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Stabilise yourself in the flying stage.No matter how thick the dark cloud of sanskars and karmic accounts may be, they will disperse.

16/03/14  Morning Murli      Madhuban   14/12/97

Essence:  Avoid anything wasteful or negative and become worthy of claiming an award.

God's love finishes the sorrow of many births in a second. God's love is filled with all powers and makes weak souls powerful. You elevated souls, who are worthy of God's love, are very few.
BapDada blesses each child from His heart: May you be an imperishable jewel who constantly swings in the swing of God's love. Do not take the feet of your mind off this swing of love because, out of the souls of the entire world, you are the beloved souls of the Supreme Soul.
So BapDada gives you children this blessing: Remain constantly absorbed in this love from God. No adverse situation or fluctuation of Maya can come to such souls who are absorbed in love. When you place your feet on the ground, Maya also comes to play a variety of games; she adopts many different forms and attracts you. However, Maya is not even able to raise her eyes to the souls who have all the powers and who are absorbed in love. Your third eye, your eyes with a form of intense fire, make Maya powerless.
All of you souls who are special, received your third eye from BapDada as soon as you took birth. However, the Father sees that sometimes the children's third eyes become very tired when they labour hard to make effort, and, because of being tired, they close.
You invoke Maya because of your weakness. She has become tired, but you invoke her, and so she also takes a chance. She has now become powerless. If any type of weakness comes, whether in your thoughts, words, connections or relationships, then understand that you have invoked Maya. She very quickly receives the vibrations of your invocation.
At the time of celebrating festival, underline for yourself the fact that you are a soul who constantly maintains enthusiasm for remembrance and service. The festival you are to celebrate tomorrow will be celebrated in this way, will it not?
No matter what type of a soul someone may be, even if a soul is opposing you - because all karmic accounts have to be settled here-the duty of you children of God is to speak things of enthusiasm and to relate stories filled with enthusiasm. They may keep crying, but you should make them dance with enthusiasm. There are and there will be situations to finish your enthusiasm, but BapDada's pure desire for the children is that they let the past be the past. No matter what all the souls who have been in contact and relationship with you may be like, they may even have been negative or opposing you until now, they may even have made you fluctuate in your spiritual life, but, you have to finish any negative or wasteful perception of others. Give them love; give them power. If you are not able to give them love or power, then, while seeing them, listening to them and coming into contact with them, avoid your heart imbibing anything negative or wasteful. Do not allow your mind or intellect to imbibe those things. Avoid them!
Bring about transformation. Transform anything negative or wasteful and merge that into your heart. Those who avoid both these aspects will receive the best and greatest of all awards from BapDada and the spiritual family. Other souls receive awards from souls. They do receive awards, do they not? This is an award from God! Avoid those things and claim this award. Do you have the courage to do this? Achcha.
All those children who have had the special thought of putting it into a practical form will receive extra help from BapDada. Simply remain determined! Every now and then, the drama will test you, but, if you remain determined in your thoughts, if the feet of your mind do not shake but remain stable, you can experience extra help from BapDada. You simply need power to take it: one faith and one Support. No matter what happens, you have to become this. Keep the feet of your mind very firm. Situations will arise, but you will experience them to be like the clouds below you when you are in an aeroplane flying above them. The clouds become a scene of entertainment. No matter how many dark clouds of situations there are, where you can see no solution at that time, you should still have the determined faith that the clouds that have come will later disappear. Those clouds will definitely disperse. They are not going to remain all the time. Stabilise yourself in the flying stage in this way. No matter how thick the dark clouds may be, they will disperse. Then, with the power of determination, you will have already achieved success.
Do not be afraid and think, "How will this happen?" It will all be good. BapDada knows that the closer time comes, the more the new situations of the dark clouds of sanskars and karmic accounts will arise. Everything has to be settled here. Many children ask: Why are these situations increasing day by day? The children who are not to go through the region of Dharamraj will have to settle all their karmic accounts, which includes the karmic accounts of their nature and sanskars, here, in the final moments of the confluence age. They will not go to the region of Dharamraj. The 'demons of death' will not appear in front of them.
All those things are the 'demons of death ' which have to be finished here. Therefore, the illnesses are an indication of all these things being finished here. Do not think that it doesn't seem as if time is coming to an end, and that your waste thoughts are increasing. In fact, they are all being released in order to be settled. Their duty is to come and your duty is to transform them with your flying stage and with sakaash (vibrations of power). Do not be afraid.
Many children have the speciality of not showing their fear externally, but, internally, their minds are in fear. Externally, they would say that nothing is wrong, that all of this happens all the time. However, internally, they would be affected by it, and so BapDada is telling you in advance, that things will come to make you afraid, but you must not be afraid. Do not drop your weapons. When you are afraid, whatever you are holding falls from your hands. So, when your mind is afraid, your weapons and powers drop; they become merged. Therefore, do not be afraid. You are already aware of it in advance.
Now become trikaldarshi. Become fearless. You Children don't have to become fearless in your interaction with one another. You have to become fearless of Maya. You have to be loving and humble in your relationships. No matter what others are like, just give them love from your heart. Give them good wishes and have mercy for them. Become humble, keep them ahead of you and enable them to move forward. This is known as making the cause of something negative into a positive solution. "Because of this, because of that, because of the other, etc." Now, make the cause or the problem into a positive solution.
How would you transform matter? Change yourself and then change others! Even if that person is wrong, if that person is 100% wrong, transform the world through self-transformation! No matter what the situation may be, even if you have to take help to change a situation, do not give that person the certificate that it is difficult for them to change.
If you are not able to transform something, it is your duty to let it reach the instrument souls. Do not take the law into your own hands. Only then will you become worthy of claiming an award. Achcha.

To all the lucky and lovely souls who are constantly swinging in the blissful swing of happiness of God's love, to the elevated souls who are embodiments of solutions through having determined thoughts, to the hero actor souls who are worthy of claiming a Godly award, to the souls who are seated on BapDada's heart-throne and who give the return of the sustenance they have received from BapDada, multimillion, greater than that, multibillion-fold, love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be cheerful and happy in your heart by remaining constantly full of all attainments.  
When people make an idol of a god or goddess, they always show that one's face to be smiling. So, the memorial of you remaining cheerful at this time is also shown in the non-living images. To be cheerful means to be overflowing with all attainments. Only those who are overflowing are able to remain cheerful. If there is a lack of attainment of anything, you would not be able to remain cheerful. No matter how much some try to remain cheerful, they may be cheerful externally, but not in their hearts. You smile from your heart, because you are overflowing with all attainments and are happy in your heart.

Slogan: In order for you to pass with honours, your accumulated account of every treasure should overflow.   

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