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The GodFather says:I only come once.I do not enter the body of Abraham or Buddha but Adam-Brahma.

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Sweet children,

You sweetest, spiritual children know that this is the world of sin and that the new world is the world of charity; there is no sin there. Everyone is impure and unhappy in this kingdom of Ravan and this is why they are calling out: O Purifier, come and purify us! Those of all religions call out: O God, the Father, come and liberate us. Become our Guide! That means that when the Father comes, He takes all souls of all the religions there are in the world back with Him. At this time, all are in the kingdom of Ravan. He takes those of all religions back to the land of peace.
The Father comes here and makes you children worthy of the land of happiness. He benefits everyone. This is why that One is called the Bestower of Salvation, the Benefactor of All. The Father says: You now have to return home. Those of all religions have to go to the land of silence, the land of nirvana (beyond sound), where all souls reside in silence. The unlimited Father, who is the Creator, comes and gives everyone liberation and liberation-in­life.
The Father Himself explains: I am the Resident of the supreme abode, the faraway land. The original, eternal deity religion that existed at the very beginning no longer exists, and this is why people call out to Me. I come and take all of you children back home. There is no Hindu religion. In fact, it is really the deity religion, but, because they are not pure, they call themselves Hindus instead of deities. No one established the Hindu religion.
The Gita is the jewel of all scriptures. It is spoken by God. Only the One is called God; God, the Father. Shri Krishna and Lakshmi and Narayan cannot be called God, the Father, or the Purifier. They are the king and queen. Who made them like that? The Father. The Father first of all creates the new world and this one becomes the master of that.
The Father now explains: You have forgotten your own religion. Because of not knowing the original, eternal deity religion, everyone has been converted into other religions. They will now return to their own religion. Those who belong to the original, eternal deity world religion will come back to their own religion. Those who belong to the Christian religion will once again go back into the Christian religion. The sapling of the original, eternal deity religion is being planted. Whatever religion everyone belongs to, they have to go back to it.
This is a tree and it has three tubes, and then expansion takes place from it. No one else can give you this knowledge. The Father now says: You have to come back into your own religion. Some say: I am going to go to the sannyas religion. I am a follower of Rama-Krishna Paramhans. They are those of the path of isolation whereas you belong to the family path. How can those of the household path become followers of those of the path of isolation?
The Father establishes religion. You become the masters of the whole world. You receive so much might from the Father. Only the one Almighty Authority Father comes and grants everyone salvation. No one else can give salvation or receive salvation.
The Father says: I am the Servant of those of all religions. I come and grant salvation to everyone. The golden age is referred to as salvation. Liberation is in the land of peace; so which is the greatest of all? The Father says: O souls, all of you are brothers. All of you receive an inheritance from the Father. I come and make everyone worthy of go back to their own section. If souls don't become worthy, they have to receive punishment. The karmic accounts have to be settled and then they can return home. That is the land of peace and the other is the land of happiness.
The Father says: I come and establish the new world. You have to make effort for that. I come and make the souls who are complete sinners like Ajamil into deities. Ever since you went onto the path of sin, you continued to come down the ladder. This ladder of 84 births is for coming down. From satopradhan, you go through the stages of Sato, rajo and tamo and this is now the confluence age.
The Father says: I only come once. I do not enter the body of Abraham or Buddha. I only come at the most auspicious confluence age. It is now said: Follow the Father. The Father says: All of you souls have to follow Me alone. Constantly remember Me alone and your sins will be burnt away in the fire of yoga. This is called the fire of yoga. You come off the pyre of lust and sit on the pyre of knowledge. Only the one Father explains all of this. Christ, Buddha etc. all remember just the One. However, no one knows Him accurately.
You have now become theists. You have now come to know the Creator and the creation from the Father. Rishis and munis all used to say, "Neti, neti" (Neither this nor that). Heaven is the land of truth where there is no mention of sorrow. Here, there is so much sorrow and the lifespan is also very short. The lifespan of the deities is so long. They are pure yogis. Here, there are impure bhogis (those who indulge in sensual pleasures). As you continue to come down the ladder, your lifespan becomes shorter. Untimely, death also continues to take place. The Father makes you such that you will not become diseased for 21 births. So, you should claim your inheritance from such a Father.
You souls should become so sensible. Baba is giving you such an inheritance that you won't experience any sorrow there; your crying and shouting out will all end. All of you are actors. Souls shed bodies and take others. This too is the drama. Baba explains to you the philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action. The Krishna soul experiences 84 births and is now at the end listening to this same knowledge.
The night of devotion is now ending. Knowledge is now dawning. It is now the confluence age. You are now once again becoming residents of heaven. You stumbled along in the dark night, wore out your foreheads and used up all your wealth. The Father now says: I have come to take you to the land of peace and the land of happiness. You were residents of the land of happiness. While taking 84 births, you came into the land of sorrow and are now calling out again: Baba, come to this old world. This is not your world. You are now establishing your own world with the power of yoga.
You now have to become doubly non-violent. You must not use the sword of lust nor must you fight or quarrel. The Father says: I come every 5000 years. This cycle is 5000 years, not hundreds of thousands of years. lf it were hundreds of thousands of years, the population here would be very much larger. They continue to tell lies and this is why the Father says: I come every cycle. I too have a part in the drama. I cannot do anything without having it in My part. I too am tied in the bondage of the drama. I come at My accurate time. Manmanabhav! However, no one knows the meaning of that.
The Father says: Renounce all the religions of the body, constantly remember Me alone and you will all become pure again. You children continue to make effort to remember the Father. This is the World Spiritual University. There cannot be any other university like this one. God, the Father, comes here and changes the whole world. He changes it from hell to heaven which you then rule. The Father now says: Remember Me and you will change from tamopradhan to satopradhan. This is Baba's lucky chariot which the Father enters. No one knows about the birth of Shiva. They simply say that God is beyond name and form. Oh! There cannot be anything in existence that is beyond name and form.
They say: That is the sky. Therefore, that is a name. Even though it is just empty space, that is what it is called. The Father's name is the Benefactor. Then, He is given many names on the path of devotion. He is also called Babulnath (Lord of Thorns). He comes and liberates you from the sword of lust and makes you pure. Those of the path of isolation only believe the element of brahm to be God and they only remember that. They call themselves yogis who have yoga with the brahm element or the element of light. However, that is a place of residence which is called Brahmand. They consider brahm to be God. They believe that they will merge into it, which means that they make souls perishable.
The Father says: I alone come and grant everyone salvation. This is why the birth of Shiv Baba alone is worth diamonds whereas the birth of everyone else is worth shells. Shiv Baba alone grants everyone salvation, and so He is like a diamond. He alone takes you into the golden age. Only the Father comes and teaches you this knowledge through which you become deities. This knowledge will then disappear. Lakshmi and Narayan do not have knowledge of the Creator or creation. The Father has come to take you children to that world of happiness and comfort. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Night class:
Now, both your sun and moon dynasties are being created again. No one else can know as much or become as pure as you do. When they hear that the Father has come, they will begin to remember Him. You will see all of this as you progress further. Hundreds of thousands and millions will continue to understand this. The atmosphere will be such. Everyone will become hopeless in the war at the end. Everyone will be touched. Your sound will spread. Heaven is being established, but everyone's death is also ready. However, that time will be such that there won't even be time to choke.
As you progress further, many here will understand a great deal. It isn't that all of you (who exist now) will be here at that time. Some would have even died. Only those who were here in the previous cycle (at this time) will be here then. At that time, you will all be in remembrance of the one Father. The noise will also be reduced. You will then just continue to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. You will observe all of this as detached observers. There will continue to be many painful calamities. Everyone will come to know that destruction is now to take place and that the world is to change.
Reason says that destruction will take place when the bombs are dropped. They now continue to say to one another: Promise that you won't drop bombs. However, all of those things have been invented for destruction. You children should remain very happy; you know that the new world is being created. You understand that only the Father establishes the new world. There will be no mention of sorrow there. That is called Paradise. Just as you have faith, in the same way, as you progress further, many others will have faith too. What happens is that those who are to have an experience will have many experiences as they progress further. At the end, you will stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance a great deal. There is now still a lot of time left. If you don't make full effort, your status will be reduced. You receive a good status by making effort. At that time, your stage will be very good. You will also have visions. Destruction will take place again as it has every cycle. Those who have faith and have knowledge of the cycle will remain happy. Achcha. Good night to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you remain free from all worries by constantly thinking of God in your every thought and thereby become a carefree emperor.   
People of the world worry at every step but, because you children constantly think of God, you are free from all worries. Your intellect is aware that Karavanhar is inspiring everything and that those who become instruments are doing that. With the finger of everyone's co-operation, every task is easily successful. There is no type of worry or concern. Everything is moving along fine and it has to; you have this faith and this is why you are free from worry and carefree emperors.

Slogan:  Remain seated on the throne of a detached observer and problems will remain underneath the throne.


Sweet children,

The spiritual Father explains to the sweetest spiritual children. He is teaching you the pilgrimage of remembrance. You children must have understood the meaning of the pilgrimage of remembrance. On the path of devotion too, people remember the deities and also Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather), but they don't know that it is only through remembrance that their sins would be absolved. You children know that the Father is the Purifier and that He is showing you the way to become pure. It is the soul that has to become pure and it is the soul that becomes impure.
You children know that the Father only comes in Bharat and teaches you the pilgrimage of remembrance. He cannot teach it to you anywhere else. You children have been on many physical pilgrimages. Only the one Father can teach you this pilgrimage. The Father has now explained to you children that it is because of Maya that everyone's intellect is locked with the lock of senselessness (not understanding). You have now come to know from the Father how sensible, wealthy and pure you were. We were the masters of the whole world. We are now becoming that once again. The Father gives us such a huge unlimited sovereignty.
The Father says: This is the salty channel which only you cross with the power of yoga. You have to remember the place that you are going to. We now have to return home. Baba Himself has come to take us back home. He explains with a lot of love: Sweet children, you were pure and, by taking 84 births, you have become impure and so you have to become pure once again. There is no other way to become pure. You know that when the Purifier comes, you become pure by following His directions.
You children now know that Ravan is your old enemy who caged you in the cage of five vices. The Father comes and removes you from that. To the extent that you remember the Father, accordingly you give the introduction to others. Those who do not have remembrance would have body consciousness. They are neither able to remember the Father nor are they able to give His introduction. We souls are brothers. We have come here from our home to play our different parts.
Shiv Baba tells you: Children, you definitely have to become vice less. If you indulge in vice, everything that you have earned will be lost and there will be one hundred-fold punishment. You have been choking for 63 births and you are now told to become pure. Remember Me and your sins will be burnt away. Souls are brothers. You mustn't become trapped in anyone's name or form.
If many people receive benefit, you will receive blessings from many. You should make effort to create subjects and free yourself from bondage. You definitely have to do service for your livelihood. Godly service only takes place in the morning and evening. At that time, everyone has time. Whomever you work with outside, continue to give them the introduction of the two fathers. Each one has a different physical father whereas the parlokik Father of all is the same. He is the Supreme.
Souls never experience death; they simply become clean and then dirty. It seems right for the throne of a soul to be in the centre of the forehead. The symbol of the tilak is also put on the forehead. The Father says: You have to make yourselves worthy of giving yourselves the tilak for the kingdom. Do not think that I will give everyone the tilak for the kingdom. You have to give that to yourself.
 The Father will take everyone back home at the end; this is His duty. Some study very well and claim their fortune of the kingdom but how would everyone else study? Just as they come here, numberwise, so they will also return, numberwise. Do not waste too much time on these things. You say that you don't even have time to remember Baba, so why do you waste your time on these things? You have the faith that the unlimited Father is also the Teacher and the Guru. So, there is no need to remember anyone else.
By remembering the unlimited Father, you receive an inheritance. There is no other method. "The ancient yoga of Bharat" is very well known. Those people think that they are studying the ancient yoga of Bharat. Baba explains that, according to the drama, they become hatha yogis. You are now studying Raja Yoga because it is now the confluence age, but their religion is separate. In fact, they should not adopt gurus. However, according to the drama, they will also definitely do that. You children now have to become righteous. There is might in religion. I make you into those deities, and that religion will give a lot of happiness. Those who have yoga with Me receive strength from Me. The religion that the Father Himself establishes has a lot of strength. You become the masters of the whole world. The Father praises this religion because it has a lot of might. Many receive might from Almighty Baba. ln fact, everyone receives might, but, numberwise. You can take as much might as you want from Baba. However, there also has to be the subject of divine virtues. Do not trouble anyone; do not cause sorrow. This one never says any bad or wrong words to anyone. He knows that others who see him perform actions will do the same. From having devilish traits, you have to develop divine virtues. Check that you are not causing anyone sorrow. There isn't anyone who doesn't cause sorrow for someone else. There is definitely one mistake or another being made. The stage, when you don't cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds will be at the end. At this time, we are in the effort-making stage. Everything happens, numberwise, according to the effort you make. Everyone makes effort for happiness, but no one, apart from the Father, can give happiness.
While living at home with your family, you have to remain as pure as a lotus. You made this effort and this was how the rosary was created. It continues to be created every cycle.
The Father welcomes you more than you children welcome Him. The Father's duty is to welcome you. Welcome means salvation. This is the highest form of welcome. The Father comes here to welcome all of you. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you easily overcome every adverse situation with the power of love and pass with honours   
BapDada's love is merged in all the children. Love is the main basis of spiritual life. Love means to stay close and easily overcome every adverse situation. Just as it is easy to remain close to those you love, similarly, it will become easy to pass and you will then pass with honours. The plane of love takes you close to the Father at the speed of a second.

Slogan:  If BapDada(GodFather) is with you, Maya cannot influence you. 

06/04/14 Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   18/06/77   

Essence: How to create a powerful stage of yoga

You have come to the land of blessings to celebrate a spiritual meeting. Can you have a spiritual meeting by being stable in the stage beyond sound or does it take place through words? Do you love the stage of going beyond sound or the stage of coming into sound? The stage of going beyond sound is powerful and becomes instrumental to serve everyone. Or, do you experience the stage of serving through words to be more powerful? Does unlimited service take place by going beyond sound or through words? Can you achieve the final stage of perfection, in which you have the stage of being full of all powers, a master almighty authority and master knowledge-full in a practical way, by going beyond sound or by coming into sound? Is the stage of being a world benefactor for all souls, a great donor, a bestower of blessings and one who fulfils the desires of all souls, the stage of going beyond sound or the stage of coming into sound? Have you experienced both stages? Do you know both these stages? Out of the two, in which stage are you able to stabilise yourself for a longer period? Which stage is experienced easily?
Are you ever ready to the extent that, whenever you are given a direction, you can be stable in that particular stage in a second? Or, does your time pass in you trying to become stable in that stage? The time for becoming perfect is approaching, so do you experience this speciality in yourself before that time actually comes? The most elevated method of putting the final full-stop is to be instantly stable in the stage according to the directions you receive. Are you making this method and practice your practical experience? Do you practise this? BapDada has been teaching you this practice for a very long time and is still teaching you, but to what extent do you consider yourselves to be accomplished in this practice? Will you be able to make yourself ever ready by the end of this year? Are you ready, or, on seeing the time, have you become even more careless in this practice for yourself? By thinking that you don't know when destruction is going to take place, instead of becoming perfect through your efforts, have you become one who loves rest and comfort due to the weakness of wasteful thinking and wasteful thoughts?
Seeing the speed of the children's efforts nowadays, BapDada continues to smile. You give all souls the message, "Become yogi and gyani", time and time again, but do those who give this message also give themselves this message? The majority of souls appear to be weak in the subject of the pilgrimage of remembrance and the stage of being a yogi. Time and time again, you bring the same complaint to BapDada and the instrument souls: Why am I not able to have yoga? Why am I not able to have constant yoga? How can I create a powerful stage of yoga? Although you are often given many types of method, BapDada keeps receiving the same notes. What can one understand from this? Although you are a child of the One with all powers, you are such a powerless soul that you are unable to control yourself, so how would you be able to control the kingdom of the world? What is the reason for this? You have learnt yoga, but do not know how to use the methods of remaining yogyukt. You continually speak of yoga, but you do not pay attention to experimenting with yoga.
At present, Baba is seeing a particular wave. Whenever anything comes in front of you, instead of using the power to face that you have received from the Father, you begin to put the Father in front and say, "You have to take me back home with You! Give me power! It is Your duty to help me, because if You don't, who will? Give me a few blessings! You are the Ocean, so just give me a few drops!" You lose the courage to face the situation by yourself, and, because of lacking courage, you deprive yourself of help. The special basis of spiritual life is courage. Just as you don't have a life if you are unable to breathe, so too, you can't have a spiritual life unless you have courage. The Father has promised you children that when you maintain courage, He will help. It isn't just the Father's help alone. Nowadays, you leave everything to the Father and become careless yourself.
Now, what do you have to do? The main weakness is that you don't use the powers you receive and the many wise methods of knowledge you hear, that is, you simply speak about them rather than practise them. Now, become introverted and use every power in the practice of your dharna. Just as an inventor remains deeply engrossed in his or her invention day and night, so, too, you should be totally absorbed in practising every power. What is the power to tolerate and what is the power to face? What do you attain from the power to tolerate? At which time would you use the power to tolerate? of obstacles, are you influenced by when you don't use the power to tolerate? How can you become victorious when Maya comes to you in the form of anger? In which situations does Maya test your power to tolerate? Prepare yourself in advance by making your intellect go into the detail of these test papers. Before going into the real examination hall, become your own master and give yourself a test paper and you will never fail the real exam. Put each of the powers into practice and expand on it. All of you practise this very little. You have all become Vyas, but you do not practise (abhyas) as much. You don't know how to keep busy in this way, and this is why Maya makes you busy. If you remain constantly busy in this practice, the complaint of having waste thoughts will finish.
As well as this, the impact of your practising this would be visible on your face. What would be visible? Someone introverted constantly appears to be happy because the opposition from Maya will be over. By continuing to move along while increasing your experience in this way, you will be liberated from making the same complaint time and time again. Just as Baba has told you about the practice of using all the powers, similarly, you call yourselves yogi souls, but do you have the practice of the definition of yoga that you tell others?
The main specialities of yoga are that it is easy yoga, karma yoga, Raja Yoga, constant yoga and yoga with God. Have you put into practice all the things that you speak about? Why is it called easy yoga? Do you know the answer to this very clearly? Have you also put it into practice? You are knowledge-full about this; now put it into practice. You need to practise all the specialities, for only then can you become a complete yogi. If you practise easy yoga but not Raja Yoga, you cannot pass fully. Therefore, practise every speciality of yoga, every power and every main point of knowledge. Due to weakness in this, the majority of you become weak. Due to lacking this practice, you become weak souls. No type of obstacle can come in front of a soul who practises this, and one who is lost in love. The obstacle is burnt away from a distance with the fire of love.
You have created models of a Shakti burning Ravan, the five vices, and of Ravan running away from the Shakti. Whose model have you created? What will you do now? Engage yourself in experimenting with every aspect. Sit in the laboratory of this practice and you will experience the support (sahara) of the one Father and all the obstacles of Maya will move away (kinara) from you. At present, you are only moving along on the surface of the waves of the Ocean of Knowledge, the Ocean of Virtues and the Ocean of Powers, and you therefore only experience refreshment for a short time. Now go into the depths of the Ocean and you will attain jewels and have many unique experiences. You have to become powerful yourself. Do not write the same notes to Baba any more. The Father is just amused by them. They are trivial matters and you write the same things time and time again.
You even give the Father the job of a physical doctor. You give the Father the duty of breaking the karmic bondages that you have created. They are your creation. Is the Father's duty simply to give you a method or to do it for you? Is He simply instrumental to show you or should He even do it for you? You become very mischievous. Mischievous children leave everything to their father. People say: The child is not listening; you put him right! However, the Father is telling you the way to put everything right. If you do it, you will receive the reward. You want to leave everything to the Father because He is the World Servant. Therefore, pay great attention to putting all the directions you receive into the practical form and you will become free from all obstacles. Do you understand? Achcha.
To the obedient children who constantly follow all of the Father's directions, to the faithful children who make firm the lesson of belonging to the one Father and none other, to those who keep themselves constantly busy in this practice, to such special souls who put the specialities of knowledge and yoga into their lives, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting Dadis at the time of leaving:
The speed of you maharathis is the fastest of all, but your ability to apply your brakes quickly should also be just as powerful. You should have such practice that at every second and in every thought you are able to bring, not just the world, but the cycle of the three worlds in front of you, and even tour around the three worlds. If you need to stop, then you should be able to absolutely stabilise your intellect in the seed stage within a second. You should be able to go to an extreme point and then also be able to stop. Your brakes should be so powerful that it shouldn't take you any time to stop. In the military, when someone running as fast as he can is given a martial order to stop, he has to stop in that instant. Anyone who takes longer than a second is shot. That is a physical practice, and this is subtle practice. The speed of effort of the maharathis should be intense and the brake should be powerful. Only then will you be able to pass -with honours at the end.
Situations will be such that they can bring thoughts about in your intellect, so, at that time, you need the practice of going beyond all of those thoughts and of stabilising yourself in one thought. The adverse situations will pull you. If your brake is not powerful at that time, you will not be able to pass. Therefore, the maharathis should practise this. Practise applying a full-stop when the intellect is scattered in many directions due to the expansion of thoughts. When someone is learning to drive, he is deliberately taken on certain roads so that the examiner can see his ability to avoid accidents. In the same way, you need to practise this in advance: to stop as soon as someone says, "Stop". This is the gift for the eight jewels. Not even one second should be wasted anywhere else. This is why there are only eight who pass. Do you have such practice? There should be the experience that just as you have the practice of controlling your physical hands, so, too, your subtle powers and your thoughts should be under your control. In fact, this is about controlling the expansion of thoughts, whereas people have taken it to mean controlling breath. Here, instead of going into expansion, you have to stabilise yourself in one thought, whereas those people have begun the practice of controlling their breathing. The maharathis have to have such a stage of the pilgrimage of remembrance. Those who imbibe one thought should be able to stabilise their intellect for as long as they want. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an avyakt angel the same as Father Adam-Brahma by performing every action while remaining stable in the angelic form.     
Children say that they have a lot of love for Father Adam-Brahma, and the meaning of love is to become equal. Just as Father Adam-Brahma is in the angelic form, similarly, you have to perform every action by stabilising yourself in the angelic form, like the father. An angel means a form of light. Perform actions while staying in the form of light and see the body of light. Nothing can create any obstacle to this angelic form. Your thoughts, attitude and vision will all become double light.

Slogan: Only those whose thinking, speaking and doing are equal are the most elevated effort-makers. 

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