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I have come here to take you and everyone else back home (Soul world) and I will then send you back down.

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Sweetest children,

It has been explained to you that this is the land of death and that, in contrast to this, there is the land of immortality. On the path of devotion, it has been shown that Shankar told Parvati the story of immortality. You are now going to that land of immortality. It is not Shankar who tells this story, it is the Ocean of Knowledge, the one Father, who tells this story.
It is this knowledge that makes you immortal and eternal and also increases your lifespan. There, there is no death. It is by conquering the five vices here, that you become the masters of the l and of immortality.
In golden age, people are aware that when their old bodies have reached a state of decay, they must shed them and take new ones. That world is called the land of immortality where there is no death. You will leave your body at the right moment. The example of the tortoise also applies here; it does its work and then becomes introverted.
Make a list of all the topics such as how humans can conquer death and how all souls leave the land of death and go to the land of immortality. Here, the Father says: Only once do I create this sacrificial fire into which the whole world is totally sacrificed. The new world is established and you become deities.
The Father, the Creator, comes and gives you the knowledge of Himself and also the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of creation. He also teaches you Raja Yoga.
There are pure deities in the golden age. They also rule the kingdom. It is called the original eternal deity religion. You can also have this topic: How the original eternal deity religion of the golden age is being established and how peace is being created throughout the world. No one, but the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, can advise you bow to create peace in the world. There is also the topic: Who can give the prize for establishing peace in the world and how can it be accomplished?
At this time, we are the children of God. You are the children of God, and so you definitely have to become the masters of heaven, because it is the Father who creates heaven. Because the duration of the cycle has been given hundreds of thousands of years, they are not able to remember anything. The Father comes and reminds you. This is a matter of 5000 years. You were deities. He is now making you that again. By listening personally, you experience a lot of happiness and become refreshed.
All are the children of the one Father. Everyone's religion is different and everyone's place of residence is also different. Each one comes and goes in a different way. How they go and reside in the supreme region is also in the intellect. There is the genealogical tree in the supreme region. The genealogical tree cannot be seen in the subtle region. Whatever scenes are seen in the subtle region are just visions. All of that is fixed in the drama. When you go to the subtle region, you see everything as though it is a silent movie. At first, the films they made were silent, then they began to make them with sound. You cannot make a drama with just silence. You children understand how you live in silence. Just as there is the genealogical tree of souls there, so here, too, there is the tree of human beings.
Even if you do understand everything, where is the pilgrimage of remembrance through which you can imbibe everything and experience happiness? You are now studying how to have accurate yoga. It has been explained to you children that you must regard everyone as your brother. The forehead is the throne of the soul. This is why "The Lucky Chariot" has been remembered. When you explain these things to others, remain aware that you are explaining to your brothers. It takes great effort to maintain this outlook. It is by making this effort that you receive a high status. The Father also sees you in this way. The Father's vision is also drawn to the centre of the forehead. A soul is just a tiny dot. It is the soul that listens. You also look at the Father in the centre of the forehead. Baba is here and the brother (Adam-Brahma's soul) is also here. By keeping such things in your intellects, you children of the Ocean of Knowledge also become oceans of knowledge. It is very easy for you to do this. It is a little difficult for those who live at home with their families to maintain this stage.
Baba tells you a very easy method: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Consider others to be your brothers. It is through this brotherly vision that you can go beyond all karmic bondages. You will be able to forget the body and just remember the Father. If you continue to make this effort, you will pass with honours.
It is souls that are told "Manmanabhav". Each of you is told "Manmanabhav", that is, "Remember the Father." This effort is incognito. Students go and sit under a tree to study, but that is a physical thing. By your practising all of this now, the habit will increase day by day. Maya is not going to leave you until the very end. Your war with Maya will continue until you gain victory. Then you will suddenly depart. Depending on how much remembrance you have, you will become aware that you are going to the Father, and you will then leave your body.
All the actors are needed in this drama. All of them have to be down here at the end. When not a single soul remains up there, everyone has to return home. However many human beings there are, they will all have to return home; there will just be a few who remain here. They will say: We will see everyone off. At this time, the golden age is being established. There are so many billions of human beings, and so we will see everyone off and then go into our own kingdom. Others would perhaps see 40 to 50 people off but how many souls will you see off? All souls will return like a swarm of insects to the land of peace. I have come here to take you and everyone else back home and I will then send you back down. These are wonderful things. Billions of human beings will be going home. You will see them all off. Everyone will return home to the supreme region.
You are lighthouses who show everyone their destination. You become such good lighthouses. There are no aspects that do not apply to you. You are surgeons, pawnbrokers and launderers. All of these specialities are within you, and so all of this praise applies to you, but, numberwise, according to the effort you make. The praise you receive is according to the task you perform. The Father gives you directions and you have to think about them. It is the duty of you children to hold seminars. Baba won't stop you from doing anything. Achcha. What benefit is there in explaining so much? The Father says: Manmanabhav! Baba feeds you such nourishing food. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you experience God's sweetness and remain stable in a constant and steady stage and become an elevated soul.   

Children who have tasted God's sweetness find all other tastes in the world to be tasteless. Since there is only the one sweetness, your attention will only go in that one direction. Your mind will easily be able to focus on the One and there won't be any effort. The Father's love, the Father's help, the Father's company and all attainments from the Father easily make your stage stable and constant. Only souls who remain in such a stable and constant stage become elevated.

Slogan:  To merge all rubbish and to make jewels emerge is to be a master ocean.     

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