Friday, 16 May 2014

serve altruistically with an honest heart,everything will come to you automatically.

16/05/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

The spiritual children are sitting here. You have the knowledge in your intellects of how you come down from up above at the beginning, just as they show a play about the incarnation of Vishnu (king and queen of golden age). He is seated on his viman and then comes down. You children now understand that the incarnations etc. that they have portrayed are all wrong. You now understand where you souls are really the residents of, how you come here from up above and how you become impure while playing your roles of 84 births. The Father is now making you pure. It should definitely be in the intellects of you students how you go around the cycle of 84 births. This should be in your awareness. The Father alone explains how you take 84 births.
Because the cycle has been given a long duration, people are unable to understand such a simple matter, and this is why it is called blind faith. It is in your intellects how the other religions are established. You know that you have been taking rebirth and playing your roles and that you have now reached the end and are now going back. Only you children have this knowledge. No one else in the world knows this knowledge. They say that there was Paradise 5000 years ago but they don't know what that was. It was surely the original, eternal, deity kingdom but they don’t know this at all. You now understand that you too didn’t know anything previously. Those of other religions are not ignorant of who the founder of their religion is. You now know this and have become knowledge-full. All the rest of the world is ignorant. We had become so sensible, and then we became senseless and ignorant. Even though we are human actors, we didn't know this.
Look what the impact of knowledge is like! Only you know this. So, you children should bubble up inside. Only when you have dharna will you have that happiness inside. You know how you came here in the beginning and how you were transferred from the shudra (one who is vicious) clan into the Brahmin (on who is virtuous) clan. No one in the whole world except you knows how this world cycle turns. There should be this dance of knowledge taking place inside you. Baba is telling us so much wonderful knowledge through which we claim our inheritance. It is written: Through this Raja Yoga, I make you into the king of kings. However, you didn't understand this before. You now have all the secrets in your intellects. We have now become Brahmins from shudras. You have this mantra in your intellects. We Brahmins will become deities and then, by descending, we will come down. We take so many rebirths as we go around the cycle.
By having this knowledge in your intellects, you should also have that happiness. How can others also receive this knowledge? You continue to have so many thoughts about how to give everyone the Father's introduction. You Brahmins uplift everyone so much. The Father also uplifts everyone. He makes those who are ignorant constantly happy; their eyes open and there is happiness. Those who have an interest in doing service should feel this inside and also have a lot of happiness. Where we souls are residents of, how we then come down to play our parts, how we become so elevated, how we then come down and then when the kingdom of Ravan begins: all of this is now in your intellects. There is the difference of day and night between knowledge and devotion. Who has performed devotion from the beginning? You would say that you are the ones who came in the beginning and so you saw a lot of happiness and that you then began to perform devotion. There is the difference of day and night between being worthy of worship and a worshipper. You now have so much knowledge.
You should have the happiness of how you have been around the cycle of 84 births. There is a vast difference between 84 births and 8.4 million births. Such a tiny matter doesn't enter anyone's intellect. In comparison to hundreds of thousands of years, this is like just one or two days. This cycle continues to turn around in the intellects of the good children. This is why they are called spinners of the discus of self-realisation. This knowledge doesn't exist in the golden age. There is so much praise of heaven. There was just Bharat there. That which existed has to exist again. Externally, there is nothing to see, but there are visions. You know that this old world is now to end and that you will then go to the new world, numberwise. You now understand how souls come down to play their parts. It isn’t that souls come down from up above as they show in plays. No one can see a soul with these eyes. It is a wonderful game how a soul comes and enters a tiny body.
This is a Godly study. Your thoughts should race in this, day and night. Once we understand it, it is as though we have seen it and we can then speak about it. Previously, magicians used to make many things emerge. The Father is also called the Magician, the Businessman and the Jewel Merchant. All the knowledge is in the soul. The soul is an ocean of knowledge. Although it is said that God is the Ocean of Knowledge, no one knows who He is or how He is the Magician. Previously, you didn’t know this either. The Father has now come and is making you into deities. You should have so much happiness inside. Only the one Father is knowledge-full and He is also teaching you. Only you children know this. You should churn this inside you day and night. Only the one Father can speak the knowledge of this unlimited play. No one else can relate it. Baba has not seen anything, but He does have all knowledge. The Father says: I don’t enter the golden or silver age, but I give you all the knowledge about them. It is a wonder how the One who has never taken that part is telling us everything.
The Father says: I don’t see anything, nor do I go into the golden and silver ages, but I have such good knowledge that I only come once and speak that to you. It is a wonder how you have played those parts, and yet you don’t know them but the One who hasn’t played that part is telling you everything. We are actors and we don't know anything, whereas the Father has so much knowledge. The Father says: I don’t enter the golden or silver age that I would relate the experience of that to you. According to the drama, without seeing it and without experiencing it I give you all the knowledge. It is such a wonder how I never come to play a part and yet I explain your whole parts to you. This is why I am called knowledge-full. So, the Father says: Sweetest children, if you want to make progress, you have to consider yourselves to be souls. This is a play. You will perform the play in the same way again; you will become deities. Then, at the end, when you have been around the cycle, you will become human beings.
You should be amazed at how Baba has this knowledge in Him. He doesn’t have a guru etc. According to the drama, it is fixed in advance for Him to play this part. This is called the wonder of nature. Each and every thing is wonderful. The Father sits here and explains new things to you. You should remember such a Father so much! You also have to remember the cycle of 84 births. Baba has also explained this secret to you. The picture of the variety-form is so good. Those who make the pictures of Lakshmi and Narayan (Vishnu) only show how we take 84 births. We will become deities and then warriors, merchants and shudras. Is there any difficulty in remembering this? The Father is knowledge-full. Neither has He studied with anyone nor has He studied any scriptures. You would never have seen anyone who, without studying anything or adopting any gurus, sits and gives you so much knowledge.
The Father is so sweet. On the path of devotion, some would consider a particular one to be sweet and others would consider someone else to be sweet. According to how they feel about someone, they would begin to worship that one. The Father sits here and explains all the secrets to you. The soul becomes an embodiment of bliss, and it is the soul that then becomes unhappy and dirty. On the path of devotion you didn’t know anything. You used to praise Me so much, but you didn’t know anything. This is such a wonderful play. Baba has also explained this whole play. You would never have seen so many pictures of the ladder etc. You now see them and you hear this knowledge, and so you then say that it is really accurate. However, lust is the greatest enemy. You have to conquer it. Then, people become weak when they hear this. No matter how much you explain to them, they just don't understand. It takes so much effort. You also know that those who understood this in the previous cycle will understand. However many are to become part of the deity family will be able to imbibe this. You know that you are establishing the kingdom by following shrimat.
You have the Father's direction: You have to make others similar to yourselves. The Father is giving you all the knowledge. You also relate it. Therefore, surely this chariot (Adam-Brahma) of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) must also be able to relate it. However, he makes himself incognito. You simply continue to remember Shiv Baba. You mustn't even praise this one. The Bestower of Salvation for All, the One who liberates you from the chains of Maya, is only the One. No one, apart from you children, knows how the Father sits here and explains to you. People don’t even know what Ravan is. They simply continue to bum his effigy every year. An effigy is made of an enemy. You now know that Ravan-vices, who has made Bharat so unhappy and poverty-stricken, is the enemy of Bharat. All are trapped in the claws of Ravan, the five vices. It should enter you children how you can liberate others from Ravan. If you can do service, you should make arrangements.
You have to serve altruistically with an honest heart. Baba says: I fill the treasure-store of such children. It is fixed in the drama. When you have a good chance to do service, there is no need to ask. The Father has told you: Continue to do service. Do not ask anyone for anything. It is better to die than to ask for anything. Everything will come to you automatically. The centre doesn’t flourish by asking for anything. You can make the centre function without asking for anything. Everything will continue to come to you. There will be strength in that. You mustn't collect funds like people outside do.
Human beings can never be called God. Knowledge is the seed. The Father, the Seed, sits here and gives you knowledge. The Seed Himself is knowledge-full. Non-living seeds cannot speak. You can speak. You can understand everything. No one understands this unlimited tree. You specially beloved children know this, numberwise, according to your efforts. The Father explains: Maya is very powerful. You also have to tolerate a little. The vices are so strong. Those who do service very well become so slapped by Maya as they move along that they say: I have fallen. While climbing up the ladder, they fall down. So, all the income they had earned is lost. Surely, punishment would be received. They make a promise to the Father; they write it in their blood and then disappear. The Father sees that, even while so many methods are created in order to make it firm, they still go back to the old world. Baba explains to you so easily. Actors should continue to think about their roles. No one can forget his or her role.
The Father continues to explain to you in various ways every day. You also explain to many others, and yet they say: We want to go in front of Baba personally. It is the wonder of the Father. He speaks the murli every day. He is incorporeal. He doesn't have a name, form, land or time, so how can He speak the murli? They are amazed about this and then they go back strong (after meeting the Father). They want to meet the Father who has come to give such an inheritance. If they meet Him with this recognition, they can imbibe the jewels of knowledge. They can also follow shrimat. Achcha.

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Blessing:  May you be a special soul with the power to discern who recognizes the Father and becomes one with all rights.   

BapDada sees the speciality of every child. Even if some children have not become perfect and are effort-makers, there isn't a single child who does not have a speciality. The first speciality of all is that you are in the list of those who are the selected handful out of multimillions. To recognize the Father, to say, "My Baba", and to become one with all rights is a speciality of the intellect; it is having the power to discern. This elevated power has made you into a special soul.

Slogan:  The pen with which to draw the line of elevated fortune is elevated action. Therefore, create as much fortune as you want.

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