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Souls of the world are the family of you elevated souls.Constantly have thoughts of the self and positive thoughts for others.

04/05/14 Morning Murli  Avyakt BapDada  Madhuban 28/06/77

Essence: Do not waste anything and reduce your weight.

The stage of being beyond sound is when you are in your incorporeal (point of light) stage, and the angelic stage is where the language of signals is used to a greater extent, that is, there is 'movie'. So, in both stages, there is no sound like there is in the corporeal world. So, do you enjoy the stage beyond sound? Even greater than listening and speaking through words is to be serving souls through your attitude, vision, vibrations and influence of your own elevated experience, that is, to relate knowledge, to give the introduction and forge a relationship; have you experienced these? Just as you are experienced in forging a relationship through words, similarly, if you were to receive directions to serve souls through your attitude, vision and influence of your experience, would you be able to do it? Or, are you only able to serve through words? Just as you become instruments, numberwise, through words in enabling souls to forge a relationship with the Father, in the same way, using your subtle stage, your stage of a master almighty authority and a master sun of knowledge, are you able to enable souls to experience their own stage and a relationship with the Father through the powerful atmosphere, vibrations and connection with your form of power? As time is corning closer, the influence of the Pandava Army being revealed is spreading in an incognito way. The form of service will definitely change according to the time and according to the service.
Nowadays, scientists concentrate on creating quality rather than quantity. They are making everything very minute, so that even though something may be physically small, it has much more concentrated power within it. They have condensed the extent of sweetness into the form of saccharine. They condense the extent into its essence. In the same way, you, the Pandava Army, who are the elevated souls with the power of silence, are able to give someone the introduction through an hour 's lecture. So, are you also able to remind others or give them a vision through a second's powerful drishti, a powerful stage and benevolent and soul-conscious feelings? Or, are you able to give them a vision in an invisible way? You now need to practise this. In order to become instruments to do this type of service, you need two things. To what two things is Baba especially drawing your attention? Do you know what these two things are?
Firstly, Baba is asking you to pay all round attention and to not waste anything anywhere, and, secondly, to reduce weight. Those people tell you to reduce the weight of your body, but BapDada is telling you to reduce the weight of the burden on the soul, due to which you are unable to experience an elevated stage. Firstly, do not waste anything and, secondly, lose weight! Special attention has to be paid to both these aspects. By wasting your power and time, you are unable to accumulate, and, because of not accumulating, you are unable to experience happiness or the powerful stage that you want. The task of you elevated souls is to become world benefactors. Therefore, you should have accumulated a stock of time and power, not just for yourself, but also to serve many other souls. If you continue to waste, you will not experience being full. Nowadays, even the Government has a budget scheme. So, you too should save something by budgeting and aiming to be economical with the time and power you use on yourself. All souls of the entire world are the family of you elevated souls. The larger the family, the more one thinks of economising.  Who else has such a large family as yours? Keeping all souls in front of you, do you use your time and power while considering yourself to be an instrument for unlimited service? Are you aware of your stage of a master creator or do you just earn for yourself? Do you use some and waste the rest of it? Are you moving along carelessly in this way? So, make a budget of all your treasures! You are the souls who are carrying such a huge responsibility, so if you do not accumulate, how would you succeed in your task?
To know that everything is to happen according to the drama is an aspect of knowledge, but, according to the drama, you have to be an instrument and attain your elevated attainment through serving. Maintain this aim and budget all your treasures. What aim should you have for your budget? Do you remember the slogan, "Greater splendour through less expenditure"? Check all your treasures to see how many you have accumulated. You can only serve souls in a limited way with the accumulation of a physical account. Check yourself in every subject as to whether you are able to be an instrument for unlimited service in every subject, or whether you are only able to serve through knowledge and not through your dharna. In order to pass fully and become an instrument for service, you need to pass in every subject. If you lack something in any one of the subjects, you will pass, but you will not pass fully. One is to pass with honours and the other is simply to pass. Those who simply pass and do not pass with honours have to pass through the punishment from Dharamraj (the Supreme Judge), that is, they have to pass by experiencing a little punishment. Those who pass with honours will observe others pass them by. Therefore, you have to pass fully in every subject. So, make a budget of every treasure and save every treasure, that is, do not waste anything. Use every second and every thought to make yourself powerful and to serve other souls.
Secondly, reduce your weight. Firstly, you are engaged in finishing the burden of the accounts of the past births, but that burden is not a big thing. However, after becoming a child of God, after being called a world benefactor and a world server, if you then commit any sin, whether in act or thought, the burden of that is one hundred times greater than the first burden. How many such burdens have you taken on yourself due to the influence of your sanskars, nature, arrogance of your knowledgeable intellect, your desire for name and fame, for attaining some salvation (facilities) for yourself, or due to carelessness and laziness? Always pay attention that, while calling yourself a knowledgeable or serviceable soul, you do not become an instrument to perform any such acts or spread such vibrations that they would enable disservice to take place instead of service. Let there be service, but also remember that disservice performed once destroys ten times as much service. Just as you erase something with an eraser, so disservice performed once also destroys the account of ten times as much service.
Yet, such souls might continue to think that they are doing a lot of service. Because they have an empty account, the signs of that may be visible and yet they parade themselves as being very clever because of their arrogance. What is the sign of this? There is no experience of power or attainment in their remembrance. There is no contentment inside. At every moment, one or other situation, person or material possession becomes instrumental in making their stage fluctuate and finishing their happiness and power. The external show will be so beautiful that, because of not recognising this, other souls will consider such souls to be happy and good effort­ makers. However, there is nothing inside but emptiness out of confusion. The account of name and fame is full but the accounts of treasures and experiences are almost empty, that is, they are just for name's sake. What other signs are there? Because of being influenced by obstacles, such souls will themselves be obstacles in service. They are called destroyers of obstacles, but they themselves become obstacles. Because the burden or weight continually increases for such souls, many types of waste thoughts and peacelessness of the mind also create many types of illness from time to time.
Secondly, because you are heavy, your speed of effort cannot become fast. Let alone taking a high jump, you are not even able to run. You make plans to do this or that, but you do not succeed.
The third deep aspect is that souls who are so heavy, who become instruments to create obstacles or do disservice, are unable to achieve success, because they waste their bodies and minds that they have surrendered to the Father and the wealth they have received for Godly service because of the obstacles. That is, they do not achieve success. They accumulate a burden because of wasting. Therefore, now understand clearly the deep secrets of sin! What do you have to do now? Do not waste anything and reduce your weight! Before going to the Court of Dharamraj, become your own Dharamraj. Open your entire account book and check what still remains in your accounts of sin and charity and what you still have to accumulate. Make a special plan for yourself to destroy the account of sin and increase the account of charity.
BapDada looks at the accounts of the children and feels that they should all become prosperous. (There was heavy rainfall.) Even the elements are teaching you a lesson. Just as the elements are carrying out their task with full force according to the season, so, it is now also the season for you children to accumulate an income. Therefore, according to the season, accumulate with full force. Achcha. To those who are constantly angels and weightless, that is, to those who have the form of light, to those who burn away their past sins at every second and in every thought and accumulate for the future, to those who are constantly stable in the stage of world servers and who, as great donors, donate all their treasures to other souls, to those who become full of the treasure of all powers and who become bestowers of blessings through their power, to the merciful souls who are constant world benefactors, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups:
Do you constantly have the stages of having both thoughts of the original self and positive thoughts for others? When you have positive thoughts, all waste thoughts finish. When there are waste thoughts, it means you do not have so many positive thoughts. When you have tasted something great, you would not even think of taking anything of a lesser quality. In the same way, those who have positive thoughts cannot have waste thoughts. To have a thought means to become the embodiment of that. In nature, the creatures that live in the ocean stay in the ocean and do not wish to come out. Fish stay in water because they would die as soon as they came out. The ocean and that water is their world. The great big world outside is nothing for them. In the same way, for those who are merged in the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, their world is the Father, that is, the Ocean. Do you experience this? Or, do you still want to go on a tour outside? Unless you experience merging and becoming the embodiment, you will not be able to experience the praise of spiritual life which is one of swinging in the swing of supersensuous joy and remaining cheerful. Those who have experienced this understand the importance of the happiness of this spiritual life.
Brahmins are called the topknot. This topknot is an elevated stage. If you cannot reach it, how can you hoist the flag of victory? If you hoist a flag from an elevated position, you will be called victorious. What is your present effort? Listening and relating continues all the time, but you now have to become experienced. Experienced ones are able to have more influence. When an experienced person relates something and then another person who has only heard something does the same, there would be a difference, would there not? People also now want to have an experience. Why do they have special experiences in the yoga bhatthis? Because, as well as speaking, the way to become experienced is to give them an experience as well as giving them knowledge. The results of this are very good. Since souls want to have an experience, become experienced yourself and then give an experience.
What method should you adopt to become experienced? Just as an inventor stays in complete solitude in order to create an invention, so, the solitude here is to be lost in the depths of One. You also need to be isolated from external attractions. Your solitude should not be just that of just sitting in your room; your mind should also be in solitude. Solitude of the mind means to stay in the remembrance of One and to become stable. This is real solitude. They go into solitude to invent something. They go beyond the surrounding vibrations. So, here you too have to go beyond all attractions. There are also those who do not like solitude, but prefer to be in a gathering where there is laughing and talking. However, that means becoming extroverted. Now, make yourself one who stays in solitude, that is, become introverted and away from the vibrations of all the attractions around you. Now, such a time is coming when this practice will be useful to you.
 If you have the practice of being influenced by external attractions, you would then be deceived at some point. Such circumstances will come that you will not be able to see any support other than this practice. To be in solitude means to be an embodiment of experience. Those from Delhi became instruments for service from the beginning. So, now become instruments with this speciality. Then others will also copy your experience of this stage. This is the greatest service of all. Together and individually, spread an atmosphere of both these types of practice. Achcha.

Blessing: May you attain the success that you would like in the task of world transformation through self-transformation and become an embodiment of success.   
Each one of you is engaged in the task of the service of world transformation through self­ transformation. All of you have the same zeal and enthusiasm in your mind: We definitely have to transform this world. You also have the faith that transformation is definitely going to take place. Where there is courage, there is zeal and enthusiasm. It is only with self­ transformation that you will achieve the success that you would like in the task of world transformation. However, you can only achieve this success when your attitude, vibrations and words are all powerful at the same time.

Slogan: When you have love and discipline in your words you will be able to accumulate power in your words.

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