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Now,do unlimited service through the great power of your mind.Let go of all the trivialities.

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16/02/14    Morning Murli  Madhuban  dated 13/11/97   

Essence:  Experience the reward of the attainments of the confluence age, become a master bestower and one who is greatly co-operative.

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His children who have elevated fortune. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is very happy to see the lines of fortune of each of the children. If you go around the whole cycle, none of the religious souls, the great souls or the souls who have a right to the kingdom have fortune as elevated as yours. It is only you elevated souls of the confluence age who have this fortune. Can you see the lines of fortune on your forehead? BapDada is seeing the elevated line of sparkling light on the forehead of each of you children. Are all of you seeing the lines of your fortune? If you look in your eyes, the lines of love and power are very clearly visible. If you look at your mouth, the line of sweet elevated versions is sparkling. If you look at your lips, you see a spiritual smile and the sparkle of spiritual happiness. If you look at your heart, the line of being totally absorbed in love for the Comforter of Hearts is clear. Look at both your hands and see the lines of being full of all treasures. Look at the feet and see the very clear line of attainment of multimillions at every step. How great this fortune is!
The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has given with full permission and an open heart to all of you children the pen of elevated actions to extend your lines of all of these types of fortune through making effort. You can draw the line as long as you want, but it does have to be done in the given time.
Look, the line of fortune of the present time makes you elevated throughout the whole cycle: the line of remaining constantly complete and happy continues for 21 births, and, even in the copper and iron ages, the line of fortune of your being worthy of worship souls is elevated. The line of fortune of this time is constantly with you throughout the whole cycle, because it is an imperishable line from the eternal Father. Do you constantly have the line of your elevated fortune in your consciousness? Make sure that it remains constantly in an emerged form.
The sign of it remaining in an emerged form is that the lines of the old awareness and the old sanskars become merged. The lines of your old sanskars and awareness of the things of the past should never emerge. They should remain merged and, while remaining merged, they should completely finish. When the lines of elevated fortune are in an emerged form it is impossible for old lines to emerge. If these lines do emerge, it proves that the line of elevated fortune is not constantly in an emerged form.
At the present time, BapDada wants to see all the children in the form of the reward of the attainments of the present confluence age. You have made effort over a long period. Effort should now continue automatically. Effort should not be hard work. Will you continue to work hard at making effort until the end? If you do not experience the reward of the attainments of the confluence at this time, then when will you experience it? The reward of the future is a different matter. That is a shadow of the reward of this effort. That will automatically follow you. However, what is important is attaining the reward of the present time
The reward is being full of all powers, full of all knowledge and an embodiment of a destroyer of all obstacles. BapDada wants you children to become the form of the reward of the effort.
Do not have any desire to take anything from other souls: "If this one does this, I would then be like this", "If this one changes, then I would change." This is a desire to take. "If this is like this, then it would be like this." This is a desire to take. It should not be like this; rather, you should demonstrate it by doing it practically. "It's time if it happens" is not enough. "It has to happen and I have to do it." "I have to give these vibrations. I have to become merciful. I have to co-operate with my virtues. I have to co-operate with my powers." Become master bestowers. If you want to take, take from the one Father.
If you are to receive from other souls, you would only receive that which the Father has given them. So become a bestower and be generous hearted. Continue to give. Do you know how to give? Or, is it that you only know how to take? Now, give what you have accumulated. Become master bestowers.
Don 't give only when others give to you. I have to give. Do you have these treasures? Are you overflowing? Are you overflowing with virtues? Are you overflowing with the powers? Be merciful and co-operate with your virtues and your powers. This is known as becoming a master bestower, one who is greatly co­ operative.
If you are children of GodFather whether you are young or new, each of you has to make just as much intense effort. If you are a warrior, then you have permission not to. Become master bestowers and those who are greatly co-operative. Even if you are only one year old, nevertheless, according to the time, you have to finish the things of childhood because all of you children are now close to the stage of retirement. According to the speed of time and the discipline of the drama, everyone is now close to the stage of retirement.
BapDada knows that the children have deep love for the Father from their hearts. You have deep love in your hearts, do you not? He is not seeing you as distant. The screen of BapDada's heart is very big. Even scientists have not created a screen as big as that. Therefore, you are not sitting far away, but in BapDada's heart. Do you feel this to be so?
BapDada gave all of you some work to do. You may have forgotten, but BapDada remembers. What work did Baba give you? (To become free from anger.) Baba will not ask you about that today. If Baba were to ask you about today at this first opportunity about becoming free from anger, you would become disheartened. BapDada knows the result. Baba will ask you later and also ask you to bring the results. Baba is leaving that aside today. The work you were given to do was to bring 900,000 here. Do you remember that? Every zone was asked to do this. Which zone has prepared 900,000?
You fix a date for the completion of this hall or when a function is to take place. So, what is the date for this? Is it fixed? Is it at the end of destruction? Or before that? When will it be? What have you thought of? What is the date? Have you got a date? Or, have you not fixed it yet? Should the Father do this? You have to do it. BapDada would say that you should not delay an auspicious task, so what will you do? OK, if it happens by the end of this season, then that is also good. Do you have so much courage? Simply become bestowers. If you become a bestower, then with those feelings you can very quickly prepare the royal family and the subjects who will be close to you. Those people are still waiting for you. The delay is in you becoming constant bestowers. The delay is in you becoming greatly co-operative.
You use more treasures for yourself and for the service that you are involved in. You give more time to your own duties in service. However, you are standing on the globe of the world as a great bestower, as an unlimited bestower, so now spread vibrations of unlimited service. You have to become world kings, not just the kings of your zone or your own duties. You are world benefactors.
Now become unlimited. By your going into the unlimited, limited situations will automatically finish. The power of the mind is a great power, but you do not use it. You remain busy in serving through words, relationships and contacts. Now increase the power of your mind. Now with the power of your mind do the unlimited service that you used to do through words, relationships and co-operative contacts. If you do unlimited service through the power of your mind, with your unlimited attitude by stabilising yourself high up on the globe of the world and with the Father in the stage of supreme abode, even if you serve in this way for a short time, you will receive its reward many times over.
According to today's time and circumstances, service through the power of the mind is the final service. Practise this from now. You may be serving through words, contacts or relationship, but the practice of serving through the mind is now extremely essential. Continue to practise both at the same time. Do you know what you have to do? This service through the mind will show the same wonder of the spiritual attraction of the service through the Father's mind that attracted the children at the beginning during establishment. You can see that those souls are themselves even now the foundation as a result of the service done through the mind,. According to the drama, this is the proof of the attraction of the Father's service through the mind. They are so strong. So, now, at the end too, together with the Father, you will attract others through the spiritual attraction of the mind.
At the end, you will see the same wonder that you saw at the beginning. In the beginning, people did not see Adam-Brahma Baba as an ordinary being, but they experienced him in the form of Krishna. To have a vision is something else, but they used to see the actual form of Krishna and used to eat and interact with him. It was like this, was it not? The one father did this at the beginning during establishment, and at the end you children, too, will be seen by those souls as real deities. They would not consider you to be ordinary beings. They will experience the same impact of you being worthy of worship. Only then will the curtain of revelation of all of you together with the Father open.
Now it is not just the Father alone who has to be revealed. He has to be revealed with the children. This evening you were told that for this you should stabilise yourself in the form of the reward. Let go of all the trivialities. Now, go above all of these. Have a vision of the special form of your reward and also inspire others to have that vision. Do you understand? Now, can all of you stabilise yourselves in your eternal form in a second? At the end, the whistle will only blow for a second. So, practise this from now. Just stabilise yourself. (Baba then conducted drill.) Achcha. 

To all the children from everywhere, to all the souls who constantly keep the lines of fortune in their consciousness in an emerged form, to those who constantly experience their form of the reward of all the attainments of the confluence age, to the souls who are constantly master bestowers and greatly co­ operative, to the world benefactor souls for all souls of the world who constantly serve through the minds, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

Blessing:   May you be filled with will-power by using all the will-powers you have received in this last birth!   
This sweet drama is predestined so well that no one can change it. However, according to the drama, you have received many powers in this elevated spiritual birth. The Father willed everything and this is why you have will-power. Use this power and, whenever you want, become detached from the bondage of your body and become stable in the karmateet stage. "I am detached, a master, an instrument who has been chosen by the Father. Concentrate your mind and intellect on this awareness and you will then be said to be filled with will-power.

Slogan:  Serve with your heart and the door to blessings will then open.   

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