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All of those who study the scriptures are called authorities. The God-Father says: I am the Authority for everyone.

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Sweet  children,
Sweetest, spiritual  children  have  understood that  it is  not a human  being  teaching you here. Only those who can understand this can come  here.  It is God who is teaching you here. There  has to be the recognition of God.   The  name  is so  great  - God  - and  then they say that  He  is  beyond  name  and  form! Actually, He is beyond,  in a practical way.  He is such a tiny point.   It is said that a soul  is a star.   Those stars  are  not tiny.   This  soul,  a star, is truly  tiny.  The Father  too  is a point.  
The  Father  is ever  pure.   His praise  is: The Ocean of Knowledge and the Ocean  of Peace.   There  is no question of being confused about this. The  main  thing is to become  pure.   There  is fighting because of vice. 
The  Father says:  I come  when  it is the stage  of retirement.  The law of the stage  of retirement began here. So, those who are in the stage  of retirement  will definitely stay  beyond  sound.  In order  to go  beyond  sound,  you  have  to remember the  Father  fully  and become  pure. There  is only one way to become pure.  If you want to go back, you definitely have to become pure. Everyone has to go back home.  It is not just two or four that have to go back; the whole impure world has to change.   No one knows  about  this world drama.   This  is the cycle of the drama from  the golden  age to the iron  age. 
The  Father  says:  Consider yourself to be a soul  and  remember the  Father  and  also  definitely become pure.    Only  then  will  you be able  to  go  to  the  land  of  peace  and  the  land  of  happiness. It is remembered that the Bestower of Liberation and Salvation  is only  One.   There  are  very  few in the golden age and they remain  pure.  In the iron age, there are innumerable religions and they become impure.  
Children, this  is a very  high  study.    The  eyes  are  so deceptive, don't  even  ask!    The  world  is tamopradhan.  At colleges they are very  bad. Don't even ask about the situation abroad! Such things do not exist  in the golden  age.  Those people say  that it has been hundreds of thousands of years  since  the golden age existed. The Father  says:  It was only yesterday that I went away,  having  given  you your  fortune of the kingdom. You lost everything. In the world  as well, a father says: I gave you so much property and you lost everything.   There  are even  such  children who  lose all  the property in just  a short  time. 
The  unlimited Father also says:  I  departed having given  you so much wealth.  I made you into such worthy  masters  of the world,  and  now, according to the drama, this has become  your  condition!   You are  those same  children of Mine, are you not? You were so wealthy! This is an un limited thing which  you explain.
There  is the story of a boy who used to shout  every day  that a lion  had come,  but the lion never  came.   One day the lion truly did come.   You too say  that death  is about  to come and  people say: Every day you say  this, but destruction doesn't take place.  You know  that destruction will definitely take place one day.  They  have made the story from this. The unlimited  Father says that it is not their fault.  The same thing  happened  in the previous cycle too.
That unlimited Baba is a very sweet Baba.   If everyone were to know this, so many would come here.  They wouldn't be able to study here because you need solitude to be able to study.  Mornings are so quiet and peaceful.  We consider  ourselves  to be souls  and  we  remember  the Father.    How  would  our  sins  be absolved  except through  remembrance?  You  just  have  this one  concern.    You  have now  become  impure and  poverty­ stricken and so how can you  become double-crowned?   The Father explains  a very simple  thing to you. There  will be upheavals.  There is nothing to be afraid of.
The unlimited Father is teaching you.  The Father is the Magnet. Is this a small thing?  When daughters become pure, they receive a lot of happiness.  Those people say that there is some power, but they don't  understand  what that power is.  The Father is the Almighty Authority.   He makes everyone the same, but not everyone can become the same.   In that case, everyone's features would  be the same, and their status  would also be the same.    This drama  is predestined.   In 84 births, you receive the same 84 features that you received every cycle.   You will continue to receive those same features.  There cannot be any difference in that.  These matters have to be understood and imbibed.
Destruction definitely has to take place.  There cannot be peace in the world at this time.  They continue to fight among themselves.   Death is just over your head.   According to the drama , the one original, eternal, deity  religion has to be established  and all the rest have to be destroyed.  They continue  to manufacture atomic bombs.   There will also be natural calamities.  Big rocks will fall and all the buildings etc. will be destroyed.  No matter how strong they make the buildings, or how strong the foundations are, none of them will remain.  They think that such buildings will not fall even in earthquakes.  However, it is said: No matter what you do, even if you make hundred-storey  buildings, destruction definitely has to take place.  None of this will remain.   
You  children  have  come  here  to receive  your inheritance  of  heaven. Look  what  is happening abroad!   That is called the pomp of Ravan. Maya says: I too am no less.  There, you will have palaces studded with diamonds and jewels. There, everything will be golden.  There is no need to build any double-  or  triple-storey buildings  there.   Land doesn't  even  cost anything  there.   You  have  everything present in front of you.  Therefore, you children have to make a lot of effort. 
Those people issue an ordinance: No one should go outside after such and such a time, otherwise they will be shot.  The  Father also says: If you indulge in vice, you will be shot.   God's  order is: Remain cautious. Nowadays, they make such things of gas etc. that people die while just sitting.   All of this is fixed in the drama because no hospitals etc. will remain at the end. 
A soul sheds a body and quickly takes another. There is no suffering in golden age, souls are free, a soul sheds his body when he has lived his full lifespan. Death doesn't  exist there. Ravan himself doesn't exist there, so how could death come there? They are messengers of Ravan, not of God.  God 's children are very lovely.  A father can never bear to see his children suffering.   According to the drama,  you experience  three-quarters  happiness.   You should follow the directions of the Father who gives you so much happiness.  This is your final birth.
The Father says: Stay at home with your family and become pure in this final birth.  Only through remembrance of the Father will your sins be absolved.  You have the sins of many births on your heads.  You definitely have to become satopradhan  from tamopradhan.   The Father is the Almighty Authority.  All of those who study the scriptures  are called authorities. The Father says: I am the Authority for everyone. I tell you the essence of all the scriptures through Adam - Brahma: Consider yourself  to be a soul and remember Me and your sins will  be absolved.   How  could you  become  pure  by  bathing  in water?   When  there  was  a little  water somewhere, they  would  even  believe  that to be a pilgrimage place and  quickly bathe  there.   That  is called tamopradhan faith.  Yours  is satopradhan faith.  The Father explains: There  is nothing to be afraid of in this. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love,  remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual  Father says namaste  to the spiritual  children.

Blessing: May  you  be  a  true  server  who  finishes  all  wasteful  vibrations  with  the power of  pure and powerful thoughts. 
It is said that thoughts can create  a world. When you have weak or wasteful  thoughts, a world of  wasteful   atmosphere is  then  created.     A  true  server   is  one  who  even finishes   the  old vibrations  with  their  pure  and  powerful   thoughts.    Just  as  scientists finish   weapons  with weapons and make one plane fall using  another  plane, similarly, let the vibrations of your pure and powerful  thoughts finish wasteful vibrations.  Now do such service.

Slogan: Be liberated  from the obstacles of the subtle  threads of gold and celebrate the year of liberation. 


Sweet children,

The Father sits here and explains to you souls.  He remembers the soul and also the body. The soul cannot remember without a bodyFirst the body is remembered and then the soul.  First, the body would be remembered  because the body is big.   Then, the soul, which is subtle and extremely  tiny, would be remembered.  The big body cannot be praised.   It is only the soul that is praised: this one's soul does good service; the soul  of so-and-so  is better than that one. 
The Father has to remember many souls.  He doesn't  remember the name of the body, but just the form comes in front  of Him.   By saying "the  soul of so-and-so" the body is definitely  remembered.    For  instance,  you understand  that Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) enters the body of this  Dada (Adam-Brahma).   You know that Baba enters his body.  The body would definitely be remembered.  You ask: How can we remember Baba?  Should we remember Shiv Baba in the body of Brahma or in the supreme abode?  Many have this question.  Baba says: It is the soul that you have to remember.  However, you would definitely also remember the body.  First is the body and then the soul.   Baba is sitting in this one's body, and so you would definitely  remember the body.  
The soul with such-and-such  a  body has this virtue.   Baba also continues  to see who  remembers  Him, who  has many virtues and which flowers have fragrance.   Everyone  loves flowers.   When they make bouquets  they use king flowers, queen flowers, leaves etc.  The Father's vision would go towards the flowers.  He would say: The soul of so-and-so is very good.  He does a lot of service.  He remains soul conscious and remembers the Father.   He runs wherever he sees service.  
Shiv Baba is in this one because the Father has now come down.  He has come down to speak a murli.  He doesn't  have anything to do in His own home.   What would  he do when He goes there?  
To remember that soul means to give him sakaash (a current of power).  The connection  of the soul  remains with the Supreme Soul.   The day will come when that child  will stay in yoga a great deal. When this one remembers someone, that one would instantly have a vision.  A soul is just a tiny point. Even if they  were to  have a vision, they would  not  be able  to understand  and so  they would even  then just remember the body.  A soul is tiny, but when he remembers Baba he continues to become pure.
The main  thing is yoga and study.   It is also called  Gyan and  Vigyan.   This  is the Gyan  Vigyan  Bhavan where  the Father  comes  and  teaches  you.    You  receive  the knowledge of the whole world  through  Gyan.   Vigyan  means  you stay  in yoga  through  which  you  become pure.  You  now know  the meaning.   The  Father continues to see the children. Only  by your becoming soul conscious will the evil spirits be removed.  It isn't that everyone's spirits will be removed  instantly.   When the karmic accounts are settled, you will claim a status  according to your activities.
The class is transferred. This  world  is  being  transferred  downwards and you  are  being  transferred  upwards.   There   is so  much difference!  They continue to come  down  the iron-aged  ladder  whereas  you continue to climb  up the ladder of the most auspicious confluence age.   It is the same  world.   It is a matter  of the intellect. 
Only God explains to you the philosophy of karma, neutral karma and sinful  karma.  This is the confluence age of the cycle  when  the  old  world  ends and  the new world  is established.   Destruction is just ahead.    You  are standing at the confluence age, whereas  it is the iron age  for other  people.   There  is extreme darkness; they continue to fall  down.    Someone would  be an  instrument to make  them  fall.   That is Ravan.   
The  Father  is the Truth.   So, children also have  to be truthful.  The  Father says: I have to do service here day and night.   I  have to give visions  to the trance messengers and the devotees. That is here anyway; there is no service  there.    Baba  isn't happy  without doing  service.    He  has  to serve  the whole  world. Everyone is calling out:   Baba,  come!    He says:   I enter  this chariot, and  so  those  people  have shown  a horse  chariot. How could  Krishna sit in a horse chariot?  It isn't  that he is interested  in sitting  in a horse chariot.  It is only at the confluence age that you speak  of being soul conscious and body conscious. No one except  the Father can explain  these things. 
Many  people  adopt gurus.    They believe  that they would  find the path to peace from someone. The  Father says:   Only  the one Father  is the Ocean  of Peace and He takes you with Him.  No one knows about  the land of peace or the land of happiness.
What can the poor do if they don't have any money?   Some  do have money, but they are  misers.   This  one showed  you  by doing  everything practically.  He handed everything over  to the mothers: You sit and look after everything because  I have now received  this knowledge, so that I don't remember anything at  the end.   Whatever you remember at the end ....If you  have  big houses,  you  would definitely remember them.  However, if you have heard  even a little knowledge, you will definitely become part of the subjects. The  Father  is the Lord  of the Poor.  
It is said:  Make a donation and the omens of the eclipse will be removed.  He (Adam-Brahma) gave everything to the Father.  He surrendered his body, friends and relatives etc -everything - to Baba: Baba, all of this is Yours.  At this time, there are the omens of an eclipse over the whole world.  Only you now know how these can be removed in just a second  and how you become beautiful from ugly.  You then explain this to others. 
Those who say that they understand internally but that they are unable to explain to others are of no use. The Father says:  Make a  donation  so  that  the  omens  of  the eclipse  can  be  removed.    I give  you  the  imperishable  jewels  of knowledge.   Continue  to give these to everyone, so that the omens of Rahu that are over Bharat and the whole world  can  be removed and there can  be the omens of Jupiter.   The  best omens are the omens  of Jupiter.   You now know that Bharat in particular and the world in general  have the omens of Rahu over them.  How can these be removed?  That One is the Father.  The Father takes everything old from you and gives you everything new in return.  Those are called the omens of Jupiter.  It would not be said that there are the omens of Jupiter for those who go to the land of liberation.  Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada.  The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be a pure and clean soul who finishes all the situations and attitudes of the past and achieves complete success. 
A  pure  and  clean  intellect,  attitude  and  actions  are  the  basis  of  easy  success  in service. Whenever  you  start any  service  task,  first of  all,  check:  Do  I  have  the awareness  of  past situations of any souls in my intellect?   If you look at them or speak to them with that attitude and vision, you cannot achieve complete success.  Therefore, finish the situations and attitudes of the past and become a pure and clean soul.   Only then will you be able to attain complete success.

Slogan: A garland of victory is put around the neck of those who transform themselves.    

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