Saturday, 26 March 2011

The four great mistakes-misunderstandings of human beings.

Murli 25.3.11
Sweet Children,
By coming into body consciousness, you forget the Father.
Father comes to transform this world of vices.
Half the cycle in golden and silver ages, you remained soul conscious but not conscious of Supreme Soul. Now, you are in body consciousness, once again you have to become soul conscious.
It is not that soul remains free from stains. In reality it is the soul who does every action. According to the action it performs, it takes rebirth.
Consider yourself as a soul and remember the Father.
Those who are free from bondages can do a lot of service.
This Godly knowledge has to be given to every soul free of charges.

Murli 26.3.11
Sweet Children,
Father says, first of all remember the Father and the inheritance.
You have to remember the Supreme Father constantly, so that your sins will be destroyed.
It is not that the soul gets merged in the Brahm element (Brahmand). Brahm element is not at all the God.
It is said that God is beyond name and form, but He is praised as the Purifier and the Ocean of Knowledge. Father says, I come and give knowledge to my children, later the knowledge disappears. I come and transform Bharat in to Heaven. By remembering Me, the stains will be removed and you will become pure. This is called the fire of yog.
Even Krishna receives inheritance from the Supreme Father. Krishna is the first prince of heaven.
God and His knowledge are the highest on high. Only through Him, everyone gets liberation.
You have to prove to the world: 1) God is not omnipresent. 2) God of the Gita is not Krishna but Shiv (The Supreme Soul, Benefactor) 3) Every world cycle is only of 5000years old not of million years. 4) Supreme Soul never plays His role just by influence of thoughts but He speaks directly to the children.
You children are becoming worship-worthy from being worshippers.
The residents of Bharat take 84births.
Father explains the meaning of tatatvam – Tatwamasi –I am that - You are that. Soul cannot become the Supreme Soul. I (soul) was a deity and later I become a warrior. This is the meaning of I am that. The residents of Bharat become worship-worthy from worshippers.
We souls are residents of the soul world-the world of silence.
Father says, I come and transform the old world (not create a new world), when only vices exists on earth, at the end of iron age – confluence age.
There is nothing called renunciation of action. You have to act even to drink water. Remain in the household and remember the Father. Do not remember any bodily beings (by looking at everyone as a soul).
You will rule the world by the power of yog-remembrance, not by any violence.
You will become silent at the end.
Do not get entangled in any name and form of bodily beings.
If you remember Me alone, you will come to Me at the end. Then you will rule the kingdom in golden age. Everything depends upon remembrance of One Father. Achcha.

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