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souls receive happiness for half the world cycle and hence they remember the God.

Murli 15.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, it is a divine virtue to give regard to those who are senior to you. Follow those who are clever and who explain very well.

Question: Why are there no customs or systems of devotion in the golden age?
Answer: Because the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, gives you knowledge and sends you into salvation. You receive the fruit of your devotion. When you receive knowledge, you become divorced from devotion. Since that is the time for the reward of knowledge, what need would there be for devotion, tapasya, donations or charity etc. None of those customs can remain there.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

The God Shiv (Benefactor), the One who removes the impurity and makes the soul pure, speaks: Now, God-Father sits and explains to you children. When I come, I teach you the knowledge to become pure and no human being can teach this knowledge.

Father never teaches devotion. You worship God who has taught you (in previous world cycle). You children understand that Devotion and Knowledge are different. The Knowledge can be taught only by One God-Father, who is known as the Ocean of knowledge.

Many call themselves as God, but no one says I am the Ocean of Knowledge, the Supreme Father Supreme Soul of all souls. You must remember very well that God is the One who makes the souls pure. The fruit of devotion is knowledge. You receive liberation in life only by the knowledge. Krishna is not praised as the Ocean of knowledge, Certainly, Krishna has performed such good actions that he becomes Prince of Golden age. Now, you know that you are making effort to become the Prince and Princess of golden age.

At the end of iron age the more souls who are present now, will go to soul world. Now, you children remember the soul world, the world cycle is coming to an end now, you have been going around the cycle of 84births so many times. There is the rosary of 16,108. In golden age, only very few souls live. You see the model of the golden age. You see the model of Krishna’s birth in dwaraka. Krishna’s kingdom will be there along the shore of river yamuna. In dwaraka, there is sea not the river. Dwaraka is not capital (of heaven-Bharat-India). Delhi is sure of capital because river Yamuna is present there. Delhi will be known as the capital of heaven. The great throne (of kingdom of golden age) will belong to delhi.

Now, you children know that the devotion has come to an end, now the kingdom of deity is being established. In future, you will come to know how much each of you pass in the exams. Even in school, you come to know who scores high and pass. At the end you will come to know who will get transferred to the next class. Here, in this unlimited class, souls come and listen to the seven days course. Even one or two days class is not ordinary (they take you to heaven). You know the end of iron age has come. Father says, if you rest your intellect on Me, you will become pure certainly. You have to play the roles like in previous cycle. The residents of Bharat-India ruled the kingdom and then population increases.

The residents of bharat were pure in heaven. In golden age ancient deity religion existed, and there was kingdom of deities, so certainly they would have made effort in the previous age. The old world – iron age transforms and new world arrives. The impure souls exist in iron age. When you create picture of deities, you have to mention that they made effort through the RajaYoga and become Kings and Queens. Along with King and Queen , there will be subjects also.

People never understand anything, they just keep doing worship, they just look into the deities of Lakshmi Narayan, no knowledge exist. People think without understanding that, God cannot be attained without devotion and God comes at the end of iron age.  They have taken Krishna to Dwapar – copper age, you have become completely ignorant, even you call God as omnipresent (which is not true). From outside, you see the spelndour of devotion, in satsang there will be certainly sound and here, you do not have anything (only silence). In any satsang, there will be singing song, here Father never even like the songs, in future, even these songs will stop.

Father says, I explain the meaning of all these songs. Here, you have to study, children know that you are a Rajayogi. If you study little, you go into subjects-ordinary status in golden age. Hence whoever is clever in this study, you have to follow them because they have lot of attention in study, you have to learn from the one who explains well. You understand that they make lot of effort. You have to keep regard for them who understands and explains well to others, you must understand they are very good at knowledge and certainly they will attain elevated status. The senior ones like the President have more respect, everyone has the respect number-wise. Even Barristers are number-wise. Some are very brilliant. Many take cases of lakhs of rupees. You have to manage the centre, all works are to be done, you must know about doing exhibitions.

How you become pure from impure? Father has come to make you pure. The Purifier is only God, people say Ganga purifies them, keep taking bath in it birth after birth. You call for the God, the Purifier to come. He comes only once. Everyone has their culture. In Nepal, animals are sacrificed in front of deities, everyone has their imagination. People become followers of imagination. Here, only you children understand about knowledge, Only One Father explains about the world cycle, you are spinners of discus of self realization, you are the children of God.

New ones get confused about your knowledge. Yours is the knowledge, you fight with the vices – demons, then you become deities where there is nothing of any battle. You are the ones who are real Brahmins, the children of God, without you sacrificial fire (of knowledge) is not created. You are very few in the world. Now, you have to forget all the scriptures and just remember the God-Father. God-Father is only One. People call out for the God-Father, souls have received happiness for half the world cycle and hence they remember the God.

You know what is a soul and Supreme Soul. Souls reside in soul world, from there, you come down on earth to play different roles. You say, before Christ there was world of deities-heaven.

People say about the findings (by carbon dating) that things existed earlier than 50,000years, in reality nothing exists more than 5,000years. World drama is made of 5000years. In the beginning people were of pure intellect and now have become impure intellect. The sapling of children is being planted here. The Devotion and Knowledge are different. You call out for God to come and take you away from sorrows.

The body will come to an end. In scriptures, they show about the Mahabharat war (against vices), you have to keep giving the message to all. There is only one method to become pure, Remember the God, the sins will be dissolved and the soul will become pure. Keep giving message to people, so that everyone will get benefitted.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. Keep the company of those who are clever in this study and who explain very well. Give them regard. Never become arrogant about anything.
2. Understand and explain very well the new points of knowledge. Maintain the happiness that you are spinners of the discus of self-realisation.

Blessing: May you be an image of support and upliftment and, like the father, make your every action a memorial.
Just as sakar Baba (Brahma-Adam) made every action of his a memorial, in the same way, every action of yours will become a memorial when you move along considering yourself to be an image of support and upliftment. Every action of those who consider themselves to be images of support for world transformation is elevated and when you have a feeling of benevolence for everyone in your vision and attitude, your every action becomes elevated. Only such elevated actions become a memorial.

Slogan: In order to imbibe the power of truth, become tolerant.

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