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People say,"What can God not do?'',but God Himself says:I cannot do anything.This world play is predestined.

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Sweet Children,

Only the one unlimited Father sits and explains to the unlimited children. He teaches them. The Father says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me, your Father, and imbibe the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world that I tell you.
The highest-on-high Father is now teaching you. There is no need for any books etc. here. These books are not going to continue so that you could study in your next birth. This study is just for this birth. This is also the story of immortality. The Father also gives you teachings for the new world to change you from an ordinary human to Narayan. You now also know the cycle of 84 births. This is the time to study. Your intellects should constantly be churning. You also have to teach others.
Wake up early in the morning and churn the ocean of knowledge. Very good churning can take place early in the morning. Only those who explain to others would churn; they extract topics and points. You listened to the things of devotion for birth after birth. You will not listen to this knowledge for birth after birth. The Father gives you this knowledge once and then you forget this knowledge. There are so many books on the path of devotion. They also receive books from abroad. All of this is to end.
There is no need for any books in the golden age. All of those are the paraphernalia of the Iron Age. Whatever you see here - hospitals, jails, judges etc. - will not be there. That will be a completely different world. It would be this same world, but there would be a difference between the new and the old. That is called heaven. That same world then becomes hell. Those people say: So-and-so has become a resident of heaven. For a sannyasi, they would say that he has merged into the brahm element, or that he went to nirvana. However, no one goes to nirvana.
A status in the new world is received according to how much you understand and explain to others now. A lot of solitude is required to churn the ocean of knowledge. For Ramatirath, they show that whenever he used to write, he would tell his disciple to go two miles away, otherwise those vibrations would affect him. You are now becoming perfect. The whole world has defective intellects.
You are becoming Lakshmi and Narayan through this study. This is such an elevated study. In fact, you should sit in class in such a way that you don't touch the person sitting next to you even slightly. The sound can be heard far away through the mike.
The Father also explains: The drama is predestined. Sometimes, Baba thinks that something in the drama should change. However, there cannot be any change. This play is predestined. Seeing the stage of some children, Baba has the thought that something should change. Will they go to heaven as they are? Then there is the thought: A whole kingdom is needed in heaven; there will be maids, servants and also cremators. There cannot be any change in the drama. God speaks: This drama is predestined; even I cannot change it. There is no one higher than God. People say, "What can God not do?'', but God Himself says: I cannot do anything. This play is predestined. Even when there are obstacles, He cannot do anything. That is fixed in the drama. What can I do?
Many daughters call out: Save us from being stripped! What can the Father do? The Father would simply say: It is the destiny of the drama. This is the predestined drama. Don't think that it is God's will. If it were in God's hands, then, if a special, beloved child were to leave his body, Baba would save that child. Many have doubts in this way. God is teaching you, and so, if you are God's children, can God not then save even His children? They complain a lot in this way.
They say: Sages and holy men are able to save the lives of some people and are able to revive some people so that they even get up and off the pyre. Then, they would say that God sent that person back, that Death had taken that one, but that God had mercy on him. The Father explains: Whatever is fixed in the drama happens. The Father Himself cannot do anything. This is called the destiny of the drama. You know about the drama. They would say: Whatever had to happen happened, so why should we worry? He makes you free from worry. Everything that happens second by second, you should understand that to be the drama.
The soul shed his body and went to play another part. How can you change an eternal part? Although your stage may be a little weak and you have some thoughts about something, nothing can be done about destiny. No matter what people say, we have the secret of the drama in our intellects. We have to play our parts. There is nothing to worry about. While your stage is still weak, there will be some of these waves.
These are very deep matters. Some hear them and imbibe them and they experience happiness.It takes time to become 16 celestial degrees full accurately. A lot of service now has to be done; a lot of subjects have to be created. The Father has also explained: There are many types of mark. When someone becomes an instrument and makes arrangements for many others to receive knowledge, he receives the fruit of that. The old world is now to end. Here, there is temporary happiness. Everyone has illness etc. Baba is experienced in everything. He also explains about the things of the world.

Blessing:  May you be a karma yogi and make the one Father the support for your intellect while staying in the gathering and be loving to everyone!   
Some children, instead of being loving in the gathering, become detached. They are afraid that they may become trapped and think that it would be better to remain distant. However, let it not be like that. You have to stay with the family for 21 births. lf you remain afraid and stay away, those are sanskars of a karma sannyasi (a renunciate of actions). You have to be a karma yogi; not a karma sannyasi. Stay in the gathering, be loving to everyone and only let the one Father and none other be the Support for your intellect. Let the intellect not be attracted by the company of any souls, or by their virtues by their specialties because only then would you be said to be a pure karma yogi soul.
Slogan:  Become a right hand of BapDada (GodFather), not a left hand.

Sweet children,
Children who consider themselves to be souls and who have yoga with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, are called true yogis because the Father is the Truth. Therefore, your intellects' yoga is with the Truth. Everything that He tells you is the truth.
You become pure by having yoga with the Father. You also understand that this is the most auspicious confluence age. No one except you knows this. This is called the most auspicious confluence age. This is why you must never forget the word 'auspicious'. This is the age to become the most elevated humans. It is the highest and purest ones who are called elevated humans.
The Father explains: Sweet children, never forget the confluence age. By forgetting it you forget the entire knowledge. You children now understand that you are changing. Even the old will now change and become new. The Father comes and changes the world and He also changes you children. He says to everyone, "child, child". All the souls of the entire world are His children. All have a part in this world drama.
The Father is the Creator, the Seed. God is also called the Seed of the World Human Tree. You understand that the entire tree emerges from the Seed. The whole world is such a big tree. That is non-living whereas this One is living. He is the Truth, the Living Being and the Embodiment of Bliss. The Father is the Seed of the human world tree. A huge tree emerges from Him.
The entire world is now impure. The whole world is violent; they use violence on each other. You children have now received knowledge. Only the one deity religion in the golden age is non-violent. In the golden age everyone is pure and they live in peace and happiness. All your desires are fulfilled for 21 births. There are no desires in the golden age. You receive everything: limitless grain etc. Previously, this Bombay did not exist. The deities did not live on the shores of salt water. The deities lived where there were sweet rivers. There were very few human beings. All had a great deal of land. The golden age is the vice less world. You attain the kingdom of the world through the power of yoga.
To begin with, the new tree is very small. At first, there is only the one religion which is represented by the trunk. Then three tubes emerge from the foundation. The foundation is the deity religion. Many small branches and twigs emerge from the trunk. The trunk(ancient religion of virtuous human beings) of this tree no longer exists. There is no other tree like this one. This tree is accurately compared to a banyan tree. The whole banyan tree is standing, but without a trunk. It does not even dry up. The whole tree is still standing and is green, but the foundation of the deity religion no longer exists.
Many small sects and cults emerge, such as the Arvind Ashram; it has expanded very quickly because no one there is told not to indulge in vice. Here, the Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy. You have to conquer it. No one else can say this. Otherwise, they too would have disturbance there. Here, there are impure beings and so they do not listen to the aspects of becoming pure. They say: How can children be born without vice? It is not the fault of those poor people. Those who study the Gita quote God’s version: "Lust is the greatest enemy. By conquering it, you can become the conquerors of the world."
You have to renounce the vices in order to become deities. God says: "Become pure." In the golden age, all are pure deities. Now, everyone is impure. It is explained that lust is the greatest enemy. If you want to become pure, you can do so by using this method: Consider yourself to be a soul and make firm your vision of seeing souls as brothers.
You children know that, in the beginning, this Bharat was a very prosperous land and that, because it has now become baren, it has been given the name 'Hindustan'. Previously, Bharat overflowed with wealth, purity, happiness, peace and everything else. It now overflows with sorrow. This is why they call out: Remover of Sorrow and Bestower of Happiness. You study with the Father with so much happiness. Who could there be who would not claim an unlimited inheritance of happiness from the unlimited Father? First of all, understand Alpha. If you do not understand who Alpha is, then no other secret can enter your intellect.
For half a cycle you have been body conscious. It is in this one birth that you have to make effort to become soul conscious. I explain to the young and the old children: Children, don't make any mistakes. Do not cause sorrow for anyone. If you make a mistake, it means you are causing sorrow. The Father never causes sorrow. He gives you the directions: Remember Me alone and your sins will be absolved and you will become very sweet. You have to become very sweet and imbibe divine virtues. Become pure. Impure ones are not allowed to come here. Sometimes, they are allowed to come, but just for now. When a lot of expansion has taken place, they will be told that this is the tower of purity, the tower of silence. It is the highest-on-high place. To consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father is the highest power.
When someone is angry, he makes everyone else peace less. All your rubbish is removed through this power of yoga. Rubbish is not removed through study. All your rubbish is burnt away through remembrance and your rust is removed.
It is the Father who comes and tells you what falsehood is and what truth is, what devotion is and what knowledge is, what corruption is and what the state of elevation is. Corrupt ones are born through vice. There is no vice there. You say that the deities are completely vice less. There is no kingdom of Ravan there. This is very easy to understand. So, then, what should you do? Firstly, remember the Father and, secondly, you definitely do have to become pure. Achcha.

Blessing:  May you be a completely pure soul and make the one Father your Companion and stay in that company.   
A completely pure soul is a soul who has the dharna of celibacy even in his thoughts and dreams and who follows the teachings of Father Adam-Brahma at every step. Purity means to make the Father your constant Companion and to stay in the company of the Father. The company of the gathering and the code of conduct of the love of the family is a different matter as it is because of the Father that you have the company of the love of the gathering. If it weren't for the Father, where would the family come from? The Father is the Seed and so never forget the Seed.
Slogan:  Do not be one who is influenced by someone, but become one who makes an impact with knowledge.

09/03/14    Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   14/06/77   

Essence: News of touring this land and abroad
One of the specialties of the foreign lands is that the scientists who are instrumental in inventing the physical facilities for world transformation are refining their inventions. The deep desire of those scientists is to conquer time and the elements of matter and be able to control all the elements of nature. They consider refining everything be their victory.
They are engaged in serving you by inventing elevated, satopradhan facilities of matter for you future deities. Just as you remain in love for all the attainments that you receive from the Father, in the same way, souls from the foreign lands have the desire to create heaven on earth through their power of science. Heaven is where nothing is lacking.
Check yourself! On the other side, observing the children abroad who have God 's knowledge, Baba saw that they also have deep love, zeal, enthusiasm and just the one determined thought of quickly giving the Father's message. The sound of the experience of special souls who have become instruments in the foreign lands will awaken the Kumbhakarnas (sleeping giants) of Bharat.
According to the love now, the majority of souls were visible as the shining beads of the rosary, free from obstacles and threaded together with love and co-operation for each other.
The destiny fixed in the drama for the elevated instrument souls and the children with Godly knowledge to become all­rounders in the field of service has a deep connection with establishment and destruction. By your doing this service for a short time and by becoming all-rounders and rulers of the globe and serving through your vision, words, connections and attitude of subtle good wishes and pure feelings, you will reveal knowledgeable souls and scientist souls who will be the instruments for the preparation of your kingdom in a variety of ways. Through the vision of you most elevated souls, the instrumental server souls will receive the fruit of their service, that is, they will receive help in the task of them becoming servers. Do you understand the significance of this?
In Bharat, you will find souls who are your devotees. However, three types of souls are needed: 1) Souls who are to become deities and subjects. 2) Devotee souls. 3) Souls who will prepare and give you your kingdom. The five elements and the refined facilities made from the five elements will become instruments to serve you.
In order to attain all the facilities, you have to make yourselves worthy of becoming the masters of the world. To be a constant yogi means to be a worthy soul. Do you consider yourself to be like this? Become an intense effort-maker and make yourself complete and also inspire the instrument server souls to complete their task. Only then will world transformation take place.
To the souls who are destroyers of obstacles and who destroy all obstacles with their deep love, to the souls who remain engaged in world service through their vision and attitude, to the great donor souls who, like the Father, constantly donate their virtues, knowledge and powers, to the souls who give blessings through their spiritual vision, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
Meeting groups:
Do you constantly have benevolent and merciful feelings for all the souls of the world? If you have benevolent feelings for the world, you would automatically have these feelings for yourself. The special duty, dharma and karma of confluence-aged souls is to bring about benefit for the world. It is not difficult to carry out the duty of your birth for which you are born. Every day, at amrit vela, bring into your awareness your position: your position of being a world benefactor. When you are set in your position, you will be saved from facing opposition.
Do you constantly observe every act of yours and of others while seated on the seat of a detached observer? Those who constantly observe every scene as detached observers will not fluctuate on seeing the scenes of victory or defeat. They will be constantly stable. If you remember the drama, you will remain stable. If you forget the drama, you will fluctuate. If you only remember the drama sometimes, you will only rule the kingdom sometimes. If it is only sometimes that you remain a detached observer, you will only sometimes be a companion in heaven. You are knowledgeful, are you not? You know everything. However, although you know everything, the reason you are not stable in the stage of a detached observer is that you are careless about paying attention. Instead of having thoughts of the original self, you put those thoughts aside and become involved in wasteful matters. Those who do not maintain thoughts of the original self cannot remain detached observers. What is the basis of finishing thoughts of others? If you constantly have good wishes for every soul, you will never think about others. By constantly having pure and positive thoughts for the self and others, you will constantly be a detached observer. To be a detached observer means to be a companion at this time and also in the future.
The last speciality of the special souls is to give any soul the experience of liberation and liberation in life in a second. They would not just show the path but would give them the experience of peace and supersensuous joy in a second. The experience of liberation in life is happiness and the experience of liberation is peace. Let anyone who comes in front of you immediately experience this. When you develop such a speed, then, while seeing silence conquering science, the sound of "wonderful!" will emerge through everyone's lips how you are victorious even over science. Silence should be able to achieve what science has not been able to achieve. The aim of science is to let everyone lead a life of peace and happiness. So when you succeed in doing that which science has been unable to achieve, it will be said that you have conquered science.
When those who want peace receive peace and those who want happiness receive happiness, everyone will praise you; they will consider you to be their ancestors, their special deities, and will praise the Father again and again. On the basis of this, the sanskars of the devotees and the founders of the religions will emerge in the copper age. This special task is now about to take place, so consider the moments of the last victory to have come. Everyone will receive something or other. It will not just be the people of Bharat who will consider this Baba to be theirs, but everyone will consider Him to belong to them. This is why He has been called the great-great-grandfather.
People of other lands think that you are giving the introduction of the Father of Bharat, but since it is said that God is One, everyone should at least experience the One. When everyone experiences the One, you can then understand that you have won. Let the one sound emerge from everyone's lips: Our Baba. Then, in the copper age, everyone will call out: Oh God, the Father! Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a co-operative soul and so an easy yogi soul who is constantly merged in love for the one Father!   
The loving souls who have deep love for the Father will always be co-operative in the Father's elevated task. They become easy yogis to the extent that they are co-operative. Co-operative souls who are merged in love for the Father can never be co-operative with Maya. They have Baba and service in their every thought and, therefore, even when they sleep, they receive a lot of rest, peace and power. Their sleep will not just be sleep but it will be as though they are lying down in happiness having earned an income. There will be this much transformation.
Slogan: Tears of love become pearls in the small jewel box of the heart.


Sweet children,
May you be soul conscious! Renounce the consciousness of the body and consider yourselves to be souls. You also know that the Supreme Soul is only One. Adam-Brahma cannot be called the Supreme Soul.
The Father now says: Whatever I tell you is right. I am called the Truth, the One who speaks the truth. I come to establish the religion of truth. It is said: Where there is the truth, the soul dances, that is, if you are truthful you can dance in happiness. This is the dance of knowledge.
Baba enters a human body and tells you: You were so sensible and have now become so senseless. You were in the golden age and have now come into the iron age.
Only when someone listens to knowledge from Me is he called a gyani. All the rest are devotees.
People mount a diamond in the centre of a ring. In a rosary, they have a tassel at the top and then the dual bead. Their name is Adam-Bibi. You would say: Mama and Baba. Adi Dev and Adi Devi belong to the confluence age. The confluence age is the highest of all, when that kingdom is being established. It is here that you children have to become 16 celestial degrees full. The Father comes to make the old world new.
Baba comes at the most auspicious confluence age and establishes the deity dynasty. A soul first enters a womb. A small baby then grows big. Shiv Baba doesn't become big or small nor does He take birth through a womb.
The Buddha soul entered someone else; the Buddhist religion didn't exist previously. He would definitely enter a person who is already here and he would definitely enter a womb. Only one person established the Buddhist religion and then many others continued to follow him down and expansion took place. When there are hundreds of thousands of them, their kingdom then begins.
The Father gives you knowledge for liberation and salvation. He doesn't enter a womb; He sits in this one. He doesn't have another name. All other beings take the names of their bodies. That One is the Supreme Soul. He is the Ocean of Knowledge.
In the golden age, everyone is pure and lives in peace and happiness. All their desires are fulfilled for 21 births. There are no desires in the golden age. There, you receive plenty of everything, food, etc. This Bombay didn't exist at first. Deities don't reside on salty land. The deities existed where there were sweet rivers. There were very few human beings and each one of them had a lot of land.
When the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, entered this one, you were pulled and you came running. You were not concerned about anything else. The Father says I am completely pure. You souls are covered with rust, so how can that be removed? In the drama, all souls have received their own parts. These are very deep matters. A soul is so tiny. No one can see it except with divine vision. The Father comes and gives you the third eye of knowledge. You know that the Father only teaches you souls.
On the path of devotion, they have as much knowledge as a pinch of salt in a sackful of flour. For instance, "God speaks" is right, but then, by saying that it is Krishna who speaks, it becomes wrong. The word 'manmanabhav' is fine, but they don't understand the meaning of that. The words "Constantly remember Me alone" are right. This is the epoch (age) of the Gita. God enters this chariot at only this time. They have then shown a horse chariot with Krishna sitting in it. There is such a difference between this chariot of God and a horse chariot. They don't understand anything at all.
This is the home of the unlimited Father. The Father gives all of you souls, you children, health, wealth and happiness for 21 births. This is also the eternal, imperishable drama which is predestined. You cannot tell when it began. The cycle continues to turn. No one knows about this confluence age. The Father tells you that this drama is only 5000 years. For half the cycle, there are the sun and moon dynasties and then, in the other half, that is, for 2500 years, there are all the other religions. You know that it is the vice less world in the golden age. You are now claiming the kingdom of the world with the power of yoga. Christians themselves understand that someone is inspiring them and this is why they are continuing to make all of those things for destruction. They say that they have made such bombs that they can destroy not just one world, but ten such worlds! The Father says: I have come to establish heaven but they will carry out destruction. Achcha.

Blessing:  May you pass with honours by letting the past be the past and with this elevated method, make it into a memorial.   
Let many souls learn a lesson through your story of the past. Your past should become a memorial and then people will praise you, that is, they will sing songs of your praise.
Slogan:  Make an elevated plan for the benefit of the self and world service will then receive sakaash. 


Sweet children,
You children who are now sitting here know that the unlimited Father is once again making you satopradhan. The main method He tells you is to consider yourselves to be brothers, souls. The main teaching you are given is to have a great deal of spiritual love for each other. You used to have spiritual love but you no longer have that. The question of love does not arise in the incorporeal world.
You understand that you were satopradhan in the beginning; you had a lot of love for one another. The Father has given all of you brothers the teaching that you brothers should have a great deal of love for one another. I am your Father. I look after you with so much love. I make you satopradhan from tamopradhan. Your aim and objective is to become satopradhan. You understand that the more satopradhan you become, the more happiness you will experience. You were satopradhan. You brothers used to live with each other with great love. You have now come to know from the Father that, as deities, you were very loving to each other.
Now, because of body consciousness, there isn't that love for one another. You continue to see each other's defects: So-and-so is like this. When you were soul conscious, you never found fault with each other. You had a lot of love for each other. You now have to imbibe that same stage again. Here, you look at each other with such vision that you start to fight and quarrel amongst yourselves.
You were so sweet. You now have to become just as sweet again. You were bestowers of happiness and have now become bestowers of sorrow. In the kingdom of Ravan you started using the sword of lust and causing sorrow for each other. You did not use the sword of lust when you were satopradhan. These five vices are your enemies. This is the vicious world.
Now, consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. The more you remember Me, the more your defects will continue to be removed.
By coming into body consciousness you find fault with one another. The Father says: Make your own effort in order to claim a high status.
You sweetest children were so unshakeable. There was no conflict amongst you and you did not defame anyone. Now, there is one weakness or another, and so that has to be removed. We are all brothers. You have to remember the one Father alone. There should only be the concern to become satopradhan. So-and-so is like this, so-and-so did that: now, forget all such things. The Father says: Put aside all of those things and consider yourselves to be souls. Now make effort to become satopradhan. It is only by becoming body conscious that you see defects in others. Consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. See one another as brothers and you will only see virtues. Make effort to inspire others to become virtuous.
The God-Father has the most virtues. Therefore, imbibe all virtues from the Father and renounce all other things. Renounce defects and imbibe virtues. The Father makes you so virtuous. He says: You children also have to become as virtuous as Me. The Father is the Bestower of Happiness. We too have to become bestowers of happiness.
The Father says: I am the cleverest One of all. I have come to make you all clever, the sweetest of all. Renounce all your defects etc. Check your own pulse and see: To what extent do I remember the sweetest, spiritual Father with love? To what extent do you understand these aspects and to what extent do you explain them to others? There is no benefit at all in becoming body conscious.
There is a great burden of sin on your heads. The Father has now awakened you. We now have to become like this. We have to imbibe divine virtues. Consider one another to be brothers and remember the Father. You have to claim your inheritance from the Father.
It should enter your intellects that people have continued to praise and defame God. In fact, there is no praise, only defamation. On the one hand they praise Him, and on the other hand they defame Him, because they don't know Him. On the one hand, they praise the Father and on the other they say that He is omnipresent. By saying that God is in the pebbles and stones, they have turned away from God.
At the time of destruction, the intellects that have turned away from God will be led to destruction, whereas the intellects that have love for God and are personally in front of God will be led to victory. Try to remember the Father as much as possible.
The Father says: Children, come and claim your kingdom once again. Constantly remember Me alone with happiness. It is said: There is no nourishment like happiness. There is the happiness of finding the God-Father. However, some children are not able to maintain that happiness inside. Otherwise, the conscience says that there should be a great deal of happiness. We will become kings through this study. We are children of the unlimited Father. Achcha.

Blessing:  May you be a constant and easy yogi and merge the consciousness of "I" in "Baba(sweet God-Father)"!   
Slogan:  To say "I, I" means to invoke Maya, the cat.     


Sweet Children,
This is the unlimited Father who comes and teaches you. He explains to you children the secrets of the whole tree and the world drama. You understand that the Father of all souls has come. Your intellects should have the faith throughout the whole day that the unlimited Father is teaching us. He is our Father, Teacher and Guru. He is also called the Creator. You have to understand that He does not create souls. He explains: I am the Seed. I tell you the knowledge of the human world tree. Who else but the Seed could give this knowledge?
The Father is called the Ocean of Knowledge. “Janijananhar” means the One who knows the secrets of the tree from the beginning, through the middle to the end. The Father is the Seed of this human world tree. He is the Ocean of Knowledge. He has the whole knowledge in Him. He comes and teaches the children.
All the souls that exist are present here at this time. At first, they were in the land of peace. Then, they went from the land of happiness to the land of sorrow. No one knows how this play of happiness and sorrow is created.
The Father of all souls is teaching you. This is such a huge unlimited play, but they say that it lasts for hundreds of thousands of years. You say that the duration of this play is 5000 years. You have now come to know that there are two types of peace; one is that of the land of peace and the other, the peace of the land of happiness. It is in the intellects of you children that the Father of all souls is now teaching us. This is not mentioned in any of the scriptures. This is the unlimited Father whom the people of all religions call Allah, God, the Father, Prabhu etc. His teachings must surely be the highest. This should remain in you throughout the whole day.
When you become introverted and churn this ocean of knowledge, you will experience happiness and intoxication. Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) is the greatest Teacher. He also makes you into teachers. All of you are numberwise.
He has so many names on the path of devotion: He is called the Supreme Soul, Rama, Prabhu and Allah. Just see, there is only one Teacher and yet He is remembered by so many names. The Teacher should only have one name. Can He have so many names? There are so many languages. Some use the word God, and some say Khuda.
He Himself understands: I have come to teach you children. After you have studied and become deities, destruction will take place. This world is now old, so who can make it new? The Father says: It is My part to make it new. I am also bound by the bondage of the world drama.
The Father has now come. He is the One who teaches us. He is the One who establishes peace. There was peace when it was the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. Here, there is peacelessness. There are so many souls and only the one Father. It is such a wonderful play! Baba, the Father of all souls, is teaching us. You should have so much happiness.
The Father Himself says: I come every cycle at the confluence of every cycle to make you into the most elevated human beings. You become this, numberwise. It is through a study that you attain a
status. You understand that the unlimited Father is teaching you. People say that God has no name or form and that He is in the pebbles and stones. So many different things are said of Him. They have portrayed goddesses with so many arms. Ravan is portrayed with 10 heads. Children, it should enter your hearts that the Father of all souls is teaching us, that He is making us pure. Therefore, how much happiness you should have inside you! However, this happiness will only emerge when you become merciful and bring benefit to everyone and make them happy.
The Father says: This study will continue for as long as I am here, until the time of destruction and until everything has been sacrificed into this sacrificial fire.

Blessing: May you be bodiless and put a full stop to all waste with your will power in a second.
 The foundation of becoming bodiless in a second is the attitude of unlimited disinterest. This disinterest is such an opportune field that whatever you sow in it will instantly bear fruit. Let there now be such will power that, as soon as you have the thought of finishing waste, it finishes in a second. Set yourself whenever, wherever and in whichever stage you want in a second so that service does not pull you. When you put a full stop in a second, you easily become bodiless.

Slogan: In order to become equal to the Father, put right anything that has gone wrong.


Sweet Children,
You know that this one (Father Brahma) is the Father of Humanity; he is not just the father of one. The Father of Humanity is the great-great-grandfather.
The things of the path of devotion are totally separate. That part is also fixed in the world drama and it continues to be played. The God-Father tells you how you took 84 births and not 8.4 million births. The Father comes and now makes us and the whole world righteous.
Only now do you receive this knowledge from the unlimited Father through which you receive constant happiness, health and wealth for 21 births. There, your lifespan is long. The very name is the land of immortality.
People say of the unlimited Father, who makes you into the masters of the world, that He is omnipresent and that He is in the pebbles and stones. You have defamed Him even more than yourselves. I serve you altruistically. I have no greed to become number one. No; I just have the concern to make others this. This is called altruistic service. He salutes you children. Baba is incorporeal and egoless; he has no ego at all.
Once you become the masters, you no longer need knowledge. Knowledge is always given to ignorant ones. It is said: When the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. You children now know that the whole world is in darkness. There are many religious gatherings. Here, it is not the path of devotion. This is the path that leads to salvation. Only the one Father grants you salvation.
There are many rituals. There is a great deal of show on the path of devotion; that is like a mirage. People have become trapped in it in such a way that if anyone tries to pull them out, he too becomes trapped in it. This is also fixed in the drama.
Nothing new! Every second that passes is according to the predestined drama. You know that you are now studying Raja Yoga from the unlimited Father and becoming Narayan from an ordinary human and the masters of the world. You children should have this intoxication. The unlimited Father only comes in Bharat and only after every 5000 years. He is the Ocean of Peace and the Ocean of Happiness.
the Father says: Explain to even the Ministers of Health. Tell them: We can tell you such methods that you will never fall ill. God speaks: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember Me alone, and you will become pure from impure and ever healthy. We can guarantee this. Yogis are pure and so their lifespan is also long. You are now Raja Yogis and also Raj Rishis. The sannyasis can never teach Raja Yoga.
I am the Lord of the Poor. I make the poor wealthy. The poor immediately belong to the Father. They say: Baba, I belong to You. Everything I have belongs to You. The Father says: Remain a trustee. Use your intellect to understand that that is not yours, that it belongs to the Father.
The golden age definitely has to come. In between is the confluence age in which you become the highest of all human beings. You belonged to the pure family path. Then, while going through 84 births, you became impure and you have to become pure again. You became this in the previous cycle. Those who made effort in the previous cycle will make effort again and claim their inheritance.
The Father sees everything as the Observer. The Father says: You are messengers. The others are not messengers. Only the one Satguru grants salvation. Other founders of religions just come to establish their own religions, so how can they be gurus? I grant salvation to everyone. Achcha.

Blessing: May you have unlimited disinterest and remain as detached and loving as a lotus flower while living in the midst of facilities.

Slogan: To be able to stabilise distressed people in their self-esteem is the best service of all .          

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