Thursday, 31 March 2011

Constantly reveal your true self, being combined with the God-Father.

Avyakt Murli 31.03.11

Essence: Remain combined with God and become an authority-ruler of senses, mind, intellect and sanskars. Fix time, everyday to give the vibration of happiness to the suffering brothers and sisters. Make use of your power of thoughts and the most elevated time. Become a sample, those who are free from tension, become an image of solutions. Practice applying full stop to the past (waste thoughts).

Today, the Great Great Grand Father, sees the lines of fortune of the children who are very few among the millions.

Father sees the brightness of sparkling divine stars in the middle of eyebrow. The fortune of this most elevated confluence age keeps you moving in the future, attain fruit for so many births according to your effort.

Do you experience these eternal attainments of confluence age constantly or only sometimes? Father wants to see every child as the authority, the king-ruler of the self over the senses, mind, intellect and sanskars. Do you have ruling power, controlling power over them, not a subservient?

You are not alone, Father is combined with you always. So, the mind, intellect and sanskar cannot make you subservient. This makes you victory over maya-vices and nature.

Now, the nature keeps doing her job because human souls disturb her. But you children become victorious over nature and make her satopradhan in nature - completely pure.

People become anxious looking at the natural calamities but you know that whatever happens is for good, in this confluence age, during the early morning hours of world cycle. After the dawn, bright day is about to come.

You know that the world of happiness has already arrived where there would not be any sign of sorrows. You become victorious over nature at this confluence age.

You remain happy and congrats for you. But  you have to give the vibration of happiness to your suffering  brothers and sisters. Fix time in your routine for this service of power of mind. Make them happy by fixing the time because they are your brothers and sisters. Do you have mercy for them?

Father wants to see especially two things. One is the power of thoughts and the (usage of) time of confluence age, because during this one birth, you create your fortune for so many births.

Father sees many get waste thoughts not vicious thoughts. It should have been come to an end by this time because every second is most valuable to attain fortune of so many births. So, become aware of the value of thoughts and time, and make use of them to become victorious ones.

Father gives a special blessing today. From today, every children should make yourselves tension free. Keep determined thought that from today, keep attention but no tension.

Father wants you to be victorious over world, by winning over the mind. Are you the master or is your mind the master? Keep little attention to experience the (power of ) blessing.

All the time, your face should look happy like a full blossomed flower, free from tension.

Now according to time, the Father wishes that, by your mind, face and features, do the service. This practice will help you in future. There may not be sufficient time to do service by words. So, become free from tension.

For the souls who are in tension due to situations – problems, your face and feature should become a support for them.

You are aware that people are after  temporary things to keep them happy.

Become a sample, being free from tension, which will become an instrument for others (to become happy). Those who are courageous and have determined faith will become victorious. You have to do it.

There is a difference of day and night between ordinary thought and determined thought.

In next season Father wants to see every one of you as an image of solution not an image of reasons-problems.

There should not be any name or sign of tension in this spiritual life.

Father knows that everyone wants to do it, but when situation-problem comes, you say, it happens. Become one who has got Royal sanskars of kings-rulers, become the one who rules the self.

Father sees in His heart those who are listening being very far. Father gives loving remembrance to everyone who is far and near.

The first comers can go fast and come at first as an easy yogi.

Father wants to see balance in self-effort and service, because there is not much time for self effort alone. Every one must become free from obstacles and keep attention for self transformation. Create the wings of interest and enthusiasm.

Father gives good wishes and blessings to each child, to move forward constantly.

Keep flying and make others fly.

To all children, to move forward and make others move easily in spiritual effort, father gives congrats.

Father has given direction earlier, to become fast effort maker and to apply full stop, point in a second. This practice is very important. Do not take it easy. One or other thing has to happen suddenly. Father’s wish is that you will remain combined (with the Father), will go together with the Father (back to the soul world) and come in golden age to rule, along with father Brahma.

Congrats for the New Year – Next Season of meetings.

You have to become equal to the Father constantly, achcha.

Keep your intellect connected with the Father, do not become influenced by the situations. Looking at you, every one should remember the Father.

Those who reach up to Mount Abu, your true home, are the most luckiest.

Father’s blessing is, remain happy and share happiness with every one.

Murli- Everyday Godly versions, remembrance (of God, the Father) and action-work, together makes you a karma yogi.

More you become cooperative in service, it makes you an easy yogi.

Remain accurate in daily Godly study.

Keep moving forward.

To Chiranjeevi – Cine actor turned politician:  You are not just a hero, remember you are also a zero-point-soul. When you say Mera Baba (My Father), you have become an heir for the inheritance. Remember yourself as a karma yogi.

When you have love for murli, you have love for the Father.

Sahyog – Co-operation in Godly task, makes you move forward, you become a karma yogi soul.

You are not the doer, you are the instruments. Become a companion (of God). Your good wishes will make many others receive attainments.

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