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God has performed elevated action on earth and hence He is worshipped by all.

Murli 10.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, continue to make progress by signalling to one another to remember the Father and to remain cautious.

Question: What main thing is inculcated into the lives of the children who become knowledge-full like the Father?
Answer: They constantly keep smiling, and never cry in any situation. Anything that happens is nothing new. Those who now become knowledge-full in this way, that is, those who become ‘cry-proof’, never become peaceless in any situation. They are the ones who receive the sovereignty of heaven. Those who cry lose everything and lose their status.

Song: Having found You, I have found the whole world. The earth and the sky all belong to me.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Children  listened to the song and  know that it is your own song. Sweet sweet children know that you sit in front of the Unlimited Father. You say that , once again, you receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father. You don’t say this, in golden age but only now at this confluence age. You receive inheritance while carrying out your daily routine works.

The soul is known as incorporeal when it remains separate from body. The Supreme Soul who does not have a body is also known as Incorporeal. The Spiritual Teacher – God is teaching you souls. God gives direction to remain in soul conscious and remember the God-Father.

We are the spiritual pilgrims, only by remembrance you become free from sins, by remembrance you win over the vicious actions by the constant spiritual pilgrimage. One is to become free from sins, and from copper age, you incur sins (by committing vicious actions due to body consciousness). Father is making you do effort to become free from sins by the power of remembrance.

In golden age, vicious actions never takes place, there is no Ravan (body consciousness) in golden age. In the world, no one knows about it. You come to know about everything through the God-Father. God is known as knowledge-full. There is nothing (even God) without name or form. God is the Purifier, Ocean of knowledge. Soul remembers the Supreme father. Father is the Ocean of Peace, Ocean of happiness. Father certainly gives inheritance to the children.

Whoever comes and goes (on earth), their memorial is made. God is worshipped on earth, certainly God would have done some good action through the body. Otherwise, why would you remember the God? He remains ever pure. He is ever worship-worthy. I never become a worshipper. I am worshipped by the worshippers. I am not worshipped in golden age. In the impure world, from Copper age, people worship Me. First, unadulterated worship begins, later worship becomes adulterated by worshipping the elements and deities.

Brahma-Adam and Saraswati-Eve are made as master of the golden age by the God-Father. In golden age, there are many varieties of celebration. Here there are lot of expansions in devotion. Father says, remember Me, and the Inheritance. Like there is expansion of trees, there is lot of expansion in devotion. The Seed is the knowledge. When you receive the knowledge, you receive liberation in life. Here, you need not have to wander or stumble anywhere.

There is devotion and knowledge. Every religious followers have their own way of rituals. Knowledge has the main point – Manmanabhav, to remember Me alone. If you remember the Father, certainly you remember the Inheritance what you receive from the Father. There is expansion of inheritance. There is limited inheritance (of physical world-iron age), here you, the residents of Bharat-India receive the unlimited inheritance (golden and silver ages) from the Father.

Like God is important, here the birth place of God, Bharat remains very important pilgrimage. People call out for God-Father. Everyone has love for Bharat. Father also comes only in Bharat. You are the gope gopis (children of God) of Gopi Vallabh (God). In golden age, gope gopis are never present. They are present only now in this confluence age. In golden age, the kingdom is ruled systematically. The karm leela (actions) of God is praised not of Krishna, God makes the world pure from impure. God is very Clever that He transforms the whole world pure.

At this time, every soul is sinful like Ajamil (the great sinner). Father says, I liberate even the Saints (renunciates) and take them also back home (soul world). You souls play the 84birth roles. God is the Creator and Director, He transforms the impure souls to pure. Father says, You call for God to come and make you pure. I am bound in this world drama. People ask When this drama was created? How it is created? Whatever has been created is eternal and fixed, the pralay (complete destruction by water) never happens. Soul is eternal, it never gets destroyed, it receives the eternal role to play.

Father explains in a nutshell. It is not that God-Father makes the dead one alive. You have been calling for the Purifier to come and make you pure. Gita is the mother of all scriptures. Gita is also known as the Scripture of Yoga. Father comes at the confluence age to establish the pure world. The kumb mela happens at the confluence of the world cycle. In the physical world, the kumb mela happens once in 12years. This large kumb mela happens every 5000years. God comes and makes all the souls pure, this is very large kumb mela.

People have mentioned that, the world cycle is of millions of years, in scriptures. Father says, whatever has happened has happened like in every 5000years. Whatever happened  5000yrs before  keeps repeating. Anyone who wanted to understand, let them come and listen to this knowledge. You must know what to give it in press. You must mention how the great Mahabharat war happens (as mentioned in scriptures). You explain how the kingdom of deities is being established in golden age by the great Mahabharat battle (against vices) and how you receive the inheritance from God.

In devotion, whatever stories are made, are fixed in the world drama. Now, you have understood the drama, and once again, the drama will happen. Now, you have come once again to receive knowledge. You know once again the kingdom of deities will be established, one religion will be established. Father is making you knowledge-full like Him and by this you remain blissful for half the world cycle. There will not be any type of peaceless-ness (in golden age).

There in golden age, even children never cry. To give such a result, even here, you must not cry.
It is said, even if mother dies, you have to eat halwa- sweet(the godly knowledge). Those who cry, they lose, they lose the status. You have received the God, the husband of all the husbands, who gives the inheritance of heaven, then why do you cry? Those who become cry proof, they receive the kingdom. Many become subjects.

If someone asks the Father what they would become based on the current status, Father would reply immediately what status you would attain in golden age.You will come to know at the end, what you would become in golden age. At the end, students make lot of effort, they know where they are weak. Here also you know in what subject, you are weak.

Many say, they have attachment for the children. Father says, whatever be the attachment, it has to be removed, you must have attachment only for One God, then you have to take care of children being a Trustee. Father Himself says, remove attachment from all, consider yourself to be a Trustee, everything belongs to Him, Follow His direction, Keep serving the souls.

The young ones have to remain free from any type of bondages. Father never has any difference like male or female. You souls must know that you are brothers (souls) amongst each other, the more you receive inheritance, you attain more elevated status. Father is an Incorporeal being, He is worshipped at Somnath. You know God is worshipped more, you make temples for Him in every world cycle. Every world cycle, this will repeat.

Father has to certainly come on earth, the old world has to be transformed as per the world drama, there is the game of death. When someone kills, they are hanged, but many would die by natural calamities. People never know about the world of death and world of immortality. Now you are  in the world of death, tomorrow you would come in the world of immortality (where people would leave the body by their will).

You souls drink the nectar of knowledge, you know that God is giving the inheritance, you know by the Mahabharat war, the Gateway of heaven will be opened. Souls go to sleep-ignorance by not imbibing the knowledge.

You must use different methods to explain to others, keep main picture at your shops, if someone comes, explain to them , by which you will get more blessings, there is nothing to feel ashamed. If someone says, you have become a BK (child of God), tell them, you are also the children of father of human kind (Brahma-Adam), the old world is being destroyed, unless you become a BK, souls never go to heaven. Keep sharing and create new methods.

Father says, now, do not remember any bodily beings (by looking at every one as a soul), remember the Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) by whom you receive the inheritance. Tell if you want to receive the deity sovereignty, to receive the kingdom, come and listen to this knowledge.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Have true, pure attachment to the one Father. Remember Him alone. Remove your attachment from bodily beings. Look after them as a trustee.
2. You have to become conquerors of sinful actions and you must therefore pay great attention that you don’t perform any sinful actions through your physical senses.

Blessing: May you use all your powers as your duty and not think of them as a wonder and become worthy of worship and praise.
Do not use the powers you have received through remembrance to be a wonder, but consider it to be your duty to use them. Those people have the wonder of occult power but you have shrimat. You definitely receive powers through shrimat and this is why your tasks are successful through your thoughts. Through your thoughts, you can inspire someone to do something. This is also a power, but when the dictates of your own mind are mixed with shrimat (Godly direction), you can neither become praise worthy nor worthy of worship.

Slogan: Instead of becoming disheartened in any upheaval, become those with big heart.

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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