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it is on the basis of being constantly soul conscious,you attain victory over the physical senses.

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Sweet children,

You children sitting here are on the pilgrimage of remembrance. The unlimited Father is not on the pilgrimage of remembrance; He is giving you children the help of sakaash, that is, He is enabling you to forget this body. You receive the Father's help so that you children forget your body. He gives sakaash to you souls because He only looks at the souls. The intellect of each of you is now with the Father, and the Father's intellect and drishti go to you children. There is a difference. (There were a few minutes of dead silence). You are practising dead silence. You want to leave the body and become separate. The soul understands that to the extent that you have remembrance, accordingly, you will become separate from the body.
You understand that you will leave your bodies and return home and then come down here again. The world drama is now about to end and we now have to go home. You have to remember the Father. He is the Purifier. The water of the Ganges cannot be the Liberator or the Guide. Only the one Father can be the Liberator and the Guide.
There are the versions of God. You have now come to know the beginning, the middle and the end of the world from the Father. Now that you have recognised the Father, you are able to recognise the beginning, the middle and the end of the world and its duration.
You children understand that the deities were completely viceless. The Father, the Creator, sits and gives His own introduction. He is the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul is called God. In English, He is called the "Supreme Soul’ and soul means atma. The Father's soul is no larger than any other soul. The Father's soul is the same as those of you children. It isn't that the children are smaller and the Father is larger; no. This Supreme knowledge full Father explains to you children with great love. It is the soul that has to enact his part. Surely he has to take a body to play his part. The residence of souls is the land of peace. You children understand that you souls reside in the great element of light. Just as those who live in the land of Hindustan call themselves Hindus, similarly, souls who come from the land of the brahm element think that the brahm element is God.
The reasons for falling are fixed in the drama. No matter how much effort anyone makes, no one can return home. When a play has finished, all the actors come together on the stage; its creator and the main actors all stand together. You children know that this drama is now about to end. None of the sages and holy men knows these things.
It is the Father of souls, Himself, who comes and explains. What does He explain? He gives His own introduction. Did you know anything before about who the Supreme Soul is? You just went to the temples of Shiva. There are countless temples here. In the golden age, there are no temples or worshipping etc. There, you become the worthy-of-worship deities. Then, after half a cycle, you become worshippers and can no longer be called deities. Then the Father comes and makes you worthy of worship again.
The Father is now teaching us, and so we must imbibe this as well as divine virtues. You now understand that you have to become as completely viceless as the deities. There is no other method to accomplish this except by remembering the Father.
Your intellects become completely clean, and then they become dirty. You children understand the contrast between purity and impurity. Impure souls cannot return home. Now, how can they become pure? This is what they have been crying out for. This too is fixed in the drama. You understand that it is now the confluence age. The Father only comes once to take you home. Not everyone will go to the new world. Those who do not have any parts there will remain in the land of peace.
You understand how you came down from 16 celestial degrees to 14, from 14 to 12 and how no degrees now remain. Everyone is numberwise. Actors too are numberwise.
You understand that the old world has to be destroyed. Then we will go to the land of peace and the land of happiness. How else would all the human souls return home? Destruction will take place through science. All the souls will shed their bodies and return home. Liberation is merged within this destruction. For half a cycle, everyone has been making effort for liberation. This will now happen through science and natural calamities. It should be understood that this war is instrumental to take you souls to the land of liberation. So many people will go to the land of liberation. No matter how much effort you made practising hatha yoga and adopting gurus, no one has been able to go to the land of liberation. So many bombs etc. have been prepared through science, and so it has to be understood that destruction will definitely take place. There will be very few people in the new world; all the rest will return to the land of liberation. You will go to the land of liberation-in-life with the power of your study. You rule a kingdom that is stable, unshakeable and steady. Just look at all the lands here; they have all been divided! The Father is making you into the masters of the kingdom of the world, the kingdom that is stable and unshakeable. The unlimited Father's inheritance is the unlimited sovereignty.
You souls have the third eye of knowledge. Souls become embodiments of knowledge. You can only become this through the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge. The Father comes and gives you the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation.
Those people try so hard to bring about peace in the world. Only you children understand when there is peace in the world and in Brahmand. There is said to be peace in the element of light, and there will also be peace and happiness here in this world. This world is distinct from the element of light. The element of light is beyond the moon and the stars. There is nothing of this world there. That is called the world of silence. You leave your bodies and go into that world of silence. You children remember that and this is why you are now preparing yourselves to return there.
You are now being inspired to prepare for this. The war will be beneficial; everyone's accounts will be settled; everyone will become pure. Yoga is a fire; everything becomes pure in a fire. You understand that you are the ones who had divine virtues, and that you are also the ones who had devilish traits. Then the Father once again comes to make you into those with divine virtues. The Father comes to purify the impure. No one else in the world knows that those who belong to the deity clan are the ones who take the full 84 births: they become pure and also impure. This is not in the intellect of anyone.
 The Father is the Master of the whole unlimited world. He is the Father of all souls. The Father is called the Master. This is a study. There can be no doubts or questions in this study. You don't need to debate the scriptures here. This one Teacher is the most elevated and He sits and teaches you. He alone is the Truth. He tells you, in the form of teachings, the story of how to become true Narayan. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing: May you be a satisfied soul and along with experiencing all relationships, also experience the happiness of all attainments.   
Those who are true lovers remain constantly happy with all attainments in every situation and in every deed. Many children experience God to be their Father, Bridegroom and Child, but they are not able to experience as much attainment as they want. So, together with that experience, there should also be the feeling of attaining through all those relationships. Those who have this experience and attainments remain constantly satisfied. They do not feel a lack of attainment in anything. Where there is attainment, there is definitely satisfaction.

Slogan: Become an instrument and you will receive a share of the success of service.   

23/03/14 Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   16/06/77

Essence: The deep significance of attaining the worthy of worship status, numberwise, through the same study.

Today, BapDada was seeing the philosophy of karma of each child's effort and their attainment of a royal and worship-worthy status according to that effort. Just as effort is numberwise, so the status and worship-worthy status is also numberwise. The royal status and worthy-of­ worship status of a number one effort-maker is very elevated and filled with deep significance. All become worthy of worship. For the people of the world, all souls who are making effort become worthy of worship. Whether they become part of the rosary of eight jewels, the rosary of 108, the rosary of 16,000 or the 900,000 subjects, they all definitely become worthy of worship in one form or another. Even today, people create countless saligrams and worship them. However, you must know the vast difference between how you are worshipped in the form of saligrams and how you are worshipped as the special deities in the temples. Whereas many souls are worshipped in the form of saligrams, only a few well-known souls are worshipped as the specially beloved eight deities.
The rosary of 16,000 is only rotated sometimes. The rosary of 108 is rotated often and the jewels of the rosary of eight, of the specially beloved gods and goddesses, are constantly remembered in everyone's heart, just as the Father is. Why is there such a big difference? BapDada gives all the children the same teachings and the same aim - of becoming victorious jewels and changing from humans into deities - yet why is there such a big difference in the way they are worshipped? Some are worshipped in both forms: as saligrams and as gods or goddesses. The others are simply worshipped as saligrams, beads of the rosary. So, what is the significance of this? The main reason is in the aim, which all children have as soon as they take birth, of becoming soul conscious, and the effort of remaining stable in the form of a soul.
There cannot be any children who is not making effort to become soul conscious. However, it is on the basis of being constantly soul conscious through which you attain victory over the physical senses, that each of the physical senses becomes satopradhan and pure. It is in this subject, that is, it is in completely dying alive to the old sanskars and relationships of the body that a number is created. Some effort-makers are able to conquer their physical senses. They become conquerors of their senses. Others are deceived by their eyes, and others by the different tastes of the tongue. They are deceived by one or other of the senses. That is, they are unable to become completely vice less and conquerors of all their senses. Due to this reason, the effort-making souls who are weak and become defeated by their senses are worshipped as souls, as saligrams.
You are worshipped because of being children of the highest-on-high Father, of having the company of the highest Father, because of your study and the sustenance you receive and because of being the elevated souls of the world. However, because of not being conquerors of all your senses, you are not worshipped as deities in the corporeal form. As you do not become completely pure, you are not worshipped as deities or praised as completely vice less souls.
As you are not constantly seated on BapDada's heart-throne, and you don't have in your heart constant remembrance of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, the One who wins everyone's heart, devotee souls are unable to merge you in their heart as the special eight deity souls. As there isn't remembrance all the time, there isn't a memorial in the temple all the time. Therefore, there is a difference. There is a vast difference between the single worship and the double worship. A subject is worshipped in one way and one who has attained a royal status is worshipped in another way. There is a difference between the two.
Every act of special deities is worshipped. Some deities are worshipped every day but not every act of theirs is worshipped. Some are worshipped on specially fixed days. This is also significant. Ask yourself in which form you are worshipped. If you are not able to be victorious in any of the subjects, then, just as a damaged idol cannot be worshipped - instead of being worthy of worship, it's just like ordinary stone and has no value - so too, if you are not completely victorious in any one subject, you cannot become one who is supremely worthy of worship. You would just be worthy of worship and worthy of praise. Why do you become worthy of praise? You are praised because you become the Father's child. You play a part with the Father, you sing praise of the Father, you renounce everything according to your capacity and you stay in remembrance according to your capacity.
There is also significance in the worship. First is worship because of purity. Secondly, because of being elevated souls who have imbibed all powers from the One with All Powers, the Almighty Authority, you are worshipped as a memorial of the different forms of all those powers. The memorial of the souls who have fully adopted gyan, that is, who have imbibed the power of knowledge, is in the form of Saraswati . The memorial of the power to destroy is in the form of Durga. The great donors who donate the wealth of knowledge and all treasures are worshipped in the form of Lakshmi. Those who gain over every obstacle are worshipped as the destroyers of obstacles. Those who become conquerors of Maya and have the power to make the fearsome form of Maya simple and very ordinary are worshipped as Mahavir. Every power and every elevated action of the elevated souls is worshipped.
The worship of the powers is portrayed as the worship of each of the deities. Those who are worthy of worship in this way, whose every elevated act and power is worshipped, are called supremely worthy-of-worship souls. So, now, make yourself an image of perfection. Check whether you are a damaged idol or one who is worthy of worship. Your praise is that of being completely vice less and 16 celestial degrees full. Have you simply become vice less or completely vice less? Is your yoga constant or does the link break? Are you unshakeable or is there fluctuation? What does the Father want? Each soul to become as perfect as the Father. All the children also have this desire, but only some actually do it and this is why a number is created. Achcha, you hear a lot, but you now have to make what you hear and what you do the same. Do you understand what you have to do?
To such supremely worship-worthy souls; to those who constantly keep the one Father with them, to those who take every step according to the elevated directions, to such images of support for the world, to the world transformer souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups:
Do you constantly experience yourselves to be angels as you move around and do everything? Angels are those who have no connection with or attraction to the body, the physical world or the possessions of the physical world. Angels are those who are constantly engaged in remembrance of the Father and in doing service. Do you constantly have just the one concern of the Father and service? Apart from the Father and service, what else is there to pull the intellect? A trustee is always detached. A trustee has the sole duty of staying in remembrance and serving. When you perform deeds, that is also for service. A householder acts out of selfish motives, whereas a trustee does everything for service.
Are you making natural effort to become fully accomplished in all subjects? As you come close to the time and to perfection, the method of effort also changes. There is a difference between the effort of the beginning, the effort of the middle and that of the end. Now, what is the effort needed for the stage that is close to perfection? When something automatic is started, it continues to function by itself. You don't need to keep rewinding it. So, too, once you have been given your aim, you should automatically continue to ascend at every step, in every thought and at every moment. Do you experience this? What is the sign of the powerful form of effort? (Reaching one's destination early.) What would be the sign of those who reach their destination early? Would they be experienced in all subjects or just in some subjects? (In all subjects.) So do you have the same marks in all subjects? It is good to go in advance, but it is also essential to take advantage of all subjects. You have a good aim, and there is transformation in it.
Do you always consider yourself to be a soul who is a close, constantly co-operative and yogi soul in your own work and in the Father's work? To the extent that you co-operate in the Father's task, accordingly you can become a yogi soul. If you do not co-operate, you cannot be a yogi soul. To co-operate is to stay in remembrance of the Father and the Father’s task. In lokik life as well, you remember the one you give your co-operation to. So a yogi soul means one who is co-operative. By co-operating, you become a natural yogi and, secondly, you accumulate an income of multimillions. What co-operation do you give? Do you make your old body and impure mind pure and satopradhan through having remembrance of Baba and then use them for service, or do you only give the wealth of a handful of rice? What else do you use? To be co­ operative with all three-body, mind and wealth - is to be a yogi soul. You sing, "Wherever I am, my wealth will be pulled there." This is the easy way to be a constant yogi. When you are co-operative and you receive the return of that co-operation, your yoga becomes easy. So, be co-operative with the Father in every thought and in every deed. All waste in every type of service will finish when you are co-operative in every task because the Father's task is powerful. Such a co-operative soul automatically becomes an intense effort­ maker.
Do you constantly experience yourself to be a soul with faith in the intellect and one who is carefree? Those who have faith in the intellect will be carefree. They will not have any type of unnecessary thoughts or worries. They would not have questions such as, "What happened?" "Why did it happen?" Those are wasteful thoughts. Those who have faith in the intellect are carefree. They do not have any waste thoughts. They constantly maintain thoughts of the original self. By being stable in their original stage, they gain victory over adverse situations. Why do you accept the adverse situations that have come from somewhere else? Move away from the adverse situations and you will be able to maintain thoughts of the original self. Those who are stable in thoughts of the original self are constantly merged in the Ocean of Happiness. Are you merged in the Ocean of Happiness? Since the Father is the Ocean of Happiness, the children are master oceans of happiness. Do you experience waves of sorrow in your thoughts or are you constantly happy? The masters of the ocean of happiness cannot experience any kind of sorrow. If you experience sorrow, then you are master oceans of sorrow. Ravan comes to such souls through the eyes, ears and mouth. Ravan cannot come to those who are almighty authorities. Remembrance of the Father is the greatest safety of all.
 Those who are never defeated by Maya or by any obstacles are constantly seen to be completely loving, detached and unique in this world. Do you constantly stay like a lotus or do you get affected by drops of mud? When you take every step according to shrimat, you will constantly be like a lotus. When dictates of the mind become mixed in, you cannot constantly be like a lotus. To be influenced by waves of the ocean of the world means to be affected by drops of mud.
The elevated treasure of the confluence age is supersensuous joy. Do you experience the attainment of this treasure? Have you received the treasure of supersensuous joy? Why do you lose the treasures you have found? How should you guard them? By paying attention! To pay inadequate attention means to lose the treasures you have received. Will you receive these treasures ever again throughout the entire cycle? You should look after something so invaluable with such great care. Generally, a very good item is guarded with great care. However, when those guards are careless, there is a lot of damage. When you become careless here, you lose your treasures. You need to pay constant attention. It should not be that you pay attention when you sit for remembrance at amrit vela, and that your attention becomes slack when you start to move around. You think that by paying attention at amrit vela you have done all that you need to do, but you need to pay attention while moving around as well. If you do not experience supersensuous joy at this time, you can never experience it at any other time. Within the account of 5000 years, this time is very elevated. What would you do if you are not paying attention for a short time for such an elevated attainment? Karma and yoga should be performed simultaneously. Yoga means to pay attention to remembrance. Just as you do not stop performing actions, so you cannot stop having remembrance. This is known as being a karma yogi.
Do you know the specialties of the Pandavas that have remembered? The main basis for the victory of the Pandavas was in belonging to the one Father and none other. For the Pandavas, the Father is their world. Whose memorial is this? Your memorial is remembered every cycle. So do you experience the Father to be your entire world? Do you see the Father wherever you look? In the world, you have relationships and wealth. So all your relationships and wealth are with the Father. So, is there anything else? Pandavas are those whose world is the Father. Such Pandavas are definitely victorious in every task. They cannot question whether they will be victorious or not. Before you perform a deed, do you wonder whether you will accomplish it? Or, do you have the faith that everything is already accomplished? Pandavas already have the faith that they are victorious because they have the Almighty Authority Father with them. Pandavas are constantly victorious jewels. Only victorious jewels are loved by the Father.

Blessing:May you merge the one Comforter of Hearts in your heart and experience all relationships in the One and become a contented soul !  
The head (brain) is the place to keep the knowledge in, but the place in which to keep the Beloved merged is the heart. Some lovers use their head a lot, but BapDada is pleased with those who have a true heart and this is why the heart knows and the Comforter of Hearts knows the experience of the heart. Those who serve with their heart and remember with their heart don't have to work so hard and they experience greater contentment. Those who work with their heart constantly sing songs of contentment. According to the time, they experience all relationships with the One.

Slogan: At amrit vela, sit with a plain intellect and you will be touched with new methods of service.    

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