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Research into how you can become an embodiment of experience (to go beyond sound) and you will have great pleasure.

11/05/14   Morning Murli   Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   30/06/77

Essence:   BapDada's elevated hopes for every child - soul.

BapDada is pleased to see all the instrument souls who along with Him are playing their part of being constantly co-operative and bringing benefit to all souls who are elevated and have the fortune of happiness. Seeing the loving souls who stay in the Father's love and who have the deep desire, as well as the zeal and enthusiasm, to meet the Father, the Father gives the return of the children's love and enthusiasm. BapDada knows that all the children have a deep feeling of love and co-operation and also have the elevated thought of becoming equal to the Father. Seeing all of this, BapDada wishes to see the children in their elevated stage with a crown even more elevated than His, to be seated on the heart-throne, to be the sparkling stars in supreme abode, the support of the hearts of all the souls of the world and the constantly worthy-of-worship ancestors of all the souls of the world. The Father has great happiness on seeing the children become so elevated. Every child - soul should remain constantly in the most elevated stage of all with the highest­ on-high Father. As your name is so elevated, so your task should be just as elevated. Just as you have such elevated prestige in front of the world, so you should also constantly maintain your self-respect and honour. These are the elevated hopes that BapDada has for all the children - souls.
So, what do you children have to do? Wear the ornaments (decoration) of knowledge, virtues and powers that you have received from BapDada. Just as your non-living images are constantly adorned, so you, too, in the living form should always remain adorned, be seated on BapDada's heart-throne and, while dancing in supersensuous joy, maintain the intoxication of your angelic form. This is the return you have to give to BapDada. Do you know how to give a return? Let your heart's desire and what you do be the same. It should not be that you want to do something but you don't do it. Have you adopted your most elevated authority? Which authority? The authority to control your physical organs, that is, your servers, accurately as well as the authority to control your subtle powers of the mind, intellect and sanskars, which are also your servants. Have you adopted such authority? Are you able to use your physical organs as the master of all powers and as a master almighty authority? Or, do you simply use your authority over the co-operative members of the Divine family, that is, the souls who help and are service companions? In connection with Brahmin (the descendants of Brahma-Adam) souls, have feelings of love and co-operation; do not use authority over them. You have to use your authority to rule your physical organs and subtle powers. To be subservient to those subtle powers and say that your nature or your sanskars are like that are not the words of an almighty authority. Those who do not use authority over themselves are misusing their authority. So, do not misuse your authority.
In the gathering of this meeting, BapDada saw all the children's zeal and enthusiasm, their elevated feelings and also their desire to benefit the world. Together with this, BapDada also saw their elevated desire to become equal to the Father. However, BapDada only saw these things in terms of thoughts and words. Baba saw that in practice there is a difference in constantly having 'the qualifications according to the aim', which should be visible to the self and to others. The art of maintaining a balance now has to be in the ascending stage. You have the thought, but the complete stage for thoughts is to have determined thoughts. You have the thought but determination is needed. Together with your spinning the discus of self­ realisation through which Maya has been bidden farewell for all time, there is also at the same time, the spinning of the discus of looking at the self (swadarshan) and at others (par darshan). To look at others is to invoke Maya, whereas to look at oneself challenges Maya. BapDada is able to see very clearly the wave of the wonderful game of looking at others. Baba also saw that everyone who has the aim of becoming trikaldarshi in every part within the unlimited drama also becomes trikaldarshi about wasteful things a great deal. You think: It happened earlier in the same way, it is the same now and it will remain the same. You become trikaldarshi in this way. Do you know something amusing on the path of devotion which is also copied from you? Stories of imagination. Are Ganesh and Hanuman real? However, their stories are so entertaining. In the same way, you change the reason behind a very trivial matter and create a whole story with your imagination. Those who listen to these stories and relate them do so with great interest and also give a lot of their time to them. BapDada saw this wave too.
The teaching that BapDada always gives in order for you to be loving to everyone and claim a high status is: Change the self. However, instead of changing yourself you think of changing the situations or changing other souls. You think, "If this one changes, I will be fine." "I will be transformed if this situation changes." "I will change if I receive these facilities." Or, "I will transform if I receive co-operation and support." What would be the result of this? When any transformation takes place on the basis of a support, then the reward for birth after birth is also based on some support. The account of your income is shared out according to how much support you take in every situation. Because you are unable to accumulate anything in your account, you remain deprived of the happiness and power of having accumulated. Therefore, always keep the aim of transforming yourself. You yourself have to be an image of support for the world. Apart from the support from the Father, all other temporary supports will leave you at the time of need. Those perishable supports that constantly shake will always bring you into some kind of upheaval. As one furnishes, another one will take birth and, through this, all your other powers will be wasted. Furthermore, as you move along, because you are careless, you repeatedly use words of weakness with great pride and without hesitation. You say it while considering it to be honesty and cleanliness. What do you say? "I am disturbed, but I will definitely prove something." What will you prove? Will you show some kind of turmoil or will you definitely become something worthwhile? Just look and you will see that there is some disservice. "I am weak and influenced by my sanskars." "I am not able to change." "You will have to help me overcome this." Many very easily use these types of words to show their courage or to suppress others or threaten them. When BapDada sees that, after having these thoughts, some souls even put them into words or actions, He feels mercy for them. Who experiences a loss in this? They think that it is the Father's loss or a loss in service. They think damage would be caused to the Father. However, those who create sanskars in these aspects become instruments to cause themselves a loss. According to the drama , the task of world service is guaranteed to succeed. No one can prevent this from happening.
BapDada has become the Instrument to give you a multimillion-fold return for one. He makes children instruments for service. For anything you do, you receive a multimillion-fold reward. Children have been made instruments to make their fortune. The task cannot be shaken by those who might fluctuate themselves. Every cycle, the destiny of victory is fixed. Therefore, transform your weak language, that is, bring benefit to yourself. Therefore, become powerful in the task of world benefit and create your future.
The Father knows that you make a lot of effort, that you have had renunciation and tolerated a great deal. However, Baba cannot bear to see the slightest weakness in those He loves. He constantly has good wishes for you to become elevated. This is why, while seeing and hearing all of that, He is signalling you to become complete. BapDada constantly co-operates with the children at every step and will continue to do so until the end. The Father does not dislike anyone. He constantly has positive thoughts for even those who defame Him. Therefore, constantly take His co-operation and continue to move along. Realise the importance of amritvela and continue to take blessings from the Father. The end of the season does not mean the end of His co-operation.
BapDada's hand and company are with every child in every form and in every relationship. Now, according to the drama, you have been given some time. Therefore, consider this to be your luck and take benefit of the time. You are the hands of the clock of destruction. When you become complete, time will come to an end. Therefore, constantly maintain thoughts of the original self and be a spinner of the discus of self-realisation. Achcha.
To the souls who have become instruments to make their future fortune, to those who reveal the image of tomorrow through the self, to the master almighty authority children who constantly give a return to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups: What sign would be visible in the children who are great donors? What benefits do you have when you become a great donor? To be a great donor means that nothing but the Father and service attracts you to itself and that you remain constantly absorbed in this love. A great donor is one who continues to give at every moment. No soul should return from you empty handed. If you do not become a great donor, how would you become a bestower of blessings? Those who are great donors and bestowers of blessings are world benefactors. When you constantly give what you receive, it increases. There cannot be any time or day in which you great donor children would not have donated something.
To be a great donor means to serve others. By serving others you automatically serve yourself. To be a great donor means to make the self full of all treasures. To give to others is to receive. To however many souls you give happiness, peace, power and knowledge, the sound of attainment or gratitude that emerges from those souls becomes a form of blessings for you. Their blessings will continue to help you make progress. You will experience limitless happiness by receiving blessings from all those souls. Therefore, in order for you to become a great donor in all four subjects, make a programme for yourself at amrit vela. You shouldn't be lacking in any subject.
Why is the saying, "Break away from everyone else and connect all your relationships to the One", so well known? In order to be loving to the one Father, you have to detach yourself from everyone else. When you have attained all relationships with the One, you are easily able to move away from everyone else. It is easy for you to break away from everyone else and to connect yourself to the One because when you have attained everything from the One, nothing would be lacking for your intellect to wander. First, you receive love and then you become detached and this is why it is easy. To be detached from everyone and loving to the Father is known as being like a lotus. Check whether you are like a lotus. You are not being splashed with mud, are you?
What is the sign of a worthy teacher'? A worthy teacher is one who serves at every second and in every thought. If a second or a thought goes to waste, you might be called a teacher, but not a worthy teacher. A worthy teacher is one who is yogyukt and, is therefore yuktiyukt. Every thought of a yogyukt soul is powerful. When the seed of thought is powerful, the fruit will also be powerful. An instrument is one who is an example. As is the example, so would the others be the same.
How much do you wish to hear? How much have you heard this season? Now, the destiny of the drama is telling you to go beyond sound. You have now received a lot of teachings. Now, having heard all of this, the upheaval of the body is also the instrument to tell you that you have to merge it all, that is, you have had many teachings. Now, after having heard everything, it is the season to become an embodiment of it. For how many years has the season for hearing knowledge continued? Whether through the sakar form or through the revised course, the season for hearing knowledge has lasted a long time. Now, do service through your form. This is the last season in which the drums of revelation can be beaten. The noise is to stop and there will be silence. The drums will only sound through silence. For as long as the drums are being beaten through your lips, the drums of revelation will not be heard. When the drums of revelation are beaten, the drums through your lips will have become quiet. It is 'Victory for silence over science' that has been remembered, not that of words. What will you recognise as the completion of time? You will automatically not feel like coming into sound. This will not be according to a set programme but your natural stage. What was the sign of perfection that you saw the in sakar father? Whether it was two minutes or one minute. it could be recognised from this stage. When you come into sound a lot more, there will automatically be disinterest. Just as you now have the habit of coming into sound whenever you want, in the same way, you should develop the habit of going beyond sound whenever you want and only come into sound according to a programme. When you see this change, you can then understand that the drums of victory are about to beat. Nowadays, if you were to ask the majority of people everywhere they would say that they want peace a lot more than happiness. They consider the experience of even one moment's peace to be as elevated as attaining God. So, those who give the experience of peace within a second would naturally be embodiments of peace themselves. When will destruction take place? Who will become an instrument for that? Who are the hands of the clock? The hands are the instruments to make the clock strike. So, who are the hands for the bells of destruction to chime?
Have you accumulated a stock of all powers? If you haven't accumulated any stock, you cannot receive a reward for many births. During this one birth, you have to accumulate for many births. Have you accumulated enough to last you for 21 births? Have you accumulated enough to donate as great donors to beggar souls? Constantly check your stock. You need to have all powers in your stock. It isn't that it doesn't matter if you have the power to accommodate but not the power to tolerate. The question in the final test paper will be in connection with whatever powers you lack. Do not ever think, "I don't have six; at least I have two." "I do not have any dharna, but at least I am doing service." Or, "I am not doing service, but at least I have yoga." You need to have everything just as Baba has everything: knowledge, powers, virtues etc. Therefore, follow the Father. Remain constantly engaged in accumulating your stock through thoughts of the original self. You will remember this period of time a great deal in the future. At that time, you should not have to think or repent about this. Therefore, engage yourself now in thinking of your original self. Are you constantly engaged in making yourself progress in every subject? Increase the experience of every virtue. The more progress you make in this, the more newness you will experience. Research into how you can become an embodiment of experience and you will have great pleasure. Just as the Father is the Ocean, so you have to become master oceans. You now need to make this type of effort.

Blessing: May you be courageous and have a big heart instead of becoming disheartened in upheaval.   
Whenever there is any physical illness, any storms in your mind, any upheaval financially or with your family or in service, do not become disheartened in that upheaval. Become one with a big heart. When karmic accounts have come up, when there is suffering, do not think about it too much, or become disheartened and increase them, but be one who has courage. Do not think: Oh dear! What should I do? Do not lose courage. Be courageous and you will automatically receive the Father's help.

Slogan: Close your eyes to seeing anyone's weaknesses and let your mind be introverted.

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