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Remove your attachment from all others and your sins will be absolved.Then you will never become ill.

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Sweetest children,
you must not forget the pilgrimage of remembrance. At the time when you practise this early in the morning, no speech is used because this is the way that leads you back to the land of nirvana. Without becoming pure, you children cannot fly home. You also understand that when it is time for the golden age to start, countless souls will fly and return home. There are now millions of souls. In the golden age, there will only be a few hundred thousand. Everyone else will have flown home.
There must definitely be someone who gives wings to the souls. You souls become pure by staying on this pilgrimage of remembrance. There is no other way to become pure. Only the one Father is the Purifier. Although some say Ishwar, others say Supreme Soul and some call Him God, He is only one. There aren't many different beings. Everyone's Father is the same. Each one has a different physical father but the Father from beyond is the same for everyone. When that One comes, He gives happiness to everyone and then returns home again.
You understand how a tree emerges from a seed and how it then continues to grow until it finally reaches the end. That is known as the beginning, the middle and the end. This is the tree of the variety of religions, the tree of the variety of features.
This world cycle lasts for 5000 years. This can either be called a tree or a world. For half the period, there is devotion; that is called the kingdom of Ravan: it is the kingdom of the five vices in which people become ugly and impure by sitting on the pyre of lust. There is a great deal of difference between the activity of Ravan's community, the devilish community, and the activity of the deities.
At first, worship is unadulterated. You start devotion of only the One. Then it begins to become adulterated and now, at the end, it has become completely adulterated. Therefore, the Father now comes and gives you this unadulterated knowledge through which you attain salvation. Until the devotees understand this, they will continue to be proud of their devotion. They don't know that only the one Supreme Soul is the Ocean of Knowledge.
There are Draupadis and Duryodhanas in the whole world. All of you can also be called Parvatis who are listening to the story of immortality. The Father tells you the story of immortality and then sends you to the land of immortality. This is the land of death where untimely death takes place.
God speaks: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father. Remove your attachment from all others and your sins will be absolved. Then you will never become ill. Death will never come to you. You will also have a long lifespan. The lifespan of the deities were very long. So, where did those with those long lifespan go? While continuing to take rebirth their lifespan decreased. No one understands this play of happiness and sorrow.
Guru Nanak prayed to the Supreme Soul a great deal, saying: Come and wash the impure clothes. The Father comes and cleans the impure clothes, the dirty clothes. Here, the Father comes and cleanses souls. Those people consider souls to be immune to the effect of action.
Everyone in the golden age experiences benefit. There, there is only one kingdom and so everyone is peaceful. At that time, everyone else stays in the land of peace. At the moment, people are trying so hard to create peace in the world.
The whole cycle lasts for 5000 years and yet they say that just the Iron Age still has 40,000 years left. There are so many different ideas. The Father comes and tells you the truth. There are only 84 births. If the cycle were to last for hundreds of thousands of years, human beings would then become animals etc. However, that is not the law. The 84 births are all human births.
This time is the most auspicious confluence age when you become the highest of humans, the masters of heaven. You will claim a high status according to how much you study here. Those who study well now become the masters of the world.
It has been written in the scriptures that the ocean gave platefuls of jewels. The Ocean of Knowledge now gives you platefuls of the jewels of knowledge. Your aprons are now being filled. The more you study, the higher the scholarship you will win. If you want, you can become the highest of all humans, those with double crowns. Or, if you want, you can become poor subjects or maids or servants.
The Father says: I have no worries. I am free from all worries and am making you the same. It has been said that those who belong to the Lord and Master, the Satguru, have no worries. The Father, who is everyone's Lord, is also called the Master. The Father says: I am your unlimited Teacher. You had many teachers on the path of devotion and you studied many different things. The knowledge that the Father teaches you is unique. He is the Ocean of Knowledge, but He shouldn't be called Janijananhar (the One who knows all secrets). There are many who say: You know everything that's going on inside us. The Father says: I don't know anything. I only come to teach you children.
You souls are sitting on your thrones (foreheads). I too am sitting on this throne. A soul is such a tiny point. No one knows this at all. This is why the Father says: First understand about souls and you will then understand the Father. The Father first explains the knowledge of souls, and then gives the introduction of the Father. On the path of devotion they create saligrams, worship them and then destroy them. The Father says: All of that is the worship of dolls. Those who understand all of these things clearly will also bring benefit to others.
The Father is the Benefactor and so you children also have to become the same. Some went to remove others from the bog, but they themselves became trapped in it; they became impure. All the income they had earned was destroyed. This is why the Father says: Be very cautious. By sitting on the pyre of lust, you have become ugly. You say: We were beautiful and we have now become ugly. We were deities and we were the ones who came down. Otherwise, who is it that takes 84 births? The Father explains this account. You children have to make a great deal of effort to remove those who have been drowning for half a cycle in the ocean of poison.
As time goes by, people will develop disinterest. People have disinterest when they go to a cremation ground. However, when they leave, their disinterest vanishes. It takes effort to claim a royal status. Each of you should ask your own heart: To what extent do I remember the unlimited Father?
Baba says: No matter how many storms come, you must not shake. Storms will come, but you must not do anything wrong through your sense organs. They say: Baba, Maya cast a spell on us. Baba says: Sweetest children, stay in remembrance and your rust will be removed. The rust that has accumulated on the soul can only be removed with remembrance. Baba is a bindi, a dot. There is no method to remove the rust other than by remembering the Father. Achcha.
 To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
 Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.
 Blessing:   May you be a fortunate soul who experiences pleasure through the company of the intellect and the hand of co-operation.      
The sign of co-operation is being hand in hand. Similarly, to be constantly co-operative with the Father is to put your hand into His hand, and, to have the constant company of the intellect means the love of the mind is connected to the One. Always have the awareness that you have put your hand into His hand and are walking along with Him in the Godly Garden. By doing so, you will constantly be entertained and be constantly happy and full. Such souls who have the fortune of happiness continue to experience pleasure constantly.
 Slogan:  The way to accumulate in your account of blessings is to remain content and make others content.      

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