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You have to settle your karmic accounts because this is now the time of settlement; everyone has to return home.

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Sweet children,

God speaks: You children must now also remember the home. The Father only tells you about the home and the kingdom. You children understand where the home of souls is and what a soul is. You have also clearly understood that the Baba has come to teach you. Where does the Father come from? From the supreme abode. It would not be said that He comes from the pure world in order to create the pure world; no. The Father says: I have not come from the pure world of the golden age. I have come from the home, the home that you children came down from to play your parts. I also come from the home every 5000 years according to the drama plan. I reside in the home, in the supreme abode.
The Father explains in a very simple way as though He has just come from a neighbouring town. He says: Just as you came down to play your parts, according to the drama plan, I have also come from there to play My part. I am knowledge-full. According to the drama plan, I know all of these things. Cycle after cycle, after you become completely ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust, I tell you these same things. People become absolutely ugly in a fire. You have also become ugly. The power that you had when you were satopradhan has completely vanished. The soul's battery should not be allowed to become completely discharged, so that the motor would come to a standstill. The time has now come when everyone's battery is discharged. Therefore, the Father says: I have now come, according to the drama, to charge the batteries of those who belong to the original eternal deity religion. Your batteries will definitely be charged.
Your batteries must be charged by staying in remembrance as you walk and move around. Previously, you souls were pure and satopradhan. You were real gold, real ornaments. You are now tamopradhan. Souls now have to become satopradhan once again and will then receive pure bodies. This is a very easy furnace in which to become pure. This can also be called a yoga furnace. Gold is put in a furnace. This is the furnace to purify souls, the furnace of remembering the Father. You must definitely become pure. If you don't stay in remembrance, you cannot become so pure. You also have to settle your karmic accounts because this is now the time of settlement; everyone has to return home.
The remembrance of the home is in your intellect. It is not in anyone else's intellect. They consider the brahm element to be God. They do not consider it to be the home. You are actors of this unlimited drama, and you have also come to know the drama very clearly. The Father has explained that the cycle of 84 births is now ending. You now have to return home.
People consider Krishna to be a teacher. You children understand that Krishna himself was studying in the golden age. Neither did Krishna become anyone's teacher, nor did he study and then become a teacher; no. You children know the story of Krishna from his childhood to maturity. People consider Krishna to be God and say: Wherever I look, I only see Krishna. The devotees of Rama say: Wherever I look, there is only Rama. The whole thread of devotion is in a complete tangle. You now know that the ancient yoga and knowledge of Bharat are famous. People don't know anything. It is only the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, who gives you children this knowledge, and so you are also called master oceans of knowledge.
All you souls claim your inheritance, and this is why the Father says: Become soul conscious. Just as I, the Supreme Soul, am the Ocean of Knowledge, in the same way, you are also oceans of knowledge. I am called the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul. My duty is the highest of all.
The Supreme Soul is teaching you. Therefore, may you become soul conscious! All of you become brothers. The Father makes so much effort. You souls are now receiving this knowledge. When you go there, your reward will continue. There, everyone has brotherly love. There has to be very good brotherly love here. It should not be that you give regard to some and not to others. Although those people say that Hindus and Muslims are brothers, they do not give one another that regard. It is accurate to say that you are all brothers, not brothers and sisters. This is a brotherhood. Souls come here to play their part. There, too, you reside as brothers. You all definitely reside as brothers in that home. These costumes and the consciousness of brother and sister have to be renounced here. Only the Father gives the knowledge of brotherhood.
Souls reside in the centre of the forehead. That is the place on which you have to focus your sight. I, the soul, am sitting here on the throne of this body. This is the throne of the soul, the immortal throne. Death never comes to a soul. Everyone's throne is in the centre of the forehead. An immortal soul is sitting on this throne. This is a very deep matter to understand. When a soul enters the body of a baby, he sits in the centre of the forehead. That small throne then grows larger. Here, souls have to experience suffering in the womb. Then they repent and promise that they will never become sinful again, but, in fact, souls become sinful for half the cycle.
You souls are now being made pure by the Father. You give everything - your mind, body and wealth (by intellect) - to the Father. No one else knows how to give such a large donation. The One who takes a donation and gives a donation comes in Bharat. These are subtle matters that have to be understood. Bharat is the eternal land. All other lands are going to be destroyed; this is predestined in the drama.
The Father gives you the knowledge of how to remember Him and also the knowledge of the world cycle. It is this that requires effort. You souls now have to return home, and this is why you must become detached from the old world and your old bodies. Whatever you see is going to be destroyed including your bodies. You are now going to be transferred. Only the Father can tell you these matters.
This is a very big examination which only the Father teaches you. There is no need for any books etc. in this. Just remember the Father. The Father explains the cycle of 84 births. No one else knows the duration of this drama. They are all in immense darkness. You have now woken up. People don't even wake up. You try so hard to awaken them, but they don't have the faith that God has come and is teaching you. He must surely enter someone.
Everything depends on the effort you make at this time. The number one effort you make is for remembrance. You must first of all become clean through the power of yoga. You understand that, to whatever extent you remember the Father, you will accordingly imbibe knowledge and will also be able to explain to many others and create many subjects. No matter what religion people may belong to, whenever you meet them, give them the Father's introduction. As you progress, they will understand that destruction is just ahead. People will develop disinterest at the time of destruction.
You simply have to say: You are a soul. Who says: God the Father? It is the soul that says this. Now, the Father says to souls: I have become your Guide to take you back to the land of liberation. However, there is no question of attaining eternal liberation (moksh), for souls can never be destroyed. Each one has to play his own part. All souls are immortal and can never be destroyed. However, in order to go home, you have to remember the Father so that your sins can be absolved. Only then can you return home. Ultimately, the great sannyasis will also understand that everyone has to return home.
Your message will become stamped on everyone's intellect. This is why there is the praise: O God, Your ways and means are wonderful! Therefore, He must surely have given directions to someone. Or, would He keep them to Himself? Salvation is granted through His directions and so He would surely tell you those and yet they say: Only You know Your ways and means! We do not know! This is also something!
You have to sit in remembrance early in the morning. It is very good to sit in remembrance. You understand that Baba has come. Has Baba come or has Dada come? Only the jaggery and the container of the jaggery know the sweetness of the jaggery. Baba continues to look at each child. He sits here and gives a current of power (sakash) to each one. This is the fire of yoga. It is in this fire of yoga that your sins can be burnt away. It is as though Baba sits here and gives everyone light. He gives a searchlight to each soul. The Father says: I sit here and give a current to all you souls to fill you all with strength. If your intellects are wandering around outside, you won't be able to catch the current. If the intellects of you souls continue to wander around somewhere or other, what would you receive?
If you give love, you will receive love. If your intellects are wandering around outside, your batteries cannot be charged. The Father comes to charge your batteries. His duty is to do service. I lovingly give sakaash to each of you. You sit here to remember the Father. Baba says: I give sakaash to each of you souls. I sit in front of you and give you light. You do not do this. Those of you who are to catch that light will do so and your batteries will be charged.
You are receiving a current from Baba. The Father is sitting in the centre of this forehead next to this one (Adam-Brahma). You must consider yourself to be a soul and remember Baba (God), not Adam-Brahma. You sit here to have yoga with that One. Even while seeing this one, you must look at that One. It is a question of the soul. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather!

Blessing:  May you be truly loving and remain absorbed in love for God and deeply engrossed in meeting Him.   
The sign of love that is remembered is: although while there are two, they don't remain two but become combined. This is known as merging. Devotees have referred to this stage of love as merging in God. To be merged in love is the stage. However, instead of this stage, they have understood it to mean finishing the identity of the soul for all time. When you children become absorbed in the Father or in meeting the spiritual Beloved, you then become equal to Him.

Slogan:  Introverted ones are those who keep their minds silent from waste thoughts.      

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