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Even one moment of spiritual love (self love) gives a lot of power.Become destroyer of obstacles.

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09/02/14    Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   10/06/77

Essence: Finish the difference by constantly using the mantra and the yantra (weapons).

BapDada is seeing both the present and the final stages of all the children. For some, there is a vast difference visible between these stages, whereas for others there is just a little difference. Why is there such a vast difference when everyone's aim is to become the most elevated of all? The One who enables you all to attain the status is the same for everyone. Everyone has received the blessing of time and blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. The path of effort for all is the same and it is the same One who is taking all of you back! So why is there such a difference? What is the reason for this? BapDada was seeing at the reasons.
What main reason did Baba see according to the present time? Firstly, you don't always keep in your awareness the first great mantra of 'Manmanabhav' that BapDada has given you, or the mantra of 'Hum so devta' (We are those great deities). And secondly you do not use at the right time the many types of yantra (weapons) you have been given to become conquerors of Maya. If you keep in your awareness both the mantra and the yantra - the weapons are for practical life and the mantra is for the yoga of the intellect or to make the intellect completely stable - the difference would then finish.
Due to not being an embodiment of awareness of the first lesson, you have a lower number in becoming victorious. Why do you forget your mantra? You forget the mantra because you forget the directions BapDada has given you for the awareness to have at every moment.

You have been given directions for each awareness you should have at all times: for being an embodiment of awareness at amrit vela, for Godly education, for being a karma yogi while performing action, for when you are a trustee and interacting with others for your livelihood, for when you are in contact with souls who are engrossed in vices and for when you are performing the task of changing the vibrations of souls who are engrossed in those vibrations. Do you remember these?
In the future, you will change your dress according to the time. There will be a different dress and adornment for every moment and task. You will attain that as your reward in the future by practising this here. There, you will change your physical dress, whereas here you have to become an embodiment of awareness according to the time and the task. Do you have this practice or do you forget?
Amrit vela is the time for all children to receive the special blessings of all types of experience and of being stable in the powerful stage of a lighthouse and might house, like the Father. It is the golden time to experience great attainment through very little effort. At that time, you should have the awareness of being a master seed and a bestower of blessings.
Maintain the awareness of, "Who I am, what I am and whom I belong to". First of all, churn whether you were able to become an embodiment of awareness according to the time. If not, then, after checking, instantly change yourself. Check the form of your awareness before you act, not after.
Do you understand what you have to do now? Listen and become an embodiment of that. Every week, practise being an embodiment of awareness according to the time. Experience this in practical way.


Do you constantly perform every deed while staying in remembrance of the Father? Is it easy or difficult to remember the Father? If it is easy, you should be able to have remembrance constantly. Something that is easy will happen constantly and naturally. So, do you constantly stay in remembrance of the Father?
The way to stay in remembrance constantly is very easy. Why? In a lokik way, too, whom do you remember easily and naturally? Someone you love. You automatically remember the things or people you love, without your making conscious effort. You have fallen in love with your body, and so are you able to forget your body? You cannot, can you? You can't forget it even though you want to. Why? Because you have been in love with the body for half the cycle. Just as in a lokik way you automatically remember anything or anyone you love, so who is the most loved one here? It is the Father. There cannot be anyone more loved than He is. As He is the one you love the most, it should be easy and natural to remember Him.
So, why is it not like that? What is the reason for this? This proves that, even now, you are trapped in love somewhere else, that you don't have full love for the Father. This is why your intellect is drawn towards others. Instead of it having constant remembrance of the one Father, your intellect is drawn to others.
First of all, do you experience the love of the most loving Father? Have you experienced spiritual love? You are a soul and so love of the soul would be spiritual, would it not? Have you experienced spiritual love? Anything you have experienced cannot be forgotten. Even one second's experience of spiritual love is so elevated!
What would happen throughout the day if you were to remain absorbed in the experience of that one moment's spiritual love? Even one drop of something very powerful has a great effect. No matter how many drops you use of something less powerful, it would not have the same effect. So, even one moment of spiritual love gives a lot of power. It then helps you to forget everything else. Have you experienced this or did you just hear it and accept it?
Check: Have I experienced all the virtues that the Father has? The more experienced you are, the more you will be a master almighty authority. Because the speed of your efforts is slack, instead of being those who have experienced it you become those who just relate it. When you have experience, your speed automatically accelerates.

Do you consider yourself to be constantly powerful, as the Father is? Is the Father sometimes powerful and sometimes weak or is He always powerful? He is always powerful. He is so powerful that everyone receives a donation of power from Him. The Father is the Embodiment of Power, that is, He is the Bestower of Power, and so what do you children have to become? Those who take power or those who give power? As soon as the Father comes, He gives you all rights. Since He gives you everything as soon as He comes, why do you need to ask for anything?
 If you receive something without asking, what need is there to ask for it? When you ask for something, you don't experience happiness. Those who do not have knowledge ask, saying "Give me power! Give me help!" The way to receive help is to have courage. When children have courage, you receive help from the Father. When children maintain courage, you receive help a thousand fold.
Those who continue to maintain courage easily receive blessings. Even their difficulties then become easy; the impossible becomes possible.
You say, "We have found God". However, if you have found God, is there anything else that remains that your intellect is drawn to? Share your experience of all attainments with everyone. Everyone now wishes to see your form of power.

The maharathis now have to make some plans. What is the method of becoming a destroyer of obstacles? Should you continue to move forward while considering whatever is happening according to the drama to be the destiny? When souls experience some type of loss - in terms of being merciful, what should happen so that those souls do not experience any type of loss? You should create one method or another for this.
You also need a plan to make the atmosphere powerful. Presently there are these waves: one is a general obstacle and the other is that of many souls experiencing loss. Nowadays, there is a wave of souls becoming instruments to bring themselves a loss. Now make a plan for them. The thoughts and plans of the maharathis also influence the atmosphere. There has to be a change in the atmosphere.
There is now a need to live up to your name of being destroyers of obstacles and this should be visible in your thoughts, words and deeds. You have fire brigade people; when there is a fire, they cannot stay without putting out that fire. No matter how difficult that task may be, they definitely make a plan and put out the fire. So, you are also destroyers of obstacles, so how can that atmosphere finish? The atmosphere will change when you have such a thought.
Do not become slack and think, "This has been happening from the beginning, these obstacles will come, the tree has to shed its leaves." No! Finish off the obstacles. When you see that something is about to be damaged, you don't just leave it, you would come running from afar to try to save it. You naturally have the thought of saving it. You don't think that that has been happening all the time and that that is the drama and each soul has their own part. You do not fluctuate, but you are those who have mercy and provide safety - consider with this bhavna (feelings).
Have the aim of being the destroyers of obstacles. Whatever aim you keep does gradually happen. You simply need to have an aim and to pay attention. Maharathis should not just use all the methods and powers for themselves - do you think about this or not? You should think about it. You must not ignore this. If you step away like this, you would become an individual king, not a world emperor. By having benevolent feelings for the world, you will become a world emperor.

Blessing: May you be free from obstacles and become victorious over obstacles by considering them to be a game of entertainment.   
It is a good thing for obstacles to come, but you should not be defeated by them. Obstacles come to make you strong. Therefore, instead of becoming afraid of them, consider them to be a game of entertainment and overcome them and you would then be said to be free from obstacles and victorious. You have the company of the Almighty Authority Father and so there is nothing to be afraid of. Simply remain busy in remembrance of the Father and in service and you will remain free from obstacles. It is when your intellect is free that obstacles and Maya come. Remain busy and Maya and obstacles will then step away from you.

Slogan: In order to accumulate an account of happiness, give everyone happiness from your heart according to the code of conduct.    

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