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Those very few who renounce the “I” consciousness come in to golden age.

Murli 12.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, you become pure by following the shrimat of the Purifier Father and this is how you receive the kingdom of the pure world. Those who become pure on their own do not attain inheritance of God.

Question: What should you children especially pay attention to when doing service?
Answer: When you are on service, do not sulk with one another over trivial matters; that is, don’t become upset. If you become like salt water with one another and don’t speak to one another, you become instruments for disservice. Some children even sulk with the Father and stop listening to the Godly versions.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

The Purifier God-Father teaches those children who become pure. The souls who involve in vicious actions are called as impure as per the world drama. There are many souls who wanted to remain pure in all religions. They remain pure by themselves, they are not made pure by the God and hence they never come in the Golden age (Kingdom of God). There cannot be success without God. They cannot go to the pure peaceful soul world on their own.

The golden age is known as the Vice-less world, which proves that the souls who come in golden age remain pure certainly. Here God comes and gives you the direction to become pure. The souls remain pure in soul world,  and in golden and silver age. Only in copper and iron age, souls become  vicious.

Souls come into rebirths even in golden age but not through vicious means (but by the power of spirituality). Golden age is completely vice-less world and even in silver age, you remain pure. In golden age you remain 16celetial degrees pure and in silver age it is of 14 celestial degree virtuous.

Unless God-Father comes, souls never attain liberation (soul world) and liberation in life (land of happiness-golden age).  Only God-Father is the Guide.

Father says, Children, lust is your greatest enemy, you fall due to lust, you have to win over this lust. According to world drama, souls come and belong to God-Father at this time of confluence age.

You children know that Our God-Father is knowledge-full, Guide, the Seed of the human world tree, only the Seed can have the knowledge of the beginning, middle and end of the world human tree.

You never become ill in golden age, here variety of disease appears and according to the world drama, the preventive medicines are also being found. You call out God to make you souls pure, even the body becomes pure, He is known as the Purifier, One who removes sorrow and gives happiness. People of various religions remember God, in their own language.

Now, you children know about the world of death (iron age) and immortal world (golden age). You know that other than the God-Father no one else can make you pure and take back home. You have it in your intellect that you are going back to your sweet home. God-Father is making you worthy to go back to soul world. You must have this awareness.

The soul who comes for the first time remains pure and they become well known and will be praised by others. They get happiness in the beginning of the birth and later undergo sorrow. Like, you remain in golden age for a longer period, the new souls who appear now, from soul world, remain in soul world for a longer period.

God-Father says, I establish the New World, I never do destruction. Destruction happens as per the world drama. This sacrificial fire of knowledge is known as Rajaswa AswamedhAvinashi Rudr Gyan Yagya. The whole world will be offered into it through the natural calamities. The world will become pure through this sacrificial fire and deities would come in the New world. Those very few, who have renounced the “I” consciousness, through Me, would only exist in the pure world.

There will be only one ancient religion of deities (human beings with divine virtues)  in the New world. Deities will rule near the shore of river Yamuna. By offering-donating the eternal knowledge, you attain more happiness.

Bharat is known as heaven, now the old world will transform into New World. Various religions appear from copper age. Now, it is the vicious world, no one remains pure here. The New World is known as the pure-viceless world. The most important is about purity. You make a lot of effort to remain pure.

You know that whatever has become past till now, has happened according to the eternal fixed world drama, no one can be blamed or praised for any actions.

Father says, children, to benefit yourself,  become aware of yourself as a soul and remember the God-Father. By coming in to body consciousness, you have misunderstanding with others.

You must have lot of love for the God-Father who takes you to the golden age and makes you the master of the kingdom-world. God appears only in Bharat-India. The birthday of God is celebrated only in India-Bharat.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Fill the apron of your intellect with the imperishable jewels of knowledge and donate them. By  donating knowledge, your happiness be maintained and your wealth of knowledge continue to increase.
2. Never become upset with one another or become like salt water. Remember the Father and listen to the murli-Godly versions with a lot of love.

Blessing: May you have a divine intellect and make the Father’s property your own by churning knowledge.

Churn the treasures that you receive from the Father and they will merge inside you. Everyone has received the same property but those who churn it and make it their own have the intoxication and happiness of it and this is why it is said: When you grind your own ingredients you experience intoxication. Those who remain constantly intoxicated through the power of churning cannot be attracted or confused by anything of the world. They automatically receive the blessing of a divine intellect.

Slogan: In order to finish confusion in the mind, increase the power to decide.

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