. Only when you celebrate this year as The Year of Liberation will you be able to go to your land of liberation. What will you do for this? It is a very small thing, not a big thing. BapDada is giving you a very short slogan: Use everything in a worthwhile way and attain success! Whatever you have, whatever property, time, thoughts and breath you have, body, mind and wealth you have, use everything in a worthwhile way. Do not waste anything. Do not keep anything carefully locked away for a time of need. Use even your thoughts in a worthwhile way! Each and every thought is your property. Money is your physical property. Similarly, time, breath and thoughts are your subtle property. Not a single thought should be wasted. They should all be used in a worthwhile way.
Whether you are serving through your mind, words or deeds, check how much you are using in a worthwhile way at all times and how much you have accumulated. This year, BapDada is giving this special blessing: Use everything in a worthwhile way and experience multimillion­fold success! You can attain this instant fruit easily. You just have to have an honest heart. BapDada, Bholanath Father, is easily pleased with an honest heart. Therefore, use everything in a worthwhile way. Use the wealth of knowledge, the wealth of powers and the wealth of virtues in a worthwhile way at every moment.
Since you say that everything is going to happen suddenly, you have to become ever ready. Use everything you have in a worthwhile way. BapDada does not want any of it. Accumulate it for yourself. BapDada is the Bestower. To use something in a worthwhile way means to accumulate that, because, according to the time, BapDada was looking at your account of accumulation.
BapDada has the accounts of accumulation of all you children with Him. What did Baba see in your accounts of accumulation? Many children say and believe that they have accumulated many things. Externally, they say that they have accumulated a great deal, but in the Father's account of accumulation of each of you, it is very much less than each of you says or believes it to be. Why? It has to do with the first lesson of 'I' and the consciousness of 'mine'. "I did this." "This is my service and my task." At the time of accumulating, you feel that you are accumulating, but it is automatically deducted from your account of accumulation and added to the account of waste. This subtle machinery is automatic. "Baba made this happen." "This is Baba's service. It is not my service." You should not say, "I did this." Do not speak about it again and again: "I did this, I am doing this, I am doing this." Do not constantly say, "I, I". Say, "Baba, Baba", and you will accumulate multimillion-fold. If you say 'I' or have the consciousness of "mine", it will be transferred to the account of waste.
This automatic machinery is so fast that you are not even aware of it. Only those who are detached from the consciousness of 'mine' are able to check this with an honest heart. When all of you original jewels emerged at the beginning for the service of establishment, what did you constantly feel? What words did you constantly say? Did you have any consciousness of 'I'? It was because you said, "Baba, Baba" that you became Baba's heirs, who have now become the ones to begin service. This is the proof of saying, "Baba, Baba".
Now, very few heir-quality souls come to Baba. Why? "Baba" is mixed with the consciousness of "I". This is why, this year, BapDada is blessing you with an open heart: Accumulate as much as you want! Do as much as you want! Do as much as you want, but use everything in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success! Achcha.
What ceremony did you celebrate recently? The Silver Jubilee. As well as celebrating, you have to stamp whatever thought you have with the stamp of the almighty government so that it remains constantly imperishable and firm. To celebrate means to fulfil your promise. Have you applied such a strong stamp? Have you celebrated this ceremony firmly? It is good. Do not forget this scene. Whenever any weakness comes, place your photo of this ceremony in front of you. Photos are not taken, just like that, without reason. They are taken for a special purpose. The photos are taken so that, when a time of weakness comes, you can place your photo in front of you. Do not just keep your photos locked away in your cupboards so that you cannot even remember them at such a time. This is the greatest gift of all; it is a way of reminding you. Achcha.
To those who have a right to the world sovereignty of the New Age, to the world-transformer souls who transform everything through their new lives, to the souls who become embodiments of success by constantly using everything in a worthwhile way, to the unshakeable and constant souls who constantly put into practice all the promises they have made, to the souls who constantly maintain enthusiasm and give enthusiasm to others through their festivities, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations from BapDada for the New Year and the establishment of the New Age. As well as this, to all those children who move forward by maintaining courage, to all such children who receive help by maintaining courage, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you be an easy yogi soul who remains constantly light and who keeps the Father merged in your eyes.   
The mine of happiness that you receive at the confluence age cannot be received in any other Age. At this time, there is the meeting between the Father and the children, an inheritance and a blessing. There is no effort required for an inheritance or a blessing. This is why your title is: An easy yogi. BapDada cannot bear to see the children's labouring. He says: Children, give all your burdens to the Father and become light yourself. Become so light that the Father sits you in His eyes and takes you back with Him. The sign of your love for the Father is to remain constantly light and to be merged in the Father's eyes.

Slogan: Close the path to thinking negatively and you will become an embodiment of success. 

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