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when there is attachment in your thoughts, words, deeds or relationships, you are unable to become detached.

………He went on to say that he no longer experienced himself in that way, that he thought of himself "more like a spot or point of light."...........The very concept of an out-of-body experience suggests that we survive physical death. Couple this with a deep-seated common yearning, a nostalgia for something that seemingly eludes us, a heartfelt longing to return "home" or perhaps to our true identity, and it is easy to imagine the possibility that when we eventually die, each of us will travel out-of-body to our point of origin in a spiritual domain. This is indeed an intriguing notion………

25/05/14 Morning Murli   Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban   07/01/78

Essence: The Meeting of the Foreign Children with the Foreign Father.

Today, the Father, the Foreigner, has come to meet the foreign children of this corporeal world. Both are foreigners. Why has Baba specially come to meet the foreign children? Do you know your speciality due to which the Father has come especially to meet you? What speciality do the foreigners have? The Father knows that His children of the previous cycle, who went away to the faraway lands in the corporeal world and took different names, forms and religions have once again reached the true, original place to meet the Father and their family from whom they were separated. Do you experience this? You have the happiness of having found the Father and your true family but the Father has greater happiness because the Father knows that His children are the decoration of the home. No person or place seems right without the decoration. Similarly, the Father does not like to be without the decoration, the children. Because of one speciality of the foreign souls, the Father has greater love for them. What is that speciality? It is similar to a game they play in India. They hide some things in a cloth or cover them with a cloth, then tell their children to take the cover off to see what's inside and then to cover them up again. Then the children's intellects are tested to see what things they remember and how many they remember. They then receive a number according to how many things they are able to remember and describe. This game of the intellect is played with the children. Similarly, the foreign children were hidden by the cover of a different religion or philosophy and way of life and yet still recognised the Father as He is and what He is. Therefore, because of the wonder of their intellects, Baba has love for the foreign children. Do you understand?
BapDada is very pleased to see the handful of children out of multimillions who pass in this game of the intellect. Are all of you also happy? Who has greater happiness: you or the Father? Constantly sing these songs of happiness: I have attained what I wanted to attain. By maintaining this happiness, you will not experience any confusion or unhappiness, that is, you will become Maya proof Become Maya-proof to such an extent that BapDada can show you examples to everyone. Have you become such examples? Which of you feels that you have become such an example that BapDada can present you to the world? Is it that you are not ever ready, but just ready? Children living abroad have also received a special lift so that they can reveal themselves to the world and give the Father's introduction. By doing such service, you receive extra marks. Have you carried out such service or do you still have to do this? Souls in Bharat would feel that you souls have recognised the Father, whereas they themselves haven't. On seeing your faces filled with the recognition of Baba, the people who live in Bharat will regret having lost their fortune. This is why all of you are instruments for service. In the Delhi conference that is to take place, this is the special service that you children from the foreign lands have to do. The people there should be able to have a glimpse of the imperishable happiness, supersensuous joy and peace in any of you souls that they see. The faces of all of you should become a mirror to show them the property you have attained from the Father. Those who do such service receive a prize of special marks from BapDada. Is this service easy or difficult?
Any type of light definitely attracts you to itself. So, too, all of you souls are the embodiments of light and might to attract others to the Father. Do you understand what service you have to do at the conference? Does Maya come to the children who live abroad? You are not afraid, are you? You challenge Maya, do you not? You challenge Maya to come to you so that you can bid her farewell. When Maya (test paper)comes, it means you become experienced. Therefore, never be afraid of Maya. If you are afraid of her she takes on a fearsome form. When you are not afraid of her she salutes you. Maya is nothing really, just a paper tiger. You are not afraid of a paper tiger, are you? Although she adopts a fearsome form, she is powerless. Here, too, people put on fearsome masks to scare you, and yet, behind the mask there is just a human being. When the external mask is removed, there is no fear. However, if you become afraid on seeing the external form, you fail. What do you experience more from Maya: defeat or victory?
Out of you children who have come from abroad, which of you feels that you are a bead of the rosary of 108? Victory through faith is definitely guaranteed. Do not ever have a weak aim. Keep the elevated aim of being a victorious one of the previous cycle and you will remain so constantly. You will then always experience yourself to be a victorious jewel.
Children have come from many countries. Each place you children emerge from also has importance. Those places will also become memorials in one form or another. You children will especially tour around those places. (Electricity went off.) It should be as easy as that to become bodiless. Just as you remove physical clothes, so you also have to remove the costume of body consciousness in a second. You should be able to adopt it when you want and become detached from it when you want. However, you will only have this practice when you do not have bondages of any type. If there is any bondage of the thoughts in your mind, you will not be able to become detached. When you wear tight clothes, you are not able to remove them easily or quickly. So, too, when there is attachment in your thoughts, words, deeds or relationships, you are unable to become detached. Can you easily practise becoming the embodiment of whatever thought you have? Are you able to become the embodiment at the same time as having the thought? Or, does it take time for you to become the embodiment after you have had the thought? As soon as you have the thought, you should become bodiless. When you have the thought of becoming stable in the stage of a master ocean of love, you should become that form. Do you practise this? Now increase your practice. You will then claim a scholarship on the basis of this practice.
There is still one plan that the foreigners have not yet put into practice. Do you remember the plan that you were given? At this time, the Kumbhakarnas are in a deep sleep. Now we shall see how you sprinkle them to awaken them during the conference. When someone is in a deep sleep you have to wake them up by sprinkling them with drops of water. Now put this plan into practical form. It should be such that, as soon as they come in front of you, they should feel that they have to awaken and become similar to you. Even against their conscious wish, everyone's attention should be drawn to your sound. Has any soul from any country been prepared in this way?
Are all the service centres functioning well? Are all of you content with yourselves and with service? You are most lucky. Do you consider yourselves to be the long-lost and now-found, beloved children? Who has become number one in the race between the centres? Each country has its own speciality. London has become the planning centre because it is the instrument. Due to this speciality, London would be called number one. However, Guyana is number one in doing special quality service by spreading the name and being serviceable. In terms of numbers, Mauritius is number one. Lusaka is number one in tolerating all the circumstances and overcoming them and remaining unshakeable in situations of great upheaval. Australia also has a speciality: you are number one in igniting many lamps from individual lamps and creating a rosary of lights (Deepmala). Australia can go ahead even more. You have planning intellects and can make very good plans. If you put all those plans into practice, you can go ahead of London. However, as yet, the plans are only intellectual; they have not been made practical.
Each jewel is very valuable, but you haven't brought your own value on to the stage as yet. BapDada has great hopes. This Maria can do this. Simply put on the costume of renunciation and tapasya and come on to the stage. Victory will then become the garland around your neck. Serve others and then bring someone back to India with you. The land in Australia is good.
From Germany, too, souls who can spread the sound can emerge. You are making very good effort. Now there has to be a special example in a practical form, on seeing whom, other souls receive special inspirations. However, you are number one in having courage and enthusiasm. Leicester is with London. The wonder of those in Leicester is that there are very good children who are victorious through having faith in the intellect. Many families are prepared for you to give as examples. BapDada's heart is pleased. Those from Nairobi and Bulawayo are very good effort-makers. You are no less in being absorbed in love for the Father. You are ahead. You saw the practical example of one who has become a moth to the Flame. If that instrument soul shares his experience, then his sound can also perform a great task. The land of Hong Kong has the speciality of having loving and co-operative souls. There are also powerful souls in Hong Kong, but they are still hidden. When the time is right, everyone will be able to see the hidden jewels of Hong Kong. Each foreign centre has its own speciality. Therefore, each one is number one. Canada is also claiming its number; it is preparing itself. Canada also has its speciality in that if even one emerges from there, that one can bring many others with him. There is hope. When even one emerges, it will not take long. Having come last, you will go fast. You are working hard and you also have deep love. You are working hard and you also have good wishes. Good wishes definitely bear fruit.
Nevertheless the wonder of Janak is that she has become an instrument to increase the zeal and enthusiasm in lands abroad constantly. She has taken on that responsibility. She has very good co-operative hands, but it would still be said that she has taken on that responsibility. As the time of destruction comes closer, people will feel the atmosphere and look for you, the messengers. They will remember the angels who gave them the Father's introduction and will wonder who they were. Wherever you have placed your feet in service, it is impossible for you not to succeed. Some lands bear fruit quickly whereas other lands take time, but they definitely do bear fruit.
Just as there are service centres near railway stations in India, so too, there should be centres near the airports. This has to happen. The foreigners are racing ahead very well. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. The reason your attitude causes mischief and the easy way to become unshakeable.
The two words "Why?" and "What?" are the reasons for your attitude causing mischief. These two words bring upheaval whereas the one term "nothing new" makes you unshakeable. It has to happen and has already been accomplished. If you have no thought other than this, would there be mischief? When everything is "nothing new", "Why?" and "What?" finish. No matter what situation arises in thoughts, words, connections or relations, it is ''Nothing new". Generally, there is a question of "Why?" or "What?" for something new. In "nothing new" there is no question or surprise. Revise this lesson and make it firm.
2. The method to protect yourself and gain constant victory over Maya.
Remain stable in the stage of a master almighty authority. A master almighty authority is a victorious jewel. Maya is totally powerless inside. Do not be afraid when you see her external form. Do not become unconscious when you see her alive. Maya is in fact unconscious but, sometimes, when you see another person unconscious, you yourself become unconscious. Now, bid farewell to Maya with great happiness. Maintain the stage of being knowledge-full and you will never be deceived.
3. The blessing of remaining immortal given at the confluence age by Baba, the Lord of Immortality.
The blessing of being immortal is given in this birth and for the future births. At the confluence age, you are given the blessing of remaining immortal and safe from Maya. In the future, you have the blessing of having no untimely death. Those who have received the blessing of being immortal cannot be shaken by Maya. Maya cannot cast her vision on you even from a distance. She always salutes you. Always remain aware of having received the blessing of being immortal. Because of having faith in the intellect, souls who have received this blessing are victorious. Those who have the intoxication of this blessing cannot be made unconscious by Maya even in their dreams. It is no small thing to receive a blessing from the Father! When the Satguru Himself gives you a blessing, there should be so much intoxication! Achcha.

Blessing: May you be full of all attainments and give the experience of all elevated attainments through your face.   
At the confluence age, you Brahmin(children of God-descendants of Adam-Brahma) souls have the blessing: May you be full of all attainments. Such blessed souls do not have to make any effort. The sparkle on their face shows that they have attained something and that they are souls who are embodiments of attainment. Seeing the faces of some children, people say that the destination is very high and that they have had very elevated renunciation. They are able to see the renunciation, but not the fortune. When you show your fortune by maintaining the intoxication of all attainments, they will then be attracted and come to you easily.

Slogan: Success is merged where there is zeal, enthusiasm and a united gathering.

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