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Create such sanskars that there is no sorrow even in dreams.When you move away from your eternal self,there is sorrow.

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02/03/14  Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 12/06/77   
Essence: The lotus-like stage is the elevated seat of Spiritual life

Are you constantly seated on the lotus-like elevated seat of Spiritual life? The lotus-like stage means to be loving and beyond the attraction of the physical organs whilst performing actions. Not only should you be loving and detached in your awareness, but every action at every second should be performed in a loving and detached stage. Even today, in memory of this, devotees praise each of your sense organs as the lotus eyes, the lotus lips and the lotus hands. Which period of time does this seat belong to? To that of the Spiritual life. Ask yourself: Has every physical organ of yours become like a lotus? Have your eyes become like a lotus? Have your hands become like a lotus? To be like a lotus is to perform every action whilst remaining free from the bondage of any vice. You see a body, but when you see a body with your lotus eyes, you will not be bound by the attraction of the body. It is just as a lotus is detached from the water whilst growing in the water, that is, it is beyond the pull of the attraction of water; it remains detached from all the different relations. A lotus has many relations. A lotus is not alone; it is a symbol of family life. Spiritual souls are those who become as totally detached as atoms whilst living with their families, whether lokik or alokik; whilst living in a tamoguni and impure atmosphere, they remain totally detached. Master creators would have the same virtues as the Creator. Are you always seated on this seat or only sometimes? Only those who are constantly seated on this seat can remain free from bondage and be constantly yogyukt. Check to what percentage you are free from the bondage of the five vices and the five elements. Are you a soul who is caught up in this or one who is totally free?

All of you have promised BapDada (GodFather)  that you will leave everyone else and belong to Baba (GodFather) that you will do as He says and move as He makes you move. Are you fulfilling your promise? For how long do you remember your promise and for how long do you forget it throughout the day? Every day, you sing: Mine is one Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) and none other. Do you have such a stage? Is there any relationship, love, co-operation, attainment, person or material comfort still remaining that would take you away from the Father? Is there any person or thing that can attract and tie in bondage a soul who is free from bondage? As there is no one else, do you constantly experience yourself being a yogyukt soul, free from bondage? Or, do you just say that there is none other, but, in reality, there is? Is there someone else or is everything over? If there is someone else, then why do you sing this song? Do you sing it just to please BapDada? Or, do you sing it hoping that it will create such a stage?

Do you know the speciality of spiritual life? A Child of God is one whose thinking, speaking and doing are all the same - let there be no difference. When will you adopt this speciality of spiritual life? Now or at the end? What do you call the present time? You call it the year or age of benevolence. You call it the time for earning an income for the entire cycle. You call it the time to sow the seeds of elevated actions. You call it the time to record the record of sanskars for 5000 years. You call it the time of benefit for the world, the time for world transformation. What would you call those who have knowledge of the present time yet waste their time and leave everything to the future? Time is your creation. What would you say about a creator whose effort depends upon time, the creation, that is, is your effort dependent on time?

BapDada has told you before that you are the elevated souls who are the images of support for the world. Would such images of support, who continue to depend upon time or any other support, still be called images of support, or those who are dependent? So, check whether, as a soul who is an image of support for the world, you are not moving along with any other support. Apart from being an image who has the support of the one Father, check that you are not a soul who is moving along on the basis of limited support of anyone else?

You have promised that you will only have the one Support, but what is the practical form? What would be the practical experience of having only the one Support? Those who constantly have the one imperishable Support will constantly experience themselves as having stepped away from the iron-aged impure world. The boat of life of such souls has left the shores of the iron-aged world. They would constantly experience being beyond the iron-aged, impure attraction of vices. No iron-aged attraction can pull them. Through science, people are able to go very far into space, beyond the pull of gravity. Being pulled by any type of attraction of the body, bodily relations or physical possessions is the practical proof of some type of support, because a temporary support gives temporary, short-term attainment. That is, it is perishable and only for a short time. Many of you say that you have little experience of having remembrance or of receiving power; you experience a form of power, but not always. Why is this? It is definitely because of your taking one or another limited support, instead of the one Support. As the support shakes, so you also shake; you are in a state of upheaval. So, check your support! Do you know how to check this? You need to have a divine and powerful intellect to check yourself. If you are not able to do this yourself, check yourself with the co-operation of souls who have powerful intellects.

As soon as each soul took spiritual birth, BapDada gave that one a powerful and divine intellect and a divine eye as a blessing for his birth. Or, you can say that all of you children have received a birthday gift from the Father. Do you know how to look after your birthday gift? If you always use this gift accurately, you remain constantly like a lotus, that is, you can remain stable in the stage that is like a lotus seat. Do you understand what you have to check? To what extent have all your sense organs become lotus like? Those who become like a lotus will remain constantly beyond any attraction, that is, they will remain constantly cheerful. If you are attracted to something, you are not able to remain cheerful. Now, take your intellect away from all those things. Let what you say and what you do be the same. Be those who fulfil their promise, not those who just make a promise. Achcha.

To those who constantly consider themselves to be images of support by having all relationships with the one Father and no one else, to the powerful souls who are not dependent upon time but who consider themselves to be powerful, to the souls who are free from bondage, to the constantly yogyukt souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

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Are the Pandavas and Shaktis both on the battlefield? Are you continuing to progress by gaining victory in your battle? Victorious souls constantly experience the happiness of their victory. Those who are victorious don't experience waves of sorrow. Sorrow is experienced when there is defeat. Victorious jewels remain constantly happy and cheerful. Let there not be a scene of sorrow coming even in your dreams, that is, let there not be any feeling of sorrow. Even in dreams one can experience sorrow. Sometimes, when you have seen such a scene, there are dreams of sorrow, are there not? When your dreams are filled with happiness, you would definitely be an embodiment of happiness in the corporeal form. In singing praise of your virtues, would you say, "An embodiment of happiness" or "An embodiment of sorrow"? Since the eternal form of the soul is of happiness, how could there be sorrow? When you move away from your eternal form, you experience sorrow. So, do you feel that you have put sorrow aside? Even whilst listening to the sorrows of others, you should not experience any sorrow because you know that this is the world of sorrow. For you, the world of sorrow is over. For you, this is the benevolent age of the ascending stage. Even in your thoughts, you have raised your anchor and left the world of sorrow behind. If you are pulled towards relatives who cause sorrow or stressful situations for you, you should then understand that there are still subtle strings of sorrow. Have all the subtle strings broken or are there still some left? Being pulled by these is the sign or recognition of the strings. If strings are tying you down, you cannot then move ahead. If you have not yet left the shores of the world of sorrow behind, you are not part of the confluence age; you are in between the iron and the confluence ages. You are neither here nor there; so what would your state be then? Sometimes, here and sometimes, there. You would not experience your intellect being stabilised in one place. Do you like wandering? Since you do not like it, then finish it! Constantly be stable in your form of happiness. When you speak, speak words of happiness; think of matters of happiness and see the soul, an embodiment of happiness. If you look at the body, consider it to be made up of the final elements filled with vices. This is why you should see the soul, an embodiment of happiness. You need to have such a practice. The golden-aged deities are not aware of the word, "sorrow". If you were to ask them something of this, they would say, "Is there such a thing as sorrow?" You have to develop these sanskars at this time. Create such sanskars that you no longer have any knowledge of the word, "sorrow". As you have attainment, there is no effort required. Making effort for a few years in one birth to create the sanskars of ruling is not a big deal. It is just a little effort for a short time to create sanskars for a period of 5000 years. The obstacles that come will not harm you because they are just coming to bid you farewell. However, if they stay with you, there is a loss. Let them come and go. Do not let obstacles sit down with you as your guests. You now need to make such effort that the obstacles simply come and go away. If you allow obstacles to become your guests time and again, that will then become a habit. They will then feel at home with you. Therefore, let them come and let them go. Do you feel mercy for Maya because she has been your guest for half a cycle? Now, do not feel mercy.

Even now, you can experience the pilgrimage of remembrance even more deeply. Everyone speaks about this and stays in remembrance, but you now have to increase the attainment of remembrance. By giving more time for this and paying more attention to this you will truly feel yourself to be submerged in the ocean of experience. Just as where there is purity, you feel an atmosphere of peace, so elevated yogis are also those who remain deeply absorbed in love. Let there be this experience. Only when you experience this will there be an impact of knowledge and the success of yoga. Just as you go to the depths of the physical ocean, so too, go deep into the ocean of experience. Have a new experience every day. Let there be attention paid to the pilgrimage of remembrance.

Be introspective and continue to move forward. Even that is lacking. At present, there isn't the impact of being lost in remembrance while doing service. There is the impact of just serving. You now need to have the stage of being a constant yogi. Become engrossed in inventing a method for this; run a race that has never been run before. Run the race of the experience of the pilgrimage of remembrance. Those who conduct yoga camps have a very good chance to do this. You only have the one duty and none other. Through this you can easily become free from obstacles and the atmosphere can also change. When everyone is busy with the self, there is no time to look at or listen to others or to become weak due to obstacles. Make such plans that everyone is lost in the self; whether it is the intoxication of the corporeal, alokik life or attainments, remain absorbed in this. Do not get caught up in any atmosphere and then spread such a wave.

Blessing: May you be constantly happy and remain free from limited desires and go beyond all questions.   

The children who remain free from limited desires have a sparkle of happiness visible on their faces. Those who are happy-hearted will never have any questions in any situation. They will experience everyone to be always altruistic and innocent (free from blame); they will not blame anyone else. No matter what situations arise, even if souls continue to come in front of them to settle their karmic accounts, even if the suffering of karma through the body continues to come in front of them, they will always remain happy because of their contentment.

Slogan: Check your wastage with attention, not with carelessness.    

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