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souls get visions of their sinful acts in the womb and undergo pain.

Murli 24.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, the unlimited Father has come into this unlimited gathering to adopt you poor children. He doesn't need to go into the gathering of deities.

Question: What day should you celebrate with a lot of pomp and splendour?
Answer: The day that you died alive and had faith in the Father. That day should be celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour. That day is Janamasthmi (birthday) for you children. If you celebrate your birthday of dying alive, your intellects will remember that you have stepped away from the old world and that you now belong to Baba, that is, you have claimed a right to the inheritance.

Song: The Flame has ignited in the gathering of moths…

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Now, you children understand how this world cycle rotates. Other than God Himself, no one else can make you understand. Even God had come into this world where there was a gathering, in which you children receive unlimited treasures of knowledge – inheritance of golden age-heaven. God (Father and Mother) certainly feeds you, Mother and Father sustains the children.

You children know that you have taken the right to become master of golden age by belonging to the God-Father.

Children should celebrate the spiritual birth with lot of interest, so that you remember the attainments-God and the inheritance. You remember the God and God remembers every children that, they have died alive being lost in the pyre of lust. Only God can say that all of you are My children. God, when appears in the body of Brahma-Adam, He says all souls are My children. Those who were beautiful worship-worthy deities have become ugly worshippers by falling in the vice of lust.

There is no vice exists in golden age. God-Father says, by the five vices, you had become like stone-aged. You children know that how you become ugly by taking 84births.

Father says, I give knowledge to return home and hence this knowledge is for souls of all the religions. Only God takes souls to liberation – soul world, no one else can take you to liberation. The world drama is a fixed one and eternal, no soul can escape from playing their roles. God is the only One Liberator and One Guide for all souls. Only He comes and tells you to remember Him, so that your sins will be destroyed. Otherwise you settle the accounts on your own (by feeling bad or pain - punishment)

Every religion agree with the heaven-golden age and other different ages of the world in one or other form. Now you children know that souls cannot return home, every soul has to undergo stages of Pure to Impure.

Now Father comes in the huge gathering of impure souls. Father says, I never come in the gathering of pure deities where you have all wealth and 36 varieties of food. When children become poor such that they never have sufficient food to eat, I come there to adopt you children and give inheritance. I never adopt the rich ones, they are intoxicated with their own attainments.

Children understand that drama makes them do spiritual effort. Whatever we do is fixed in the eternal world drama. You also have to make effort (on your own), not allowing the drama to do on its own. Every action, you have to make your effort, you are known as Karm yogi and Rajayogi. You never leave the household, you even take care of family and children unlike the renunciates who run away from household life, which never look good. Still their purity is very much required for Bharat. One way it is also good. Nowadays, no one remains pure. It is not that they go to golden age, Other than God, no one can take the souls to golden age.

Soul world is our residence but how you would go there? You have committed so many sins, you have said God ispresent in dogs and cats and every where. To whom it has to be reported. Father says, God is very clever. The Supreme Judge is with the God. Now,it is the time of judgement day for everyone. Everyone will undergo punishment and go back home. Drama is made accordingly. You get the visions of acts-sins you performed, even in the womb you get visions and undergo pain and hence you wanted to come out of the jail of womb, you say in the womb that, we would never perform sinful acts. God-Father comes and explains you all this directly. You undergo punishment in the womb, that is also known as jail, you feel the sorrow. In golden age both the jails wont be there.

Now, Father says, if you remember Me, your stains will be removed. Instead of God, you have mentioned Krishna’s name. You have to listen to this knowledge and publish in Newspaper .


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Definitely make effort for everything. Don't just sit there and think that it is in the drama! Become a karma yogi and a Raja Yogi, not a renunciate of karma or a hatha yogi.
2. In order to return home with the Father without experiencing punishment, make the soul satopradhan by remembering Him. Become beautiful from ugly.

Blessing: May you be a resident of your own land and consider this old world to be a foreign land and remain beyond it.
Just as some people do not touch anything from abroad and think that they should only use things from their own country, in the same way, this old world for all of you is a foreign world. Therefore, remain beyond it, that is, do not be even slightly attracted to the things of the old world, that is, to its nature and sanskars. Be one who only uses the things from your own land, that is, in the form of the soul, be a resident of your highest land of Paramdham and, in terms of this Godly family, consider yourself to be a resident of Madhuban (Mount Abu) and maintain the intoxication of that.

Slogan: Instead of being trapped in a jamela (issues), constantly stay in the mela (celebration) of a meeting.

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