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Practise being bodiless; this practice will enable you to pass the paper of "all of a sudden".

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25/04/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You sweetest, spiritual children understand that you are sitting in front of the Father. He is the Father and also the One who teaches you in the form of the Teacher. The same Father is the Purifier and also the One who grants salvation. He is also the One who takes you back with Him. He shows you a very easy path too. While making you pure from impure, He does not allow you to labour. Wherever you go, whether you go abroad, as you walk and move around, simply consider yourself to be a soul. You do consider yourself this anyway, but Baba still tells you to have the faith that you are a soul, to renounce body consciousness and to become soul conscious.
We are souls and we adopt bodies to play our roles. After playing our roles in bodies, we leave those and take others. Some have parts to play for 100 years, some have parts for 80 years, some for two years and some have parts for six months. Some die immediately after taking birth. Some even die in the womb before taking birth. There is the difference of day and night in rebirth here and taking rebirth in the golden age. Birth here is taken through a womb; it is called the jail of a womb. There is no jail of a womb in the golden age. There, there are no sinful deeds performed; there is no kingdom of Ravan there. The Father explains everything to you.
The unlimited Father sits here and explains to you through this body. The soul of this body is also listening. It is the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the One who does not have a body of His own, who speaks this knowledge. He is always known as Shiva. Just as He is beyond rebirth, so He is also beyond adopting many names and forms. He is known as Sada Shiva (Constant Shiva). He is Shiva forever. He does not have a physical name. Although He enters the body of this one, the name of this one's body is not used for Him.
Yours is unlimited renunciation whereas those renunciates are limited; they too change their names. Baba gave you many beautiful names. According to the drama, many of those who were given names have also disappeared. The Father thought: Since they belong to Me, they will always remain here, they will not divorce Me. However, they did and so what benefit was there in giving them new names? Some sannyasis too return home and then start to use their old names again. They do return home; it isn't that, because they have become renunciates, they do not remember their friends and relatives etc. Some keep remembering all their friends and relatives. They are trapped by their attachment; their threads of attachment remain tied. Some are able to break their connections very quickly. They definitely have to be broken. The Father has explained that you now have to return home.
The Father Himself sits here and explains this. Baba was also telling you this morning about this. There is a song "My mind feels such happiness when I see You". Why? Because the children are merged in Baba's eyes. Souls are lights, anyway. The Father sees the children and is very happy. Some children are very good; they look after a centre. There are some who, after becoming a child of God, indulge in vice; they are disobedient. This Father is also pleased to see the serviceable children. The unlimited Father says: That one turned out to be one who defamed the name of this clan. They defame the name of the Divine clan. He continues to explain to you children: Do not become trapped in anyone's name or form. That is known as being one who defames the name of the clan in a semi way. Then from semi, it also becomes final. They themselves write: Baba, I have fallen. I have made my face ugly. Maya deceived me.
Many storms of Maya come. The Father says: To use the sword of lust also means to cause one another sorrow. This is why they are made to give a pledge. Some even wrote long letters in blood, but they are no longer here today. The Father says: Oh Maya! You are so powerful! You even swallowed the children who wrote their pledge in their own blood. Just as the Father is powerful, Maya too is powerful. You receive the inheritance of the Father's power for half the cycle and then Maya makes you lose that power for half the cycle. This applies to Bharat. It is those who belong to the deity religion that change from solvent to insolvent. Now, when you go to the Lakshmi and Narayan Temple, you would wonder how you belonged to that clan. You are now studying. This one's soul is also studying with Baba.
Previously, you used to bow your head everywhere. You now have knowledge. You know the biography of everyone's 84 births. Each one plays his own part. The Father says: Children, always remain cheerful. You will then take the sanskar of remaining cheerful here with you. You understand what you are becoming. The unlimited Father is giving you this inheritance; no one else can give you this. There is not a single human being who knows where Lakshmi and Narayan went. They think that they went back to where they came from. The Father now says: Judge with your intellect. You used to study the Vedas and scriptures etc. on the path of devotion. I am now relating this knowledge to you. Now judge: Is the path of devotion right or am I right? The Father, God, is righteous whereas Ravan is unrighteous. People tell lies about everything. This refers to the things of this knowledge.
You understand that, previously, all of you used to say false things. Even while making donations and performing charity etc., you continued to come down the ladder. You only gave to other souls. How can sinful souls, who give to other sinful souls, become pure and charitable souls? There, there is no give and take between souls. Here, people borrow hundreds of thousands of rupees from each other. In this kingdom of Ravan, human beings experience sorrow at every step. You are now at the confluence age and there are multimillions in your every step. How did the deities become multimillionaires? No one knows this. Heaven definitely did exist. There are also the signs of that. However, they don't know what deeds they performed in their previous birth that they received that kingdom. That is the new world and so there are no useless thoughts there. That is called the land of happiness. It is a question of 5000 years.
You are studying in order to experience the happiness of becoming pure. Many methods are invented. The Father explains very clearly. The land of peace is the place of residence of you souls; it is called the sweet home. When people return from abroad, they feel that they are returning to their sweet home. Your sweet home is the land of peace. The Father is the Ocean of Peace. Those whose parts are to come later would be in the land of peace for so long. Baba's part would be very short. You have the hero and heroine parts to play in this drama. You become the masters of the world. No one else can have this intoxication. No one else has the happiness of heaven in his or her fortune. It is only you children who receive this. The Father is pleased to see the children who say: Baba, I will only speak to You. The Father says: Children, I am pleased to see you. I have come after 5000 years to take you from the land of sorrow to the land of happiness, because, by sitting on the pyre of lust, you have been completely burnt. I now have to go and take them out of their graves.
All souls are now present here. They all have to be purified. The Father says: Children, only keep the one Satguru in your intellects and forget everyone else. Maintain your connection with the One alone. You used to say: When You come, we will only belong to You and no one else. We will only follow your instructions and become elevated. People sing: God is the Highest on High and His instructions are the highest of all. The Father says: The knowledge that I give you will later disappear.
There are many different things in the intellects of human beings. You know that everything that has continued in this drama is fixed, second by second. You can calculate all the parts you have played, for how many hours, how many years and how many months. All of this knowledge should be in your intellects. Baba explains all of this to you. The Father says: I am the Purifier. You call out to Me to come and purify you. The pure worlds are the land of peace and the land of happiness. All are now impure. Always continue to say: Baba, Baba. Never forget this and you will always remember Shiv Baba. This is our Baba. Firstly, there is that unlimited Baba. By saying "Baba", you experience the happiness of your inheritance. You will not have such thoughts by simply using the word "Bhagawan" or "lshwar".
Tell everyone that the unlimited Father is explaining through Adam-Brahma. This is His chariot. He says through this one: I make you children into deities. The whole knowledge is contained within this badge. At the end, you will only remember this - the land of peace and the land of happiness. You will forget the land of sorrow. You also understand that everyone will come later, numberwise, at their own time. There are many of Islam and Christians and Buddhists etc. There are many languages. To begin with, there was only one religion. Many others have now emerged. So many wars etc. take place.
Everyone is fighting because they have become orphans. The Father now says: No one can snatch away from you the kingdom that I gave you. The Father gives you your inheritance of heaven which no one can snatch away. You have to remain unshakeable stable and immovable. Storm of Maya will definitely come. The one who is ahead will experience everything first. All the sicknesses etc. have to finish for all time. This is why you should not be afraid of settling your karmic accounts when your illness increases etc. All of this comes at the end. Then, later, none of it will remain. They will all erupt at this time.
Maya will even make old ones youthful again. When men go into retirement, there are no females there. Sannyasis too go and live in jungles. There are no females there either. They don't look at anyone. They just take their alms and leave. Previously, they would never even look in the direction of a woman. They thought that their intellects would definitely be pulled. Even in the relationship of brother and sister, the intellect is pulled. This is why Baba says: Have the vision of brotherhood. Don't even think of the body's name. This is a very high destination. You have to go to the highest peak. This kingdom is being established; it requires a great deal of effort.
You say: We will become Lakshmi and Narayan. The Father says: Follow shrimat and become this. Storms of Maya will come, but you must not do anything sinful through your physical organs. People go bankrupt anyway. It is not that because you came into knowledge you went bankrupt. These things continue to happen. The Father says: I have come to make you pure from impure. Sometimes, some do good service and explain this knowledge to others and then they go bankrupt. However, Maya is very powerful. Very very good ones fall. The Father sits here and explains: The children who do My service are the ones I love. They make others happy and I continue to remember such children. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a conqueror of Maya by using the power of realization become detached from your old nature and sanskars.   
The nature and sanskars of your old body are very strong and they become a huge obstacle in your becoming a conqueror of Maya. Even if the snake's form of your nature and sanskars finishes, the line drawn by it still remains, and that deceives you again and again when the time comes. Many times you are so much influenced by Maya that you do not consider something wrong to be wrong; you are influenced by that. Therefore, check, and by using the power of realization, become detached from the old hidden nature and sanskars, for only then will you become a conqueror of Maya.

Slogan:  Practise being bodiless; this practice will enable you to pass the paper of "Suddenly".    

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