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Belonging to God,you must be very happy and show mercy for yourself.

Murli 13.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children,  this old world is now a hopeless case. Every soul has to leave the old body and this is why your attachment to it (the old world and old body) has to end. Constantly remember Me alone!

Question: What is the reason for not having enthusiasm for service?
Answer: 1. If your character is not virtuous and you do not remember the Father, you cannot have enthusiasm for service. You continue to perform one wrong action or another and are therefore unable to do service. 2. The Father’s first direction is: When you leave the body, the world is dead for you. You don’t put this direction into practice. It is because the intellect is trapped in the body and bodily relations that you are therefore unable to do service.

Song: Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor God).

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

You listened to the song of devotion. People chant the name of  Shiv (Benefactor God) again and again, they go to temples, the festivals are celebrated frequently, there are worshipworthy (elevated) months and elevated years. There are many worshippers. They say God is the Creator, the highest is the God. You know that this is the most elevated confluence age by which you become more elevated deities – the master of the world, by Godly directions. They also call God as the Mother and Father, but they do not know when God came and gave the inheritance becoming Mother and Father.

If you say to people that they are struggling in devotion, they never understand, they keep wandering in huge crowds. You children are very happy that you belonged to the God-Father. Whatever happens, still you must be happy, you must not forget that you belong to God, then you will remain happy always.

You know that you have attained God, then there should not be wavering of happiness, but Maya-obstacle makes you forget. You have the faith on God, you know about God but still the happiness disappears. Souls stop coming to meet the God- Father and Father understands that the intellect never has complete faith. There is no complete intoxication. The Father with whom you receive inheritance of 21births, if you have the faith on Him, there has to be more intoxication of happiness.

Like, if a king wants to adopt a child, and if the child knows about it that the king wants him to make the heir, the child becomes happy. The poor child gets adopted to rich, they become happy, they forget the sadness of poverty. When you know that you have received unlimited Father and receive inheritance of 21births, you must be very intoxicated. You have to remember the unlimited Father and have to show the right path to others.

The Purifier Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) has come now, I am your Father, no human beings can say this. I am your unlimited Father. I have come even 5000years before, and had said Remember Me. Only by remembering the Purifier Father, your vicious actions will be dissolved, there is no other way to become pure.

The Purifier is only One God, Krishna cannot be called as God. The God of the Gita never takes physical birth. Make the educated ones to write about it and so people can believe-know about the True God of the Gita.

If you say that God has come, people never understand. You have to mention that there are two fathers. One is physical father and other is Supreme God-Father. Nowadays, there are many who call themselves as God, first make them understand about the limited and unlimited Father. The Unlimited Father would give unlimited inheritance to the children. Even Shiv Jayanti is being celebrated. The intellect understands that it is the same Mahabharat war (as mentioned in scriptures) takes place against vices. By saying directly that God has come, people never understand.

One end you say God has come and other end you go and get married. People say, what happened to you and you say, they said and I repeated. There are many varieties of obstacles comes from within the children like the Hindus forget about their own ancient deity religion and call themselves as Hindu. Now, there is irreligion everywhere, they make themselves fall. The world has become demoniac in nature and here, you belong to God imbibing divine virtues.

By this knowledge, you become deities from demoniac nature, there is nothing of war between the deity and demons. People say they-Pandavas got victory because God was with them, now God is present here, with you children, they mentioned  Krishna’s name instead of God, yours is the battle with the vices. The impure intellect never understands, they cannot remember the God and mistakes keep happening.

There are very good children who also do not remember the God, and hence they never have interest in doing service. Father says, forget the body and bodily relations (by looking at soul), in reality if you forget your body, you will forget all bodily relations. You have to forget everyone and remember the One Supreme Father. Like when disease happens, they had to become disinterested before leaving the body and keep chanting the name of God. Now it is the final judgement days, the whole world has to be transformed, only one Mantra is given to you: Remember Me alone.

Now, the elevated month (confluence age when God is present) has come, You must be very clever to make people understand, you have to imbibe divine virtues very well, you must not do any sinful actions. Taking anything without permission is also a very incognito sin, the rules are very strict. Children never transform and hence sins keep accumulating. Here you have to become a charitable soul, you have love for the charitable soul. Even in devotion, you know that by doing good actions, you attain elevated births.

This is an unlimited world drama, still people feel that, by good actions, you get elevated births. Also they feel God gives the fruit of good actions. Father says, I never do it, everything is fixed in the drama, according to your actions, you get the result. According to the drama, I had to come at the appropriate time to give knowledge.

People say to God, if You have mercy, we will not forget you at anytime. Father says, I never show mercy to anyone. Showing mercy belong to devotion. You have to show mercy for yourself, By remembering the God-Father, your sins will be destroyed. The rituals-language of devotion cannot be applied in knowledge.

The path of Knowledge is about study, everyone has to study, When God gives direction, you have to follow the direction. But if you follow the direction of self, you never do service. Children have to become charitable souls. Many children never speak about their sins, they never attain elevated status. Children know that this is the more elevated path.

The impure ego is the foremost enemy, then there is lust, anger, greed, attachment. If you have attachment to souls, it makes you fall. Soul says I have none but only One God, you must not remember any bodily beings, you must remember only One Father.

You have to be free from desire-attachment, everything of this world will be destroyed, what attachment you have for this old world, the whole world, you have to forget. There will be such storm, fire that everything will be destroyed with in an hour. You know that the forest has to be destroyed,otherwise how souls would leave the body. Good children do a very good service.

You children must have intoxication, there will be complete intoxication at the end when you attain the karmateet (free from the bondages of actions) stage. Still you keep making effort. At Benares, people go to the temple of Shiv, He is the Highest on high. You have to explain to them that Deities receive inheritance from God. You can explain very well by pictures, how deities attain kingdom, where there is no devotional activities. Now, people keep doing devotion. You receive more elevated knowledge so how much intoxication you must have. You are being taught by the Highest  God-Father, when you explain to others, they must feel that they have to meet such a Father.

Unless there is complete faith, there cannot be complete intoxication, souls would long to meet the GodFather, they will never want to go back, away from the Father. It is sung that whether you love or hate, we lovers will not leave your home. Still Father cannot keep everyone here, you have to  go on service. Wherever you are, you have to remain like a lotus flower. Many have faith but going out from here, maya-obstacle makes them fall.

Father comes and explains to you after 5000years, this is your elevated confluence age. I come to make the souls pure. It is good to explain to others. Everyday keep creating new methods to explain to others, explain through pictures or by other means. The pure world is known as the golden age-New world. Deities (humanbeings with divine virtues) rule the golden age.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Pay a lot of attention so that not even the slightest subtle or gross sin is committed. Don’t covet anything secretly. Beware of greed and attachment.
2. Renounce the impure ego-arrogance that would completely finish you. Make effort to remember no one but the one Father.

Blessing: May you be constantly powerful and oppose Maya-obstacles with the awareness of the Godly clan.
In order to achieve success in any task, first of all become an embodiment of power with your awareness. When you have power, it becomes easy to oppose Maya. As your awareness, so you are able to become that form and this is why you must always have this powerful awareness: While I am in this Godly birth, I am on Godly service at every second, in every thought and in every task. This is my Godly clan. The seat of this awareness will enable you to finish all weaknesses.

Slogan: Truth is automatically revealed according to the time; there is no need to prove it.

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