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Constantly remain content, happy, gentle and humble, by keeping the elevated name, regard and honour in your awareness.

27.03.11 Avyakt Murli dated 16.03.1995
Constantly remain content, happy, gentle and humble, by keeping the elevated name, regard and honour in your awareness.
Essence: The sign of souls who are full of all attainments is that they are content and happy.
Today, BapDada (the combined form of Supreme Soul and Brahma-Adam), the One who enables you to attain all attainments is seeing His children everywhere who are full of all attainments.
You are  the children of Complete (full) and perfect Father.
Father has given the right of inheritance of all attainments for every children.
Father is looking at how much Father’s authority-right, you made it belong to yourself. The more you made it belonged to you, that much you have intoxication and happiness.
The intoxication and happiness is given to all but everyone experience it number-wise.
The sign of attainments you receive from early morning (Amritvela) till night , is contentment. They remain content and spread the vibrations of contentment. Their face remains sparkling (happy), free from all doubts-confusions. They do not have any questions like why, what, how. Have you become happy like that?
Do the questions like how will this happen, why is this like that? What is this? arise either in mind or through others? Have you become free from all types of questions? Or only sometimes?
Your praise is that that there is nothing lacking in your treasure store.
The lack of attainment is the reason for discontentment.
If there is discontentment, see what is the reason? You experience lack of attainment. But you have attained everything. Or, do you think you are yet to attain.
Whether in relation of self or others, are you content or still some question arises?
However  Maya- vices-situations try to disturb you , you have to become victorious over her, remain satisfied, constantly.
You have to remove the question mark and exclamation mark from your dictionary of your intellect. It should be always a full stop.
You have to remain ever sparkling (happy)-free from questions. And they remove the question of others too.
The vibration of discontentment must not spread because of you. It spreads very quickly than the vibration of happiness.
I should receive this, others should not have this, these questions of wanting makes you full of questions and do not allow you to remain happy. So, what is everyone’s aim? To be contented and happy.
The speed of wastage in mind and intellect of those who are contented will not be fast. They will be constantly gentle and humble. Because of being humble, the coolness of the shade of happiness and contentment, of those who are free from questions, make others those who are burning like a fire or hot temper, become cool under the vibrations of happiness.
By seeing others weaknesses, hearing about it and speaking about it, you come under their influence.
By repeatedly filling your heart with a little, you create a sanskar. Then, when you have this sanskar, you don’t realise that it is wrong, it finishes the judgement power of your intellect.
The easiest method of remaining constantly content (intoxicated and happy), every day, is constantly keep one special attainment or another in front of you, and become embodiment of it, which can be the treasures of knowledge, powers of yoga, the divine virtues and more.
When you adopt even one virtue, it is just as the vices have a very deep relationship with one another, if you have anger, along with anger there will be greed and arrogance. They are all one another’s companions. So too, virtues have connection with one another. You may keep one virtue in an emerged form, but other virtues would also be emerged along with that one.
What is the important attainments people in the world look for?
Everyone wants their name to be good. Second is respect-regard. Third is honour (shaan). These three they want to attain. What do you, children, need? Your name is already so elevated in the world. The speciality of your name is, who is chanting your name, the God Himself is chanting your names. By your name, many souls make a living. By your name, the devotees-brahmins make a living, so how much elevated your name is? So, never chase after the limited name. Your name is always elevated in the Father’s heart. If your name is missed out in the limited world, nothing happens. You never have to go after the name.
Because for the majority, it is name, regard and honour that makes you fall and it also the same that increases your intoxication.
Look in the form of attainments. If you feel that your name has to become well known but if it never happens, still your name is fixed in the victorious jewels. So, do not worry about it.
So, if by mistake, your name is missed out, do not worry because your name has come among the victorious jewels and present in the Father’s heart, and your name always does service in the world.
The God Himself has given respect-regard for you. Even your image has so much respect in this world even if you do not know about it. All souls look at your image of deities with a lot of respect. This is the proof  that those who are given respect become worship-worthy.
When your images are respected, then it is the proof that your living feature also had so much regard.
Your respect is more than the respect given to the Father.
When you have received the respect-regard from the Father, nothing you lose if you do not receive respect-regard from souls (world).
The name and respect of limited world, look at them, in the form of shadow, visible under the sun of Maya, they are nothing. Whenever you try  to catch hold of a shadow, are you able to catch it?
So, you have received name, regard and see how much honour is given to you. Do you see your every regard. You are seated in the Father’s-Supreme Soul’s heart throne.
You also receive throne in the future, the greatest honour.
You have received the throne and the crown.
When you remain in these intoxication-honours, you never come into issues of maya-vices-situations-obstacles. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Blessing: May you be an easy yogi who becomes free from attachment with the speciality of being detached and loving.
In order to experience the life of an easy yogi, be detached with knowledge. Do not just become detached externally, but have no attachment in your mind. To the extent that one becomes detached, one also becomes loving. A detached stage is very much loved. Those who are not detached from external attachments become distressed instead of loving. This is why to be an easy yogi means to be one who has the speciality of being detached and loving and free from all attachments
Slogan: With the balance of effort for the self and for service, bondage will change into relationship.
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