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Never consider yourself to be alone.As soon as you say "Baba (GodFather)", Baba becomes present.

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Sweet Children,

Baba (GodFather) explains to the spiritual children who are making effort to go beyond sound, that is, who are making effort to go home. That is the home of all souls. You understand that you now have to shed those bodies and return home. The Father says: I have come to take you back home. This is why you have to remain beyond those bodies and bodily relationships.
This is a dirty world. The soul knows that he now has to return home. The Father has come to purify you. We have to go to the pure world once again. You should churn this ocean of knowledge inside you. No one else would have such thoughts. You know that you will willingly shed those bodies, return home and then come back into the new world in new, pure relationships. Very few have this awareness. The
Father says: Young, mature and old- you all have to return home and then come back into the new world in pure relationships. It should repeatedly enter your intellects that you are now making preparations to return home.
We are making preparations to leave this dirty old world. We have to renounce this old world and old bodies. You should remain ready to such an extent that you don't remember anyone else at the end. If you remember the old world or your friends and relatives, what would be your state?
You now have to consider yourselves to be souls and remember the Father. Imbibe divine virtues. The Father explains: Children, continue to check yourselves: Do I have a devilish nature? Your nature should be divine. Keep a chart for this and it will become firm.
You have to go higher than the relationship of brother and sister. There has to be just the spiritual vision of brotherhood. I am a soul. There should be no criminal vision. You are the children of the one Father. It is only at this confluence age that you stay in the relationship of brother and sister so that the vision of vice ends. You must only remember the one Father.
You have to go beyond sound. To talk to yourself in this way is to study subtly. There is no need to make any sound. It is in order to explain to you children that Baba has to come into sound. He also has to explain to you in order for you to go beyond sound. You now have to return home. You called out to the Father to come and take you with Him: We are impure and so cannot return home. Who in the impure world can make us pure? Sages and holy men etc. cannot make you pure. They themselves go and bathe in the Ganges to become pure. They don't even know the Father. Those who knew Him in the previous cycle are the ones who are making effort now. No one except the Father can inspire you to make this effort.
The Father is the highest of all. Look at the state human beings have reached by saying that such a Father is in the pebbles and stones. They have continued to come down the ladder. On the one hand they are completely vice less and on the other hand those people are completely vicious. Only those who believed these things in the previous cycle will believe them now. It is your duty to tell the Father's orders to everyone who comes here.
Those souls who make themselves completely pure with the power of the intellect's yoga will go to the land of happiness. The ancient yoga of Bharat has been remembered. The soul has now also remembered that he truly did come here first and that he now has to return home.
The Father says: Consider yourselves to be souls and remember Me and you will become conquerors of sin, and consider yourselves to be brothers and sisters and your vision will change. Your vision isn't bad in the golden age. The Father continues to explain: Children, ask yourself: Am I a golden aged deity or an iron aged human being?
The signal I give you is very easy: Manmanabhav! Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. Because of not understanding the meaning of this, they have said that the Ganges is the Purifier. It is the Father who is the Purifier. It is now the time of settlement for everyone. I enable you to settle your karmic accounts and I take you back home.
The Father says: Consider yourselves to be brothers and sisters. You should never have bad vision. Some have the evil spirit of lust; others have the evil spirit of greed. Sometimes, when they see good food they are tempted by that. When they see someone selling roasted chick peas they want to eat some. Then, if you do eat those, because you are weak you quickly become affected and your intellect corrupted. You should follow those to whom the Mother, Father and the special ones give a certificate. You should eat whatever you receive from the yagya considering that to be very sweet. You must not get tempted.
Yoga is also needed. If there isn't yoga, you would say, "I have to eat this, otherwise, I will fall ill." It should remain in your intellects that you have come here to become deities. You now have to return home and you will go and become a baby in your mother's womb. Whatever the mother eats and drinks affects the baby in her womb. None of these things exist there in golden age. There, everything will be first class. Our mothers will eat first-class things which will give us nourishment. There, everything is first class. When you take birth, your food and drink are pure. So, you should make preparations to go to such a heaven. You have to remember the Father.
The Father comes and rejuvenates you. Those people put monkey glands into human beings believing that they will become young, just as they have heart transplants. The Father doesn't give you another heart. He comes and changes you. All of that is science. They continue to manufacture bombs etc. All of those things will destroy the world. Those are tamopradhan intellects. They are happy that that destiny is created. The bombs definitely have to be made.
The drama is so wonderful. It is now the stage of retirement of all, young and old. We now have to return home and we therefore have to remember the Father. Nothing else should be remembered. Only when you have such a stage can you attain a high status. You should ask your heart: To what extent is my register OK?
The first enemy is body consciousness, then lust, then anger. One's attitude becomes impure when there is body consciousness. This is why the Father says: May you be soul conscious. This one is Arjuna (Adam-Brahma). He is also the Krishna soul. The name of the one He (God) entered was changed. His name is not Arjuna.
This is the unlimited drama. That which is predestined is taking place again. It has to happen, so why should we worry? You children now have the secrets of the drama in your intellects.
At this time, all the people in the world are worshippers. Where there are worshippers, there cannot be a single person who is worthy of worship. The worthy-of-worship ones exist in the golden and silver ages. In the iron age, there are worshippers, so how can you call yourselves worthy of worship? Only the deities are worthy of worship. Human beings are worshippers. The Father explains the main thing: If you want to become pure, constantly remember Me alone. However much effort someone made according to the drama, that is how much effort he will make. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing: May you be the combined form and constantly experience co-operation keeping the company of the Companion!
You and the Father remain constantly so combined that no one can ever separate you. Never consider yourself to be alone. BapDada is the Companion of all of you to fulfill the responsibility of His imperishable company. As soon as you say "Baba", Baba becomes present. Baba belongs to us and we belong to Baba. Baba will give His co-operation in every task; you just have to maintain the spiritual intoxication of your combined form.

Slogan:  When there is a balance of service and self-progress, you will constantly continue to receive success. 

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