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When your heart is clean, your desires can be fulfilled.

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Sweet Children,

You children understand that that One is the Father, the Teacher and also the Satguru. So the Father asks you children: When you come here, do you look at those pictures of Lakshmi and Narayan and the ladder? When you look at those two, you see your aim and objective. The whole cycle of how you became deities and then continued to come down this ladder enters your intellects. Only you children receive this knowledge. You are students. Your aim and objective is in front of you. When anyone comes, explain to him that this is your aim and objective. Through this study, you become deities. Then you come down the ladder of 84 births and you then have to repeat it. This knowledge is very easy but, in spite of that, why do people fail as they move along?
This Godly study is absolutely easy compared to a worldly study. Your aim and objective and the cycle of 84 births are right in front of you. Both these pictures should also be put up in the visitors' room. You also need materials for service in order to do service. All the knowledge is included in these.
We are making this effort at this time. We have to make a lot of effort to become satopradhan. You have to become introverted and churn the ocean of knowledge. When you go on tour, this is what you should have in your intellects.
You have it in your intellects that the unlimited Father is explaining to you. You have the full knowledge of the whole cycle and so you should remain very cheerful. Ask yourself: Why am I not able to maintain that stage? What is the reason that there is a problem in remaining cheerful?
You also need good manners when speaking to people. Your behaviour has to be very good. While moving along and doing all your work, it should remain in your intellects that you have come to the Father to study. You just have to take this knowledge with you. The study is easy.
You have to reform your behaviour and imbibe divine virtues and you also have to have a good character. The Father has come to benefit you, but you are unable to follow the Father's shrimat.
Everyone is very much afraid of the great kings; they have great authority. Here, the Father says: I am the Lord of the Poor. No one knows Me, the Creator, or the beginning, middle and end of creation.
The Father says: I enter an ordinary body and give you the introduction of Myself and the beginning, middle and end of creation. This ladder of 84 births is so clear. The Father says: I made you into that and I am now making you that once again. You had divine intellects. So, who then made you into those with stone intellects? For half the cycle in the kingdom of Ravan, you continued to fall. You now definitely have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan. The conscience also says that the Father is the Truth. He would definitely only tell you the truth.
The time of happiness for others is now when death is just ahead. Aeroplanes, electricity, etc. did not exist previously. For those people, it is as though it is heaven now. They build so many big palaces. They think that they have a lot of happiness now. They are able to go to London so quickly. They consider this to be heaven. Someone has to explain to them that the Golden Age is called heaven. The Iron Age would not be called heaven.
If someone sheds his body in hell, he would certainly also take rebirth in hell.
The Father, who is the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you all the knowledge at this time. No human being can understand knowledge and devotion. They have mixed up the two. They think that reading the scriptures is knowledge and that worshipping is devotion. So, the Father is now making so much effort to make you beautiful. You children should also feel mercy because you call out to Baba to come and make the impure ones pure and into flowers. The Father has now come and so you should have mercy for yourselves.
The Father says: Children, now have mercy for yourselves. Become soul conscious and you will also be able to imbibe. It is the soul that does everything. I am teaching you souls. Also consider yourselves to be souls. Make this firm, and remember the Father too. If you don't remember the Father, how would your sins be absolved? People on the path of devotion too remember Him: O God, have mercy! The Father is the Liberator and also the Guide. This is also His incognito praise.
The Father comes and tells you everything: You used to remember Me on the path of devotion. When I come, I definitely have to come at My own time. It is not that I can come whenever I want. I come when it is fixed in the drama for Me to come. However, I do not have such thoughts.
It is that Father who is teaching you. That true Father is teaching you the truth. The children of the Truth are true. Then, by becoming children of the false one, you become false for half the cycle. You even forget the true Father.
At this time, all are completely engrossed in the five vices. It is so difficult to go and explain to them.
Those who benefit many others will definitely receive more fruit. Those who haven't studied will have to bow down in front of those who have studied. The Father tells you every day: Benefit yourself.
The aim and objective is so easy. A very good character is needed for this. When your heart is clean, your desires can be fulfilled. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:    May you have God's love and, instead of being impressed by someone's goodness, imbibe that yourself.      
If you want to be loved by God, then check the obstructions of body consciousness. Some children say: This one is very good and this is why I feel mercy for him or her. Some have attachment to the bodies of others, some to their virtues or their specialties. However, who gave them those specialties and virtues? If someone is good, then definitely imbibe that goodness, but do not become impressed with his or her goodness. Be detached and loving to the Father. Children who are so lovely, that is, who are loved by God, are constantly safe .

Slogan:    Make the power of silence emerge and the speed of service will become fast. 


Sweet Children,

The Father sits here and asks you children: Why was the original, eternal, deity religion called the Hindu religion? You should find the answer to that. At first, there was just the original, eternal, deity religion. Then, when they became vicious, they could no longer call themselves deities. So, instead of calling themselves deities of the original, eternal, religion, they started to call themselves the original, eternal Hindus. They still kept the words 'original and eternal'; they just changed the name "deities" and called themselves Hindus.
You were the original, eternal, satopradhan beings and then, while taking rebirth, you became tamopradhan. You now have to become satopradhan once again through the pilgrimage of remembrance. They will like this medicine. Baba (God-Father) is the Surgeon.
You children are becoming satopradhan through the pilgrimage of remembrance.
You would give the lesson from the beginning to whoever comes. Because they don't know the Father, the first and main thing to explain to them is: You don't know your Senior Father. Originally, you belong to the Father from beyond. You came here and now belong to a worldly father. You have forgotten your Father from beyond. The unlimited Father is the Creator of heaven. None of these innumerable religions exist there.
Although some children explain very well, they don't have any yoga at all. They don't become bodiless or remember the Father. They are unable to stay in remembrance. Although they know that they explain very well and that they even open museums etc., they still have very little remembrance. It requires effort to consider yourself to be a soul and to continue to remember the Father.
The Father gives you a warning. Do not think that you can convince others very well. What is the benefit of that? OK, so what if they have become spinners of the discus of self-realisation? Here, you have to become bodiless. While performing actions, consider yourself to be a soul. It is the soul that carries out all tasks through the body. Those who don't know how to remember this or don't even know how to think about these things are called buddhus.
You are unable to remember the Father. You don't have the strength to do service. How can a soul receive strength without having remembrance? How can his battery become full? Instead of moving along, the soul will come to a halt; he will have no power. It is said: Religion is might. Only when a soul remains stable in his original religion can he receive strength. There are many who don't know how to remember the Father. You can tell this from their faces. They would remember everyone else, but would be unable to have remembrance of the Father.
Only through yoga will you receive power. Only through remembrance will there be a lot of happiness and health. Then, in your next birth, you will receive shining new bodies. When you souls become pure, you will receive pure bodies.
Only through the pilgrimage of remembrance do you become satopradhan from tamopradhan. Those are physical pilgrimages of devotion whereas this is the spiritual pilgrimage. Here, it is the soul that goes on pilgrimage, whereas in other pilgrimages both the spirit and the body go on pilgrimage. By remembering the Purifier Father, the soul receives that sparkle.
lf a student has to be shown that splendour, Baba sometimes enters someone. Both the Mother and Father help, sometimes in knowledge and sometimes in yoga. The Father is always bodiless. He has no awareness of the body. So, the Father can give you the help of the strength of both (knowledge and yoga). If there is no yoga, how can you receive that strength?
Baba now uplifts you so powerfully that the relationship of brother and sister is removed and there is just the vision of brotherhood. We souls are brothers. This is very elevated vision. This effort has to continue till the end. When you become satopradhan, you will shed your body. Therefore, increase your efforts as much as possible. This is even easier for old people. We now definitely have to return home.
The Father is the Master of the Garden and also the Boatman. He takes everyone's boat across. The children who are wise and sensible are able to understand how He takes the boat across and where He takes you. Those who don't understand don't even make effort. It is numberwise.
Some aeroplanes travel faster than sound. No one even knows how a soul flies. A soul flies even faster than a rocket. There is nothing as fast as a soul.
Destruction definitely has to take place. It is impossible for the bombs not to be used and for destruction not to take place. A new world is definitely needed for you. This is fixed in the drama. This is why you should have a lot of happiness. It is said: Death to the prey and happiness for the hunter. According to the drama everyone has to die. Because you children have the knowledge of the drama, you do not fluctuate but observe everything as detached observers. There is no need to cry. Everyone has to shed their body at their own time.
Everyone has to take rebirth. All of these things have to be churned. The main thing is to remember the Father with a lot of love. Just as children cling to their mother and father, in the same way, you souls also have to cling firmly to Father with your intellect's yoga. You have to check yourself as to what extent you are imbibing knowledge.
Each one of you can understand to what extent you are able to explain to others and to what extent you are emerging out of body consciousness. I, the soul, leave one body and take another. I, the soul, work through this body. These are my organs. We are all actors playing our parts. This is a huge play in this unlimited drama. All the actors in this drama are numberwise.
You children have come to know the beginning, the middle and the end of the drama from the Father. You receive the knowledge of creation from the Creator. The Creator comes and explains the secrets of Himself and His creation. This (Adam-Brahma) is His chariot which He has entered. You would therefore say that there are two souls in this one. It is a common thing to invoke a departed soul and offer that soul food when he comes.
Baba says: Sweet children, you now have to remain in silence. When you become strong in knowledge and yoga, you will become firm and solid. At the moment, many of you children are innocent. The deities who were the residents of Bharat were very solid. They were overflowing with wealth. Now, they are empty. They were solvent whereas you have become insolvent. You know what Bharat used to be and what it has now become. People will die of starvation because there will be no grain, water or anything. Some places will continue to be flooded and other places will not have a drop of water.
At this time, there are clouds of sorrow. In the golden age, there will be clouds of happiness. Only you children understand this play. No one else knows this. It is very good to explain using the badge: One is a limited, physical father whereas that One is the unlimited Father from beyond. Only once, at this confluence age, does this Father give you your unlimited inheritance and create the new world. This is the iron-aged world and it will definitely become golden aged. You are now at the confluence.
If your heart is clean, your desires are fulfilled. Ask yourself every day: Did I do anything bad? Did I have any vicious thoughts inside me about anyone? Did I remain in the intoxication of knowing who I am, or did I waste my time gossiping? The Father's order is: Remember Me alone! If you do not have remembrance, you are disobeying the Father. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:   May you be free from attachment and serve with the consciousness of an instrument with feelings of mercy.      
At present, when all souls have become tired and disappointed and are asking for mercy, you children of the Bestower have to feel merciful towards your brothers and sisters. No matter how bad someone may be, let there be feelings of mercy towards that one too and you will never have feelings of dislike, jealousy or anger. The consciousness of an instrument easily emerges from feelings of mercy. Do not have mercy due to attachment, but real mercy makes you free from attachment because there is no body consciousness there.

Slogan:   To give co-operation to others is to accumulate in your own account.   

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