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Now, the old world-Iron age has come to an end and New World-golden age is to arrive.

Murli 17.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, you are listening to new spiritual things from the spiritual Father. You know that just as you souls have come here having changed your form, so the Father has also come in the same way.

Question: What title can the little children claim if they pay great attention to the explanations that the Father gives?
Answer: That of spiritual leader. If the little children do something courageous and pay attention to the things that the Father says and they explain them to others, everyone will give them a lot of love. The Father’s name will also be glorified.

Song: Leave your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Children had called for God and God-Father had responded (based on the song). In practical, children wanted Father to come in vicious – sorrowful world. Now, God-Father is present in practical. Children understand that once again the Mahabharat battle is about to happen. You are in the midst of the battle. You have been calling out for Father to come in physical form. Father says, you souls are the residents of soul world and you also have become physical from being incorporeal.

That is the incorporeal world and in the middle is the subtleworld, here it is the physical world. You know that you have come from the soul world. When Father wants to create the new creation, first He creates the Subtle world. Now, you can go to subtle world, not any other time (duringthe world cycle).First time (when you come in golden age) in the world cycle, you never come via subtle world, you come directly. Now, you can go to the subtle world. You get visions of subtle world and also of soul world but you cannot go to either soul world or golden age until you become completely perfect but to subtle world.You can go (have visions) by means of mind and intellect.

You children listen to the new spiritual knowledge. It is said about Incorporeal world. When people do not know about the soul, how people can know about the soul world. Father comes and first give the introduction of soul ,you come into physical body. Now, you know how the soul plays the role of 84births. Now, you listen to the secret knowledge, which you never knew earlier. Hence you can explain to others very well.

Day by day, this tree of children of God keeps growing. This, will then become the tree of deities. Like India is seen as very small in the world map although India is very big, it is said about Manmanabhav (to remember God alone, as essence of knowledge), in this knowledge, means remember the Aliph (a in urdu-arabic)-Alpha. Remember the inheritance. Now, you are children of God, later  you will become deities. You children, who takes complete 84births come and listen to this knowledge.

You understand that you belong to the deity clan, those who come late take less number of births. Although everyone take knowledge, souls never come together in all births. All cannot take complete 84births, but all souls go together to the soul world, at the end.

During the Mahabharat battle, God appears and gives the knowledge in every cycle, in this battle field. According to the drama, this world of Ravan-vices would come to an end. Now, you understand that the knowledge what you have is not available with anyone. This new knowledge is for the New World (you transform sanskars here and go to golden age). Krishna’s name is mentioned in Gita. Now, you listen to the new knowledge that God of the Gita is Shiv. You have not heard this knowledge before. You listen everything New for the New World. You know that Bharat-India is very ancient but no one knows about the deities, how they become deities, where they have gone. Nothing is understood.

People say that deities ruled the kingdom for millions of years which is not true. No one knows about the deity kingdom (golden age) of 1250 years, no one has this knowledge in their intellect. Now, you children understand this knowledge. In Golden and Silver age, you resident of Bharat ruled the world.

This is the story of 5000years, the deities ruled the kingdom 5000years before and once again you are going to rule the kingdom. Only the Spiritual Father explains you this spiritual knowledge. You sit in the awareness of soul, you know that soul listens to the knowledge through the body. People never realize the self, you realize about your self. You know that you soul takes complete 84births. If you explain this, people will understand that you have very good knowledge. It is said , God is knowledge-full Blissful , Guide but no one knows where God takes you. God liberates you when people become very sorrowful, when there was kingdom of Ravan-vices. The world of virtues is known as the kingdom of God.

When you explain this knowledge to others, they wanted to share it with everyone. But you must imbibe the virtues. You can explain in exhibitions. Ravan-vices had made everyone vicious. Children can explain the complete world cycle to everyone. Initially there was deity kingdom, then after 2500years,all other religions appear. When you explain this, they will see you as the Spiritual Leader listening to your spiritual knowledge and you would say that you receive this knowledge in India.

God is the Seed, He is the knowledge-full. The Seed will have the knowledge of the Tree. This is the tree of variety religions. The deity religion existed in Bharat. Initially there is deity religion, later Islam, Buddhism appears. If you explain how this world tree grows, world cycle repeats, in foreign countries, now it is the end of iron age, the golden age is about to come, foreigners will become very happy.

People love the little children who explain this spiritual knowledge and they become the Spiritual Leaders. Father explains this knowledge to you. Calling Krishna as God-Father is a mistake. When souls become sorrowful in iron age, God appears to establish the golden age-heaven. In golden age, only few souls existed, and rest of the souls remain in the soul world. This you can explain to everyone, there is no need to fear to explain how the world history repeats.

Now, you children must remember very well that  the whole tree of knowledge is in your soul and you repeat it to everyone. When people understand this knowledge, they would want you to explain to everyone. Now, Sanyasis keep explaining the Gita which is created by human being, but the True spiritual knowledge (True Gita) is available only with the spiritual God-Father.

In golden age, Sri Krishna did not have this knowledge, only God-Father has this True knowledge. You can give this knowledge to the foreigners, you can give lectures that we can explain them how the New world is created by God. You have to write about this knowledge and check if you have forgotten any points of knowledge. If you forget, remember and write about it, by this you can write and give a very good lecture. If you explain this knowledge to the foreigners, within seven days, you can make others understand very well. You can explain very well when you have the interest-intoxication of doing service.

This world is very dirty, comparing to the golden age, this world is like the cowdung, the smell of vices spreads everywhere. Now, you children know that you will leave this old body and become Prince and Princess. You will study in schools, you will have aeroplanes with fool proof. You children must have this happiness within so that, you children will never feel to cry. You understand that you become Prince and Princess, then why you do not feel happy? In golden age, you will go to such a school, you will do all these, children never understand why they forget, there must be more intoxication.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Remove this dirty old world that is like cow dung from your intellect. Remember the golden-aged world and maintain unlimited happiness and intoxication. Never cry.
2. Imbibe the deep and entertaining things that the Father tells you and then explain them to everyone. Claim the title of a spiritual leader.

Blessing: May you be an image of tapasya (image of doing meditation) and burn your sins and tamoguni (weak) sanskars away with your tapasya.

Just as the task of Godly sustenance is now taking place, in the same way, in the final period, there will be the act of burning the sins and tamoguni sanskars of all souls and also the burning of the tamoguni elements of nature through tapasya. For this, remain seated on the seat of a constant stage and reveal your tapaswi form. The renunciation of body consciousness and the tapasya to become soul conscious should be visible through your every organ.

Slogan: In order to save yourself from any conflict of sanskars (nature), keep the balance of being a child (loving) and a master (detached).

Note: Those who like to know the terms used in Murli, please read the basic knowledge from the discussions posted in the facebook group: THE GOD!/group.php?gid=186580082103

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