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Look how much arrogance of the body people have! I am so-and-so! I am this! The God-Father comes and makes you soul conscious.

19/05/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweetest Children,

The Father is purifying you children. Therefore, there definitely has to be love for the Father, even though there is love between brothers, and that is fine. All the children of the one Father are brothers. However, it is only the one Father who purifies everyone. This is why all the children's love is connected to the one Father. The Father says: Children, constantly remember Me alone. It is fine that you are brothers and so you would certainly be like milk and sugar. You are children of the one Father. It is the soul that has so much love. Since you are to receive a deity status, there has to be a lot of love among you. We are becoming brothers. We are claiming our inheritance from the Father. The Father comes and teaches us. Those who are to understand will understand that this is a school or a big university. The Father gives everyone drishti, that is, He remembers everyone. All human beings, all souls of the whole world, remember the unlimited Father. The whole world - old and new - belongs to the Father. The new world belongs to the Father, so wouldn't the old world belong to Him? It is the Father who purifies everyone. Even the old world is Mine. I am the Master of the whole world. Although I don't rule the new world, it is still Mine.
My children remain very happy in this unlimited home and then they also receive sorrow. This is a play. This whole unlimited world is My home. It is a big stage. The Father knows that there are children of His in the whole home. He looks at the whole world. All are living. All children are unhappy at this time and this is why you call out: Baba, Bestower of Peace, take us away from this dirty and unhappy world to a world of peace. You call out to the Father. You cannot say anything to the deities. That One is the Father of all. He has concern for the whole world. This is an unlimited home. The Father knows that, at this time, all are unhappy in this unlimited home and that this is why they are calling out to the Bestower of Peace and the Bestower of Happiness. People ask for the two things. You now know that you are claiming your inheritance of happiness from the unlimited Father. The Father has come and is giving us happiness and also peace. No one else will give us peace and happiness. The Father alone has that mercy. He is the unlimited Father. You understand that we children of Baba were very happy when we were pure. By becoming impure, we have now become unhappy. By sitting on the pyre of lust, souls have become ugly and impure.
The main thing is that you forget the Father who gave you such a high status. People sing: You are the Mother and You are the Father, and we had plenty of happiness. You are now receiving that because there is now a lot of sorrow. This world is tamopradhan. People continue to choke in the ocean of poison. They don't understand anything. You have now received understanding. You understand that this is the extreme depths of hell. The Father asks you children: At present, are you residents of hell or residents of heaven? When someone dies, they immediately say that he has become a resident of heaven, that is, he has gone beyond all sorrow. So, why do they feed him the things of hell? They don't understand this. The Father comes and establishes heaven. He teaches you children Raja Yoga. The Father says: Sweet children, I give you this knowledge. I alone have this knowledge. I am the Ocean of Knowledge. People say that so­ and-so is an authority of the scriptures, but they don't understand that they are still souls. They don't know about the Father at all.
People say of the Father who makes you into the masters of the world that He is in the pebbles and stones. Look what Sage Vyas has written! People don't know anything at all. They have become complete orphans and continue to fight and quarrel among themselves. No one knows the Father, the Creator, or the beginning, middle and end of creation. The Father gives His own introduction and also explains to you the secrets of the beginning, middle and end. No one else can tell you these things. Ask anyone: Do you know the One who is called Ishwar, God and the Creator? Is it knowing God to say that He is in the pebbles and stones? First of all, understand the self. When human beings are tamopradhan, animals etc. are all tamopradhan too. When human beings are satopradhan, all are happy. As human beings, so their furniture. The furniture of wealthy people is good. You become very happy masters of the world and so whatever you have gives happiness. There is nothing there that causes sorrow. This hell is a dirty world. The Father comes and explains to you that God is only One. He alone is the Purifier. He establishes heaven.
People sing praise of the deities: You are full of all virtues... People go to a temple and sing the praise of the deities and defame themselves because they are all degraded. It is Lakshmi and Narayan whom everyone worships who are elevated and residents of heaven. Even sannyasis worship them. It is not like that in the golden age. Your renunciation is unlimited. The unlimited Father comes and inspires you to have unlimited renunciation. That is hatha yoga, limited renunciation. That religion is separate. The Father says: You have forgotten your religion and pushed yourselves into so many other religions. You have named your Bharat Hindustan and then called it the Hindu religion. In fact, no one established the Hindu religion. There are four main religions: Deity, Islam, Buddhism and Christian. You know that this whole world is an island and that there is the kingdom of Ravan over it. Have you seen Ravan? The one whose effigy is repeatedly burnt is the oldest enemy. People don't even understand why they burn him. There has to be understanding of who he is and from when they have been burning him. They think that that has been happening since the beginning of time. Ah! but there still has to be an account. No one knows you.
You are the children of Adam-Brahma. If anyone asks you whose children you are, say: We are Brahma Kumars and Kumaris and so we are definitely his children. Whose child is Adam-Brahma? Shiv Baba's (Benefactor GodFather). We are His grandchildren. All souls are His children. Then, in terms of the body, we first become Brahmins (descendants of Adam-Brahma). There is Prajapita (father of humankind) Brahma. You know how so many people are created. This is adoption. Shiv Baba(GodFather) adopts you through Adam-Brahma. There is also a mela. In fact, the mela should take place where the Brahmaputra, the big river, merges into the ocean. The mela should take place at that confluence. This mela is here. Adam-Brahma is sitting here. You know that he is the father and also the senior mamma, but, because he is male, Mamma has been appointed to look after the mothers.
The Father says: I grant you salvation. You know that those deities are doubly non-violent because Ravan-vices doesn't exist there. There is night through devotion and day through knowledge. Only the one Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. People say that He is omnipresent. The Father Himself comes and explains. He only explains to His children. There are the versions of God, Shiva(Benefactor). People celebrate the birthday of Shiva and so He definitely enters someone. He says: I have to take the support of matter. I don't take the support of a young child. Krishna is a young child. I enter this one in the last of his many births and, as well as that, when he is in his stage of retirement.
It is only in their stage of retirement that people remember God. However, no one knows God accurately. This is why the Father says: Whenever there is extreme irreligiousness, I come in Bharat alone. The praise of Bharat is limitless. Look how much arrogance of the body people have! I am so-and-so! I am this! The Father comes and makes you soul conscious. The spiritual Father sits here and tells you sweetest spiritual children all the secrets of knowledge. This is the old world whereas the golden age is the new world. There was just the original, eternal, ancient deity religion in the golden age. It is a matter of 5000 years. Vyas has written in the scriptures that the duration of the cycle is hundreds of thousands of years. In fact, the world cycle is only 5000 years. People are completely ignorant. They are sleeping in the sleep of Kumbhakarna. New people who hear these things would not be able to understand them. This is why the Father says: I only speak to My children. You are the ones who started devotion. You have slapped yourselves. The Father made you worthy of worship and you then became worshippers. This is also a play.
Some people are soft-hearted and even start to cry while watching a play. The Father says: Those who cry lose out. There is no question of crying in the golden age. Here, too, the Father says: You mustn't cry. It is in the copper and iron ages that people cry. Golden-aged people never cry. At the end, no one will have any time to cry; they will continue to die suddenly. They will not be able to cry out in distress: Oh God! Destruction will take place in such a way that there won't be the slightest suffering because none of the hospitals will even remain. This is why they make such things. The Father explains to you: I take the army of you monkeys-souls in order to conquer Ravan-vices. The Father is now showing you the way to conquer Ravan. All the Sitas-souls have to be liberated from the chains of Ravan. All of these matters have to be understood. God speaks: The Father says to His children alone: Hear no evil! Close your ears to the things that don't benefit you at all. You have now received shrimat. You are the ones who will become elevated. Here, they have given everyone the title Shri Shri. Achcha, the Father still says: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This unlimited play of victory and defeat that the Father explains to you is so wonderful. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Spiritual children say Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be a karma yogi who receives blessings by keeping a balance of doing service and making effort on the self.   
A karma yogi means one who has the balance of yoga at the time of performing actions. Service means karma, and making effort on the self means to be yogyukt. In order to keep a balance of these two, simply remember one term: The Father is Karavanhar (One who inspires) and I, the soul, am karanhar (one who does). This one term will easily enable you to keep a balance and you will receive blessings from everyone. When you consider yourself to be karavanhar instead of considering yourself to be karanhar, there is no balance and Maya takes her chance.

Slogan:  In order to do the service of taking others beyond with just a glance, merge BapDada in your eyes.  

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