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By the fire of remembering One God,in all actions,stains on you,souls are removed.

Murli 28.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, only Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is the first-class blotting paper that absorbs everyone’s sins. Remember Him and your sins will be absolved.
Question: What are the deepest stains on the soul? What effort do you need to make to erase them?
Answer: There are very deep stains of body consciousness on the soul. Souls repeatedly become trapped in someone’s name and form. Souls don’t remember the Father but continue to remember bodily beings. They continue to cause sorrow for one another’s hearts. In order to erase these stains, make effort to become soul conscious.
Song: Look at your face in the mirror of your heart and check how much sinful or charitable you have become....
Sweet Children,
Om shanti (I am a peaceful soul).
The unlimited Father speaks in front of the unlimited children, check yourselves how much charity and sins you have created.
Only one God is the purifier of all souls.
The sins and charity are present in souls.
Now, all souls have stains of sins and hence souls are called sinful souls.
How these sins are removed like a blotting paper removes the stains of liquid?
No one other than the Supreme Father, there is no other blotting paper, to remove the sins.
He is only a point but remove the sins of all the souls.
Father just says, remember Me, the blotting paper, the living conscious being.
I do not give any pain to you. You are also a point like the Father.
By remembering Me, your sins are removed. Check your selves, how much sins are removed and how much are remaining. How do you know this?
Guide everyone to remember the Father, to get rid of sins.
Only One Father is the Purifier, others have sins of lust, body consciousness.
The sin of body consciousness is very strong. The more you remain in soul consciousness, in remembrance, that much stain of sins will be removed.
The more you explain to others, it helps you. Do this service.
When you explain others to remember the Father, you will become a charitable soul.
You all are the rivers of knowledge, have to remember the One Father alone. He is the Ocean of knowledge.
Remain in soul consciousness. Father says this to souls from all directions.
Father remembers the serviceable children, the fragrant flowers of His Garden.
Father is the first class blotting paper for the souls of the world to get rid of sins.
By remembering Me, the stain of your body consciousness will be erased.
Many never say the truth to the Father. Others write the chart of remembrance and later forget about it.
The body consciousness of half the cycle is not leaving you.
Now do this elevated service of showing this right path of remembrance to others.
Father’s remembrance is called the fire of yog by which your sins are destroyed.
The more you remember the Father, that much your mercury of happiness will be high.
You can know about each other by the service you make.
Now, the world, souls and body are tamopradhan (completely impure). In soul world, all souls remain pure. When you become pure, you return to the soul world.
Keep the blotting paper of the Father, so that all the sins of vicious action will be absorbed.
It is said that God takes every soul back home, making them pure.
First, the residents of heaven come on earth. The medicine what Father gives is meant for all.
Give this medicine to whoever you meet, to go to the Father.
If you remember the lovely Father, you will become the Master of heaven.
There is no need to say anything more, just ask every soul to remember the Supreme Father. Even the children of the One Father are blotting papers but they have not attained that stage, even the stage of an ordinary paper.
Many souls become sinful souls than becoming charitable souls.
God Father has the account of every soul, by looking at their face (not by reading the mind).
If the soul is happy, the health also looks good. The face will say if the soul remembers God or not.
Many remember Krishna (physical body), but their sins are not removed (by remembrance of any bodily being), instead more sins are piled up.
Like soul is a star-like, Supreme God is also star-like. But people say God is omnipresent and soul becomes supreme soul. Soul cannot become Supreme soul, they are different ( remain separate but become God-like in virtues, they are look-alike in their form).
The form of Soul and Supreme Soul are same, there is no difference, but Supreme Soul remains pure for ever and makes you souls become pure.
Now become soul consciousness, remember the Father and show the right path to everyone.
Father says, I do not speak much to you but just ask you to remember Me alone. Then I explain you little that you were pure souls and now have to become pure once again.
Soul can become pure only by remembering the One Father, and this is called the pilgrimage of remembrance.
Remain in the form of soul. When you remember the Father, you will receive the inheritance, you will become pure.
Those who cannot remember the Father, think what status they will attain.
Father says, just for one birth remember the One Father.
Soul becomes sinful or charitable and hence you souls must never give sorrow amongst yourselves. Do not become entangled  with the form-body of others.
Now, the Father says, children become soul conscious.
This knowledge is  very simple unlike the worldly subjects.
To know about the world drama is very simple.
When Father sees the difference in making effort, Father says, it happens as per the world drama.
If you remember the Father, your sins will be removed by the fire of yog (remembrance). Even very good children fail in this subject of remembrance. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Never hurt anyone’s heart. Give happiness to everyone. Stay in remembrance of the one Father and remind others of Him.
2. In order to erase the stains of sins, become soul conscious and remember the Father, the imperishable blotting paper. Make your stage so sweet that you continue to benefit everyone.
Blessing: May you be a true yogi and a co-operative soul who has yoga with the one Father and receives co-operation from everyone.
You receive co-operation from everyone to the extent that you are yogi. Because a yogi soul has a connection with the Seed and love for Him, as a return of that love, such a soul receives co-operation from everyone. Those who have yoga with the Seed and who give the water of love to the Seed attain the fruit of co-operation from all souls, because when you have yoga with the Seed you become connected with the whole tree.
Slogan: To say old sanskars (weak nature-habits) as “mine” means to become slack in your effort.

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