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Only the God-Father, the Only Guru,gives salvation to all souls not any religious founder.

Murli 28.09.4975 (One world cycle is of 5000years)

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Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to teach you to perform such elevated actions that you can claim the inheritance of the sovereignty for 21 births and become the masters of the unshakeable and undivided kingdom.

Question: Which belief of householders is very different from the belief of sannyasis?

Answer: Householders believe that God will definitely come in one form or another whereas sannyasis believe that by remembering the brahm element they will merge into that. The Father explains that no one merges into the brahm element. Souls are immortal and so how could they merge into anything? When God comes, He definitely gives you teachings as the Teacher. He does not give you knowledge through inspiration.

Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).

Sweet sweet spiritual children listened to the song, only you spiritual children call Baba (Father-with love). You understand that this unlimited Father gives unlimited happiness and He is the Father of every soul and every soul remembers Him. You know that Father is giving you the world heavenly kingdom which remains with you for 21births. You rule the whole world, no one can snatch away the kingdom from you.

You must have such songs by which God and the Inheritance are remembered naturally. Golden age is known as the kingdom of Advaits (One-ness).

You know that the people of the whole world have become unrighteous by coming into body consciousness, hence they are known as ignorant ones. You were knowledge-full, master of the world, but now the vices have made you completely ignorant.

People have been performing sacrificial fire and meditation to reach God but never attain anything. No one knows about God, they call God as omnipresent, this is very wrong. You had your kingdom when there was New World and New Bharat. There was one religion, one language. In golden age there was one Great King and one Great Queen. In silver age they are known as king and Queen. Then in copper age, it depends upon their actions, soul leave one body and take another according to their actions.

Now, Father says, I teach you such actions by which you attain kingdom for 21births. The story of 84births belong to the residents of Bharat-India. Initially there was unadulterated worship of God Shiv (Benefactor), later they make temples of Lakshmi and Narayan. Then they build temple of Ram and Sita. Then there are lot of images made for the sake of devotion. There are lot of expenses in devotion. Now, Father says, Remember Me and the Inheritance.

All devotional activities are created by householders. Renunciates renounce and go to jungle and remember the Brahm element – soul world, they call the Brahm element as God (which is wrong). Soul is imperishable and it cannot go and merge with the brahm element as sanyasis believe.

God never purifies the soul by means of influence (inspiration). He comes directly to do His task. Religious founders cannot be called as guru-guide. Christ and others are not gurus, they come to establish religion. He who gives liberation in life is known as guru. There are many followers come after the religious founders. Guru is only One who gives salvation to all souls. Only God comes and gives salvation to every soul, gives liberation and liberation in life to all souls. Father says all are creations and I am the only Creator. Only God –Father gives happiness and salvation to all souls. Hence every soul remembers the God-Father.

Father says, I never come when you call for Me, I come according to the fixed plan of the world drama. The One religion and Golden age have to be established. I come Myself according to the fixed time, even the devotional activities have their roles fixed in the world drama. Now, when the role of devotion ends, I had come. God-Father had come in the body of Brahma-Adam even in the earlier world cycle. This knowledge, you receive it now and will never again you receive this knowledge.

The whole world receives liberation. First you go to liberation (soul world) and then come to liberation in life (golden age). The impure souls cannot be called as deities hence it is asked to get rid of the vices. By remembering God, you give yourself the tilak-sovereignty of the kingdom. This study is to make the human beings into deities.  This knowledge is also known as the Story to attain immortality, the story of deities and the knowledge of the third eye.

God is making you master of the world. In golden age, there wont be any earthquake, there will not be any obstacles, there will be stable, pure, happy and peaceful kingdom. Like in previous world cycle, once again Bharat-India is becoming the heaven, you know that you were deities and later after 84 births, you become like now, then once again you would become deities-angels. This is known as the churning - spinning of discus of self realization.


To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children. Spiritual Children say Namaste to the Spiritual Father.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to give yourself the tilak of sovereignty, make effort for remembrance. Renounce all the vices.
2. Remain as ordinary and incognito as Father Brahma. Don’t have any external show. Maintain the intoxication of your future kingdom.

Blessing: May you be a world benefactor who renews the world with your virtues of spiritual intoxication and mercy.
In order to be a world benefactor you need two main virtues. One is Godly intoxication and the other is mercy. If you have both spiritual intoxication and mercy together and to an equal extent, you then have a stage of spirituality. Therefore, whenever you perform a task or speak any words, check that you have mercy and spiritual intoxication to an equal extent. In the pictures of the shaktis (goddesses), both these qualities are shown equally. On this basis you can become an instrument for world renewal.
Slogan: Surrender all your waste thoughts out of love to the Father, for this is a real sacrifice.

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