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This most elevated Divine knowledge is the food for the soul.

Murli 14.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, you are God-Fatherly students. You have to become true rup and basant and only allow jewels of knowledge to emerge constantly from your lips.

Question: You children are the true, beloved children of Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father). What shrimat should you definitely follow?
Answer: Baba says: O My beloved children, be merciful! Never follow the dictates of your own mind. Don’t spread tales and make trouble. Those who have that habit cause a great loss to themselves and others. Always beware of those who speak wrong things.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

This is a College, isn’t it? You have the aim object here unlike the devotional satsangs. You know that you are becoming deities for 21births, from human beings. Student remembers, wherever they are, that they will pass the exam. You also see yourself as a student. We are souls studying through this body. Soul understands that we will leave this old body and attain a new body, who will be called as deities. You know that the Ocean of knowledge is teaching you. You also remain pure by thoughts, words and actions. You keep sharing the message of happiness with everyone.

All you children are in student’s life, it is not that by going to office, you forget about your student life. Whatever business you do, you remember that you are a student. You work for the maintenance of the body (and household). Along with that remember that you are studying through the Supreme Soul Supreme Father. Now, you know that whole world is a hell.

You residents of Bharat were the residents of heaven. You children never retain the intoxication for the whole day. You forget again and again. Although you belong to God, give message to others that you are transforming the resident of hell into resident of heaven, still you forget to remember the God-Father constantly.

You know that at this time, the body and soul both are vicious. Now, you children have disinterest towards these vices. Lust, anger….nothing seem to be good. The most vicious is lust. Sanyasis have little anger within them because like the food they eat, they have their mind. Even if they do not take food from others, they take money from vicious ones.

You create revolution on the power of purity and this will keep increasing, everyone would want to remain pure. Without remaining pure, it is not possible to become the master of the kingdom. Those who become the resident of heaven, will remain pure. They know that, they will become the master of the pure world being pure. This vicious world will become pure during this most elevated confluence age. This confluence age is very benefitting. Father is the Benefactor and would make the children also like Him. He makes the human beings into deities.

When you know that you are becoming the resident of heaven, you make spiritual effort. You are becoming pure, you remember the God-Father. You have to make effort and remember that I am the student of Godly Father. You are in different profession for this world, you also have to make the fortune for your future. You have to consider yourself as soul and remember the Supreme Father Supreme Soul. You have to understand that, now, we have to go to the soul world-Sweet home.

The whole day, the churning of knowledge, has to happen. Children has to share the imperishable knowledge with others, this is the food for the soul. You must remember that we are studying through the Supreme Father Supreme Soul to rule the kingdom becoming deities. You forget this again and again and lose happiness. This is the Sanjeevni booti (the medicinal herb) which you have to keep it for yourself and also give it to others to make them conscious.

Manmanabhav. Father says, Remember Me, so that you will become the master of the kingdom. The whole day, keep asking for yourself, check for yourself, caution others also. If any misunderstanding happens and when intellect gets involved in that, the face never reveals happiness. And only that you keep worrying, remembering the worldly things. You children must be happy to remember the Father. But if you keep worrying about yourself, there cannot be any effect of remembrance of this medicine. You must not do that, many discontinue the study, you know that this study is for your future. There is lot of benefit in this study. Even whilst doing all your action, you have to study this course.

How this world cycle is repeated, it is also explained in the knowledge. Keep each other  remember God. Man and woman keep remembering each other. God-Father is teaching you through the chariot of Brahma-Adam. You will have remembrance for the whole day constantly, you will attain this stage at the end, you would attain the karmateet(free form bondage of actions) stage. Till then maya-obstacle keep waging the battle.

It is said that you benefit by cautioning each other. Even in office, make others remember the God. Father says, by remembering Me, you would become pure. You have listened to this knowledge unlimited number (millions of times) of times and will also listen again. You keep listening to this knowledge every cycle. Father says, you have listened to the knowledge every cycle, by remembering the Father, the vicious sins will be dissolved. You have to make effort.

The children of judge and famous people, if they do any mistake, their name gets spoiled. Here, you belong to the the highest God-Father, so you must not perform such actions by which God-Father’s name get spoiled. If such things happen, it is difficult to attain elevated status. By belonging to the Elevated God, you must fear doing vicious actions. You have to follow the direction of God, by following your own direction, you may lose the elevated status. You can even take guidance from the Father. Check yourself, if you are following the direction of the Father.

You ask Father, what type of sins we do, Father says, if I know, I will caution you. Whatever mistake you do is known as vicious action. The most vicious is lust. Children must become courageous to remain pure. Now, it is the confluence age of the world cycle. This Lakshmi Narayan (deities) are known as the elevated beings. The vicious ones are not known as elevated. Now, you are becoming more elevated. You can do a lot of service in this benefitting confluence age in which human beings become deities. This is a very common thing.

In iron age, no one remains elevated but only in golden age. In golden age, only purity exists, these are explained to the children to make you understand and make others understand. You have to explain to others at the right time. You understand that Supreme Father Supreme Soul is teaching RajaYoga. You become the master of heaven from human beings. The highest exam is the exam of becoming deities. Father is the great Benefactor who never becomes the master of the golden age. Krishna becomes the Prince-King of golden age. I make you the king of all kings. Father does the very unselfish service.

There are many who will remain very rich here and become poor in golden age. And those who are poor now become very wealthy in golden age. I make you king of kings, the master of the kingdom , you know about this and how much intoxication you must have. It is God Father who is teaching you, you are becoming the resident of heaven from the resident of hell.

Student’s life is the best. You are making effort to become the Kings and Queens. You must not say that you will attain the kingdom and lose the kingdom later. This you don’t tell others. You must ask what they like to become in golden age. Every one would want to become the master of the kingdom, only God Father can make you become the master of the kingdom. Anyone can become the master of the kingdom, nothing of poverty, hence Father is known as the Lord of the Poor.

By remembering the God-Father, the store house of sins-sinful actions (of body consciousness) are to be emptied. You have been coming down the ladder, now you climb up the ladder, and if you fall from the top, you get hurt. Father wishes that, you children make effort and attain a life like a diamond. Father says, follow the Mother and Father. The more you become merciful, that much you benefit. Keep sharing the knowledge with others. At the end, you will have lot of divine visions, and you cannot do anything at that time. It should not be that you worry at the end. So, as much possible benefit others, become the stick for the blind, every world cycle, the New world get established, It is fixed in the world drama, the more you benefit others, that much elevated status you attain.

The most beloved Children of God never remain hidden, you will speak the jewels of knowledge, you never gossip, you never make others lose an income. If someone tells you something wrong about others, remain careful about them. You must remain on service to receive unlimited inheritance from the God-Father.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Don’t become confused about anything. Caution one another and continue to make progress. Make effort and make your life like a diamond.
2. Don’t follow the dictates of your own mind but follow shrimat instead. Beware of those who say wrong things. Be afraid of performing devilish actions.

Blessing: May you be an unshakeable and constant master of the self and constantly experience supersensuous joy.
The children who attain supersensuous joy for all time at the confluence age, that is, the children who have a full right over the Father’s will are those who have will power. They experience unshakeable and constant supersensuous joy. Only such heirs, that is, those who have a full right to the inheritance claim a right to a totally unshakeable and constant kingdom.

Slogan: Where there is the consciousness of “mine”, the intellect is completely turned around.

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