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Being pure and soul conscious,you remember God.By body conscious,you think about bodily relations.

Murli 08.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

Essence: Sweet children, you now have to carry out spiritual business. When you perform every action considering yourself to be a spirit, the soul continues to become viceless.

Question: What is the basis of claiming the inheritance of heaven and the basis of a high status in heaven?
Answer: When you belong to God, you receive the inheritance of heaven. However, the basis of claiming a high status is how much you study. After belonging to the Father, if you continue to study well and become completely pure, you receive a royal status. Those who don’t study fully, have some karmic bondage, don’t become fully pure and leave their bodies in that state, they will claim an ordinary status amongst the subjects.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

In the whole world, only here the spiritual service takes place. In reality, it is the soul who performs all actions, it is the soul who performs good and evil actions and hence the soul is known as vicious or pure soul.

At this time, people identify themselves with the body and profession, they do not see themselves as souls, this is known as body consciousness, you come down with this consciousness. In golden age, souls remain in soul consciousness. Now, you are asked to become soul conscious. This soul plays role through the body. The residence of soul is the land of peace-soul world.

Now, all the soul has come down from soul world and playing their roles. The original home of soul is Paramdham, the land of peace. Here, in this unlimited world drama, you play the role of changing the dress-body like the actors change their dress in the physical limited drama. Father sits and explains, you are the souls, you are the children of God. God calls you souls as children. Sanyasis (saints) cannot call you as children. The Purifier is God, who is known as God-Father.

Deities cannot be called as God-Father, they are also souls (in a physical body). No one knows why deities are called so. Father comes and explains  how you come and play different roles. The world is only one, there is nothing (other living earths) up above. People look for living beings on moon. There is no world other than earth, people have become very insolvent.

The resident of Bharat is known as very wealthy and knowledge-full. The deities ruled the kingdom , there were no partitions, here there are many partitions. You were the master of the whole world. The whole earth, sky and sea belonged to you. The roles what is received by soul never stops, it keeps playing. You become deity from human beings, then again you take 84births, it never stops. The Gurus and saints are many and many scriptures are there.

People ask, how you will become peaceful, they ask coming into body conscious. This is also body conscious. Mind and Intellect are the organs of the soul. The physical organs are the organs of the body. Soul asks how I will become peaceful, in fact asking in this way is wrong since the religion, original nature of soul is peace. You have to perform actions, only Father sits and explains this. In the world, people are involved in devotion.

Father says Himself, I come in every world cycle at the end of the world cycle. This world is the kingdom of Ravan-vices. The birth place of God (who does not have a body of His own) and Ravan is here on earth. You burn the effigy of Ravan who makes you vicious, but no one knows about it. In India-Bharat, the birth day of Krishna is also celebrated, in reality there is no leela (the godly activity) of Krishna. What Krishna has done? How Krishna can take birth in golden age amongst devil. Devils cannot exist in heaven. You souls become pure now and receive the inheritance of heaven once again. You go to the land of Krishna.

The Shiv Baba (Benefactor God Father) takes you to the heaven. You call out for the Purifier Father, to take you to the heaven from hell. You are in the vicious sorrowful world and hence you call out for God to liberate you. This is also fixed in the unlimited pre-destined world drama. No one knows about this world drama. In scriptures, the life period of world cycle has been said to be millions of years (but in reality it is only 5000years).

The New world has to become old, everyone (and every objects) has to pass through Sato, Rajo and tamo. You are becoming the master of the kingdom, You residents of Bharat become pure now, In golden age, everyone remains pure, why the pure ones would bow in front of pure ones? Here (in iron age) the impure ones bow in front of pure ones.

Now, the unlimited Father had come to make everyone pure. Now, you need not have to go to the impure world, now it is the most beneficial age, Father comes and makes everyone pure. Now, you have to celebrate the birthday of Krishna. Otherwise people would say you are an atheist. In reality, Atheist are the ones who do not know about the God Father and the inheritance.

In this world, people never delay to fight against each other, this is the world of atheist. Now, you know, you were of stone-like intellect, now Father makes you ones with golden intellect. Father says, just study for one hour, consider your self as a soul and remember the God-Father. If you remain in body conscious, you remember the bodily relations. If you remain in soul conscious, you will remain in remembrance of God.

This world is a vicious one. Vishnu is shown in the river of milk. There in the golden age, you have river of ghee (very healthy river), how much you have to be happy? Father is the boatman, all you souls are the boats and boatman is only One Father. He takes you to the land of peace and from there, you are sent to the golden age. The Supreme Soul is the boatman. The people of the world praise God in various ways. Shri Shri Shiv Baba has come to make you elevated. This world is of sorrows. You follow the direction of God to go to the golden age. Only you children understand this knowledge.Others cannot understand this knowledge.

You know that, the sapling of deity religion is being planted now, those who got converted to other religion will come back to  receive inheritance of heaven. Now, you children are receiving the inheritance of heaven. The more you make effort and make others do effort, that much you will attain very elevated status.

If you do not study completely, what will happen? If you leave the body without much knowledge, you may come in golden age but may not attain elevated status. If you remain pure, study well, you will attain elevated status. Because of not becoming pure, you are not able to remember the God. Even there is the influence of karmic accounts, when husband and wife remain pure, you sit in the pyre of knowledge.

You say that, when you become the resident of heaven, in the land of krishna, why it is hard to remain pure? The gope gopis are present now in confluence age, not in golden age, in golden age, only prince and princess are there, they dance together when they have the gathering. You will see all this in the future. The role of seeing divine visions will be played once again. In the beginning, you have seen divine visions and later you started making effort, once again, you will have visions at the end, you will come to know what status souls are going to attain in golden age.

People ask you, if you believe in Vedas and scriptures, Reply them, we believe that they are all of devotion in which there is no knowledge. Only God can give the right knowledge. You receive knowledge and you leave the devotion. When you go to temple, you know that these deities will rule the heaven. You must maintain the balance of spirituality and carrying out actions, being in household.

God’s direction is to become completely pure, follow the complete direction and attain the kingdom of heaven-golden age.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Settle the bondage of any karmic account with yoga and become pure. Sit on the pyre of knowledge. Become complete Vaishnavs, that is, completely pure.
2. Remain stable in your original religion of peace. Remind everyone of the land of peace. Never become peaceless.

Blessing: May you be free from all types of distress and by remaining stable in your Godly honour (Easwarya shaan), let your every action be beautiful (shaandhaar).

Constantly maintain the Godly pride and honour that you are the light of BapDada’s (God-Father) eyes. Nothing else can be merged in your eyes or vision. By your maintaining this honour, all different types of distress will automatically finish and no type of complaint will then remain. The more you remain stable in your elevated honour, the more respect you will receive and your every action will become beautiful.

Slogan: A trustee is one who hands everything over to the Father.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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