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if you bid farewell to anger, then greed and desires etc. are all included in that.

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02/02/14    Avyakt Murli dated   03/04/97

Essence: Become those who finish your old sanskars, imbibe your original sanskars and become ever ready.

Today, BapDada is seeing His lucky and lovely children who are merged in the love of the Father of the world. The Father is proud of the fortune of each child: My children are so great at present that, throughout the entire cycle, not even the deities, the great religious leaders, the great souls, or the multimillion times fortunate souls have such great fortune as you Children have. So, do you constantly keep this elevated fortune of yours in your awareness? Do you constantly sing this unlimited song in your mind, "Wah Baba, the Bestower of Fortune! Wah the fortune of myself, the elevated soul!" Does this song of your fortune constantly play automatically?
The Father is constantly happy to see the children. Children are also happy, but now and then, instead of letting their fortune remain emerged, they allow it to become merged. When the Father sees that the children have merged the intoxication of their hundred-fold fortune and faith, what does He say? Drama! However, BapDada always wishes to see all the children as embodiments of awareness of their fortune. All of you also want this, but "but" comes in between. If any of you is asked what your aim is, all of you children are moving along with the aim of having to become equal to the Father. The aim is very good. Since your aim is so elevated and very good, why then is it sometimes in a merged form and sometimes in an emerged form? What is the reason for this?
BapDada saw that there are three things: One is to think, that is, to create thoughts. The second is to speak, that is, to relate them. The third is to put them into your deeds, into your practical activity and behaviour. So, an equal balance of the three is lacking. When there is a balance, the faith and intoxication is emerged and when the balance is lacking, your intoxication and faith become merged.
The result seen is that your speed of thinking is very good and fast. Your speed and intoxication in speaking is also 75% all right. The majority of you are clever at speaking, but the total marks are absolutely low in putting this into your practical activity. So, you are all right in two aspects, but very low in the third aspect. What is the reason for this? Since your thoughts are very good and your words are also very beautiful, why then is it not so good in the practical form? What is the reason for this?
Father says: There is only one reason. You make something easy very difficult. It is not difficult, but you make it difficult. Why? Your intoxication becomes merged.
For the dharna to increase constantly in a practical way, the main aspect is that whatever weaknesses or defects you have had from the copper age to this last birth, imbibing these have taken on the form of sanskars, and because they have become your sanskars, you do not have to make effort. You wish to renounce them, you don't like them, but, in spite of that, you say, "What can I do? My sanskars are like that. Don't think badly about it, because my sanskars are like that." How were the sanskars created? It was because you made them like that that they were created. So, you created those wrong sanskars from the copper age, through which you are compelled at times, and then you say, "What can I do? My sanskars are like that." So, the sanskars easily take a practical form even when you don't want them to.
Some become angry and then, after a little while, they say, "Don't think badly about this; it's just my sanskar." You made anger your sanskar, you made defects your sanskars, so why did you not make the virtues your sanskars? Just as anger is a power of ignorance, so peace and tolerance are powers of knowledge. You have made anger, the power of ignorance, your sanskar in a very good way and you continue to use it very well, and you then even continue to ask for forgiveness, "Forgive me; it won't happen in the future." However, it happens even more in the future. What is the reason for this? It is because you have made it your sanskar. BapDada tells the children the same thing again and again: Now, make every virtue and every aspect of knowledge your sanskar.
What is the original sanskar of souls? Is it anger or tolerance? What is it? It is tolerance and the power of peace, is it not? You have easily made the defects your sanskars. You have ground them into yourself in such a way that they even continue to emerge when you don't want them to. In the same way, grind every virtue into yourself and make it your sanskar. Always remember what your original sanskars are. You have made the property of Ravan your sanskars. You have made something that doesn't belong to you your own. Now make the Father's treasures your own.
The Father definitely has to take you back. The Father simply wants you to go as a bride and not as part of the wedding procession. All of you are very happy to hear this. You are even laughing at yourselves.
Now, at the time of hearing this, you are laughing at yourself. You are laughing at your own self. However, when you become aggressive, you become red or yellow. The Father has seen in the result that the children have one very good speciality. What is that? Maintaining purity. No matter how much you have to tolerate for this, no matter how many come to oppose you, in this aspect 75 percentage are good. Some even tell lies. Nevertheless, 75 percentage have passed in this aspect.
However, what is the second subject that comes up? Anger. Of course there is total body consciousness, but it has been seen that very few have passed in the subject of anger. They think perhaps that anger is not a vice, that it is a weapon but not a vice. However, anger for a knowledgeable soul is a great enemy. Why? Anger is revealed when you come into contact and relationship with many souls. Then, when that anger is seen the Father's name is defamed a great deal.
Those who see this would say sarcastically, "We have seen the knowledgeable souls!" There are many forms of anger. You know one great form very well. You can see when a person is getting angry. The second subtle form of anger is jealousy, conflict or internal dislike. These forms are not visible externally, neither through loud words nor in any other external form. However, just as external anger is a form of fire and it burns inside, and even burns others, similarly, those who have jealousy, conflict or dislike within them also continue to burn inside. When one becomes red or yellow externally, that is all right, but the other becomes ugly inside.
The third form of anger is cleverness. What is that? ln words and in justifying yourself, you say that you sometimes have to become serious. Sometimes, you have to take up the law for their benefit. Ask yourself whether that is benevolent or not. BapDada has not given any of you permission to take the law into your own hands. Has Baba said in any murli that you may take the law into your own hands? Do not get angry. Those who take the law into their own hands have the form of a trace of internal anger. Even the instrument souls do not take the law into their own hands. However, they do have to make you revise it. None of you can take the law into your own hands, but the instruments have to make others revise the laws that the Father has created. Those who are the instruments have this much permission, not everyone. 
Today, BapDada is giving some official teachings, so accept them with love. Because, when BapDada comes to meet you, He smiles at the written promises you have made to Baba. BapDada just now told you to make every virtue your original sanskar. Did you underline that? Then say that from now it has become your sanskar to stay in your form of peace, to be tolerant. Then, when BapDada comes to celebrate a meeting, make this your original sanskar and show that to BapDada within the next five to six months. This is why He is giving you the result today.
Baba receives many reports of anger. The young and the old become angry in various ways. BapDada is not revealing any more now, but there are many interesting stories. So, what will you do to anger from today? Will you bid it farewell? (Everyone applauded.) Just be careful! It is easy to clap, but make sure that there is no clapping of anger. BapDada does not wish to hear this again and again, but He still listens to it because He has mercy. However, Baba does not wish to hear, "Baba, I made a promise, but... it comes up again and again. What can I do?" You do not wish it to come, but it just comes!
Whether you tell the Father or not, it reaches Him. Your result should not be "What can I do? It just happens. The circumstances were such. The situation became such a big thing." You try to make the Father understand in this way. You are very clever. You say, "Baba, we are able to overcome small matters, but this was a big situation." Now, what did you blame? You blamed the situation. So, what does the situation do? It comes and goes. That situation will come again after 5000 years. You blame the situation that will take place again after 5000 years. Do not do this. Do not even have such thoughts as "What can I do?"
Why is BapDada especially telling you about anger? Because if you bid farewell to anger, then greed and desires etc. are all included in that. Greed isn't just for money or food, but there are varieties of greed. Whether in knowledge or ignorance, any type of desire is also greed. Therefore, when anger finishes, greed will automatically finish. Arrogance will also finish. Sometimes, there is arrogance, is there not? "I am senior. I am sensible. I know all this. Who does he think he is?" Then, anger comes. So, arrogance and greed will take leave together. This is why BapDada is not especially telling you about greed, but is making you underline anger. So, will you make this your sanskar? Everyone, raise your hands! (Everyone raised their hands.) Take everyone's photo! Now, Baba is giving you a few congratulations, not a lot. However, when Baba sees the result, the deities of the subtle region and the deities of heaven will then shower flowers of "Wah! Wah!" on you.
From today, each of you should look at yourself. Do not look at others. Close the mind's eye of looking at others. You cannot close the physical eyes, but close the mind's eye to anything that someone else does. What the second person or third person is doing - I don't want to see that. The Father is saying this with such force that, even if a maharathi makes a mistake, let the mind become introverted and not see or listen to that.
However, the tapasya and the efforts over a long time of the maharathis will enable them to get extra marks and pass with honours. If you wait for the maharathis to change before you change, you will be deceived. Therefore, make your mind introverted. Do you understand?
Race in good things; do not compete in bad things, because you will then be deceived. The Father feels mercy. Because the foundation of faith of the maharathis is unbroken and unshakeable, they receive extra marks. Therefore, never open the mind's eye to this aspect. Keep it closed! Instead of listening to your mind, keep it introverted. Do you understand? Achcha.

To the souls in all directions who are absorbed in BapDada's love, to all the Father's sevadhari souls, to the elevated souls who have all adopted easy effort, to those who constantly have the aim of becoming equal to the Father and who develop those qualifications, to the souls who are close to the Father, lots and lots of love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.

Blessing: May you use the power of your own pure thoughts and be a jewel of pure and positive thoughts for others and make souls free from worry!   
In today's world, all souls are jewels of worry. You jewels of pure and positive thoughts for others can change those jewels of worry with the power of your own pure thoughts. Just as the rays of the sun are able to dispel the darkness far away, in the same way, the sparkle and rays of the pure thoughts of you jewels of pure and positive thoughts for others are spreading everywhere in the world. This is why they believe that some spiritual light is doing its work in an incognito way. They have begun to have this touching now and are searching for you; they will eventually reach this place.

Slogan: In order to catch BapDada's directions clearly, keep the line of your mind and intellect clear.   

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