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By not depending upon thoughts,nature(self and others),person or possessions,sound will emerge that silence power is higher than science.

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13/04/14    Madhuban   20/06/77

Essence:  The way to become a constantly easy yogi is to be a great donor.
The aim and effort of all of you Children - souls is to become easy, constant yogis and to remain stable in your elevated stage. However, because of your weaknesses, you experience it to be sometimes easy and sometimes difficult. By calling them your weaknesses, you make it difficult. In fact, any elevated soul, a master almighty authority, trikaldarshi and a master ocean of knowledge cannot experience anything to be difficult in deeds or thoughts. As well as being an easy yogi, such an elevated soul is also a natural yogi, because for such elevated souls, the Father and service are the whole world. Apart from the Father and service, nothing else is visible in their world or their sanskars; they cannot have any other thoughts.
In the world, the intellect of a human soul is always pulled towards relationships and attainments. For you souls, only the Father and nothing else is the basis of all relationships and all attainments. So, is it easy or difficult to become a natural yogi? Even against your conscious wish, your intellect would go towards all your relationships and attainments. So this makes you a natural yogi, does it not? If you are not an easy and natural yogi, it means you definitely don't experience having all relationships with the Father; you have not made the Father belong to you in all relationships. The basis of all attainments is the one Father. You haven't made this experience your own.
Now, what will you do to become an easy yogi? You do wish to become an easy yogi, do you not? The way to become an easy yogi is to consider yourself to be a server and constantly use everything - your every thought, word and deed - to serve all the souls of the world. Use whatever treasures of Godly life you have attained from the Father to serve all souls. Use the treasure of all powers, virtues, knowledge and time to earn an elevated income in service, that is, be co-operative. Give the co-operation of making the atmosphere elevated through your attitude. With your awareness, remind others of their form of a powerful master almighty authority, Through your words, co-operate in making souls into spinners of the discus of self-realisation and master trikaldarshi. Through your every deed, give the message of being a karma yogi and of constantly living like a lotus flower.
By experiencing all relationships with the elevated Father, you have to co-operate with other souls and enable them to experience all relationships with the Father. Knowing the importance of your spiritual connection, make them aware of the elevated time, that every second of the present confluence age is instrumental to give you an attainment for many births, that each step has an income of multimillions merged within it. By knowing the treasure of time in this way, give others the introduction to the time for attaining everything. Co-operate in every way and you will become an easy yogi.
Do you know how to co-operate? One who is full of all treasures will be able to co-operate. A soul who is full will naturally have the thought of being a great donor for all souls. The way to become a great donor is to co-operate, and to co-operate is to be an easy yogi. A great donor would use very little of his treasures for himself; he would use more for service. To give as a great donor to other souls is to receive. To be a benefactor for all is to be a benefactor for oneself. To donate is to accumulate one hundred-fold return for one.
Therefore, the present time is not for spending all your treasures for yourself on trivial matters or on obstacles that are as tiny as ants. Become an unlimited server and you will easily be able to serve yourself. Be generous hearted and continue with generosity to distribute the treasures of attainment. By being generous hearted, you will easily be able to uplift yourself. Use the time that you would otherwise be taking to finish your obstacle, in serving with deep love. Become such great donors that you constantly serve through your every thought and breath. The fruit of service with deep love is that the obstacles will easily finish because it is now time to receive instant fruit. The instant fruit of service is to experience happiness and power in the self. However, it should be service with an honest heart. The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.
Many children say that they do serve, but that they do not receive the fruit of it, that is, they don't experience success. Why does this happen? You can serve in two ways. One is to serve from your heart and the other is to serve, superficially, with the desire to have your name glorified temporarily. Since the seed is for temporary results, you receive the temporary fruit of being glorified for a short time. So, how then can you receive the fruit of success? You receive the fruit of glorification in the form of name and honour anyway. Because the seed is the thought of making a show, then you do of course come in front of everyone. From everyone's lips, you receive the fruit of temporary praise, that you served very well. Since you have received the fruit of temporary praise, that is, you have accepted unripe fruit, how can you receive the perfect fruit, that is, the ripe fruit? What would be the result then? Due to your accepting unripe fruit and having your temporary desires fulfilled, you cannot be constantly powerful; you cannot claim all rights. Due to being weak whilst serving, neither are you constantly content with yourself nor are you able to make anyone else content. There will always be a question mark why you do not have success, even though you are doing so much. You will constantly be caught up in questions such as, "This one is doing this; why is this one doing this? It should not be like this, it should be like that." You will be caught up in these questions, and you must therefore become a server who serves from the heart.
What would be the special aim of servers who serve with an honest heart? Souls who make disheartened souls powerful will constantly donate the treasures of virtues they have received from the Father to other souls, no matter how many defects those souls have or how poor they are. Such souls will always have the elevated thoughts and good wishes of making poor ones wealthy. Those who constantly serve with an honest heart receive instant fruit and they therefore constantly experience themselves to be embodiments of success. Therefore, be constantly co-operative in this way and you will receive the fruit of co-operation, which is that of becoming an easy yogi. By constantly co-operating, you will remain constantly busy. When you are busy in your thoughts, the complaints that you make to the Father or yourself will easily come to an end.
To those who constantly serve through every thought, to those who renounce temporary fruit, to those who are constantly embodiments of success, to the generous-hearted souls who become instruments to uplift all souls, to the close souls who are constantly engrossed in the Father and service, to the souls who are the great donors of all treasures, to such elevated souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups:

1. Have you experienced all the virtues of the soul? Do you have the experience of all the virtues of the self: of being an embodiment of knowledge, love, happiness, power and bliss? What is the stage of an embodiment of bliss and knowledge? Do you have the experience of being stable in that stage? To experience this means to experience all virtues, that is, to experience peace depends on just you alone. If you have experienced every virtue then, when an adverse situation arises, you would change that situation on the basis of your experience. Therefore, the present effort is to be experienced in every virtue.
Your practice should be like a lift where you press the switch of the particular number of the level you want to reach. This is the lift of the intellect. As soon as you switch on your awareness, you should reach there. Sometimes even though you have a lift, it doesn't work; when you press the button for going up, the lift descends; or, you press the button for the second floor and the lift takes you to the third or fourth floor. It is not like that, is it? The lift should be under your control. If the lift descends against your conscious wish, there is then definitely something loose; there isn't controlling power. How can someone who can't control the self control the kingdom?
There, the kingdom is very lawful and nature works under total control. Here, the elements deceive you. Who will have all rights over matter? Those who have all rights over themselves will have all rights over matter. When you are not dependent on any thoughts, nature, person or material possessions, you are called one who has all rights. You shouldn't even be subservient to your own nature. "It is because my nature is like this, that I did it." This is being dependent. Someone who has all rights is constantly powerful.
Constantly sing the song of "Wah Baba(God)!" and "Wah drama!" and you will be constantly absorbed in love. Only someone who plays his or her role as a detached observer is able to remain absorbed in love. People become totally absorbed in singing songs. In the same way, those who sing this song remain constantly lost in the love of One. Continually sing the song: One Father and none other. The army is very large. The larger the army, the more easily it can regain its kingdom.
All of you can do whatever you want through your determined thoughts. Those who have little knowledge of the soul are able to attain temporary success through their physical temporary tapasya. What can their thoughts achieve compared to the thoughts of you spiritual tapaswi souls who have God's knowledge? When you constantly have the awareness of being a victorious jewel, the many obstacles of Maya will finish as though nothing had happened. It is said: Become victorious to such an extent that you completely lose all name and trace of maya. If you constantly have the intoxication and awareness of being victorious, there will no longer be any name or trace of Maya's obstacles.
Maya's obstacles are like dead ants; you are not afraid of that, are you? A brave, fearless soul will not be afraid of obstacles. You have now understood the obstacles, have you not? You have the knowledge of why they come and how to finish them, do you not? Obstacles come to make you move forward. When you have obstacles, you become experienced and strong. Sensible, enlightened souls will take benefit from obstacles; they won't be afraid of them. When you remember that obstacles come to make you move forward, you will become a mahavir. You are not afraid of waste thoughts, are you? Those who gain victory over their thoughts are never afraid. When you become afraid, Maya sees that you are weak and will attack you even more. When she sees you are courageous, she will bid you farewell.

2. You are spinners of the discus of self-realisation, are you not? A spinner of the discus of self-realization becomes one with the canopy in the future. If you are not a spinner of the discus of self­ realisation now, you cannot become one under the canopy either. The discus of self-realisation finishes many wasteful cycles. No other cycle can remain in front of the discus of self-realisation. They will finish in a second. So, do you always keep your ornaments with you or do you become tired? To adopt the discus of self-realisation means to remain light. It is not difficult to always adopt something that is light. To be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation means to be light. So, let this discus constantly spin. Do not let go of it because you have the experience of attainment, do you not?

3. To the extent that you quench the thirst of thirsty souls, accordingly, you remain a contented soul yourself. To give happiness to others means to remain happy yourself. Just as by you donating, your wealth increases, similarly, to give happiness, peace and power to others is not giving but filling yourself. When have deep love for serving, then, even while sleeping, you will be serving in your dreams. In your dreams too, you will have very good plans, as though you had a touching through yoga. You receive the return of your deep love in your dreams. This is known as being absorbed in love. For you children, the world of divine children is your world and the rest of the world is tasteless. While seeing it, you do not see it and while living in it, you are not in it. Therefore, what would a server dream of? The Father and service-for there is nothing else. Achcha.

4. Make Maya unconscious with just one word and what is that one word? "Baba". When Baba is there, Maya cannot be there. If you say "Baba" from your heart with that love and relationship, Maya will run away. No matter how great a bandit someone may be, when he is caught, that great bandit then becomes like a goat. So, to say the word "Baba" means that the bandit is caught. A second ago, Maya was the form of a lion and she became a goat in a second. So, constantly keep this method with you. When you forget Baba, you forget everything. The method is easy- you simply need to know the way to use it again and again. For transformation to take place in a second is known as knowing the method to use it. Always remember "My Baba (Sweet GodFather)". When you say "My Baba" Maya runs away.

5. The way to have the stage of a constantly easy yogi is to know the importance of amrit vela. Amrit vela is the beginning of the day. Those who create a powerful stage at amrit vela, that is, at the beginning of the day, will receive help throughout the day. Their lives will be great for the whole day because when you have taken special power from the Father at amrit vela, it will not be difficult to move along as an embodiment of power. No matter what type of task comes in front of you, you will not experience it to be difficult, but it will become easy on the basis of the powers you have attained. In this way, your stage of being an easy yogi will be maintained. To miss amrit vela means to finish the special attainment of the confluence age. By living your life according to the Godly codes of conduct you will become an example in front of the world. The people of the world will create their lives on seeing your life. Therefore, stay within the line of the code of conduct and Maya cannot come. No matter what happens, your zeal and enthusiasm should be new at every second. You yourself are the basis of your zeal and enthusiasm and no one can stop you. Let there be a constantly ascending stage. It is the duty of weak ones to stop. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a special server and, with the proof of your practical life, spread the sound of the power of silence.   
To enable each one to experience the power of silence is special service. Just as science power is very well known, in the same way, let silence power also become well known. Let the sound emerge through everyone's lips that silence power is even higher than science. That day will also come. The revelation of silence power means the revelation of the Father. The practical proof of silence power is the life of all of you. Let each one of you be seen as a peace model and the vision of scientists will then fall on those with silence. When you do such service, you will be said to be a special server.

Slogan: Balance your service and your stage and you will continue to receive everyone's blessings.  

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