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Peace is your original religion.Souls are residents of the land of peace.

Murli 01.04.11
Essence: Sweet children, you have now heard the true knowledge from the true Father and come into the light. Your duty is to remove everyone from darkness and bring them into the light.
Question: When you children give knowledge to anyone, what should you definitely remember?
Answer: Constantly continue to make your mouth say “Baba, Baba (Father)”, because by doing this any consciousness of “mine” will finish. The inheritance will also be remembered. When “Baba” is said, the notion of omnipresence (of God) is destroyed. If someone says that God is omnipresent ask him: How can the Father be in everyone?
Song: People of today are in darkness.
Sweet Children,
Children say that people of today are in the darkness. Father is the Ocean and Sun of knowledge.
God is your Father and you are all children.
By saying Father, you receive love from Him, you remember the inheritance.
You wanted to light up your soul, to wake you up from darkness. People specially drop oil (here, the light of knowledge), to keep the light on.
Golden and silver ages are called as the day of brahma and copper and iron ages are known as night of brahma-Adam.
By searching, you never attain God. You start your search for God from copper age, from where, the vices start to appear.
God gave you the inheritance of kingdom for golden and silver age. Vyas  created scriptures in copper age.
Now you have the bondages of 84births.
You were the master of heaven, the land of Krishna. Now it is the world of demons.
God is the Purifier. Christ has said that there is only One bridegroom-the God, but people never understand.
Souls do not know who is the Father of soul.
Can father of children be omnipresent? All the knowledge what you have been receiving are direction of demoniac nature.
The body consciousness is the no.1 vice, it keeps saying my and mine without knowing about the soul.
Soul does not have a name but the Supreme soul is called Shiv (the Benefactor).
How God comes, in whom He appears to give knowledge, no one knows.
One Shiv – the Benefactor is the Father of all souls, He is the unlimited Father.
Souls are the children and God is the unlimited Father.
Soul cries out towards God, to come and make them pure. Vices make you suffer. In golden and silver ages, during happiness where you had everything, you do not call for God.
Peace is your original religion. Souls are residents of land of peace. Then they come into the land of happiness.
In pain you call out for the sweet and beloved Father.
No one knows when Krishna lived. Radha Krishna becomes Lakshmi Narayan.
Soul says, Oh God Father. Then how can He be beyond name or form?
Blindly, it is said soul becomes Supreme Soul. The soul is a point of light, like a star, located at the middle of eyebrow.
The small soul has the fixed eternal role of 84births recorded in it.
The vices appear from copper age, and you call out for Father to take you into light of knowledge.
There are many gurus but the Ocean of knowledge, the Purifier, the One who gives salvation for all is only One God.
People make a lot of effort to reach God but how do you become pure?
Father says, I come by Myself. Deities cannot be called as God.
You become worthy to go to heaven.
Children have taken 84births. Soul and Supreme Soul remained separated for a very long time.
Father says, now remember Me. By remembrance your sins will be destroyed. You have reached iron age from golden age, now make effort to remember Me.
Leave behind all body and bodily relations (looking at everyone as a soul by your intellect) and remember Me, to get rid of sins.
One who gives knowledge, the Ocean of knowledge, who gives liberation in a second is only One God.
In Golden and Silver ages, no one will say, someone has died. There is no uncertain death, you win over death there. There is no sorrow there.
In copper age, you build so many temples with lot of treasures.
Now, the highest on high, God-Father is establishing heaven.
By knowledge, you children receive liberation. It is said, knowledge (in golden age), then devotion (copper age)  and later, disinterest (now during confluence age).
By remembering Me alone, you come back to Me, at the end.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. The burden of sins on your head will be burnt away with the fire of yoga (remembrance). Remove your body and all bodily relations from your intellect (looking at self and others as a soul)  and remember the one Father.
2. Instead of calling out or crying out in distress, remain stable in your original religion of peace. Peace is the garland around your neck. Don’t use the words “I” and “mine” in body consciousness. Have the faith that you are a soul.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of remembrance and a conqueror of attachment who transforms your limited responsibilities into unlimited ones.
In order to become a conqueror of attachment, simply transform your form of remembrance. There is attachment when you have the awareness of being a householder and you have a house and relatives. Now transform that limited responsibility into an unlimited responsibility. When you fulfil your unlimited responsibilities, the limited ones will automatically finish. However, if you forget your unlimited responsibilities and simply fulfil your limited responsibilities, you spoil them even more because that duty becomes a disease of attachment. Therefore, transform your form of remembrance and become a conqueror of attachment.
Slogan: Now fly so fast that you are able to go through clouds of adverse situations in a second.
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