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The consciousness of "my husband, my wife, my home, my children, my shop, my office" makes something easy into something difficult.

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20/04/14 Morning Murli    Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   22/06/77

Essence:  The significance of the world of stars

Today, BapDada is seeing all the stars in their sparkling form. All the stars are sparkling, but there is a number in their sparkle. Have you seen the world of stars, that is, have you seen your own world? People sing praise of the world of stars, but all of you know the significance of which world of stars they are singing the praise of. Each star shows its own impact. The horoscope and future is told on the basis of the stars. You are the stars of knowledge in the living form, who are images of support for the horoscope of every soul throughout the entire cycle. The elevated and present birth of the stars of knowledge is the basis for the birth of the reward, that is, for the birth of the status of being worthy of worship. Being a worshipper is based on your status of being worthy of worship. In this way, the horoscope of the many religious and righteous souls is based on the story of your 84 births. Their horoscope is fixed by your horoscope. The entire drama is recorded on the part of you heroes and heroines.
When your part of a worshipper begins, the establishment of religion for many souls also begins. It is on the basis of all you ancestor souls that all those little genealogical trees emerge. As a memorial, people indicate the future on the basis of the limited stars because you living stars are at this time trikaldarshi. You are instrumental in creating the future of every soul, whether you give them liberation or liberation in life. Together with the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, the stars of knowledge are also instrumental in opening the gates to liberation in life. This is why the stars - your non-living memorial - indicate your future, that is, they are instruments to show the future. When you see the non-living memorial of limited stars, do you remember your form of a star? The stars are all portrayed with different speeds. In circling the sky, the speed of some stars is fast and the speed of others is slow. Some stars are very close together whereas others are shown at a distance from all the rest. Some stars change their position again and again and other stars are comets. All these types of star are seen as a memorial of the stage of the living stars, of their speed of effort, whether they are unshakeable or whether they fluctuate, whether they are part of a gathering, whether they are servers and loving to all and co-operative, whether they are those with elevated virtues and an elevated task.
Stars are shown as having a connection with the moon. Some are close to the moon whereas others are distant. You are the children of the Sun of Knowledge, but why is there an image of a connection with the moon? This is also significant. The moon is the senior mother, Adam-Brahma. Everyone definitely receives the light of knowledge and all powers from the Sun of Knowledge, but the corporeal part in the drama is played throughout by Father Adam - Brahma and you children. The Sun of Knowledge remains separate from this cycle. This is why the different names and forms of many births are those of the moon and stars of knowledge being together. This is why there is the memorial of the connection between the moon and the stars of knowledge.
Ask yourself which star you are. In a gathering, do you have the stage of being loving to all and constantly co-operative? Or is it that within a gathering your nature, sanskars and stage change, that is, your position changes? Are you the constantly sparkling stars that brighten the world? Or, are you not even able to give yourself the light of knowledge and the might of remembrance? Are you dependent on the light and might of other souls? Do you constantly keep yourself in the stage of one who is trikaldarshi? Check yourself in this way. You were told of the three types of star. One are the constantly lucky stars, the second are the constantly successful stars and the third are the stars of hope. Ask yourself which of the three types of star you are. Do you know yourself? "Who am I?" Have you solved this riddle? Judge yourself. Do you understand? Achcha, today Baba has not come to speak a murli. Baba has come to meet you. This meeting is fixed for every cycle. As a memorial of this meeting, people celebrate a mela in many different ways. Achcha.
To those who constantly celebrate a meeting with the Father, to the stars of success who have constant success in their thoughts, words and deeds, to the close stars who constantly keep the Father as their Companion, to those who give light and might to the world through their every thought, to the constantly sparkling stars, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:
1.   1.    While performing every act, do you consider yourself to be a trustee of your body, wealth and household? What is the speciality of a trustee? In one word, a trustee is a conqueror of attachment. A trustee does not have any attachment to anyone. Why? There isn't the consciousness of "mine". There is attachment to anything of "mine". There is no consciousness of "mine" in the facilities you have received, in your household or the relations you have for the sake of service. If you serve everyone while using all the facilities considering them to be things entrusted to you by BapDada, you can then easily become a trustee. To be a trustee means the consciousness of "mine" has ended and only the words "Baba, Baba" emerge from your lips. Do you have such a stage? Or, do you have the consciousness of "mine" for the facilities that you use for service?
Where there is the consciousness of "mine" there is body consciousness. If you are the trustee of your body, you cannot be body conscious. What was the first promise you made when you took birth? "Whatever is mine also belongs to the Father." So you died alive, did you not? So how can there be the consciousness of "mine"? You can never take back anything that you have given away. So what is the easy way to remain constantly soul conscious, that is, of constantly being a conqueror of attachment? "I am a trustee." In the memorial of the previous cycle, in the memorial of Arjuna, when did Arjuna find something to be difficult? When he had the consciousness of "mine". When the consciousness of "I" ends you become a conqueror of attachment, that is, an embodiment of remembrance. The consciousness of "my husband, my wife, my home, my children, my shop, my office" makes something easy into something difficult. The way to an easy path is to be a conqueror of attachment, that is, to become a trustee. Make yourself and everyone else an easy yogi with this awareness. Do you understand?
Having come from a variety of places, have all of you become residents of Madhuban at present? At this moment, you do not consider yourself to be a Gujarati, a Punjabi or a U.P. resident, do you? Always consider yourself to be a resident of the supreme abode and a resident of Madhuban when you have to play your part. By considering yourself to be a resident of Madhuban, you will constantly have intoxication and happiness. No matter how many difficulties there are in Madhuban, everyone still prefers to stay here. Even if you have Dunlop cushions at home, you enjoy everything here more, because, by being in Madhuban, you automatically become a constant and easy yogi. There is praise of Madhuban. Madhuban and the murli of Madhuban are very well known and this is why everyone loves to come to Madhuban. Therefore, constantly move along while considering yourself to be a resident of Madhuban and you will be able to maintain the stage of an easy yogi. As soon as you remember Madhuban, your stage will become that of constant happiness. As soon as you remember Madhuban, all waste thoughts end and, by remembering the experience of your powerful thoughts, you become powerful. So, you are not returning home, but to your service place. When you return home, if you remember your study, the Father and service, you will experience happiness and intoxication. Those who make the Father their constant Companion will constantly remain firm in their intoxication and happiness. Constantly maintain the awareness of the Father and service and you will remain powerful and your stage will be constantly unshakeable. Achcha.
Do not be afraid when any type of test paper comes. Do not have any question marks as to why it came. Do not waste time by thinking in this way. All question marks finish and a full-stop is applied. You will then be able to transfer from one class to the next, that is, you will pass your test paper. Those who put a full­ stop will pass fully because a full-stop is the stage of a dot: to see but not see and to hear but not to hear. Listen to whatever the Father says and look at what the Father has given you. By practising this, you will pass fully. The sign of passing an exam paper is to move forward, that is, you will experience the stage of ascent. You will then continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy, and you will automatically continue to experience receiving all attainments. Achcha.

2. All of you are jewels of contentment, are you not? A jewel constantly sparkles in the centre of the forehead. A crown has beautiful jewels studded on it. A jewel of contentment constantly remains on the Father's forehead, that is, it stays in the remembrance of the Father. Even the Father remembers that one. Since children remember the Father, the Father also gives the return. Those who are constantly in remembrance of the Father will remain content in every situation. Even if the situation is one of discontent or sorrow, such souls will always remain happy. In a situation of sorrow, let your stage of happiness remain constant and stable. A situation that is like a mountain will be experienced on the basis of the power of knowledge to be like a mustard seed, that is, it will be like nothing, but it is nothing new. Do you have such a stage? No matter what happens, it is nothing new. This is known as being a mahavir.

3. Do you consider yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate? An income of multimillions is being accumulated at every step. Do you experience yourselves to be masters of such countless multimillions? In the whole world, there are a handful out of multimillions who create such an elevated fortune for themselves. The memorial of a handful out of multimillions and a few out of that is of you souls because to know the Father who has come in an ordinary form and His task is the part of a handful out of multimillions. You know Him, you have accepted Him and have attained Him. When the Master of the World has become yours, then the world is yours, is it not? Just as when the seed is in your hands, the tree is anyway yours, is it not? You have now found the One whom you were looking for. You found God while sitting at home and so there should be so much happiness. "God made me belong to Him." Maintain this happiness and your vision will not be drawn anywhere. Even while looking at something in front of you, you will not see it. You found the Father, you found everything. This is the greatest happiness of all. Let your mind dance in this happiness. What else can be of greater happiness than this? This is why it is remembered: If you want to know about supersensuous joy, ask the gopes and gopis.

4. Do you constantly consider yourself to have the fortune of happiness? Do you have the faith that in the whole world, yours is the highest fortune? No one else can have the fortune of happiness that you have. The Father Himself came and made us belong to Him. While speaking of this fortune, constantly continue to dance in happiness. What would the fortune of such souls be, when they have happiness one moment and sorrow the next? However, your fortune is imperishable. Constantly remain embodiments of bliss, those with such fortune. You have attained what you didn't even have in your dreams. You found the Father, you found everything. Maintain this happiness and you will constantly be an embodiment of power.
5. The most elevated life is spiritual life. The name of you children is the highest, their task is the highest and their stage is the highest. Just as the praise of Brahmins is the highest, in the same way, do you experience yourselves to be true Brahmins, that is, those who have the highest stage? The Father is the Highest on High and you are the highest on high. Maintain the awareness that the Father and you are the highest and your actions and thoughts will automatically be the highest.
Burn the old accounts with the fire of yoga. The fire should be so intense that all name and trace of anything wasteful finish. At the confluence age, you have to finish the old accounts and start new accounts. If the old account continues you will then not have the attainment of happiness that you should have. One minute you will be weak and one minute you will be powerful. The Father is constantly powerful and so the children also have to be constantly powerful. Achcha.
At this time, two tasks are being carried out simultaneously. On one side you are settling your past accounts and on the other side you are accumulating for the future and the present. Now is the time to accumulate a hundred thousand fold for one, so pay attention so that you accumulate at every moment. Even at a time of settling you can accumulate because the method to settle is remembrance. By having remembrance you can accumulate and also settle the past. It should not be that your time passes by in just settling everything. If you are settling everything as a trustee, you are then also accumulating. By doing everything with the right method, together with settling, you will also be accumulating. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an elevated embodiment of success who serves as an instrument with humility.    

A server means one who is constantly the same as the Father, who becomes an instrument and remains humble. Humility is the means of elevated success. In order to achieve success in any service, adopt the consciousness of being humble and an instrument. By doing so, you will constantly experience pleasure in service. There will not be any tiredness in service. No matter what type of service you are given, with these two specialities you will achieve success and become an embodiment of success.

Slogan: Practise becoming bodiless in a second and you will become part of the sun dynasty.    

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