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History must repeat. Bharat (India) will become heaven once again.

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Sweet Children,

The spiritual God-Father sits here and explains to you children, He educates you and teaches you yoga. Yoga is not a big thing. When children are studying, they definitely have yoga with their teacher. They think: Such-and-such a teacher is teaching us to make us the same as Himself. You have that aim and objective. You understand that you are studying in that particular class. The teacher there doesn't have to tell you to have yoga with him. You automatically have yoga with the one who is teaching you. He doesn't teach you the whole day. You have been studying that for birth after birth and have developed that practice. Here, this practice of yours is completely new. That One is not a bodily teacher. That One is the bodiless Teacher whom you meet every 5000 years. He Himself says: I am not your bodily teacher. That's why this remembrance doesn't remain. You have to consider yourself to be a soul and that the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Teacher, is teaching you.
You definitely have to remember the Teacher until you pass your examination. By remembering Him, you will pass your examination and you will then go home. As soon as your examination is over, the drama will finish. You children know that you have to play the parts of 84 births that are recorded in you souls.
The Father repeatedly says: "Manmanabhav". 'Manmanabhav' has a meaning. Children understand that the word is right. The Father Himself says: Remember Me and your sins will be absolved. This takes time.
You know why Vishnu and Krishna have been given the discus of self-realisation. They have portrayed him killing Akasur and Bakasur (devils) with it. There is no question of killing anyone. It is a matter of cutting away your sins. Shiv Baba(Benefactor GodFather) is also called the Spinner of the discus of self-realisation. He has the knowledge of the whole cycle.
Only by remembering the Father will your sins be absolved. Each one of you has to make effort for yourself. It isn't that Baba will sit and give you drishti so that your sins are cut away. The Father doesn't sit and do that business. In fact, He does look at everyone. Sins will not be absolved by Him looking at you or giving you knowledge. The Father shows you the way: Do this and that and your sins will be absolved. He gives you shrimat.
The Father says: Now remember Me and your sins will be absolved. The Father gives you shrimat. This is His part in the drama. You can call it His help. Shrimat is remembered according to the drama,. The Father has to give you directions. He says: Consider yourself to be a soul. It isn't that He will give you help and take you into the karmateet stage; no. It takes time. You have to make a lot of effort. You have to have very good practice of considering yourself to be a soul.
The Father comes when the tasks of establishment and destruction have to take place. Children know that destruction takes place every cycle. It also took place in the previous cycle. You continue to write that this also happened 5000 years ago. The path that the Father shows you to find Him is nothing new. The Father says: I come every cycle and show you the path. You children know that your kingdom is being established.
When the cycle of the drama comes to an end, the Father comes and gives you knowledge. The Father Himself comes and teaches you these actions. Then, as soon as you go on to the path of sin, the night begins and we continue to come down; happiness continues to decrease. You have the whole cycle in your intellects exactly as it is in the Father's intellect. However, you have to make effort to become pure.
According to the drama, by remembering Him you will attain your karmateet stage. You have to return bodiless just as you came bodiless. You carry the divine sanskars with you. There is no knowledge there. This is called easy remembrance.
The Father says: At this time, all have become tamopradhan. First, you were satopradhan. We were also satopradhan at first and then we became tamopradhan. Anyone who comes - the Pope, priests etc-are at first satopradhan, and then, as addition takes place, the whole tree becomes tamopradhan. It is now in its stage of total decay. You children understand that you were satopradhan and that you become tamopradhan, numberwise. You now have to become satopradhan once again. You will become that, numberwise, according to the drama.
There is violence everywhere. They are all sitting ready with atomic bombs etc. Everyone knows that these things are not for storing and that destruction definitely has to take place through them. If destruction were not to take place, how could the golden age come? This is very clear. However, they show that the great Mahabharat War took place and that only the five Pandavas were saved, and that they too then melted away. However, there could not have been any result through that.
The Father sits here and explains that this drama is predestined. Bharat was looted and they are now giving the return. They will continue to give till the end. You know that everything will be destroyed in destruction. When it was our kingdom, there were no other kingdoms. History must repeat. Bharat will become heaven once again. There will be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. There is no mention of any other land there. It is now the end of the Iron Age and there will then be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. We are once again becoming that.
The Father says: I have come to teach you Raja Yoga. You have become those masters many times: every cycle. It used to be their kingdom over the whole world. They were very wise. There, they don't need to take advice from advisers etc. This drama is predestined and it will repeat.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a spiritual rose who constantly maintains your spiritual stage and see others as souls.   
A spiritual rose means one who constantly has spiritual fragrance. Wherever and whomever one with spiritual fragrance looks at, that one will only see the soul and not the body. So constantly maintain your spiritual stage and, when looking at others, see at the soul. Just as the Father is the Highest on High, so, too, His garden is the highest on high and the special decoration of that garden are the roses, you children. Your spiritual fragrance will benefit many souls.

Slogan:  If you give happiness to anyone while breaking any code of conduct that will accumulate in your account of sorrow.      

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