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By yoga,you are able to attract others.There should not be the consciousness of sister but only brothers.

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Sweet Children,

You children should always have the intoxication of being royal students. The unlimited Master is teaching us. You are royal students of a very elevated clan and so the behaviour of royal students should also be royal; only then will you be able to reveal the Father. You have become instruments for establishing peace in the world by following shrimat. You receive a peace prize. You don't receive this prize for just one birth but for many births. The Father Himself give you heaven on the palm of His hand, and so what thanks can you children give to the Father? Did you children know that the Father would come and give this?
The Father now says: Sweet children, remember Me! Why are you told to stay in remembrance? Because it is through this remembrance that your sins will be absolved. You had faith as soon as you received the unlimited Father 's introduction.
The very first obstacle of Maya is body consciousness. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul. You can become flowers when the thorns, the five vices, are removed. They can only be removed with the power of yoga.
When you leave your body it should be in remembrance of Baba. Remember the mantra that disciplines all your physical organs and your mind. Do not remember anyone except the Father and only then should the soul (life force) leave the body. "Baba, I am now coming to You." By your remembering Baba in this way, all the rubbish that you are filled with will be burnt away. If rubbish is in the soul, it must then be in the body too. There is the rubbish of birth after birth. All of that has to be burnt away. It is only when all your rubbish is burnt away that the world too will then be cleansed. All the rubbish in the world has to be cleared for your sake. You do not only have to clean away your own rubbish, but you have to clean away everyone else's.
You call out to Baba: Baba come and clean away the rubbish of this world and make the entire world pure. For whom? It is you children who first go to rule in that pure world. So the Father has come to your land for you. There is a vast difference between devotion and knowledge. They sing many beautiful songs on the path of devotion, but no one benefits from them. It is only when you stabilize yourself in your original religion of the self and remember the Father that there can be benefit. Your remembrance is like that of a lighthouse that revolves. Self-realization is called being a lighthouse.
Continue to remember the Father and your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. You understand that the Father comes at the confluence age to make you the most elevated. This cycle of 84 births is about to end and it will then start again. You should have this happiness.
By listening to the things of devotion for birth after birth, your intellects have been locked up by Maya. The Father comes and opens the locks with His keys. At this time, it is as though everyone's ears are closed. They have become those with stone intellects.
You understand that the Father, who is now making us into flowers, has come. Only the Father is the Bestower of Salvation for all and there is only the one most auspicious confluence age. The Father teaches at this time; the memorial of this then continues on the path of devotion.
Your degree of happiness rises when you remember the Father. You children are being filled with many virtues. The Father comes and teaches you qualifications. He gives you health, wealth and reforms your character. He gives you an education too. He also frees you from the punishment of a jail (womb). You can explain all of this very clearly to the Government ministers etc. You should explain in such a way that you make them melt. Your knowledge is very sweet. If they were to sit and listen with love, they would have tears of love.
Always have the vision of your showing the path to your brothers. Baba says: Surround Delhi with service so that there can be expansion. However, no one has as yet been struck by the arrow. You need the power of yoga in order to strike the target. You become the masters of the world with the power of yoga. You also have knowledge. It is by having yoga that you are able to attract others. Although you children give good lectures, the attraction of the power of yoga is lacking. The main thing is yoga. You children make yourselves pure with yoga. There is a need for a great deal of yoga power; it is lacking a great deal.
Internally, you should dance in happiness. This is the dance of happiness. You dance internally with this knowledge and yoga. You become bodiless while staying in remembrance of the Father. You have to become bodiless with this knowledge. There is no question of vanishing. Your intellects should have the knowledge that you now have to return home and that you will then go into your kingdom. The Father has also given you visions of destruction and establishment. This whole world is already burnt and you are becoming worthy of going to the new world.
You now have to return home. That is why you should not have any attachment to your body. Remain beyond the consciousness of your body and this world. Simply remember your home and kingdom. You should not be tempted by anything at all. There will be a huge destruction. When destruction starts, you will have the happiness that you are about to be transferred. However, if you remember anything of the old world, you will fail.
If you children don't have anything, what would you remember? It takes effort to erase all your attachment from this whole unlimited world. It is only when you have completely broken your body consciousness that you can maintain a firm stage of brotherhood. There is loss in one way or another by coming into body consciousness. There will be no loss by remaining soul conscious. Develop this strong habit: I am teaching my brother; I am speaking to my brother. If you want to claim a scholarship, you have to make this much effort.
When you are explaining to anyone, remember that you are all brothers. All souls are children of the one Father. All the brothers have the right to claim their inheritance from the Father. There should not be the consciousness of a sister. This is called being 'soul conscious'. The soul has received this body. Some have a male name and others have a female name. Beyond this, there is just the soul. You should think: The path that Baba has shown you is absolutely right. You children come here to practise these things.
You have to make effort to claim a high status. You show everyone the path to ascend. Continue to remember the one Father and your sins will be absolved and you will have a great deal of happiness. It is very easy to claim your inheritance from the Father. However, many children still make a lot of mistakes. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you consider a soul who creates obstacles to be your teacher and learn a lesson from that one and thereby become experienced.  
Do not see a soul who become an instrument to create obstacles as a soul creating an obstacle, but always consider such a soul to be a soul who is an instrument to teach you a lesson and to make you move forward. Consider that one to be your teacher who makes you experienced. Since you say that anyone who defames you is your friend, then, that one is your teacher to make you pass through the obstacles and make you experienced. Therefore, instead of looking at a soul who creates obstacles with that vision, consider that soul to be an instrument to make you pass the obstacles and to make you unshakeable. By doing so, your authority of experience will continue to increase even more.

Slogan: Finish the file of complaints, become fine and refined.   

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