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Constantly have spiritual personality in an emerged form to remain unlimited.

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23/02/14    Morning Murli      Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   28/11/97   

Essence: The means of doing unlimited service is to take souls beyond with a glance through your spiritual personality.

Today, BapDada has once again come to meet His lovely, long-lost and now-found children who have been meeting Him for many cyclesThis meeting is a spiritual, alokik meeting. In this meeting, there is the practical form of love between BapDada (combined form of GodFather and Adam-Brahma) and you children.
Today, BapDada is seeing the spiritual personality of His children. The spiritual personality of every child is so elevated! No one else in the entire cycle has such a spiritual personality, because it is the highest-on­ high Father who has created your personality. You also know your spiritual personality, do you not? It is the greatest personality of all. You have the personality of complete purity in your dreams and thoughts. It is numberwise, but compared to souls of the world it is the most elevated.
BapDada is seeing the sparkle of the personality on each one's forehead. Together with purity, there is also the personality of spirituality in each one's face and behaviour. What other personality is there? Those who are overflowing with treasures also have a personality, but, no matter how full they may be, compared to you, those full souls are nothing because they are empty of the imperishable treasures of peace and happiness. Compared to the wealth you have, the millionaires and billionaires of the world ask for peace and happiness from the Father. You are overflowing with these imperishable treasures. Today, they may have those treasures but will not have them tomorrow, whereas your treasures can neither be looted by anyone nor can any soul make your treasures fluctuate. They are limitless and constant. You are the children who have such a personality.
Highest on high personalities still have their personalities created by other souls, by perishable wealth or by a perishable occupation. However, it is God, the Highest on High, who has made you into those with an elevated personality. So, do you have the spiritual intoxication of your elevated personality? If you have this intoxication, raise your hands.
Seeing all the children with such elevated personalities, BapDada is feeling such great happiness! Do you also have this happiness? Constantly have this personality in an emerged form in your awareness. It should not be that you think, "I have this anyway", but think, "I am this." It should be visible. It should be experienced.
What indication would there be in those who constantly have such a personality through which you would be able to understand that they are true to their personality? When this personality of theirs is kept in an emerged form, their eyes, face, behaviour, thoughts and relationships will all be filled with happiness. Constantly happy (prasanchit), not one who is full of questions (prasnachit), but one who is happy.
The behaviour of those who are full of questions will not be filled with personality. Their face will not have the sparkle of happiness. No matter what happens, the happiness of one with this personality cannot be hidden. It cannot remain merged. No matter how distressed or peace less souls may be, a soul who is satisfied will satisfy with his satisfaction those other souls with just a glance. The praise of the Father, "The One who takes souls beyond with just a glance does not apply to just the Father. It is also your praise. So, now, according to the time, because time is coming closer, it is the time to serve with just a glance. You will not be giving the seven days' course. Souls will become satisfied with just a glance. Their heart's desire will be fulfilled through you. What do all of you think? What do the original jewels of service think? Can you do such service?
So BapDada now wants you children to begin fast service. Whatever has happened was very good. According to the time, you must now give more chances to others to serve through words. Now, make others the mikes and give them sakaash to become might. So, your sakaash and their words will do double work. Only then will you be able to create 900,000 easily.
So, now, all of you, whether you are sitting in this function or are all the other maharathis, the service of the maharathis now is to give everyone sakaash and to come on to the field of unlimited service. Since the father, sitting in one place in the subtle region, is able to sustain all the children all over the world, and is doing that, can you not do unlimited service, the same as the father, while sitting in one place? To be an original jewel means to follow the father. Give sakaash to the unlimited.
Some children ask themselves and ask others among them how there can be unlimited disinterest. It is not visible, but when you keep yourself busy in unlimited service you will automatically have unlimited disinterest. You can constantly do the service of giving sakaash. There is no need to consider one's health or time for this; this becomes easy.
You can engage yourself in this unlimited service day and night. You saw Adam-Brahma Baba: even at night, when he opened his eyes, he would continue to do the unlimited service of giving sakaash. So, doing service in an unlimited way will make you so busy that you will naturally have unlimited disinterest with your heart, not through a programme. You make plans for doing this or that, but to remain busy in doing unlimited service is the easiest method because when you give sakaash to the unlimited, those who are close will then automatically receive that sakaash. The atmosphere will automatically be created through your giving this sakaash.
Do not think that you are now responsible for this many centres or this many zones. Do you all want to become kings of the states or of the world? What do you want to become? Kings of the world, don't you? You are the original jewels and so become those who give sakaash to the world. To keep in your intellect the fact that you have 20 or 30 centres or 200 or 250 centres or so many zones is not the work of the trunk. Even the twigs and branches can also do this. You are the trunk. Everyone receives sakaash from the trunk. All of you also think there should be unlimited disinterest, and that is very good.
Destruction should now be taking place. However, since you haven't prepared 900,000, the population that is to exist at the beginning of golden age, who would come if destruction were to take place now? Will you rule over two to three thousand? Will you rule over four to five hundred thousand? Therefore, now begin the part of doing unlimited service.
All the limited things will automatically finish by your going into the unlimited. You won't be able to let go of them by trying to do so. Transformation taking place through unlimited sakaash is the result of fast service.
Your experience was that you saw Adam-Brahma Baba and you didn't even need to think. You didn't experience having to tolerate anything or think that you had to tolerate. You didn't think anything was a big deal. So, now, too, anyone who sees an elevated soul should see Father Adam-Brahma. This is the fast means of service. Did Adam-Brahma Baba give you a course? You did the course later on. You just saw him and you belonged to him. Because the God-Father was merged in Adam-Brahma Baba, you didn't feel anything to be any effort. In the same way, all of you should merge BapDada in yourselves and take souls beyond with just a glance.
Your personality should make them belong to you. Adam-Brahma Baba also had such a personality; he had such personality in his face and character that he attracted everyone. So, follow the father! The Father made you instruments in the beginning; so you belong to the beginning. Those who are instruments for service and are the foundation of establishment have to remain in service till the end. You may not be able to tour around physically because of your health, but you can tour around with your mind. There is no expense in that nor is there any question of getting visas. There is no need to run around. You can serve in this way while lying down. What do you think? Now, make a plan like this and begin a new part. You have already celebrated one function. You have received the practical fruit of the service you have done. Now do new service. 


All of you have come from far away with a lot of love. BapDada is seeing the foreign lands too. Although the time is different, all of you are giving time with a lot of love and listening to the murli. (The murli is being heard through the satellite in 200 places.) This is also a fast speed. The sound from here is being heard in 200 places abroad. The speed of sound is very fast. This is also an invention. So, can you not make the speed of the power of silence fast? Science has made the sound of Bharat reach the foreign lands, and so are you not able to make the pure feelings of your heart reach other souls? Can you make it reach them? Otherwise, science will progress further and the power of silence will be a little less visible. Therefore, now reveal the power of silence. All of you have this. There isn't a single soul who can say that he doesn't have the power of silence. All of you have this. What can the sakaash of so many souls not achieve? Do all of you have the power of silence? Now, for one minute, all of you should make your power of silence emerge. Become absolutely silent! Make this silence emerge through your mind and through your body. Achcha. (BapDada conducted drill of dead silence.)

To the special children everywhere, to the souls who constantly stay in the intoxication of their spiritual personality, to the instrument world-benefactor souls who remain constantly busy in unlimited service, to those who constantly put the slogans of Father Brahma and Jagadamba into practice, to the highest-on-high souls who are equal to the Father and take others beyond with their glance, BapDada's and mother Jagadamba's love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing: May you be a jewel of contentment who remains constantly content and, with your vision, attitude and deeds, gives others the experience of contentment!  
In the spiritual clan, the jewels of contentment are those who remain constantly content with the speciality of contentment and give others the experience of contentment with their vision, attitude and actions. They constantly experience the shower of golden flowers of contentment from BapDada in their thoughts, words, deeds, connections and relationships in a gathering. Such jewels of contentment become the garland around BapDada's neck, those who have a right to the kingdom and a rosary of devotees.

Slogan: Finish all negative and waste and become free from labouring.  

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