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When performing actions,practise being bodiless for 1or2 minutes.Have a powerful stage while performing action.

18/05/14  Morning Murli   Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban  02/01/78

Essence: The splendour of the moon of knowledge and the stars of knowledge.

BapDada (GodFather Supreme Soul and Adam-Brahma together) is happy to see all the lovely and lucky children. BapDada is seeing a sparkling star of fortune on each one's forehead. The souls in the corporeal world look at the sky, and the Father, who resides beyond the sky, has come to the corporeal world to see the stars of the earth. Just as the splendour of stars sparkling with the moon looks very beautiful, so Adam-Brahma, the moon, is also decorated when with the children, the stars. Is the mother's love for the children greater or the children's love for their mother greater? Children forget their mother when they are busy playing, whereas the mother's love reminds the children. If it wasn’t for this love, the children would not attain anything.
Today, especially at the time of amrit vela (early morning), souls who had gathered in Madhuban for that time were deeply remembering mother Adam-Brahma much more than they were remembering the Father. In the subtle region as well, the Father, the Sun, was incognito and the moon, Brahma(Adam), the senior mother, was lost in the love of celebrating a meeting with the stars, the Brahmin children. What was the scene in the subtle region today? The heart-to-heart conversation of the mother with her children continues all the time, but today it was between the mother and Father(God). Do you know what their conversation was about ?
Today at amrit vela, Adam-Brahma was especially lost in his love for the Brahmins. Madhuban is the land of karma (action) and of the service performed by sakar-physical Adam-Brahma. It is also the physical meeting place of the children with both forms of the mother and Father. It is also the place that Brahma Baba decorated through his body and mind, and therefore, seeing the splendour there, Brahma, the mother, especially remembered his corporeal form in the corporeal world and asked: How much more time will it take for the stars to have a form like that of the moon? That is, when will the meeting of the corporeal(point of light) form and the avyakt(bodiless subtle form of body of light) form take place? What reply did Baba receive ? The Father replied: "When the mother says that everyone is ever ready." Therefore, Brahma, the mother, went on a tour. While touring around everywhere, Baba continued to observe the spirituality of every Brahmin. After this tour when they continued their conversation in the subtle region, Brahma Baba said: "My children are number one in keeping their aim and they are all waiting for time, thinking that they will be ready on time." The Father asked: Is the kingdom ready? Today, Brahma was siding with the Brahmin children. Brahma said: "The rosary of 16, 108 is already made." Then he was asked: How many Brahmins are there? Can 16,108 not emerge out of 50,000? The beads are ready but they are now waiting until the last second to be threaded, numberwise. The beads are fixed, but their positions are not. In terms of their positions, the last ones can go fast. Today, Brahma confirmed the line of fortune of 16,108 beads, that is, of all the co-operative souls. This is why Brahma is called the bestower of fortune, the one who distributes all fortune. As a memorial of this, brahmin priests prepare the horoscope at the time of a child's birth and perform naming ceremonies. Mother Brahma spoke of the certainty of the fortune of the 16,108 beads. You are all included in that, are you not ?
Today, Adam-Brahma was singing praise of the children in this land and abroad. Just as there is praise of the fortune of the children who came in the beginning, so there is also just as much praise of the fortune of the new children who have been taking sustenance through the avyakt form. In the beginning, they didn't have the impact of anyone's practical life in front of them. Just the father's love was their example. Their future wasn't clear at all. It was completely unknown. However, those souls were the moths who sacrificed themselves completely to the Flame. In the same way, new children have examples of the lives of many others. The beginning, the middle and the end are very clear. The horoscope of 84 births is very clear. Both the effort and the reward are clear, but the father is avyakt. While receiving sustenance from the father through the avyakt form, they have the experience of the corporeal form. To experience the avyakt form as the physical form and to experience his closeness and companionship is a wonder for the new children. Just as there was the wonder of the children in the beginning, so there is also the wonder of the children who have come last and are going fast. Baba sang praise of these wonders. Did you hear today's conversation ? There were also many rosaries of complaints. The rosaries of these complaints were making Brahma the embodiment of love. Baba told you earlier that, today, Brahma was completely absorbed in love for the children. While being an image of love, he is also seated on the seat of the drama. This is why Baba was able to merge the love. You are the children of the Ocean who are able to merge everything. You are able to show this love and are also able to merge it. You know how to make it merge and emerge because you are the hero actors. You can adopt whatever form you want when you want, that is, you can play whatever part you want. Achcha.
To those who are constantly loving and filled with all powers, to those who are constantly extremely detached and loving, to those whose star of fortune is constantly sparkling, to those who are the most elevated and fortunate and who are seated on the throne now and who will be in the future, to such multimillionaires who transform themselves and others in a second, to such world benefactor children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting Dadis
Who would be the jewels in the line of fortune that Brahma Baba finalised at amrit vela this morning? Would the eight jewels have been finalised? The mother and Father have them fixed. Now, they just have to be revealed on the stage. Why are only the 108 fixed with the Father? The future is just as clear to the Father as the present is. The future is becoming just as clear to the very special children because they are close to the Father and co-operate with Him in every task. Therefore, the eight jewels are the Chief Justice. The judgement given by the Justice is the final word “yes” or “no”. The Father is the President, but the children are the Chief Justice. The judgement is given by the children. The judgement given by the Chief Justice is always accurate. The Chief Justice can confirm or revoke a decision made by a judge. Great value is given to a judgement given by the Chief Justice. Therefore, until the future becomes as clear to them as the present, how can the children give an accurate judgement? Having equal knowledge of the present and the future is known as being equal to the Father. Have you experienced this stage ?
Today, did you remember Baba in the corporeal form or the avyakt form? Seeing the stars, the moon is also remembered, and so Brahma also remembered you today. Achcha.
BapDada meeting groups: Gujarat group
Gujarat specially has received the blessing of coming last and going fast. You souls from Gujarat have the intoxication of having attained special fortune according to the drama. In terms of distance, Gujarat is very close to Madhuban. Similarly, according to the drama, you also have the blessing of being close in your effort. Just as you are close in a physical way, so, in terms of the dharna of knowledge, that land too is capable of having dharna. When the land is good it bears fruit quickly. Then there is less effort and more fruit. Gujarat has the blessing of being close in terms of the land and in terms of being close. How fast would souls who have this blessing be moving in their effort? In the subject of dharna, the residents of Gujarat have a speciality. In the extremely tamopradhan, iron-aged world, Gujarat is still good. Therefore, on the basis of the lift of both blessings, those from Gujarat should arrive first. Take benefit from the blessings and every difficult situation will be experienced as easy. Something may appear to be very difficult but you will easily be able to find a solution to it. This is known as making a mountain into cotton wool (rui). A mustard seed (rai) is still hard, but cotton wool is soft and light. Do you experience this? Achcha.
Serviceable souls played their parts of serving. What is the speciality of serviceable souls, seeing which, others would say that they are first-class serviceable souls? All are numberwise even in serving. What is the speciality of the number one serviceable souls? The visible speciality in first-class serviceable souls is that while serving they would reveal the Father's virtues and task. They would not just be serving through action. Even while serving physically, their every action at every step would reveal the Father’s virtues and task. This is the first-class service. While serving, you should experience yourself to be a master ocean of knowledge, happiness and peace. So do you have this type of aim or just remain tireless in service? A first­ class serviceable soul means one who does all three types of service simultaneously; through your face, through your mind and through your deeds. Your image should reveal the sparkle of a spiritual server, that is, an angelic sparkle should be visible. Your elevated attitude should serve through your mind. In this way, all three types of service should be done simultaneously. This is known as being a first-class server. To serve is a virtue, but to remain a master ocean of all virtues is a speciality that cannot be found anywhere else. Everyone can become tireless, but nowhere else could one find all-round serviceable souls who do all three types of service simultaneously. So reveal the speciality of Brahmins according to the aim and its qualifications.
What special task will you perform now? You were told to become even more introverted and go into the depths of the attainments of the pilgrimage of remembrance and have very deep experiences. Research this subject. Create a thought and then check its result. Did the thought you have, take practical form or not? To what percentage is there a practical result of the power you have imbibed? Now, stay in the laboratory of the depth of experience. Others should feel that you are totally beyond this world and lost in special love. Now, make your karma and yoga even more balanced. Increase your practice of having a powerful stage of yoga while performing karma. To keep this balance means to have an intense speed. Because you don't maintain this balance while you move along, instead of having an intense speed, you move at an ordinary speed. Therefore, just as you invent things for service, so now also make special time to practise and experience this and bring about some newness. Become an example for everyone in this! Everyone speaks of yoga being remembrance and to be in yoga means to be connected. However, now go into the depths of the practical form of this connection: what the proof of it is, and what you attain through it. Not the gross form, but go into the depths of its spirituality. Then the angelic form will be revealed. The way to achieve this revelation is first of all to have all the experiences visible in the self. What result did you hear of the service in the foreign lands? What created an impression? Drishti and the power of spirituality. Even though they may not understand the language, the impact that stays with them is your angelic face and the spiritual look in your eyes. You saw this result. At the end, you will not have that much time or that much energy. While moving along, the power of speech will also decrease. However, the task to be achieved through words and actions can be achieved a lot more by using the power of spirituality. Just as you have developed the practice of coming into sound, so you will also develop the practice of spirituality and will have no desire to come into sound.

Blessing: May you be bodiless and, while enabling the physical organs to function as a detached observer, be free from the consciousness of being the 'doer'.   
Come into the body when you want and become bodiless when you want. When you have to perform an action, then take the support of the physical organs, but do not forget that it is "I, the soul" who is taking that support. I am not the one who does, but the one who inspires. Just as when you get others to do something you consider yourself to be separate, in the same way, be a detached observer and enable your physical organs to function and you will remain free from the consciousness of being the 'doer ' and become bodiless. When performing actions, practise being bodiless for one or two minutes and you will receive a lot of help in the final moments.

Slogan: In order to become a world emperor, become one who gives sakaash to the world.  

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