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The world cycle is of only 5000years old(

24.03.11 Murli
Essence: Sweet children, in order to become a charitable soul, remember the one Father. It is only by having remembrance that the alloy will be removed and the soul will become pure.
Question: Which awareness should you have so that you never become confused about anything?
Answer: Awareness of the drama. Whatever is taking place is predestined. Nothing will be created new. The eternal drama continues to turn. There is no need to be confused about anything in this. Some children say, “I don’t know whether this is my last, my 84th birth, or not,” and become confused. Baba (Father) says: Don’t become confused. Make effort to change from a human into a deity.
Sweet Children,
Om shanti. Children know that soul is the form of peace and it is the resident of soul world. This is explained by God Himself. You have to remember Him, the one who explains this meaning of om shanti.
Father explains to the souls, the father of souls  has various names but the real name is Shiv (The Benefactor).
The birthday of Shiv is celebrated only in Bharat.
Father says, I appear only in the body of Brahma and make you residents of Bharat into deities.
Father says, when I came 5000 years before, I have made you the master of heaven.
Now, it is 75years since Father appeared on Earth.
Father says, you children’s birthday is celebrated along with the Father’s birthday.
Only by remembrance, your alloys of sins will be removed.
You receive the inheritance of heaven only from God, who comes every cycle and transform you into deities.
You had become impure after taking 84births.
I have come even in the previous cycle, every act has to repeat. I appeared in this Brahma (Adam-the first man-the first prince of golden age) and relieved him from all bondages, then through him, you children are created.
You residents of Bharat had to take 84births because you come in the beginning of world cycle with complete virtues.
Every one cannot become kings in golden age. In Golden age, you take 8 births and in silver age, you take 21births. Then later you reach the retirement stage.
Only the residents of Bharat take complete 84births. Guru Nanak’s (of sikh religion) period is of 500years,  should have taken 12 to 15 births.
Christians would have taken about 60 births in a period of 2000years.
Now, certainly you have to become pure.
Whatever has been created in the drama, has to repeat again.
Now you are completing the 84th birth. The soul is in the form of peace and resides in soul world. The soul is like a point of light. Soul is a point and God is also a point.
Father says, you become my children and so you become the masters of heaven.
First, you belong to Me, then you are being taught.
Father says, children, now it is your final birth and hence you have to remain pure like a lotus flower. You promise to the father that you will remain pure in this final birth.
He is the unlimited father. He speaks to the children.
Half the cycle is darkness (ignorance) and other half is of day-light (knowledge).
Satyug (Golden age) and Treta (Silver age) are known as the day of Brahma. Now your darkness of night is coming to an end.
During darkness, you were wandering about, in devotion, without knowledge.All this is fixed in the eternal world drama, and it will repeat again.
Father says, since copper age, you have been calling the human beings as Guru. Father says, I come and liberate even the sages and saints. Now, you attain liberation and you come again in golden age.
Only father can give this knowledge because He is the Ocean of knowledge. He is the sat (Truth)  chit (Conscious)  and anand (Blissful).
It is not that, the complete world is destroyed.
Now, you are receiving the inheritance from the God Father. God teaches you through the body of Brahma and hence you are called as Brahmakumar and Brahmakumaris.
You children know that the Father is transforming you from residents of hell to residents of heaven.
Father says, Children, remember Me alone, so that your alloys will be removed and become completely pure.
Souls were earlier satopradhan (completely pure), but now has become tamopradhan (completely impure) by taking various births.
Now, the Father says, now remember me to become pure. I teach you the ancient Yoga, if you remember Me, your complete stains will be removed.
Remembrance is very important. By knowledge, the more you study, accordingly you attain different status, become kings and queens.
Father says, I appear in his final birth (of Brahma) at the end of his life period. This body is known as fortunate chariot.
Father has explained you the secret of 84births. There was no Hindu religion but the religion of deities. Now you feel ashamed of calling yourself belong to the ancient deity religion and hence you call yourself as a Hindu.
This world cycle of 84births is for the residents of Bharat.
You souls go along with the Father, back home (to the soul world), like in a procession. Father says,I take you all back home by decorating (you with virtues). Hence Father is known as Liberator and Guide. The unlimited Father comes and takes every soul back home. He is called as Shiv, who is without a physical body.
No one knows how Shiv appears on earth. If everyone knows about Shiv, everyone will come here. But now, only the sampling of deity religion is being planted.
You go along with the Father to soul world and then you come down in golden age and the history and geography of the world will repeat.
People say the world cycle is of multimillion years old but the truth, it is only of 5000 years old (
There is no magic here, by study you become deities. Father is making you in to deities, this is the great magic and the method is by practice of ancient RajaYoga.
You know that Father is making you the master of heaven. No one goes to heaven after death. Father is making you worthy that you become the resident of heaven certainly.
Father says, only I come and explain you the Rajayog. No other religious founders can teach you the Rajayog.
This eternal drama is being repeated but no one can say when it is created. There is no end to this eternal drama and need not have to think about it.
The cycle repeats every 5000years.
Father transforms only you resident of Bharat into deities.
Unless you see yourself as the Brahmins, the progeny of Brahma, how you can come into heaven?
Brahmin (the mouth born progeny of Brahma-Adam-the first man), Devta (deities of golden age) and kshatriya (one who come in silver age - who battle against the thoughts in confluence age. The warriors are known as kshatriyas) these three religions are established by God.
You have to make fast effort since the time is moving fast. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Understand that everyone’s part is fixed and remain constantly carefree. That which is predestined is taking place. Therefore, remain unshakeable about the drama.
2. Claim your full inheritance from the Father in this short age. Remove the alloy with the power of remembrance and make yourself into a diamond from a shell. Become worthy to become part of the sapling of the sweet tree.
Blessing: May you become a world benefactor who transforms wasteful thoughts and sanskars by being trikaldarshi (one who knows the past, present and future).
When you become master trikaldarshi and put your thoughts into action, no action will then go to waste. To transform waste and have powerful thoughts instead and perform powerful tasks is known as the perfect stage. You mustn’t just destroy your waste thoughts and actions, but become a form of power and intensify the machinery to lighten the burden of sins of the whole world and finish the waste thoughts of many souls. Only then will you be said to be a world benefactor.
Slogan: In order to become a destroyer of attachment, have love for service and not for selfish motives.

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