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Your lifespan increases and you become ever healthy by receiving current from GodFather.

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Sweetest children,

Now, there are two things: Knowledge and yoga. The God-Father has a huge treasure which He gives to you children. Those who remember the Father the most receive a great deal of current, because your remembrance draws His remembrance. This is the Law because the main thing is remembrance. If someone has a great deal of knowledge, it doesn't mean that he has remembrance; no. The department of knowledge is separate and the subject of yoga is very great. Knowledge is less than yoga. Souls become satopradhan through yoga, by having a great deal of remembrance.
Unless you have remembrance, it is impossible for you to become satopradhan. If you children do not remember the Father throughout the day, then the Father does not remember you either. When you children have good remembrance, that remembrance draws the Father's remembrance; you pull the Father. This too is predestined in the drama and has to be very clearly understood. You need a great deal of solitude to have remembrance. The basis of claiming a high status for those who come later is remembrance. They remain in remembrance a great deal; their remembrance draws the Father's remembrance. When you children have a great deal of remembrance, the Father also remembers you a great deal; He attracts you.
When you say, "Baba, have mercy! Have compassion!" that also requires remembrance. If your remembrance is accurate, there will automatically be that attraction and you will receive a current. You souls know internally that, when you remember Baba, that remembrance makes you completely full. Knowledge is your wealth. Remembrance enables you to draw Baba's remembrance. Through this, you become healthy and pure. He has so much power that He is able to purity the whole world.
Here, Baba repeatedly says: Manmanabhav! Remember Me and you will become pure. You gain victory over death. However much effort you make for this, so Maya will accordingly put obstacles in your way because she knows that by your remembering the Father you will leave her. This is because, since you have become Mine, you must renounce everything; you must no longer remember your friends, relatives and wealth etc.
Others tell you to renounce everything, but no one else ever tells you not to remember your body. The Father says: Those bodies are old. You must forget those too. You must forget everything of the path of devotion. You must forget absolutely everything, that is, whatever you have, use that for service and only then will your remembrance remain stable. If you want to claim a high status, you have to make a great deal of effort. You must not even remember your bodies. You came bodiless and you have to return bodiless.
The Father teaches you children. He has no desires. He simply does service. Only the Father has this knowledge. This is the play of the Father and the children together. You children remember the Father and then the Father sits here and gives you a searchlight. When children pull the Father a great deal, the Father sits and gives them light.
Your lifespan increases and you become ever healthy by receiving this current. There are some in the world who live to be 125 to 150 years. They must definitely be healthy. They must also have done a great deal of devotion. There is benefit in devotion; there is no harm in n it. The manners of those who don't do any devotion are no good. In devotion, there is faith in God. Therefore, they do not lie or sin or become angry in their business. Devotees are also praised.
This world play is about happiness and sorrow and about devotion and knowledge. It is now that the Father teaches you to become soul conscious. He says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. You must become pure. That is the pure land of happiness.
Whenever it was necessary, Baba would also come and enter and accomplish His task. All of these things have to be understood. You need time to churn the ocean of knowledge. You need silence. For instance, if someone who does good service needs to be given a current, then that soul has to be remembered in order to be given help. First, by remembering the face, you can then remember the soul. You have to create such methods. If serviceable children are experiencing difficulty, they have to be given help. You must consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father and then remember that soul a little. This is like giving them a searchlight.
It is not that you have to sit in a particular place and have remembrance. Remember the Father while walking and moving around and taking your meals. If you want to give others a current, you have to stay awake through the night. It has been explained to you children: To the extent that you remember the Father when you wake up in the morning, accordingly there will be that pull and Baba will give you light. Baba's business is to give children a searchlight. Whenever a great deal of searchlight needs to be given, this Baba remembers the Father a great deal, so the Father also gives a searchlight. You have to remember a soul and then give a searchlight. This Baba too gives a searchlight. You can also call it mercy, blessings or call it whatever you will.
If a serviceable child becomes ill, then, because that soul needs power, Baba feels compassion and stays awake throughout the night and remembers that soul. If souls have remembrance, Baba remembers them in return. The Father has great love for the children, and so His remembrance reaches the soul.
By knowing the Father, you come to know everything. You should write about these wonderful topics so that people are amazed and run to hear you. How can it be hundreds of thousands of years? After hundreds of thousands of years the population there would be as countless as mosquitoes.
At this time, everyone is diseased and has to be made free from disease. Keep this topic. Tell them: If you repeatedly fall ill, we can give you such a life-giving herb that you will never fall ill again. However, this can only happen if you take the medicine properly that we give you. This medicine is very inexpensive and it will prevent you from falling ill for 21 generations through the golden and silver ages. That is heaven. Note down these points and then write them up.
You are the surgeons of all surgeons. The great, imperishable Surgeon of all surgeons will give you such medicine that, for your future 21 births, you will never fall ill. It is now the confluence age. People will become happy on hearing such things. God says: l am the imperishable Surgeon. People still remember Him: O Purifier, imperishable Surgeon, come! Now that I have come, continue to explain these things to everyone. At the end, everyone will definitely understand. Baba continues to give you wise methods. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you serve as an incarnation who incarnates from up above and become an image that grants visions.   
Just as the Father comes down from the subtle region to do service, similarly, we too have come from the subtle region to do service. Do service with this experience and you will be constantly unique and the same as the Father, loved by the world. To come down from up above means to do service as an incarnation that has incarnated. Everyone wants the Incarnation that has come to take them back with Him. So, you are the true incarnations who will take everyone back to the land of liberation. When you serve as an incarnation, you will become an image that grants visions and fulfil the desires of many.

Slogan:  No matter whether someone gives you something good or bad, you have to give everyone love, co-operation and mercy. 

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