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No one else can teach you children the magic that the GodFather teaches you now.

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Sweetest children,

By considering yourselves to be souls and remembering the Father, you will become satopradhan from tamopradhan and, in this way, you will become the masters of such a world. You become satopradhan from tamopradhan in this way every cycle, and then, by taking 84 births, you become tamopradhan. Then the Father gives you the teaching: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. You used to remember Him on the path of devotion too but your intellects had gross knowledge at that time. Your intellects now have deep and refined knowledge. You have to remember the Father in a practical way. You also have to explain that a soul is like a star and that the Father is also like a star. It is just that He doesn't come into rebirth whereas you do. This is why you become tamopradhan. You now have to make effort to become satopradhan once again.
Maya repeatedly makes you forget. You now have to become free from making mistakes; you mustn't make any mistakes. If you continue to make more mistakes, you will become even more tamopradhan. You receive the direction: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Charge your batteries and you will become satopradhan and the masters of the world.
The better your register, the more marks you will receive. This is why the Father repeatedly tells you children: Do not make any mistakes. Do not think that you failed in the previous cycle. It enters the hearts of many that, because they are not doing service, they must have failed. The Father continues to caution you: From being satopradhan and golden aged, you have become tamopradhan and iron aged. World history will repeat once again. The Father shows you a very easy way to become satopradhan. Remember Me and your sins will be absolved.
It is a student's duty to pay attention to the study. While sitting, walking and moving around, you have to stay in remembrance. This study remains in the intellects of you students. Students work hard during examinations so that they do not fail. They especially go to the park to study in the morning, because the vibrations of noise in the house are dirty. The Father has explained: Instil the practice of being soul conscious and you won't then forget. There are many places for solitude. In the beginning, you used to finish class and go to the mountains.
This is the study to go into the stage of retirement. No one, apart from the One, can teach you. Sages and holy men all teach you devotion. Only the one Father shows you the way to go beyond sound. Only the one Father takes everyone back home. This is now your unlimited stage of retirement which no one knows about. The Father says: Children, all of you are in the stage of retirement. The whole world is in the stage of retirement. Whether someone studies or not, everyone has to return home. All souls will go to the incorporeal world and will go to their own sections.
Baba explains: Children, the stronger you become, the more powerfully Maya will fight you. They have to be very cautious in wrestling. Strong ones recognize strong ones. It is the same here. There are mahavir children, and they too are number wise. Maya brings very strong storms to very good maharathis. Baba has explained: No matter how much Maya troubles you and brings you storms, you just have to remain cautious. You must not be defeated by any situation. Let storms come in your thoughts, but you must not perform those actions through the physical organs. Storms come to make you fall. If there were no battle with Maya, how could you be called strong wrestlers? You must not be concerned about the storms of Maya. However, while moving along, you become influenced by your physical organs and immediately fall.
This Father explains to you every day: You must not perform any sinful deeds through the physical organs. If you don't stop performing unlawful deeds, you will claim a status worth a few pennies. Internally, you yourself understand that you will fail. Everyone has to return home. The Father says: If you remember Me, that remembrance is never destroyed. By remembering Me even a little, you will go to heaven. You understand what status you will receive by remembering Me a little and what status you will receive by remembering Me a lot. What each one will become cannot remain hidden. You yourself can understand what status you would attain if you were to have heart failure now. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Night Class - 05/01/1969
Children are sitting here in class and know who their Teacher is. Students remember all the time who their teacher is but, here, you forget this. The Teacher knows that the children repeatedly forget Him. You have not found such a spiritual Father before. You only meet Him at the confluence age. In the Iron Age and the golden age you only have physical fathers. This One reminds you that it should be firm for you children that this is the confluence age in which you children become the most elevated human beings. So, by remembering the Father, you should remember all three. When you remember the Teacher, you should remember all three and when you remember the Guru, you should remember all three. You definitely have to remember this.
The main thing is to become pure. Those who are pure are called satopradhan; they reside in the golden age. You have been around the cycle and it is now the confluence age. The Father comes every cycle and teaches you. You reside with the Father, do you not? You also know that He is the true Satguru, and that He truly shows you the path to the lands of liberation and liberation -in-life. According to the drama plan, we make effort and follow the Father. We receive teachings here and follow Him. Just as this one studies, so you children also make similar effort. If you want to become deities, you have to perform pure actions. There shouldn't be any rubbish remaining.
The main special thing is to remember the Father. You understand that you forget the Father, His teachings and also the pilgrimage of remembrance. By forgetting the Father, you also forget the knowledge. You even forget that you are students. You should remember all three. If you remember the Father, you will also definitely remember the Teacher and the Satguru. When you remember Shiv Baba(Benefactor GodFather), you also need divine virtues. There is magic in remembrance of the Father.
No one else can teach you children the magic that the Father teaches you. We become satopradhan from tamopradhan in this birth itself. It takes a whole cycle to become tamopradhan, and we now have to become satopradhan in this one birth. It depends on how much effort each one makes. It isn't that the whole world makes effort. Those of other religions will not make effort. Children have had visions of how the founders of religions come. They have played their parts in such-and­ such a dress. They go into the tamopradhan stage. Your understanding also says that, just as you become satopradhan, so everyone else will also become this. You take the donation of purity from the Father. Everyone calls out: Liberate us from here and take us back home. Become our Guide.
According to the drama plan, everyone has to return home. You have returned home many times. Some do not stay at home for the full 5000 years, and some stay in the home for the full 5000 years. They come here at the end, and so it would be said that they have stayed in the land of peace for 4,999 years. We would say that we have been in this world on this earth for 4,999 years. You children have the faith that you have taken 83 or 84 births. Those who are very clever would definitely have come first. Achcha. Love, remembrance and good night to the sweetest spiritual children.

Blessing:  May your apron overflow with God's blessings so that you become a victorious jewel who chases Maya far away.   
Know the importance of the confluence age and continue to accumulate God's blessings at every second. When your apron is constantly overflowing with God's blessings, Maya will run away from a distance. No matter how fearsome an animal may be, when you have a light with you, that animal will not come in front of you. Similarly, when you have the light of all powers with you, Maya cannot come close to you. Do not become those who battle with Maya, but using the Father's company and His blessings, become constant conquerors of Maya and victorious jewels.

Slogan:  In order to pass the paper of "Suddenly", let go of carelessness and become alert.      

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