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Give blessings and receive blessings and you will quickly become a conqueror of Maya.

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Sweet Children,

The spiritual God-Father is sitting in this chariot and speaking to you spiritual children who are in your chariots and listening through your physical organs. He says: You do understand that you are sitting with the Father. That One is your Teacher and your Guru, but, first of all, He is your Father. When children are with their father, would they constantly salute him? If they did this, it would be understood that they don't consider him to be their father, but some sage or holy man etc. Because you have become accustomed to saluting sages and holy men and falling at their feet for birth after birth, you haven't understood this knowledge very well. Those to whom the Father explains understand that He has now come to give them their inheritance. Therefore, children, you should have so much happiness that the Father comes every cycle to give you your inheritance. There is no question of being afraid in this.
You children know that the Father is very sweet. He has come once again to create the original, eternal deity religion.
Unless you have yoga you will be unable to finish your habits. You definitely need someone to inspire you to finish them. At present, everyone is impure and tamopradhan. You say that this is the last birth of Lakshmi and Narayan, that they are now impure and in a different name, form, country, place and time.
You have come here to become virtuous. There is only the one Father who can make your stage ascend. Everyone has to be benefited by the Father.
You know that Baba, the Charioteer, is sitting in this chariot and giving you the righteous knowledge of how this world cycle turns and how all these religions grow. The Father has come once again to create the one religion and when that is complete, everyone will be destroyed at the end.
Every act that a soul performs, second by second, the soul will repeat that same act identically once again. There is no need to be confused about this. The world is the same one; it simply becomes old from new.
You know that Baba has come to create the pure world and destroy the impure world. There is the creation, destruction and sustenance.
We souls accept that we really have become impure. The Father now says: Constantly remember Me alone and you will become pure. You children have to make effort.
You know the secrets of the cycle. Everyone will return to the section they came from. Each one has to play his own part. There is no need to be confused. The Father says: I inspire you children to make effort. It isn't that I can give you this inspiration from up above. To have an inspiration means to have a thought. You children are being given knowledge. You are being given the knowledge of the pilgrimage of remembrance and the knowledge of the cycle. The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone! This is the real knowledge for remembrance which only the Father has. The Father is called the Ocean of Knowledge. He says: You call out to Me, "Ocean of Knowledge, come!" So then, to say that I am omnipresent and mix Me with the dust is ignorance. You have caused so much defamation! The destruction of all of this is fixed in the drama.
The Father says: I am merciful. It isn't that when destruction takes place you will remain suffering in a hospital and continue to experience pain; no! Such things have been created that everything will be destroyed within a second. You receive liberation-in-life in a second, and so destruction too has to take place within a second through these weapons they make. Knowledge is also that of a second. They manufacture such bombs etc. These matters are unlimited.
The moon and the stars etc. are the beautiful lights of this canopy. Day and night are also definitely needed. The new world will definitely be created from the old world. If there were to be as many people there, where would the food for all of them come from? Even the elements have now become tamopradhan. The oceans have been swallowing up so many things and even the steamers sink. There continues to be untimely death here. There is no question of sorrow there; the very name is heaven. Lakshmi and Narayan were the masters of heaven.
You souls must leave your bodies while in remembrance of the Father. You will achieve this stage at the end and then claim a status.
The Father says: I have to come to give you knowledge. No one else has the authority to explain all of this. Nor do all of you understand this to the same extent! You are all numberwise in studying as well. You shouldn't have heart failure in this! Make effort and follow the father; imbibe what the Teacher is teaching you. Benevolent children have to benefit others. While living at home with your family, link your intellect's yoga to the one Father. While eating, the image of the beloved would appear to the lover, not for indulging in sin, but because they love one another. Even at work, they would continue to see the image of the one they love. This is how they have a vision. This is something to be understood.
The Father is teaching you, but you cannot see Him with those eyes. You cannot see a soul either. You are able to see souls in divine visions, but what benefit is there in seeing them? You cannot claim a status simply by seeing them. This is an education in which the main thing is yoga. It is by studying this that you become pure. It is this that takes effort. God says: Consider yourself to be a soul, and yet you children still forget!
I now give you this ordinance: Conquer this great enemy of lust, constantly remember Me alone and your sins of innumerable births will be absolved. While your sins have been accumulating, you gradually became vicious. You must not commit any more sin. If you disobey Me, there will be severe punishment. It is said: Anyone who defames the Satguru cannot claim a high status. The Father comes to make you pure, and so why do you want to remain impure? Each one has to come down the ladder. From being satopradhan, you have to go through the stages of sato, rajo and tamo. This world is a tree of thorns and you are to go into the tree that is full of flowers.
You must not become influenced by going into the company of others. The main thing is to remember the Father and turn the cycle around in your minds and you will then become the rulers of the globe. Remove all consciousness of your bodies. Even by considering yourselves to be brothers and sisters, there can be criminal assault. The Father says: Achcha, consider yourselves to be brothers. You must make such effort that you won't become conscious of name or form. Great effort is needed to do this. Scarcely any are able to do this. How could you become the masters of the world without making some effort? No one would ever have dreamt it, that souls who have become as absolutely tamopradhan, sinful and vicious as Ajamil are once again becoming satopradhan! The Father says: Remember Me and your sins will be cut away. He tells you the story of the 84 births of those who were deities. There is no need to be confused. Nevertheless, Maya makes you forget. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a destroyer of obstacles who remains stable in the point form and who also reminds others of the point (dot) of the drama.   
Children who never have any question marks about anything, who always remain stable in the point form and who remind others of the point of the drama are said to be destroyers of obstacles. They make others powerful and take them closer to the destination of success. They do not become happy on seeing the attainment of any limited happiness, but are embodiments of unlimited success. They are constantly stable and stabilised in one elevated stage. With their own stage of success, they are able to transform failure.

Slogan:  Give blessings and receive blessings and you will quickly become a conqueror of Maya.


Sweet Children,

The Father sits here and explains to you children: In this world, some are swans and others are storks. Lakshmi and Narayan are swans and you have to become like them. You would say: We are becoming part of the deity community. The Father would say: You are becoming the deity community, and I am making you into swans. You haven't yet become complete. You have to become that. Swans pick up pearls and storks pick up rubbish. We are now becoming swans. This is why deities are called flowers and those others are called thorns. You were swans and, as you came down, you became storks. For half the cycle you are swans and, for half the cycle you are storks.
 There are many obstacles of Maya in becoming swans. Something or other comes to make you fall. The main fall is due to body consciousness.
The Father has now come to establish the original, eternal deity religion. Deities are pure. There, everything happens with the power of yoga. Here, impure human beings do not know how people are born there. That is called the vice less world. There is no question of vice there. They ask how animals are born. Tell them: There, there is just the power of yoga; there is no question of vice. They are 100% vice less.
You children are now becoming full of all virtues. You have not yet become complete. Your examination will take place when your kingdom is fully established. Everything will end and souls will then continue to come down numberwise, a few at a time. Your kingdom starts from the beginning.
You are all making effort. When knowledge comes to an end, the war will begin. You have to take the full knowledge. That war will be final. No one has yet become 100%. You now have to make the message to reach every home. A huge revolution will take place. All those who have their own big organisations will begin to fluctuate. The throne of devotion will begin to shake. It is now the kingdom of devotees. You gain victory over them. It is now the rule of people over people and it will then change. It will then become the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan.
You will continue to have visions. In the beginning, many were given visions of how the kingdom continues. However, those who had those visions are no longer here today. Whatever is each one's part in the drama will continue. We would not praise anyone for this. The Father too says: How would you praise Me ? It is My duly to make impure ones pure. A teacher's duty is to educate you. Why would you praise someone who is only performing his duty? Baba says: I am also bound by the drama, so how can it be My power? This is just My duty. Every cycle, at the confluence age, I come and show you the path to become pure from impure. I cannot stay without making you pure. My part is accurate. I cannot come earlier or later by even one second. I play My part of service absolutely accurately on time. With every second fast passes by, the drama makes Me do something. It is beyond My control. There is no question of praise in this.
I come every cycle. You call out to Me: O Purifier of the impure, come! People have become so impure. It takes so much effort to renounce each and every weakness. Even after staying pure for a long time, while moving along, when you are slapped by Maya, you dirty your face. This world is tamopradhan. Maya, the enemy, creates a lot of opposition.
Sannyasis too take birth through vice. No one merges into the light. No one can return home. The soul is imperishable and his part is also imperishable. So, how can a light merge into the light? There are as many ideas as there are people. All of those are the dictates of human beings. There is just the one Godly direction.
The Father says: I make you so worthy that you become worthy of being worshipped.
The Father is now explaining accurately to you. People don't know that God is teaching you. They would say: Wonderful! These people have made God their Teacher. Ah, but God speaks: I make you into kings of kings. It is just that by putting the name of a human being in the Gita, they have falsified the Gita. To say, "God Krishna speaks," means that they are human dictates. How could Krishna come here? He was a  prince of the golden age. Would he bother coming into this impure world?
Ask yourself: Have I become like this? Although you want to come out of the rubbish quickly, it cannot happen so quickly. It takes time and you have to make a lot of effort. Those who explain are numberwise. Explanations will later become very tactful. Then your arrows will strike.
You know that your study is now taking place. Only the One is teaching you. You are all studying with Him. As you progress further, you will see such battling, don't even ask! Many will die in the war, so where will all of those souls go? Will they go and take birth together? As the tree grows, it has many branches, twigs and leaves. So many are born every day and so many also die. No one can go back home. The number of people continues to grow. Instead of getting involved with these detailed things, first of all, remember the Father through which your sins are absolved and the rubbish is removed.
The main thing is the pilgrimage of remembrance and you have to give everyone the message. There is just the one Messenger. Even the founders of religions cannot be called Messengers or Preceptors. Only the one Satguru is the Bestower of Salvation. However, on the path of devotion, people do reform themselves to some extent.
The Father has now come and is inspiring you to have unlimited renunciation because this old world is to end. This is why the Father says: Remove your intellects from this graveyard and remember Me and your sins will be absolved. It is now the time of settlement. Everyone's karmic accounts are to be settled.
All the souls of the world have all their parts recorded in them. A soul adopts a body and plays his part. So, souls are imperishable and their parts are also imperishable. They cannot be any different; they continue to repeat identically. This is a big unlimited drama.
Science helps destruction to take place. The same science will also help you to build the new world. This wonderful drama is predestined. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a star of success who experiences progress within yourself with your method of making effort!   
Those who experience progress and success in themselves with their method of making effort are stars of success. They would not have the slightest trace of failure even in their thoughts about their efforts for the self such as, "I don't know whether it will happen or not" or "Will I be able to do it or not?” They will experience success in themselves in the form of a right. They will easily and naturally continue to have success.

Slogan:  Give happiness by becoming an embodiment of peace and then blessings will be added to your efforts.    

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