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now surrender your time,every thought,every word,all attainments,knowledge,virtues and powers in serving the world.

………He went on to say that he no longer experienced himself in that way, that he thought of himself "more like a spot or point of light."...........The very concept of an out-of-body experience suggests that we survive physical death. Couple this with a deep-seated common yearning, a nostalgia for something that seemingly eludes us, a heartfelt longing to return "home" or perhaps to our true identity, and it is easy to imagine the possibility that when we eventually die, each of us will travel out-of-body to our point of origin in a spiritual domain. This is indeed an intriguing notion………

01/06/14    Morning Murli   Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   13/01/78

Essence: Make preparations instead of waiting.

The Father is always happy to see His children. At present, compared to all the other souls of the world, every child of Mine is elevated, and in the future, too, they become worthy of being worshipped by the world. Seeing such souls who are worthy of the most elevated praise and worship, the ones who are yogi and gyani and with all the divine virtues, the constant world servers who are always lost in love for BapDada and who constantly co-operate with Him, the Father experiences such great happiness! Although all of you are numberwise, even the last bead of the rosary is great in front of the rest of the world. Knowing this greatness and praise of yours, do you conduct yourselves accordingly? Or, while moving along, do you consider yourselves to be ordinary? The alokik lives and the alokik karma you have received through the alokik Father is not ordinary. Even today, devotees place the last bead on their eyes because even the last number bead is a star of BapDada's eyes; it is the light of the eyes. Even today, they place such jewels of light on their eyes. While knowing and speaking of your elevated fortune, do not become unaware of it. As soon as you had the firm faith in your mind, together with an honest heart, that you were a child of the Father, the praise and attainment from that one second become so great. Do you know how large your lottery is when you become a direct child of the Father? Within one second, your name and sanskars change from those of a shudra (one who is vicious due to body conscious) to those of a Brahmin (child of God who is virtuous due to soul conscious). To this game of one second, the world, the sanskars, the attitude, vision and awareness all change. Yet you forget such an elevated second! Even today, people of the world have not forgotten it. You souls changed while going around the cycle but the people of the world have not forgotten it. They become so happy when they speak of your fortune. They believe that you attained God. You souls are the embodiments of experience who receive all attainments. Therefore, since the souls of the world have not forgotten this, why do you forget it? You should not forget it, but you do.
What newness will you show BapDada in this New Year? According to the time you have been given, you should all appear to be perfect. According to the aim, all Brahmin souls should have completed all their efforts. You are all ready for transformation, are you not? The time that you Brahmins have been given is not for making effort on yourselves, but every thought and every word of you children of the Bestower has to be used in giving all the treasures you have attained to all souls of the world. This extra time is not for your own efforts, but it is for giving your time, virtues and treasures to others. If you use this time and treasures for yourself instead of the purpose for which the Father gave them to you, then you are being dishonest with the treasures entrusted to you. This year is the special year for Brahmins to become great donors and bestowers of blessings. Just as you make monthly programmes and have a special month for yoga and a special month for service, so, too, according to the drama plan, you have been given this extra time to become great donors. So far, all of you know very well the old language, the old situations and the old customs and systems. The time of this year is not for those. Just as you have surrendered yourselves to the Father, so now surrender your time, all attainments, knowledge, virtues and powers in serving the world. Whatever thought you have, check whether it is for world service. By surrendering yourselves for service, you will very easily become complete. When you make a special programme for service, then, because you are busy in a special task, you do not pay attention to having rest, having facilities for yourself or even to the trivial tests that may arise from other souls. You avoid all of those because you constantly have your task in front of you and you remain busy in that. You do not use time for yourself, but especially for service. In the same way, in the New Year, by remaining busy in this task and by using every second and every thought for service, you will pass all tests in such a way that it will be as though they are nothing. You won't even have the thought of what the situation was or why it happened. By surrendering yourself in love for service, all the big and little papers or tests will also automatically surrender themselves. Just as the form and name of something changes when put into a fire, in the same way, the name and form of any test will change and take on the form of attainment. You will not be afraid of the word 'Maya', but you will instead constantly dance in the happiness of being victorious. When you experience Maya being your slave, would the slave be your server or would you be afraid of her? When you surrender yourself to service, then Maya automatically surrenders herself to you. However, when you do not surrender yourself, Maya also takes her chance very well. By taking her chance, she becomes a chancellor over Brahmins. Do not allow Maya to become your chancellor. You yourself should take any chance for service and become a chancellor. Now, do you understand why you have been given this time? Now, do not have any complaints. According to the present time, everyone has to become complete. A complete soul never complains. Such a soul doesn't use the language, "It just happens; it happens like that all the time." In the New Year, there should be a new language and new experiences. It feels good to take care of old things, but not so good to use them. So, why do you use them? Put them away carefully for 5000 years. Do not have love for those old things.
When in front of the devotee souls, the beggar souls and the thirsty souls always consider yourselves to be those who are identically like the Father, embodiments of those who grant visions, as you move along. The queues of all three are very long. Engage yourself in finishing the queues. Quench the thirst of the thirsty souls. Give a donation to the beggar souls. Show the path of meeting God as the fruit of devotion to the devotees. When you remain busy in finishing these queues, your queue of all questions within the self will come to an end. Do not wait in anticipation of time, but remain engaged in making preparations to make all three types of souls full. You will not now ask when destruction will take place, will you? Finish this queue and the time for transformation will also finish. Do you not feel that the confluence age is more elevated than the golden age? Is it that you have become tired? Since you ask "When will destruction take place?'' it must be because you are tired that you are asking. The Father has extreme love for the children. The Father likes this mela, and the children like heaven. You will receive heaven for 21 births, but you will not receive this confluence age again. So do not become tired. Engage yourself in service and you will experience the practical fruit of it. Your future fruit is fixed, but you will not be able to experience the happiness of this practical fruit throughout the whole cycle. Therefore, listen to the call of your devotees, become merciful great donors and play your parts of being great charitable souls. Achcha.
To such obedient children of the Father who have determined thoughts and become obedient within a second, to the world benefactors, the great donors and the bestowers of blessings who, like the Father, make everyone complete, to those who remain constantly busy in service, to such children who are equal to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting Dadis:
What one thing is everyone waiting for? The answer to the riddle of the beginning, "Who am I?" This will continue until the end. Everyone is in anticipation of knowing who they will be in the future and where they will be in the rosary. When will this anticipation finish? You all discuss this with one another and also have heart-to-heart conversations: "Who will become part of the eight? Who will become part of the 100?'' There is no question of who will become part of the 16,000. Ultimately, who will become part of the eight and the 100? The foreigners wonder which rosary they will become part of, and those who came at the beginning think that those who have come last will go fast and wonder whether they themselves have a place in the rosary, or whether that is only for those who have come last. What is the result? The Father has the account book, and the position of anyone is not fixed. How did you select the winner in the art competition? First, you made a shortlist of the good ones, and you then chose the first, second and third numbers. You first have to make a shortlist and then fix them, numberwise. So, now, the shortlist has been made but, as yet, no one is fixed. What will happen to those who come at the end? There are always some seats kept empty till the end. Even when reservations are made, they keep a quota aside till the end. However, out of the handful selected from the many, there are a lucky few.
Achcha, in which rosary are you? Have hopes in yourself. There will be one or another wonderful aspect on the basis of which your hopes will be fulfilled. The speciality of the eight jewels lies in one particular aspect. The practical memorial of the eight jewels is special in that you are able to see each of the eight powers in their practical lives. If even one power is not so visible in your practical life, then, just as an idol that has  any missing would not be worthy of being worshipped, in the same way, if one of the powers is missing, you would not be fixed as yet in the list of the eight deities. Secondly, the eight deities are considered to be specially loved by the devotees. 'Specially loved ones' means those who are greatly worthy of worship. Every devotee receives every type of method and success from their specially loved deities. Here too, those who are to become part of the eight will be the specially beloved ones now, that is, they will show the path to success through their every thought and activity to the whole Brahmin family and will be considered even now to be great images in front of everyone. They will have all the eight powers and they will be elevated souls, great souls and bestowers of blessings in front of the family. This is the speciality of the eight jewels. 
Meeting groups

1. The method to remain safe from Maya and the vibrations of the world.
Souls who remain constantly absorbed in love for the one Father and none other remain safe from every type of attack from Maya. When bombs are dropped during a war, everyone remains underground so that they are not harmed by the bombs. So, too, when you remain absorbed in love for the One, you will remain constantly safe from Maya and from the vibrations of the world. Maya will not have the courage to attack you. Remain absorbed in love; this is your means of safety.

2. The sign of jewels who are close to the Father.
The souls who remain close to the Father will be coloured by the Father's company of truth. The colour of the company of the truth is spirituality. So jewels who are close will remain constantly stable in a spiritual stage. While being in bodies, they will be detached from their bodies and stable in their spirituality. Even though the body is visible, the wonder is not to see the body while seeing it, but to see the soul that is not visible. Those who maintain their spiritual intoxication are able to make the Father their Companion because the Father is the Spirit.

3. The easy way to go beyond all the attractions of the old world.
Always have the intoxication that you are the masters of the imperishable treasures. All the Father's treasures of knowledge, happiness, peace and bliss etc. are your virtues. A child is automatically the master of his father's property. A soul with all rights has the intoxication of having all rights and is thereby able to forget everything else; he is not aware of anything else. There is just the one awareness: the Father and I. With this awareness, you will automatically be able to go beyond the attractions of the old world. The target is always very clear in front of those who maintain their intoxication. The target is to become an angel and a deity.

4. The wonderful game of one second through which you can pass with honours.
The game of one second is to be in the body one moment and to go beyond the body in the next and remain stable in the avyakt (bodiless) stage. Do you practise this game of a second, so that you are able to remain stable in whatever stage you want as and when you want? The final paper will be that of just one second. Those who fluctuate in this second will fail and those who remain unshakeable will pass. Do you have such controlling power? You should now practise this intensely. The more upheaval there is, the more peaceful your stage should be. An ocean is very noisy externally, but, deep down, it is extremely silent. Similarly, you need to practise this. Only those who have controlling power will be able to control the world. How would those who are not able to control themselves rule the world? You need the power to pack up. In one second, you should be able to go into the essence of the expansion and in one second, go into the expansion of the essence. This is the wonderful game.

5. Continue to swing in the swing of supersensuous joy.
Seeing you constantly swinging in happiness, other souls will also experience happiness and forget their sorrows. Your eyes and faces should give happiness to others. Become bestowers of happiness to this extent. Those who become such bestowers of happiness cannot experience any waves of sorrow even in their thoughts.

Blessing: May you be a constant server who remains absorbed in the Father and service and become free from obstacles.     
Where there is enthusiasm for service, you are easily able to step away from many other things. Remain absorbed in the one Father and service and you will easily be able to become free from obstacles, a constant server and a conqueror of Maya. From time to time, the form of service changes and will continue to change. You should not now have to say a lot to anyone. They themselves would say that this is an elevated task and would ask to be made co-operative too. This is a sign of the closeness of time. Therefore, continue to do service with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and continue to move forward.

Slogan: Remain stable in the stage of perfection and experience any upheaval of matter to be like moving clouds.  

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