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God need not remember anyone but you remove bondage of sinful actions by remembering Him.

Murli 23.03.11
Essence: Sweet children, just as both Bap (God Father) and Dada (Brahma-Adam) are egoless and soul conscious, follow the Father in the same way and you will continue to make constant progress.
Question: In order to attain a high status, what must you be cautious about?
Answer: If you want to attain a high status, pay attention to: 1. Not causing sorrow for anyone even through your mind. 2. Never become angry in any situation. 3. After belonging to the Father, do not become an obstacle in the Father’s task and this sacrificial fire of Rudra (God). Some continue to say, “Baba, Baba, (Father)” but their behaviour is not royal and so they cannot claim a high status.
Sweet Children,
You understand that you have to receive the inheritance from the Father by following His direction.
God is the Father of every soul.
Srimad Bhagwad Gita means the elevated versions of God.
God is the highest on high , hence His directions will also be  the highest on high.
Instead of God Shiv (Benefactor), Krishna’s (the first prince of golden age) name is wrongly mentioned in the Gita, only Father comes and explains you the True Gita.
Those who follow the vicious directions make the mistakes. The five vices, Ravan makes the people vicious.
Only One God makes you pure and Vices - Ravan makes you impure. Both are different, not the same.
The more you have faith in the Father’s directions, that much you have happiness.
To follow God’s direction is not at all difficult.
You know yourself what service you do for the souls.
The Brahma-Adam is very close to the Father than anyone because they remain combined together.
Like God is egoless and soul conscious, this Brahma – Adam is also egoless and soul conscious, and hence he says all he speaks are versions of God, not belong to him.
Always understand that it is Shiv Baba who explains to you, not the Brahma-Adam-the first man-Adi Dev.
Like the first woman-Mamma-Eve-Adi Devi, reached the elevated status by study and spiritual effort, you children also have to attain the elevated status.
You understand that you have to become pure certainly.
Father is teaching you the pilgrimage of remembrance , you have to remain in soul conscious, never come into ego. After speaking the knowledge or perform any action, you have to remain in pilgrimage of remembrance.
Never give sorrow to anyone. Children, remember the Father and this is known as pilgrimage.
During ignorance, no one remembers the God.
Children, the more you remember the Father, that much you have more happiness and will become cheerful in nature.
You do not remember the Father for a very long time.
Father gives the example of lover and the beloved. Although they perform actions, there is always remembrance of the beloved. Here also you have to remember the One Father doing all actions. Father need not remember you children, but you children have to remember the One Father who is the most beloved of every soul.
Every one of you has to remember the One Beloved Father. If He has to remember you, how many souls He would remember? So He never remembers anyone. God Father does not have any karmic bondages and hence God need not remember anyone.
The more you remember the Father, your sins of karmic bondages will be destroyed. You also have to remember the inheritance of golden age.
Now you have become Trikaldarshi (one who knows the past, present and future) according to number-wise and the spiritual effort you make.
You are the lighthouse, who shows the path for land of peace and happiness, to the souls.
You souls are residents of soul world, have come to this world to play the roles.
You have the role from golden age, till the end of iron age. Now you have to go beyond – karmateet stage(the stage free from the bondage of actions).
If you do not follow what you say, you cannot create effect on others.
Many children, send the chart of remembrance. But you also have to prepare the chart of service, of how many souls you made to follow the right path.
To become equal to the Father you have to remember the Father, at the same time make souls equal to you.
For half the cycle, the Ravan has made you body conscious, Now Father says, do not give sorrow to anyone, there should be royalty in speaking with others.
You are the spiritual children of One Father, have to receive the kingdom of inheritance from One Father.
You have taken 84births, receive inheritance for 21births, later you lose the kingdom and become like a shell.
Human beings are the actors in this world drama, they should know how the deities are created.
Father is the Purifier. He says, I explain you the secret of karam (actions), akaram and vikaram. In iron age, your actions are vicious (vikaram), in golden age, your actions are neutral (akaram). I create the heaven and hence I have to come at the end of iron age-confluence age, to establish heaven. You are all children of the God and you receive the inheritance of heaven.
The residents of Bharat were solvent and now have become insolvent.
Those who belong to deity religion only will come to deity religion. Those who belong to Christian religion will come again in the same religion.
The residents of Bharat has forgotten their own religion and hence they understand other religion and get converted to other religion.
By churning the knowledge, you come to understand how this eternal world drama keeps moving.
You children have to become ever happy and make others happy. Your features have to be more cheerful in happiness. You know you are becoming the masters of heaven. You are the lucky and lovely children of the One Father. You must not become angry.
Father is the remover of sorrow and giver of happiness. You children have to become like Father.
If you give sorrow and create obstacles, you undergo punishment more than others. You will also receive visions of what sins you created and undergo severe pain-punishment.
Earlier days, you had visions of heaven and status of present souls in heaven (months together).
In coming days, you will have more visions and souls cannot meet the Father, Everyone will say, Oh God, your ways are Unique. You children will remain very happy. Achcha.
To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada (combined form of Supreme Father and Adam-Brahma), This love and remembrance, you receive only during confluence age. The more you remember the Father, that much your sins are destroyed, you become more happy. You have to receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited Father, you have to make such a spiritual effort. the spiritual Father says Namaste to the spiritual Children.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become very royal in your way of speaking and interacting. Only let jewels constantly emerge from your lips. Serve to make others similar to yourselves. Don’t hurt anyone’s heart.
2. Be very cautious about anger. Your face should remain as constantly cheerful as those of the deities. Make yourself into a deity with the power of knowledge and yoga (remembrance of One Father).
Blessing: May you be an image of a double light angel and donate virtues through your actions.
The activity and faces of children who donate virtues through their actions are seen to be like those of angels. They are double light, that is, they are light (bright) and they experience lightness. They don’t experience any burden. They experience help in their every action. It is as though some power is making them move. Because of being a great donor in every action, they experience receiving everyone’s blessings and good wishes.
Slogan: Become a star of success in service, do not be weak.

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