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You have true love for only the One,and have love without any attraction-attachment to everyone else.

17/05/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban   

Sweet children,

You children now know that each one of you is to receive your inheritance from the Father. A brother can never receive an inheritance from a brother. Whether it is a brother or a sister, no one knows of anyone's stage. BapDada receives all the news. This is practical. Each one of you has to see to what extent you remember the Father and to what extent you are trapped in someone's name or form: Where is the attitude of myself, the soul, pulled to? The soul himself knows that he has to consider himself to be a soul. Is my attitude directed towards Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) alone or towards anyone else's name and form? As much as possible, consider yourself to be a soul and remember the one Father and continue to forget everyone else. Ask your heart: Does my heart go anywhere other than to the Father? Does my intellect get diverted to business or household matters etc., or to friends and relatives etc.? You have to become introverted and check this in yourself.
When you come and sit here, you have to check yourself. Here, someone or other sits in yoga in front of you; that one must also be remembering Shiv Baba. It isn't that that one would be remembering his or her children. You have to remember Shiv Baba alone. You are sitting here in remembrance of Shiv Baba. Then, whether someone is sitting with eyes open or with eyes closed, this is something to be understood with the intellect. You have to ask your heart: What is Baba explaining to me? We just have to remember the One. The one who is sitting here would also be in remembrance of Shiv Baba. That one would not be seeing you because he or she would not be aware of anyone's stage. Baba receives news of each one. He knows who the good children are, whose line is clear. Their intellect's yoga does not go anywhere else. There are such ones too. The intellect's yoga of some people does get pulled and when they hear the murli, they even change themselves. They feel that that was their mistake and that their vision or attitude truly was wrong and that it now has to be made right.
You have to let go of any wrong attitude. The Father explains this. A brother cannot tell this to another brother. Only the Father sees what each one's vision and attitude are like. You all relate the condition of your heart to the Father. When you share something with Shiv Baba, Dada also understands. He understands by listening to what each one says and by seeing them. Until he hears anything, how could he tell what that one is doing? From their activity and their service, he can understand: This one has a lot of body consciousness and this one has less. This one's activity is not right; he remains trapped in someone’s name and form. Baba asks: Does your intellect get pulled to anyone? Some tell Baba honestly, whereas others are trapped in the name and form of others to such an extent that they don't even tell Baba about it. They are only incurring a loss for themselves. By telling the Father, they can be forgiven, and they can also remain cautious in the future. There are many who don't tell Baba honestly about their attitude because they are ashamed. For instance, when someone does something wrong, he doesn't tell the Surgeon about it but hides it and that illness then grows even more. It is the same here.
By telling the Father about it, you become light. Otherwise, when that stays inside you, you remain heavy. By telling the Father about it, you will not do the same again. You will remain cautious with yourself in the future, but if you don't tell Baba about it, it would continue to grow. The Father knows how so-and-so is very serviceable and what his qualifications are and how he does service or if he is attached to anyone. Baba looks at the horoscope of each one, and then He has so much love for that one that He pulls that one. Some of you do very good service. Their intellect’s yoga is never pulled anywhere. Yes, previously, it used to be pulled, but you are now cautious. You tell Baba: Baba, I am now cautious. Previously, I used to make many mistakes. You understand that, by becoming body conscious, you only make mistakes. In that case, your status will be destroyed. Although no one would be aware of it, your status will be destroyed.
There has to be a lot of honesty and cleanliness in the heart, for only then will you claim a high status. You have a lot of cleanliness in your intellects, just as there is cleanliness in the souls of Lakshmi and Narayan. This is how you claimed a high status. For some, it is understood that their attitude is pulled towards someone's name and form and that they do not remain soul conscious. Because of this, their status is also reduced. From kings to beggars, the status is numberwise. You should also understand why this happens. You definitely become numberwise and your degrees continue to decrease. Those who were 16 celestial degrees full become 14 degrees. Your degrees gradually decrease in this way. It is good even if you have 14 degrees. Then, when you go on to the path of sin, you become vicious. Your lifespan becomes short and you then continue to become rajo and tamoguni. As it decreases, you continue to become old. Through the bodies, the soul continues to become old.
You children have all of this knowledge in you: how you come down from being 16 celestial degrees and how you then become human beings. There are no directions of the deities. Once you have received the Father's directions, there is no need to receive directions for 21 births. These directions of God last you for 21 births, and then, when it is the kingdom of Ravan, you receive the directions of Ravan. They even show the deities going on to the path of sin. It is not like that for those of other religions. When the deities go on to the path of sin, those of other religions come down. The Father explains: Children, you now have to return home. This world is old. This is My part in the drama. You understand that I have to make the old world new again. People of the world don't know anything at all. You explain so much, but, nevertheless, some show very good interest, whereas others continue to give you their own opinions.
When there were Lakshmi and Narayan, there were purity, peace and happiness; there was everything. Purity is the main thing. People don't know that the deities in the golden age were pure. They say that even the deities had children, but no one knows how creation takes place with the power of yoga there. They say: If you remain pure your whole life, how would you have children etc? You have to explain to them: By becoming pure at this time, you remain pure for 21 births. That means we are establishing the viceless world by following shrimat. Shrimat is from the Father. It is remembered that it didn't take God long to change human beings into deities. Now, all of you are human beings who then become deities. You are now establishing the deity Government by following shrimat. Purity is the most important thing in this. It is the soul that has to become pure. It is the soul that has a stone intellect. Tell them this very clearly.
The God-Father Himself established the golden-aged deity Government which was called Paradise. It was the Father who changed human beings into deities. Human beings were impure, so how were they made pure from impure? He said to you children: Constantly remember Me alone and you will become pure. Anyone you tell this to will be touched by it internally. Now, how will you become pure from impure? You definitely have to remember the Father. Break your intellect's yoga away from everyone else and connect it to the One alone, because only then will you be able to become deities from human beings. This is how you should explain to others. Whatever you explained was absolutely accurate according to the drama. You understand this, but nevertheless, you continue to receive points every day in order to explain to others. The main thing is how we can become pure from impure.
The Father says: Renounce all bodily religions and constantly remember Me alone. Only you children know this most auspicious confluence age. You have now become Brahmins, the children of Adam-Prajapita Brahma. The Father is teaching us. How could we become deities without first becoming Brahmins? This Adam-Brahma also takes the full 84 births and he then also has to take the number one birth. The Father comes and enters him. The main thing is to consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. By becoming body conscious, you become attached somewhere or other. Not everyone can become soul conscious. You have to check yourself fully. Do I become body conscious? Do I perform sinful actions? Is my behaviour unlawful? Many do make this mistake and so, at the end, they definitely incur a lot of punishment.
Although you haven't reached your karmateet stage, all sorrow is removed from those who reach the karmateet stage; they become liberated from punishment. Just think about it: Kings are created numberwise. Surely, some make less effort due to which they have to experience punishment. It is the soul that experiences punishment in the jail of a womb. When a soul is in a womb, he says: Let me out! I will not perform sinful actions again. It is the soul that experiences punishment. It is the soul that performs actions and sinful actions. This body is of no use. The main thing is: You have to consider yourself to be a soul, so that you understand that it is truly the soul that does everything. All of you souls now have to go back home. It is only now that you receive this knowledge. You will not receive this knowledge again.
Someone who is soul conscious will see everyone as a brother. There is no question of the body. Once you have become soul conscious, there won’t be any attachment to the body. This is why the Father says: This is a very elevated stage. When a brother and sister become trapped in one another, a lot of disservice takes place. May you be soul conscious! It is this that requires effort. There are subjects in a study. You can also understand: I will fail in this. Because of failing, you then also become slack in other subjects. You souls are now becoming like golden vessels with the power of your intellect's yoga. If there isn't yoga, you won't have that much knowledge either. You won't then have that strength; there will be no power of yoga. This is predestined in the world drama. Baba explains to you children how much you should increase your stage. You have to see: Am I, the soul, performing any unlawful actions throughout the day? If you have any such habit, you should instantly let go of it. However, Maya still makes you make mistakes on the second or third day after. Such subtle things continue all the time.
All of this knowledge is incognito. What do human beings know? You tell them: We do everything for ourselves and cover our own expenses. How could we do anything with others paying the expenses? This is why Baba always says: It is better to die than to ask for anything. Whatever you receive easily is like milk and whatever you have to ask for is like water. If you receive something by asking for it, they give you out of compulsion, as though they have to sacrifice something to give you, and so that becomes like water. If you pull something to you, that is like blood. Some cause a lot of distress. They incur debt and so that becomes like blood. There is no need to incur any debt.
If you donate something and then take it back, there is the example of King Harishchandra who did that. (He kept remembering the things that he had donated.) Don't do that. Keep your share aside so that it can be useful to you. You children have to make so much effort that, at the end, you only have remembrance of the Father and you also spin the discus of self-realisation. Only then should you leave your body. Only then will you be able to become a king who is a ruler of the globe. It isn't that you will be able to remember Baba at the end, and that you r stage will become such at the end; no. You have to make effort now until the end and make that stage very strong. It should not be that, at the end, your attitude is pulled to something else. By remembering Baba, your sins will continue to be cut away.
You children know that the aspect of purity requires effort. You don't have to make as much effort to study. You children have to pay attention very well to this. This is why Baba says: Ask yourself every day: Did I perform any unlawful actions? Am I trapped in "name and form"? Do I go crazy on seeing someone? Do I perform unlawful actions through my physical organs? You should have no love at all for an old, impure body. That too is body consciousness. You have to remain free from any attraction. You have true love for only the One, and have love without any attraction to everyone else. Although you have children etc., there should not be any attraction to anyone. You know that whatever you see will all be destroyed. So, all love has to be removed from that. Your love should only be for the One, and you even have to remain free from any attraction to anyone's name. 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather.

Blessing:  May you be an embodiment of success who experiences the speciality of contentment by doing service according to shrimat.   
No matter what service you do, whether any students come or not, you have to remain content with yourself. Have the faith that if you remain content, then the message will definitely work. Do not be unhappy in this. It does not matter if the number of students does not increase, for you have at least accumulated in your account and they have also received the message. If you yourself are content, the expenditure was worth it. If you did something according to shrimat, then following that shrimat is also to become an embodiment of success.

Slogan:  Give power to weak souls and you will receive their blessings.

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