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The God-Father continues to tell you children:Children, become pure - virtuous.Renounce lust,anger,greed,attachment and ego.

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Sweet children,

God Shiva (Benefactor) speaks. The Father sits here and explains to you spiritual children. This world would definitely be called the devilish world. The new world is called the deity world. Very few people live in the divine world. You should explain this secret to someone. You should explain it to the ministers of family planning. Tell them: According to the versions of the Gita, only the one Father has the duty of family planning. Everyone believes in the Gita. The Gita is the scripture for family planning. The Father establishes the new world through the Gita.
In the Gita, God clearly tells you: I come to establish the one religion and to destroy all the many religions and, through this, number one family planning takes place. There will be drums of victory throughout the whole world and the one original eternal deity religion will be established. Now, because there are so many human beings, there is a lot of rubbish. The animals and birds there will be so first class that your heart will be happy just seeing them. There will be no question of fear.
You children have to explain: The parlokik Father carries out first-class golden-aged family planning. He destroys the forest of thorns. This haystack is set on fire. This is only the Father's task. You cannot do anything. No matter how much you do, no one can be successful in this. The Father says: The vice of lust that you consider to be your friend is a very big enemy. There are many who become friends of that. The Father issues an ordinance: You have to conquer that. You can explain that the Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. The poor things don't even know how family planning takes place. The Father does this according to the world drama every cycle; it has to happen again.
Explain to the education ministers: People's characters are now so bad. The deities had such good characters. Remain carefree while speaking. Tell them: This is not the work of any of you ministers. This is the work of the highest-on-high Father. There was one religion, one kingdom and one language in the kingdom of these deities. There were so few human beings.
The Father, who is God, the Highest on High, has come to carry out this planning. He destroys all the other innumerable religions. Everything is in the hands of the unlimited Father. He makes old things new. The Father establishes the new world and destroys the old world. This is fixed in the drama. You should explain: Brothers and sisters: You don't know the beginning, middle or end of this world cycle. The Father tells you this. There aren't as many human beings at the beginning of the golden age, nor does anyone speak of family planning there. First of all, come and understand the beginning, middle and end of the world.
The Bestower of Salvation is only the one Father. Salvation means golden-aged human beings. At first, there were very few deities. There was the first-class religion. Baba has first-class planning of the flowers. Lust is the greatest enemy. Nowadays, people even give up their lives for it. If someone has fallen in love with someone but their parents don't want them to many one another, they create so much upheaval in the family. This is a dirty world. Everyone continues to prick one another like thorns. In the golden age, there is the shower of flowers. So, churn the ocean of knowledge in this way.
God says: When there is defamation of religion, when it is the devilish kingdom, I then come to destroy all of that and establish the deity kingdom. People are sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. All of this will be destroyed. Only the family of those who become viceless will come and rule the kingdom.
The Father enables all of you to settle your karmic accounts and takes you back home. You will not take all of this rubbish back there. Dirty souls cannot go back there. This is why the Father comes and makes you beautiful and takes you back home. Churn the ocean of knowledge about such things. You continue to have realization. The Father says: I am carrying out the rehearsal for establishing the one religion. Who carried out this family planning? The Father says: I am doing My work exactly as I did in the previous cycle.
You call out: Change the impure family and establish the pure family. At this time, all are impure. They spend hundreds of thousands on weddings. They celebrate so much and then, from being pure, they become impure. You children should now carry out this Godly business. You should explain to everyone. All are sleeping in the devilish sleep. They should be awakened. Become beautiful and make others the same, so that they can receive the Father's love.
The philosophy of karma (actions) continues. The Father is now teaching you to perform good actions. There, too, you would definitely understand that you became that according to your actions in your previous birth, but you will not know what actions you performed. Actions are remembered. The more good actions someone performs, the higher the status he receives. Only by performing elevated actions do you become elevated. If you don't perform good actions, you end up sweeping the floors; you have to bow down to others. That would be said to be the fruit of actions.
The theory of karma continues. By following shrimat you perform good actions. There is a vast difference between an emperor and maids and servants. The Father says: Now follow the Father. If you follow My shrimat you will receive a high status.
God speaks: At this time, the whole world is burning on the pyre of lust. They say that their stage is spoilt when they look at a woman. There, people's stage won't become spoilt in this way. The Father says: Do not look at the name and form. Simply see one another as brothers. The destination is very high. You have to become the masters of the world.
The Father is ever-pure. You remain pure for 21 births and you then become impure for 63 births. You have to be so intoxicated to explain this. The Father continues to tell you children: Children, become pure. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you do service altruistically with a stage that is free from negative thoughts and thereby become an image of success!   
The basis of success in service is an altruistic stage which is free from negative thoughts. Those who remain stable in this stage while doing service remain content and cheerful themselves and others are also content with them. In service, there is a gathering and, within a gathering, there are all types of situations and ideas. However, do not be confused with the variety. Do not think: Whom should we accept and whom should we not accept? Take a decision altruistically and by your being free from negative thoughts, no one will then have any waste thoughts and you will become an image of success.

Slogan:  Now, begin the service of transforming intellects by giving them sakaash.      

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